Best Repair Stitch Tool Sewing Awl for Bounce Houses

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1. Dritz 44106 Large Knob Handle

Dritz 44106 Large Knob Handle

A great tool for sewing, repairing, and restoring many items. Start holes for screws or hooks. There are hole positions for hanging window treatments. There are punch holes in leather and plastic. A wooden handle.

Brand: Dritz

👤The large wooden bulb handle makes using the awl easy and comfortable. I can use this with no problem because of my arthritic hands.

👤I use this awl to punch holes in fabric and towels to make borders with crochet yarn.

👤I love this awl. This is the first time I've ever bought one and it has so much value. I'm able to insert a screw exactly where I want it without having to drill a hole. Pre-drilling wanders a bit and doesn't make the hole that I want.

👤The fabric is not wide enough. I think I need a second one and this one is for eye holes. This is a good awl to start with, but won't get the holes large enough for a00 grommet, because I never give up tools once I have them. I will look for a larger one from the same company.

👤It was helpful when I needed a short awl. The metal part came out of the woood when I used it for another project. I haven't used Suoerglue since I had to glue it back in.

👤The reason I bought this owl was because it was too large for my bias tape maker, which is why I chose this owl. It is useless.

👤It's always good to have one of these, but it's out of reach. It was pointed and sharp. Good for a lot of things. Like the handle, size and point. Good value.

👤I have always wanted awl. I watched my dad use his one all the time. I keep mine in my sewing basket. It's handy. I was happy that it arrived quickly and in a great package.

👤The bradawl was an essential tool for starting wood screws and was used by my grandfather. The bradawl is more accurate and faster than an electric drill. I recommend this tool because it looks and feels good and it has a sharp point.

👤The awl is sturdy enough for rough work and works great. I like a short awl with a wooden base since it allows one to apply more force to a surface to bore into it, and the base is very sturdy. This one "delivered the goods" after using it.

👤These are great. I play drums. When you need to apply pressure to go through rawhide, this larger bulb shape works well. It was nice and sharp. I have a smaller one that is harder on the palm of the hand.

👤I use this tool in my workshop a lot. The design of the handle is perfect. It is the right size. I give this tool a thumbs up.

👤I use it in art on glass.

2. General Tools 818 Hardwood Scratch

General Tools 818 Hardwood Scratch

Leather craft stamp tools are suitable for beginners and proficient. It can be used as a gift for people who love hand stitching. They will be happy that you did it for them. The woodhand axe is rust-resistant and can be used for punching, scribing, and perforating wood. It has a sharp point and wooden handle used by carpenters and other artisans. This needle tool can help you with woodworking. If you drag the tip of the awl along the grain of the wood, it will create a shallow grooves, which will reduce the chances of the hand saw or chisel being able to see the board. AWL PUNCH: The tool has a steel blade through the grip and is fastened to a plated steel ferrule and cap. Awls with rounded points can be used to mark the location of holes. It only takes a few seconds for awl scratch to make a starting point for a drill bit, which is much less time than it would take to sand out any damage. Their pocket awl is strong. The general tools are listed. They're a leader in the design and development of precision tools. They want artisans and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more effectively. The general tools are listed. They're a leader in the design and development of precision tools. They want artisans and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more effectively.

Brand: General Tools

👤Look at how the tip came. I can fix it, but it wasn't a precision product that I thought I was buying.

👤The awl is not thin and slender as depicted. The tip is not sharp. One review said it was a bit larger than it was, but that might be for the short section at the tip. The main shaft was measured at the widest point. I wanted to use it to replace my current one for slowly working small holes open to larger ones, but it is too thick to start with. It seems very sturdy and will hold up well. If the tip is sharpened, it will mark better.

👤The tip of the awl is different from the picture. It's kind of rough at the end. I used it to mark fabric drill holes. This needs awl to separate the fibers. This is just a way of mashing them. Very disappointing. I feel like I wasted my money. I can't imagine what this tool could be used for.

👤When we were a child, we had an ice pick that we used for poking, jabbing, and digging. It was ready for ice again after it was washed. I ran across this awl after many times of wishing, I had a "tool" like our old ice pick. It was a great price and I am digging out old grout. I can replace it with a new one. This will work well as an ice pick. I will probably hand wash it and not put it in the dishwasher.

👤Fast shipping and good quality. I didn't notice the spiked point wasn't graduating down the shank continuously. The graduated hole is only made by the point on the tip. My husband was able to file down the shank point to make it a longer graduating length which is better for a hole to start a screw in wood.

👤The basic design of a scratch awl has been perfect for generations, so this one gets no extra points. They didn't take too much time in manufacturing it. If it was made of a softer metal, like a pot metal, it would be in the failure mode. It is not. When a cheap one bent, I bought this because it could handle what my last one couldn't. It can handle being treated like a tool, and it works exactly how it looks. It is hard to beat the price point if you need one.

👤I used this in the shop to mark holes and draw lines. It is strong and durable. The steel blade runs all the way through the solid hardwood handle, and you can see the cap at the top. The tool is a bit heavy. I have a small awl in the shop to compare this one to. The one I have is about a third as long, has a sharper blade, and a smaller handle. I have a small one that is likely for something other than heavy shop work. The General Tools Awl is not as sharp as the General Tools Awl, but it does have a fine point. I am certain that the General Tools Awl will hold up better over time. I want to be able to mark both wood and aluminum holes, and I think the General Tools Awl will work better with light metals. 4 stars means I like it. It is made well and works well. My own rating system doesn't give it 5 stars because it doesn't go above and beyond what is expected. This one is well made and does a good job.

3. Leather Working Supplies Stitching Punching

Leather Working Supplies Stitching Punching

The perfect gift is good for the basic stamp set. It's a great choice for small gifts to family and friends. Leather craft tools hold punching, sewing, carving, decorating gluing, edging grinding colouration and other functions. The leather crafting tools kit comes with a high quality tool box. It's more durable than a carton box. Everything you need is included in the leather tool box, you don't have to worry about losing anything, and you can take on belt or leather handbag making project immediately! The length of the tool adapted to your requirement can be changed by the rotation bearing of the knife. It's great for carving deep and dynamic. Leather craft punching can be done with the leather prong punch set. The leather edge stitching tool is easy to adjust and can be used to grooves the edges of leather. The awl with 3 needles is good for sewing canvas leather, shoes, and soles. Leather craft stamp tools are suitable for beginners and proficient. It can be used as a gift for people who love hand stitching. They will be happy that you did it for them.

Brand: Bagerla

👤This is a great starter kit. It has everything you need. I used a cutting board and mallet, as well as some tools bought separately, in addition to the kit. I found out latigo leather is meant for tooling after I finished my first project, but I was still able to do this hair barrette, which I think looks pretty cool.

👤Most of your leather working tools are covered in this kit. The kit has given me everything I need to complete my projects. The set is a great value. I wish it came with a leather working maul or hammer, as I had to purchase that separately. This set provides a lot of bang for your buck. It has decent quality tools in a carrying case. I could have asked for more.

👤I needed a beginner kit to learn how to make leather. The leather ships are closed and I don't have access to live stores or teachers. I am very pleased with the kit, I took a chance on it. I have used all of the pieces. As you progress in skill, it will probably be necessary to purchase more expensive instruments to get a better result. Those are very expensive. This kit is a great buy for the money and gives you the ability to learn without being too cheap to give a great result.

👤You buy a kit because you think there is a place for the parts. Not this kit! The case is small and you have to fool the parts to close it. The tools are not very good. I haven't used it a lot. I don't think the sharp tools will last very long. When you get them, they need to be sharpened. Disappointed but not surprised by the price.

👤The case was broken. My carry case was broken when I received it. Can you send me a new empty case? A decent set of tools seems like a good start to my new hobby. I have a better review after using the tools. I guess it is to be expected. The tools will allow you to understand what tools to buy. The chisels are bent through a double 5 ounce pouch. They are junk so be careful with them.

👤Some of the items in the kit are of mixed quality. The tip of the awl was bent when trying to make a pilot hole. The back of the wood was broken when it was used to push through leather with a needle. Cheap pine wood isn't the right material for this. The oak or hickory should have been used. To fix it, I used wood glue to put two layers of rawhide on the back, which gave it a more positive grip on my hand. I didn't know what the items in the kit were for before I read the booklet. I started working with leather with a homemade awl and some upholstery thread. I've sewn holsters, traditional Native American clothing and shoes, rifle scabbards, knife sheaths, bags, and more with minimal tools. This brings me to a whole new level of capabilities and I wish I had bought it years ago. The ornamental stamp dies are my favorite pieces so far. The steel is very good quality. That is, except for the awl, which is too soft, and I will use heating and quenching to make me stronger. The case is too small and there is a lot of stuff in it. You know what? I can either sew a bag out of leather or thrift store it. I will use the small case to hold drill bits. This kit is satisfactory.

4. Leather Skilled Crafter Punches Professional

Leather Skilled Crafter Punches Professional

This set comes with a see-through ruler and awl tool to measure and mark your hole position, so you don't make mistakes, and easy-to- follow instructions. This punch is built to be strong and precise so it can stand up to years of punching holes. The handles are easy to use and take the strain out of hole punching which is great if you have a weaker grip and is ideal for repetitive craft work. It's a no-brainer for serious craft enthusiasts to create great leather projects, such as bags, grommets & eyelets, pet collars, saddles & reins, sandals, store & id cards and so many other fun leather works. Not just for leather, this versatile punch works with a huge variety of materials, so you don't need a separate tool for those materials.

Brand: Skilled Crafter

👤What a waste of money. I've had the same, cheap, similar- styled all steel leather hole punch for a decade, and finally decided to upgrade. I noticed this thing wouldn't punch all the way through like it did on the 40th hole. I noticed that the entire head had bend sideways, and that the punch wouldn't hit the leather at the right angle. It is not useless. I was using regular cowhide. The $5 steel punch is back in service after it was thrown in the trash. Don't look at this thing.

👤Excellent hole puncher and great suggestions from the company. How to sharpen the hole puncher was the best one. To keep the blades sharp, fold a sheet of foil so it is 4 sheets thick and punch 20 holes in it with each punch. If necessary, repeat.

👤I'm returning something. It can't do one job. I wanted a punch that would have a variety of sizes and punch holes faster than a hammer and hole punch. The tool can't punch through a basic leather belt completely and the hole isn't neat and clean. This tool is useless as a crafter because it creates more work by not doing a good job. If this ruins a piece of leather for a project, it is potentially wasteful. The company was kind enough to send a replacment punch thinking that the first one was faulty. The second one isn't any better. It doesn't complete punches. The punch did not make complete contact with the punch plate. I will give a pic of this later.

👤I was very nervous to punch a hole into my new birkenstocks. The straps were too loose after they were broken. They definitely needed an additional hole. I received this punch in the mail and was able to use it on my own, even though I had never laid eyes on a device before. I lined up the same size as the other holes and created a completely clean and identical hole in less than 30 seconds. It took almost no effort to make the punch. If I had the sandal on, I made the hole on the top. It is the same as the others. Highly recommended product.

👤I bought this for my father-in-law who works with leather. He said the grips were very comfortable. The issue is that the hole punchers didn't punch holes in leather as they were made to do. We tried different types of leather and the result was the same. After only 2 months, they have now broken, so we thought maybe you just had to break them in. Maybe we had a problem with the hole punch. I probably wouldn't purchase these again.

👤After researching on Amazon, I decided to give this a try because I couldn't find anyone in my town that could punch a hole through a thick leather watch band. The tool did a great job punching a hole in my watch band. It was very easy to do. It's the same as using a hole punch for paper. They offer 6 sizes but none of them were the same size as the holes on the watch. I used the smallest setting. It also has a ruler. The hole punch is very well made and feels heavy duty. I wish I had this earlier to make belt and bag strap holes.

5. Speedy Stitcher SEW120 BRK Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher SEW120 BRK Sewing Awl

It was made from the highest quality materials. It was built for performance andDurability. It was made in the United States. The sport type is sporting goods. Care instructions for hand wash.

Brand: Speedy Stitcher

👤I've had the stitcher since May. It took a while to get used to it. I had watched many videos on this item. I mean one small project. Since then, I have made or repaired many sheathes for knives, multi-tool, dog collar, belts, sandals, shoes, and a purse for my wife. This is definitely a good deal. The white/waxed thread is very nice to use, but it should be cleaned from the eye of the needle. I bought a spool that wasn't too waxy after going through that. Since I have a handicap, the stitcher can be used with only one hand, which is cool. It takes some creativity to figure this out. It is worth the effort.

👤This awl has saved me more money than any other tool I have ever bought. I have fixed everything from our leather couch to a garment bag and a golf caddie which United airlines must have used for target practice, as well as leather sandals, boat shoes, belts, and it goes. Once you get the stitching pattern down, it's easy to operate. The bent needles seem to break easier than the straight ones when working on thicker leather. A working tool.

👤I have no experience sewing or stitching, and as a result it is magic. I have canvas bags that we use to carry supplies, but they are expensive. I have riveted repairs before, but they aren't an ideal solution. I was up and going after watching the video. I was able to make some secure repairs that I think will last a long time. I don't plan to use it a lot, so the small thread will probably last me a while. I was very pleased with this purchase.

👤It is not a precision made tool. It was made pretty well. Sturdy enough for the job. I don't like throwing away things if I can fix them quickly. I sewed up my apron and it is working again. The thing cost $30 and it lasted about 4 years before the stitching and rives came loose. All I had to do was buy the leather stitching tool and it would be good as new. Now that I have this handy item, I can keep my other stuff, like tool pouch, back packs, and anything leather or heavy fabric, from being thrown away. It was nice.

👤I made a bike pad. I tried to use a cheaper upholstery stitching kit. I hadn't made much progress in an hour despite trying to use an awl. After using the quick-stitcher, I quickly sewed a dozen straps back onto my bike pad. It's well designed and constructed. The handle is big enough to push through tough materials. The instructions are enough to get it done in a few minutes.

👤The first two uses were paid for by it. The canvas on a camp chair had separated stitching and was fixed. The quality of the result depends on how much effort is put into it. The camp chair is not perfect. It was good practice. I can't tell if the slippers were good or bad. The different color stitches are not included. I used the same holes that were used for the original stitches. Excellent results. I used a different cord because I felt like it. I didn't wind the cord on the bobbin, but it still worked. I can't understand why I didn't get this a long time ago, it's much easier to do a lock stitch now.

6. Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles

Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles

This is a good leathercraft tool kit for a beginner who wants to start making their own leatherwork, that can meet their basic needs for leather craft, clothing, handbags, canvas, webbing, jacket and etc. This leather kit can be prepared as a product for your friends, husband, family members, craft man who loves leatherworking, and so on. High quality. Heavy duty household hand needles are made of nickel plated steel with a smooth finish. There are wounded needles. The Sewing Leather Needle Set includes 12 needles of various sizes and shapes for a variety of sewing or repair projects. Heavy duty needles are ideal for hand sewing and can be used for a lot of things. Safe storage. The sewing needles have clear plastic tubes. Carry and store your needles securely. The NEEDLE TYPES are: 2 x 2,95" Straight Decorative Needle, 2 x 2,95" Sack Needle, 2 x 2,9" Sack Needle, 2 x 2,0" Blunt Point Needle, and 2 x 2,2" Curved Bed Cushion Pin.

Brand: Onerusus

👤I was going to be able to fix the big rip in my sofa after I got a call from the UPS guy, I'm so glad I invited him in.

👤I bent with my hand on the first push.

👤The needles were not sharp enough to pierce the marine canvas and isenglass.

👤The needles were very easy to bend. Very dissatisfied.

👤The sewing needles are soft. Not strong at all. I hem my jeans. These needles are not straight. I could bend them back. I went through 2 needles to hem my jeans.

👤I broke all of the needles and was unable to finish my project.

👤A m me perfecta, a m me 100%.

👤Absolutely love the needles. I will say that they bend easily, but be careful about that.

7. Electop Leather Stitching Groover Thimble

Electop Leather Stitching Groover Thimble

Not just for leather, this versatile punch works with a huge variety of materials, so you don't need a separate tool for those materials. The package includes 2 x Pressure cloth tooth tool, 4 x Awl, 5 x Waxed thread, and 1 x Adjustablegroover. You can use the wide application kit to sew different leather, fabric, denim, canvas, tarpaulin or other projects. A repair kit for carpets, upholstery, coats, tents and mattresses. It is easy to use. The leather sewing tools set comes with things that make it easier to sew leather and protect fingers. It's made of steel and wood, which is long lasting to use. 5 rolls of Waxed Thread in different colors, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, Coffee, Light Khaki, is a richer choice to match more colors of leather and cloth. The perfect gift is good for the basic stamp set. It's a great choice for small gifts to family and friends.

Brand: Electop

👤There are some nice old leather craft and sewing equipment in my possession. Some of my sewing tools are getting worn and it's hard to find replacements. I was hoping a set of newer equipment would make sewing easier. The set did not help. The pressed out toys that come with the kit are not as strong as my dull awls and sewing needles. I might be able to use the Burnisher. Some of the needles are packaged. It would be difficult for me to capture all of the details. The items are TINY and this is a low quality attempt to provide basic leather stitching tools. You get what you pay for. The seller should put something in his pictures to show scale. The first picture that I'm sending shows my hand, the threeawls from this kit are on the left and right, some normal sized awls from my sewing kit. The dollar is for something. The leather finger guards are small.

👤This is what I was looking for to start some small projects. The tools and thread are inexpensive, but can be used to make small covers for my carving knives. There are more expensive tools and materials available, but this kit offers less expensive items that I can use to do the work, see my results and decide if I want to make larger investments in leather working. It's great for kids under supervision.

👤You picked up a new hobby, but don't know which one you need? I was in the same situation before, too many selections and the more I looked around, the more confused I became. The build and quality of the kit is good enough for beginners to start with. The best part? It won't break your wallet.

👤I didn't expect this stuff to be cheap, but it is. The handles are so small that you can't work with them. The handle of the awl is small. Don't waste your time, spend more money.

👤The value is amazing. The kit is high quality and durable. There's more stuff than you can use. If you were buying this kit individually, you could pay 10 for this price. It's just amazing. Highly recommended.

👤I didn't expect much for the money. This is a lot of trash. I haven't gotten into leathercraft fordecades because of this. The tooling seems so expensive, and you should just get pictures of the real and actual takes that you need. These are not junky little bendy things with split handles. Really. How rude. The coupke and burnisher look normal. It's light for a hardwood item. It might be okay. My excitement to start a new hobby has been crushed and stamped out. I have a lot of stuff coming from here and ebay, but no excitement left. Maybe it will change when leather arrives. A couple tools that aren't part of a starter kit?

👤A craftsman would need most of the tools in this kit to work with leather. I didn't have all the tools I needed to finish the leather project. The kit made a huge difference in my productivity. The tools are of the highest quality. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is new to working with leather.

8. Pieces Canvas Leather Sewing Handmade

Pieces Canvas Leather Sewing Handmade

The needles can be changed. Keep needles away from children. 6 pieces canvas leather sewing awls with 2 pieces copper handles are included in the package. Different styles will satisfy your needs. The copper handles are simple to use, you just need to turn the end of the handle to replace the needle, and the whole replace operation is easy without any complex tools. The handle is made of brass, which is soft to hold, and the needle is made of metal, which is not easy to rust, and both of them can serve for a long time. The leather sewing needles can be used for a variety of purposes, including sewing leather crafts, sewing tents, backpacks, sleeping bag, jacket and more. It's convenient to store, you can remove the needles when you're not using, they're lightweight and easy to find, and keep the pointed items away from small kids.

Brand: Willbond

👤I can't hold these because I have hands like a bear paw, but they would work great if you were trying to teach a child how to use them. I like the fact that the needles are made to flatten out at the base of the ends and I was having a hard time getting the needle to go through my leather despite having drilled the hole with a drill press first.

👤Product has a flaw in cap. I put duct tape over the area. This product is in my kit to fix things.

👤Some of the needles were made from other materials. Two of them were made of metal. 3 of the 6 needles wouldn't fit in the handle. I wouldn't recommend these items.

👤The item is much smaller than the picture shows. Only 2.5 inches long. If you tried to push against the base, the metal edge would cut your palm. The sewing needle with a regular eye does not fit into the base even after completely removing the item. I am going to get a refund.

👤It looks sturdy and easy to change out the needles for my needs.

👤The AWL works well on all projects.

👤The kit I purchased was perfect for what I needed it for.

👤The needles are too thick and damage the leather.

9. Speedy Stitcher SEW110 BRK Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher SEW110 BRK Sewing Awl

It's great for use at home, camp, farm, and much more. The genuine Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, 4 needles, and 180-yd tube of coarse thread are included. The only heavy duty hand sewing tool that can sew heavy material such as canvas, leather, tarp, or sails. A tool for emergency repairs. It was made from the highest quality materials. It's great for quick repairs to straps, bags, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, upholstery, saddles, harnesses and other stitched items.

Brand: Speedy Stitcher

👤I bought this for one project and it hit me out of the park. I had a pair of well-loved shoes. The heels were splitting. I picked up this stitching awl to see if I could give them more life, I hated to toss them just for a split seam. The awl punched heavy thread through heavy leather so I could run a stitch behind it. I have attached before, during, and after shots. I used a double needle technique to catch the loop that was left by the awl. It allowed me to pull the stitches tight and speed up the process. I had to open up a seam in the lining to keep the stitching between the lining and the boot from going all the way through. I did end up nicking myself a few times because of the super-sharp force I needed to use. My boots are ready for a few more years of service, even though my fingers are injured.

👤This item can be used for stitching thick items. It can cause blood to shoot out of your fingers. I found it very easy to use once I got the hang of it. I made a harness for my water bottle and added straps to my backpack. Once you get used to it, there is no downside. The blood stains on my pack are part of the learning curve. If you need something to fix something that can't fit in your sewing machine, then this is the tool for you, just keep a couple of band-aids handy. Yeah. Yes. I started with one but it was more trouble than it was worth. All was well when I got used to the tool. I will keep it around and it may find a place in my pack.

👤It was quick and easy. It can be used for a lot of heavy duty things. I need things sewed back up even though I'm a guy. Most of my stuff is heavy duty and regular thread just doesn't do it. I made a pair of cut-offs with mine. I'd like to make a shirt for the local Renaissance fest when I have some time. It would look handmade. I own a sailboat and it would be great to fix it. It's difficult to learn how to use it, but you can get on the internet and teach yourself how to use it. I can do anything now that I hemmed up those cut-offs. The nylon mason line comes in a lot of colors and is really strong. You can get it at any arts and crafts store, and it comes in a million colors. It's quit but stronger than regular thread.

👤I bought this kit to fix a canvas cover. The job was pretty easy because of the tool. It was pierced through a thick canvas. The needles are very sharp, so watch your fingers. There are instructional videos on the company's website. There are two more There is some learning involved in this. Before working on something that matters, find some thick scrap fabric and practice on it. There are 3 more It's easier to use with waxed thread. This is a great tool for fixing things. I recommend it without reservations.

10. Awl Inflatables Leather Upholstery Stitching

Awl Inflatables Leather Upholstery Stitching

It's easy to use and carry. The PROFESSIONAL GRADE Lock Stitching, Sewing Awl includes 1 Hand-Held Awl, 2 Interchangeable Needles, and 2 Spools of Thread. Unrestricted uses: Fix bounce houses, inflatables, shoes, bags, upholstery, sports gear, camping gear, Tarps, Sail Boat, and Awning. Hunting and fishing gear. Many more. Extra Sharp Sewing Needles are made from Sturdy, Bridled, Triple Spun Threaded, and they are the best for sewing through tough or dried out leather or fabric. Parts and accessories can be stored inside the Awl Handle for safe and secure storage. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. It is possible to fit a metal frame with a wooden handle in the palm of your hand. Only 2.5 Ounces is the weight of the 4.25-Inch Grip Handle.

Brand: Awl For All

👤I had to shorten some straps. I bought awl to penetrate the canvas. As I learned to sew this way, my stitching improved. It got a lot easier. 1. I couldn't thread the needle until I applied Liquid Stitch. It's similar to glue. I was not sure if it would work on the thread. Roll the thread between my thumb and finger with a dab, and it will have a stiff point in seconds. 2. The second attempt is from the right. After I put the free end of the thread through the wrong loop, I had to stop it. The thread was not feeding well because I threaded the needle on the wrong side. The feed thread should go straight from the top to the eye. 3. The second attempt is from the left. I discovered a trick that made determining which loop to put the free end through easier. The thread needs to be fed by the spool. There will be no second loop if I stop the spool with my finger. 4. The second attempt went off course because it was hard to be accurate when you hold the strap with one hand and the awl with the other. The problem was solved by a 2x4 board that was long enough to rest across my thighs. I could push the needle safely with the strap on the board. The weave wasn't under tension, which made it easier to penetrate the fabric. I drilled a small hole. When the needle hit the wood, I'd move it over the hole and push it the rest of the way. The third attempt is on the right. I corrected my mistake with a smooth curve. My fourth attempt was straight, even stitching on the left. 5. Liquid Stitch can keep the knot from coming loose after it is tied.

👤One of the bounce houses we rent got a tear. This was a great purchase and easy to use. The hole was repaired with ease.

👤Works well! It is beneficial to have a video on the internet to help you understand how to use it. Product works well and 2 spools were helpful. It was used on the water slide.

👤I used it on my daughter's bounce houses waterslide. It's better and more durable than the original one.

👤I have a fast stitch. The placement of the thread bobbin makes it easier for me to control thread tension and feed with less hand fatigue. This one works better for me, it's a matter of personal preference. It came with large and small needles. I had to order small needles separately.

👤A neat tool. The videos and manual are not enough. Pulling the tool creates 2 loops on the other side, but only one is correct. To learn the trick, you have to practice. Use a bright color thread. That was a mistake of mine. It doesn't cause tension on the thread. I was forced to keep a finger on the thread. Which was not convenient. I paid $20 for super fine needles but they broke before I could use them. Don't waste your money.

11. Speedy Stitcher 1125 Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher 1125 Sewing Awl

The general tools are listed. They're a leader in the design and development of precision tools. They want artisans and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more effectively. It is easy to sew heavy material. Includes sewing awl, straight needle, and thread. It's great for use at home, camp, farm, and much more.

Brand: Speedy Stitcher

👤It has a lot to be desired, even though it may be the best out there. Attached pictures are a diagram of the parts, a neat description of the product, an example of how to use the product in order to get around some of its flaws, and a competitor's product that has a design which would work. The thread post is well designed, the chuck lock is a good idea, and the needle can slide freely up to the needle if thebobin is filled. Not much can be done about this. My stitcher was shipped with an overly full bobin, which is just a point worth noting. The silver tack around which the string is supposed to wind is weak and bends easily. This should not be the case for a premium product. The tension post should be upgraded. I used pliars and damaged the weak metal. This should not be the case for a premium product. Attach a braided string or threaded metallic wire to the end cap so that it's easier to remove, and smooth the metal edge on the end cap so that it's not abrasive. The thread gets stuck in the hole from which the bobin comes off. The thread gets caught in the wooden handle as a cut develops. This is not a good design. The angle of the hole is not designed. The thread feeds from the bottom of the bobin and creates a very harsh angle from the spool to the hole where the thread must exit. The problem can be solved by widening the hole in the sewing awl handle and lining it with an epoxy. I was able to let the thread feed freely after I removed the hole from the sewing awl.

👤This is a necessity on a sailboat. If you need to repair a sailbag before it gets ripped to shreds by the wind on your way to the sail repair facility, you'll be glad you have this in your repair kit. It does what it's supposed to do. What's not to like? I finally got fed up with the traffic and lack of competing products when shopping at the local big-box stores so now I do almost all my shopping on Amazon. The best way to counter fake reviews is for legitimate customers to post more real reviews. 100% of my reviews are for products that I paid full price for. If I can convince a company to send me something for free, I won't be changing my opinion of a product because I paid for it. We should all know what the best products are. If you find this review helpful, witty, charming, absurd, let me know by clicking on one of those buttons right there.

👤I have been sewing and repairing heavy-weight leather on the ranch for years. I have made knife sheaths for myself and my nephew, as well as other heavy-weight sewing/repair work. The quick work of those chores is done by the Speedy Stitcher. Pre-drill heavy leathers with a 1/16 drill bit and then mark the holes with a leather punch or marking fork. It is easier to push through the leather. If you have a small project and a scrap 2x4 you don't need it. Pull the tip back from the wood and you can just push it into the soft wood. My nephew pointed out that there are online videos to teach you how to use it. You don't know how to sew leather. If that is the case, it is easy to do, just watch a video and you will be an expert!


What is the best product for repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses?

Repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses products from Dritz. In this article about repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses you can see why people choose the product. General Tools and Bagerla are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses.

What are the best brands for repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses?

Dritz, General Tools and Bagerla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair stitch tool sewing awl for bounce houses. Find the detail in this article. Skilled Crafter, Speedy Stitcher and Onerusus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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