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1. Speedy Stitcher 1125 Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher 1125 Sewing Awl

The general tools are listed. They're a leader in the design and development of precision tools. They want artisans and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more effectively. It is easy to sew heavy material. Includes sewing awl, straight needle, and thread. It's great for use at home, camp, farm, and much more.

Brand: Speedy Stitcher

👤It has a lot to be desired, even though it may be the best out there. Attached pictures are a diagram of the parts, a neat description of the product, an example of how to use the product in order to get around some of its flaws, and a competitor's product that has a design which would work. The thread post is well designed, the chuck lock is a good idea, and the needle can slide freely up to the needle if thebobin is filled. Not much can be done about this. My stitcher was shipped with an overly full bobin, which is just a point worth noting. The silver tack around which the string is supposed to wind is weak and bends easily. This should not be the case for a premium product. The tension post should be upgraded. I used pliars and damaged the weak metal. This should not be the case for a premium product. Attach a braided string or threaded metallic wire to the end cap so that it's easier to remove, and smooth the metal edge on the end cap so that it's not abrasive. The thread gets stuck in the hole from which the bobin comes off. The thread gets caught in the wooden handle as a cut develops. This is not a good design. The angle of the hole is not designed. The thread feeds from the bottom of the bobin and creates a very harsh angle from the spool to the hole where the thread must exit. The problem can be solved by widening the hole in the sewing awl handle and lining it with an epoxy. I was able to let the thread feed freely after I removed the hole from the sewing awl.

👤This is a necessity on a sailboat. If you need to repair a sailbag before it gets ripped to shreds by the wind on your way to the sail repair facility, you'll be glad you have this in your repair kit. It does what it's supposed to do. What's not to like? I finally got fed up with the traffic and lack of competing products when shopping at the local big-box stores so now I do almost all my shopping on Amazon. The best way to counter fake reviews is for legitimate customers to post more real reviews. 100% of my reviews are for products that I paid full price for. If I can convince a company to send me something for free, I won't be changing my opinion of a product because I paid for it. We should all know what the best products are. If you find this review helpful, witty, charming, absurd, let me know by clicking on one of those buttons right there.

👤I have been sewing and repairing heavy-weight leather on the ranch for years. I have made knife sheaths for myself and my nephew, as well as other heavy-weight sewing/repair work. The quick work of those chores is done by the Speedy Stitcher. Pre-drill heavy leathers with a 1/16 drill bit and then mark the holes with a leather punch or marking fork. It is easier to push through the leather. If you have a small project and a scrap 2x4 you don't need it. Pull the tip back from the wood and you can just push it into the soft wood. My nephew pointed out that there are online videos to teach you how to use it. You don't know how to sew leather. If that is the case, it is easy to do, just watch a video and you will be an expert!

2. Dritz 26615 Latch Picker 3 Inch

Dritz 26615 Latch Picker 3 Inch

3 piece large colorful seam rippers are included. There are 3 clear caps for your safety and the sewing stich ripper protection. The package weight is 0.02 pounds. Knit Picker has a hook tip. China is the country of origin. The package has dimensions of 4.88" L X 2.88" W X 0.5" H.

Brand: Dritz

👤Over the past 5 years, I have bought dozens of these things for my dreadlocks. They are the right size for pulling new hairs into the root of loc. It doesn't put stress on the hook, just pulling loose threads through a sweater. Only 1 out of every 4 lasts more than a month. Most of the time the metal part falls out of the handle. I had it happen when I opened the package. They aren't very close to each other. All. The second most common problem is thelatch falling off, or being stuck in hair because it is not aligned with the hook. When I try to use the hooks on shirts and sweaters, the latch will often grab more threads as I pull it through. LAME. I think of them as costing $20 apiece and I order several at a time, because there aren't many similar products at this size. It would be so easy for Dritz to glue the shafts into the handle, it's why they keep making them this way. If you are buying one to fix a problem in your clothing, you should order 3 because one of them will probably break after the 2nd or 3rd use.

👤I'm a huge fan of non-cotton T-shirts, but have noticed that they are more prone to catching bugs than cotton T-shirts. This has been my solution for many years. Push this through the shirt at the point of the snag, hook the snag within the arm, and pull it back through to the unseen side of the shirt. I now own several of these, with one in every travel kit and one in our bathroom. Definitely recommended!

👤It took me forever to find a thread puller. I own hers. I lost the cap. I lost the tool because it was very small, but it was important to anyone who has a sweater or knit of any kind, as well as to embroiderers or seamstresses.

👤I was so angry. It took a lot of force to thread the serger tails. The metal part came unglued when I pulled it hard. The hardened glue around the edges of the metal piece sliced the skin of two of my fingers. It was very bad! I went back to the old needle method after putting it away. After my skin healed, I tried it again. And had an idea... I had to hook the end of the tails to the hook to pull it through. I made a mistake and you will be able to slide the thread through by brute force.

👤The blue holder had a metal post fall out of it. I thought I could hold the metal post and use it, but the Latch sticks and when you try to open it, it breaks off! A piece of junk!

👤This little knit picker is much easier to use than my old safety pin. I wish I'd ordered one a few years ago, but it is what it is. It's so easy to grab the thread and pull it through the wrong side of the sweater if you're in a rush. It should be a must have for anyone who has sweaters.

3. Dritz 638 Deluxe Seam Ripper

Dritz 638 Deluxe Seam Ripper

It's convenient to store, you can remove the needles when you're not using, they're lightweight and easy to find, and keep the pointed items away from small kids. Use a seam ripper to cut and remove stitches. The Ditz Seam ripper is an indispensable tool for removing stitches. It comes with a clear plastic cap, a safety ball to protect fabric, and it's made from hardened steel to last a lifetime.

Brand: Dritz

👤Time saved! I did not buy this for the usual reason. I needed this because the brush roller on my vacuum makes it useless. I had to remove the roller from the vacuum, then cut the hair out with scissors, which made me angry. The seam ripper can be run down the side of the roller. So. Much. Faster! :D

👤I rarely write a negative review but this is the second dull seam ripper I have purchased and they both deserve 1 star - with the exception of the comfort and easy handling of the design. But that is all. It was similar to having a new luxury car that doesn't run. There are two seam rippers: purple is Dritz, and the other is SKC. They are young. The covers have been used for many years. I got another Dritz because it is very easy to use and it is held up well. I was hoping for a long-term horse. Not true. It is duller than my old ones. I ordered another brand that was the same size and shape. Two negative reviews in a row makes me angry. Maybe they don't make them like they used to or this one is a dud. Go to your Walmart or fabric store and get one. It would be easier to come back. It's important. I did not try to return it. It is not worth my time.

👤This is pretty basic stuff. I needed a sharp tool to remove the tiny stitches from the bedspread. The seam ripper did a great job isolating tightly sewn, individual threads while cutting them quickly without stress to the tool. It didn't affect any other stitching that needed to stay intact. Still sharp! I think this is one of the little things that everyone needs around the house at some point. A tedious task was made easier by it. Thumbs up! Hope this helps!

👤Not happy with this seam ripper. I bought a new seam ripper because it pulled the fabric threads on my binding, which is exactly why I did. The dull one I had was too dull to cut the threads. I'm not happy with the size. It's much bigger than my old one, there's no need for more bulk. I'll save it as a back up, but I've already purchased a new one, the plastic cap doesn't fit, and it won't stay on. I wrapped a small piece of tape around the top.

👤I was told that I would need this for all the mistakes I would make. Yes, I did. It was not easy at first, but once I got used to it, I was ripping seams left and right in no time. It doesn't explain to me that you use the sharp end to cut individual threads, but you use the blunt end on the bottom and the U-shaped part to cut the seam. The bottom will rip your fabric. The pieces of fabric are protected from being torn.

👤I help with high school band uniforms and this seam ripper is the best for taking out old alterations. It is very sharp so take care. Or you could just make a hole in your project. I bought this one for myself after using it at the school and it's much better than my other seam ripper which I had only had for a couple of years. This will be my new seam ripper. It's good to have Dritz!

4. Seam Ripper Pack Supplies Accessories

Seam Ripper Pack Supplies Accessories

Sewing leather, leather awl, upholstery needle awl thread is practical and convenient. There are two sizes of seam ripper that you can use. Large and small are both 3.5 inches. It is easy to rip out seams and stitches. The handle design makes it very easy to hold and apply force. The stitch removal tool is made from plastic and metal and will last for a long time. Their two shades of pink thread ripper will bring extravagance into your crafting, quilting, and notions activities. There is fabric protection. The seam rippers have a small ball on the smaller edge to protect your fabric and a clear cap to protect your hands.

Brand: Riveda

👤I bought this to clarify. It worked well for that. It happened to be nearby when my 4 year old needed to have her hair done and I would rather rip my own stitches than deal with her tender head. She had her hair in pigtails and rubber bands that broke immediately as I tried to do her hair in the morning or she had to have it cut permanently. I used the seam ripper to slice through the rubber bands. It was fun and I added the little one to my hair.

👤I could probably find better quality at the dollar store. They were dull and had jagged lines. The plastic sheaths are cheap, and I don't think they would last very long with regular use. Buying a bulk pack of cheapies elsewhere would have been better for me. Returned.

👤I bought these to cut the hair that gets caught around the bottom of the vacuum and they work great.

👤The small one is perfect for tight stitches and the larger one is perfect for everything else, even though I initially purchased them for the price and convenience of having rippers in two different places. I would recommend these for removal of hand or machine stitches.

👤It was a disappointment. This one deserves a negative review. This is duller than the 2 I have now. It is saying a lot that I am about 20 years old. They looked like the original package. The metal parts are dull and cloudy. Don't waste your money.

👤The seam ripper I had before this was not as good. I like having a back up, but I haven't used the smaller one yet. The big one removes stitches, I make scrunchies, and sometimes I screw up, but this is a life saver.

👤I needed this to work on a project and was thrilled to find it. It is easy to hold and maneuver. It's easy to find in my sewing box because of the pink color.

👤The package was taped and the larger one rusted and cracked. I was not impressed that it still functions as a seam ripper.

5. WONVOC Upholstery 42 Pack Leather Working

WONVOC Upholstery 42 Pack Leather Working

The life time warranty. Every product is covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you an exchange or refund in full amount. The Leather Repair Kit contains tools for your repair such as a big eye needle, leather sewing needle, curved needle, sewing thread, awl, seam ripper, tape measure, thimble, scissors, threader, finger cots, etc. There are leather working tools and supplies in the repair kit. Say goodbye to the mess. The repair kit is made of Oxford cloth. It is convenient to carry around when you go out. Their leather tool kit has various leather sewing needles in different sizes and shapes. There are 20 stitching needles. The needles are sharp. Rich mix to meet your needs. Their repair kit includes 10 rolls of leather cords in a variety of colors to meet your needs in different projects. There are four rolls of sewing thread in this kit. No longer have to worry about the common thread being insufficient. There are three different awls in this leather sewing repair kit. The Hook awl can hook the thread and the hollow awl can pass it in the middle. Solid wood awls were used to punch holes, etch and mark layout lines on cloth, plastic, and paper. The awl handle will not get tired after a long time of use. The threader can easily complete threading if you have a finger cot. Their repair kit can be used for repairing canvas, sofas and car seat, sewing canvas, tarpaulin and Venetian blinds, sewing carpet and heavy cloth, sewing sacks, bags, and hampers. You can make different things with different materials. You can check the instructions at any time if you don't understand them. You will get a better shopping experience with WONVOC.

Brand: Wonvoc

👤The kit was ok, but not great. The price was fair. Get what you pay for.

6. 22Pieces Leather Needles Scissor Projects

22Pieces Leather Needles Scissor Projects

If you want to modify the size, you're not sure which color/texture is best, or you have any doubts about their products, please feel free to contact them by clicking button. A question. Within 12 hours, they'll help you. They offer competitive quotation and service for renovation merchants. Leather Sewing Tools: 7 x leather sewing needles, 8 x leather sewing thread, 9 x big eye blunt needles, needle bottle, awl, tape measure, scissors, sewing thimble. The leather sewing kit has needles of various sizes and shapes, including blunt needles, pointed needles, and triangular pointed needles. The needle is sharp. The leather sewing tool is very practical. It can meet your basic needs for leathercraft, whether you are a professional or a beginner. The sewing thread is made of good quality material. The awl is made of metal and has a wooden handle. It can be used as a gift for friends and family. Their 30 pieces of leather thread set can be used for many things. It will help you complete your crafts in a more efficient way.

Brand: Jupean

👤This product saved my leather couch. I have two rambunctious boys and an energetic dog that have caused a lot of wear and tear but this set has saved me from buying a new sectional. If you want to fix things yourself, watch a few upholstery repair videos, use a pair of needle nose pliers, and be patient.

👤It has many different types of needles. Everything you need to sew leather. A great value.

👤This kit is perfect for someone starting out, it has a good variety of products.

👤Everything I needed for repairs was included in the kit.

👤I love this set. The thread is very high quality.

👤This set came in for a low price and good quality. I would buy this again. Thank you.

7. Sewing KIT Premium Repair Set

Sewing KIT Premium Repair Set

Do you know a seamster or seamstress in your life that could use some high-quality sewing products? This is a great present for people who thrive on thread. Take care of your clothes today. Suddenly your favorite cloth is not presentable, and a missing button. But not anymore! Become more self-sufficient and take care of small repairs yourself with these compact sewing kits. A thread-and-needle problem can be solved quickly. You may need one place to find your accessory. You name it, Thread Spools, Large Eye Needles, Buttons, Scissors, Measuring Tape. Everything you need for a quick fix or sewing activities is in their portable kit. All neatly placed in a canvas case. Hauling a sewing box around is much better. It is easy to use. This Complete Sewing Thread Kit is your solution if you want a Reliable Hand Sowing Kit to Mend Your Son's Stuffed Toy, Your Favorite Outfit, or Make Small Alterations. Their specially designed sewing kit is the #1 choice for Amazon buyers. A unique and useful gift to give. This thoughtful and comprehensive small sewing kit will be a great present for anyone. This is a great gift for a college student. ORDER NOW with no risk. Their team is working non-stop to bring you one of the top rated emergency basic sewing kit. If you don't like it, they've got you covered by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee policy.

Brand: Vellostar

👤I ordered this kit because I have a sewing kit everywhere. The previous kits were great, but not like this one. I'm not doing any sewing. This is easy to grab and sew for quick fixes. They're included, no hunting for scissors. This kit has a lot of value. I like to have safety pins in my junk drawer. The needle holder was shattered when the package was shipped. Within 3 days, Jessica sent out a replacement for me. They could have easily blown me off with a purchase like this. Jessica gave me a tracking number for the replacement. They are so awesome. I would purchase anything from this company. This would be a great gift for college students and a nice kit for kids who need to learn how to sew. I would like to thank Jessica for her wonderful customer service.

👤Cheap. It's worth $4 or $5 tops. Useful for emergency fixes. There is little else. Very low quality. Probably massed in china. They're making a killing on it. There are a lot of this happening on this site and on the internet. It makes me very close to being racist. Would buy again.

👤I lost my sewing kit while I was doing a few small repairs. I am glad I did, because it led me to this kit. Everything is in its own spot in this small zip case. The kit can hold a ton. I don't think I'd need another tool for a rare sewer like myself, who just needs to do the occasional mend or button. Excellent kit.

👤I haven't sewn in a long time. Since my guy asked me to sew on a patch for him, I've had a bug to get back into it. I saw this pack and thought it was perfect for me to get back into it. This thing has everything I need for that. The needles, the threaders, and the thread have more than I wanted. I would like to give it 10 stars, but 5 will have to do! I will be ordering more gifts for my nieces and such as a thank you. Thanks a lot. I love this.

👤I wanted a sewing kit at work so I bought this kit. When I had a shoulder seam come loose on a shirt while I was at work, it made sense that I use it to match almost everything I wear. I like that it has more than just thread and needles in it, it's an all purpose kit to keep in your desk for when you need it. It's small and doesn't take up much room.

👤My K9 kids tear into their stuffed toys. I keep this kit in the drawer so that I can perform the "surgical repairs" to the stuffed dog toys to prevent their total destruction. The quality of thread and items is ok, the contents aren't the highest end thread and these aren't premium sewing needles, but they aren't priced like premium items, either. I paid more for sewing needles for my wife than I did for this kit. My wife is an expert seamstress and she said this is handy for small repairs and she liked the fact that the kit contained a ripper, small scissors and snaps and buttons in different colors. The case is small and easy to put into your bag so you can replace a button if something happens. If you are a barbie doll, would you want to use this kit to make your wedding dress? This is a low cost repair kit which is handy to have available and your purchase will not disappoint you. My wife knows that if you think you are going to get top quality sewing supplies, you will be disappointed. I ordered this kit on an Amazon Deal of the Day special and it is a reasonable purchase. She said it's fine for small repairs and that it's a good purchase. I know a lot more about hand tools in the garage than I do about sewing, so I have to defer to her judgement.

8. Convenient Leather MIUSIE Beginner Leather Working

Convenient Leather MIUSIE Beginner Leather Working

Cut the size according to your needs, peel the leather repair tape backing paper, then stick the patch on the holes, stains, or rips in the leather product. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. They have learned all of the leather hand sewing tools, and they ended up offering this basic leather sewing tool kit to meet your needs. As a seller, they know that repeat customers are the main source of sales, so they have been emphasizing high requirement of quality. Their hand sewing set can be used by beginners. This sewing awl kit is easy to use and will allow you to make your favorite crafts with ease. Pick a tool that is user-friendly and you will be making stunning crafts. You will love it! It's a good way to save money. Many leather projects can be damaged at home. They can use these hand working tools to solve the problems easily, which can save them a lot of money. Special product idea. If you want to design a unique leather product for your special friend or family, or if you want to make a thoughtful product for them, then this needle and thread kit is for you. Surprise the handyman in the family. Spread the love by sharing it.

Brand: Butuze

👤This set will get the job done if your roll up truck bed cover ever breaks. I don't know what a truck bed cover is made of, but it's thick! You will have to use pliers to push the stitches through. You will break a needle or two. You probably bought this because you didn't want to pay someone to do a repair for you, and this will be the only ten dollars you'll pay. The thread doesn't fit through the needles. If you get the wax off it will thread. If you are looking for a cheap product to most likely use once in your life, try sewing. If you get frustrated and quit your repair, you'll end up going to a shop that can do the work. I will point out that the stitching was done with a BUTUZE leather craft set when someone leans against my 16 year old dodge Dakota.

👤I wish I'd been able to use this before the return window opened. Yhos kit is not user friendly. I tried to sew a whole in a leather jacket, but the needle got caught and made the hole worse. Would not recommend it.

👤All items were displayed on time. The needle came out of the handle while I sewed my shoes. Couldn't complete a foot. I can't use the shoes and needle. Someone is looking for one with a plastic handle.

👤I bought this to fix a leather shoe. There are many items and thread colors. The curved needles are really good. The needles are brittle. After a few thread passes, two of the needles broke.

👤Looks good. I was looking for a repair kit. Found a piece of nylon and made a new strap. It was easy to sew on the kit. It works well for me.

👤It is exactly as pictured. It works well. I bought this kit to use the needles and thread for bookbinding, but I was a little on the fence. I am happy that I bought it.

👤The leather patch is cheap and thick for my skill set. I'm not a leather merchant but a guy that fixes stuff.

👤I used this for the first time and it broke at the eye. Quality is lacking on the needles in my opinion, but it is stocked with thread and tools.

9. Stitchless Adhesive Clothing Quantity Pressing

Stitchless Adhesive Clothing Quantity Pressing

We care about their customers so they want to make sure you have a great experience with their products. Their team is proud of the products they create. They will make it right if you have any issues with their products. The electric-powered heating wand is 8” long and has an indicator light. The piece is made from Teflon. There is 3.5 ounces of formulated adhesive powder. Press with a heating element to bond pieces together after applying a small amount of powder. Fix tears, adjust hems, and fix seams. It is possible to use different types of clothing and textile. All items fixed with No Stitch are machine washed. Pressing again using a heating wand will cause bond to be undone. The package includes a heating wand, stand, electric cord, and 3.5 ounce bottles of glue.

Brand: Emson

👤It is a wonderful product for fixing things. The price is reasonable. It isn't meant for areas under high pressure. I mended the crotch of one of my husband's work uniform pants, but he couldn't change his pants at home because his job wouldn't let him. My husband wasn't very fond of it.

👤It was too good to be true. The iron doesn't have enough heat to work. The powder is not worth anything. The advertising was good and I liked it. It doesn't work.

👤I followed all of the instructions. The powder was difficult to target and the sticking was bad. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Very disappointing.

👤I used to hem drapes.

👤I like this stuff. The head of the iron broke after about the 10th patch. I would just use it even when it got hot. I'm not sure what to do.

👤It is a garbage gimic. You don't do it perfect. It leaves a mess. Do not wear it on clothes.

👤This stuff really works, I had a hole in my tablecloth. The tablecloth is made of cotton and has little fibers that are powder and iron closed up, so you can hardly find it.

👤The quality item that bonds items without sewing is worth buying, it works well, and $29 is the best price I have seen, but yes it does work. Thanks again.

👤I have yet to use it, but I am very annoyed that I only received one bottle of the product, instead of the two that are advertised. I think we should be getting some credit for this oversight.

👤The product works well. Two bottles of glue were sent. Amazon were great.

👤I use it to hem pants. The price is the only thing that is bothering me. Way to high. Canadian Tire sells this product. Amazon should check the price difference with the sellers. I love the product.

👤It works great so far, I've done a few things that will let me know after a few washes...

10. Awl Inflatables Leather Upholstery Stitching

Awl Inflatables Leather Upholstery Stitching

It's easy to use and carry. The PROFESSIONAL GRADE Lock Stitching, Sewing Awl includes 1 Hand-Held Awl, 2 Interchangeable Needles, and 2 Spools of Thread. Unrestricted uses: Fix bounce houses, inflatables, shoes, bags, upholstery, sports gear, camping gear, Tarps, Sail Boat, and Awning. Hunting and fishing gear. Many more. Extra Sharp Sewing Needles are made from Sturdy, Bridled, Triple Spun Threaded, and they are the best for sewing through tough or dried out leather or fabric. Parts and accessories can be stored inside the Awl Handle for safe and secure storage. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. It is possible to fit a metal frame with a wooden handle in the palm of your hand. Only 2.5 Ounces is the weight of the 4.25-Inch Grip Handle.

Brand: Awl For All

👤I had to shorten some straps. I bought awl to penetrate the canvas. As I learned to sew this way, my stitching improved. It got a lot easier. 1. I couldn't thread the needle until I applied Liquid Stitch. It's similar to glue. I was not sure if it would work on the thread. Roll the thread between my thumb and finger with a dab, and it will have a stiff point in seconds. 2. The second attempt is from the right. After I put the free end of the thread through the wrong loop, I had to stop it. The thread was not feeding well because I threaded the needle on the wrong side. The feed thread should go straight from the top to the eye. 3. The second attempt is from the left. I discovered a trick that made determining which loop to put the free end through easier. The thread needs to be fed by the spool. There will be no second loop if I stop the spool with my finger. 4. The second attempt went off course because it was hard to be accurate when you hold the strap with one hand and the awl with the other. The problem was solved by a 2x4 board that was long enough to rest across my thighs. I could push the needle safely with the strap on the board. The weave wasn't under tension, which made it easier to penetrate the fabric. I drilled a small hole. When the needle hit the wood, I'd move it over the hole and push it the rest of the way. The third attempt is on the right. I corrected my mistake with a smooth curve. My fourth attempt was straight, even stitching on the left. 5. Liquid Stitch can keep the knot from coming loose after it is tied.

👤One of the bounce houses we rent got a tear. This was a great purchase and easy to use. The hole was repaired with ease.

👤Works well! It is beneficial to have a video on the internet to help you understand how to use it. Product works well and 2 spools were helpful. It was used on the water slide.

👤I used it on my daughter's bounce houses waterslide. It's better and more durable than the original one.

👤I have a fast stitch. The placement of the thread bobbin makes it easier for me to control thread tension and feed with less hand fatigue. This one works better for me, it's a matter of personal preference. It came with large and small needles. I had to order small needles separately.

👤A neat tool. The videos and manual are not enough. Pulling the tool creates 2 loops on the other side, but only one is correct. To learn the trick, you have to practice. Use a bright color thread. That was a mistake of mine. It doesn't cause tension on the thread. I was forced to keep a finger on the thread. Which was not convenient. I paid $20 for super fine needles but they broke before I could use them. Don't waste your money.

11. SINGER 47325 Comfort Ripper White

SINGER 47325 Comfort Ripper White

If you are not satisfied with their products or there are defects in them, please contact them in time and they will give you a full refund or exchange. There are 2 handheld seam rippers with comfort grips. Pick threads, open buttonholes, and remove buttons and snaps. It's necessary for any seamstress' tool kit to have an item that can be used to alter or repair stitches. The rubber comfort grip handle is easy to hold. The rubber tip and lid are for user safety.

Brand: Singer

👤I thought it would be a product that was well-designed for people who sew. The cap on a large one slides off, leaving a point in the sewing kit, because there is no place to store it. It can poke holes if it is stored in a plastic bag. The cap on small one barely holds onto it, not even a click when it's in place, comes off way too easily, and like the other one, not thoughtfully designed, as no place on other end to stick the cap. The grip is not special. The brand name of this seam ripper is decades old. I will buy stuff like this in person from fabric stores in the future. Singer scissors are decent, not top-of-line German ones, but nice. I have good memories of the old Singer machines that were made with metal parts. Oh, well. The business end of these seam rippers is good, even though cap and handle are not great. I guess that's the most important thing, not whether you stick your finger on a cap-less point tool or not. Who makes well-designed seam rippers? Does Husqvarna make German brands? It's nice to have good tools when you work with them a lot. Maybe I can make my own cap and dip the handle in it?

👤I like the design. It is easier to hold than my old Singer ripper. The cap is a major flaw. I could cap it on the other end with my old ripper. I'm sure it will eventually get lost, as has been reported by others. It doesn't seem to be as strong as the old, but what is now. I'm hoping this will last longer because I broke 2 seam rippers in the last couple years. I need something that is durable to fix the hems on my son's and daughter-in-law's pants. It is not known how long this ripper will last.

👤I can't use these seam rippers. They are the first ones I have ever seen that are so thin and flat. I was told to keep them, even though I wanted to return them. I think postage would be more expensive than it is worth. Someone with younger hands might like them. Not me.

👤Everything that I have ordered has met my expectations. I like the exchange policy. Every day I go on line to find something I need, I have a long standing membership. I can't go out of the house because I am disabled. I do all of my shopping at Amazon. Mrs. Harden.

👤The rippers are easy to hold and work well, but the overall design is poorly thought out, because the caps don't fit onto the back end of the handle, which would have been easy enough to fix when they were being designed by a team. A small part can get dropped and lost quickly. The handle is easy to work with, but I recommend looking for a different style that lets you pop the cap onto the end of the handle while in use.


What is the best product for repair stitch tool sewing?

Repair stitch tool sewing products from Speedy Stitcher. In this article about repair stitch tool sewing you can see why people choose the product. Dritz and Riveda are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair stitch tool sewing.

What are the best brands for repair stitch tool sewing?

Speedy Stitcher, Dritz and Riveda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair stitch tool sewing. Find the detail in this article. Wonvoc, Jupean and Vellostar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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