Best Repair Tool Kit Professional

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1. DEKOPRO Combination Package Plastic Toolbox

DEKOPRO Combination Package Plastic Toolbox

You can reply to emails online within 24 hours and return them for 90 days. They will try to provide you with the best solution when you have a problem. The magnetic screwdriver set can satisfy any repair experience. The precision suit is easy to carry and allows you and your family to enjoy repairing at any time. Let them keep going. High-quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome, strength, and anti-corrosion protection are included. The tools meet or exceed the standards. Tools needed for most small repairs and basic do-it-yourself projects around the house are contained in complete VARIETIES. It is perfect for repairmen, construction workers, mechanics and body shops. A great tool set to have at home, garage, and workshop. There is a complete range of professional-grade tools, such as a wrench, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, pliers, and etc. The flick of a 5-degree switch can change the direction of the 72 teeth. There is a variety of screwdriver bits. The handle on the screwdriver, plier, srtipper and hammer has a soft grip. It's easy to carry and store tools in a handy blow-molded case. Its sturdy interior and organizers keep tools in place. The black case makes it dirt- resistant. The diamond shape design makes it unique. The size is 17.5-5. The net weight was 12.78 lbs. The black case makes it dirt- resistant. The diamond shape design makes it unique. The size is 17.5-5. The net weight was 12.78 lbs.

Brand: Dekopro

👤This is the best general purpose tool set I have ever seen. I'm not exaggerating. My wife wanted a tool set for her birthday. She wanted her own set that she could put under the bed for her personal tools. I'm thinking, lucky me! This should be easy. I was amazed that there are over a hundred different tool sets out there, and that 99 of them are bunk. The worst tool sets seem to have the best internet presence, so I'm lucky that I stumbled upon this one. My wife's eyes lit up when she opened her gift. The tools in the set are very sturdy and the assortment of tools is incomparable to other sets. If you think I'm lying, look at what tools you actually get. The tools fit in their slots and do not fall out. The box is strong. It is a tool box and not light and flimsy. My wife didn't know what the tools did. She was always asking what this does. This box of wonder has given her a lot of ideas for homemaking. I put this on my Christmas list so I can keep up with my wife. We have been married for 30 years and I have learned that there is time to share and time to give each other their special spaces. It could be in a tool box. If you were lucky enough to get through the internet, then stop and buy it now.

👤It seems that this used to be a good product, but the quality has gone down. Pieces were loose when it arrived. The sockets and the clamps were the majority. I put everything in its place because things tend to get messed up in the shipping process. I had to force them to fit because they weren't seated in their places, seemed low quality, and didn't fit properly. It will take a bit of force to remove them, so I don't think they were ever in place. I don't think these are the ones the case was designed to hold. The rubber pads don't match the color of the other tools in the official photo, but they do match in the attached photos. The color serves as proof that they are not part of the original set. I moved on to the sockets after I got the clamps in place, and found that many of them did not fit in with the rest of the set. After I put the sockets in place and pressed firmly on them to make sure they were as well seated as they could be, I closed the case and found that several of the sockets had fallen out of their slots. I replaced them, closed it, and reopened it, and more sockets fell out. The sockets are located at the top of the case so that they can be carried by the handle. The sockets are not a match. There are at least 3 different sets mixed in. The 13mm sockets are smaller and thinner than the others. The case was originally designed to hold sockets. I don't want to get frustrated when I open my tool case, so I'm returning the product.

2. UNEAK Screwdriver Screwdrivers Sunglasses Electronics

UNEAK Screwdriver Screwdrivers Sunglasses Electronics

A multi-functional screwdriver with a mini screwdriver and a Precision Eyeglass Repair tool. ThePhillips screwdriver The sockets nut drivers are hexagonal. The most valuable repairing toolset is included in the package, which includes one multi-tool screwdriver. Attach to keys, chains, remotes, pants, pockets and purse, it's portable and easy to carry. Quality construction comes with aPhillips head, flathead and a bolt driver. The textured grip provides more grip and prevents slipping. This is the best multitool to carry with you at all times. This is the best multitool to carry with you at all times.

Brand: Uneak

👤Twice in the last month, a screw holding my lens in place has come loose. I couldn't find a screwdriver at both times I was at the theater. I have a screwdriver in my hand. It works well and is not noticeable.

👤It was fairly well made. Line up the male and female threads of the screwdriver heads before they tighten. The center grip section works well. The addition of a few replacement screws would have been a really good idea since it didn't come with screws.

👤This tool is more sturdy than the last one I owned.

👤Needed to tighten glasses and has worked well. It's in my truck when I need it. My glasses keep coming apart. I'm tightening every week.

👤This was smaller than I expected, but it fixed some glasses that were too loose and one that was too tight. The job was done and the price was fair.

👤A very handy tool at a great price.

👤It works great and costs little to nothing, and I have it in my keychain.

3. STREBITO Screwdriver 142 Piece Electronics Precision

STREBITO Screwdriver 142 Piece Electronics Precision

We have a professional team and always ready to provide the best service to each of their customers and expect the cooperation are beginning, if you have any question, please feel free to contact them any time. This screwdriver set has 120 bits, complete with every driver bit you need to tackle any repair or do-it-yourself project. There are 22 practical accessories in the repair kit, such as a magnetic mat, spudger, and cleaning brush. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, this toolkit has what you need to repair everything. The electronic screwdriver set has been designed to maximize your repair capabilities. The screwdriver has a comfort grip and a smooth spin. The magnetic bit holder helps you handle small screws. The flexible extension shaft can be used to remove screw in tight spots. The professional tool set has two magnetic tools that can help you save time and energy. The 5.7*3.3" magnetic project mat can keep small screws and parts organized, make your repair work more efficient and prevent you from losing and messing up. Magnetizer demagnetizer tool can help strengthen the magnetism of the screwdriver tips to grab screws or weaken it to avoid damage to sensitive electronics. The rubber bit holder is marked with type and size for fast recognition. The repair tools are held in a bag that is shock-proof and tear- resistant, so no more worry about losing anything. The bag is light and easy to carry out, it can be placed in the home, office, car, drawer or other place. The precision bits are made of 60HRC Chromium-vanadium steel which is resistant to oxidation and is durable. The computer tool kit is covered by a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with the quality or usage, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will offer you a solution in 24 hours. The precision bits are made of 60HRC Chromium-vanadium steel which is resistant to oxidation and is durable. The computer tool kit is covered by a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with the quality or usage, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will offer you a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Strebito

👤Things were going well until they stopped. One of the screws on my MacBook Pro was stripped while I took it apart. I found a quote that said "I should have used a p5 not a t5". I found out that thep stands for pentalobe when I searched for it. The stars in the screws have rounded tips. The product description reads "for Mac" and "pentalobe", but there are no bits that are labeled "pentalobe" or "Mac", so they aren't clearly marked.

👤This kit is on sale for just 18 bucks and includes everything else. It's still a steal even at the regular price. iFixit's largest kit is $65 and has 112 bits. The screwdriver is not made from aluminum like in an iFixit kit. Who cares? Is it any wonder why they're sending their kits to every tech content creator? Buy this and save money.

👤The hard drive in my laptop needs to be upgraded. The reviews for the 142-piece set toolkit were pretty good. I was disappointed when the metal crowbar tool broke when I tried to pry open the flimsy plastic laptop back cover. That's some kind of steel! I don't know how this product got so many positive reviews. I did not recommend this product after I returned it.

👤This kit has it all. It was clear that this is a quality product when I opened it. I could have bought a single screwdriver tool for over a quarter of what this entire kit cost in order to open up my PS4 but instead I have a full tool kit for maintaining my electrical devices and gadgets. Don't hesitate to purchase this!

👤I bought this for my new PC, and it helps a lot. The screwdriver head works for all types of screws. I love the bendable driver head, and it's easier to install a fan on a PC with it.

👤You can't complain about the price. The quality of the set is pretty good. Some people in the reviews say that some bits are bent. One of the multiple sim card ejections was slightly bent, and I only got one bit that was bent. The set comes with a lot of bits and different tools that can be used to do any job on an electronic device. The handle has a number of options for getting in tight spaces and a nice magnet that is helpful in not dropping screws. It would have been nice if it came with a few larger bits, as they aren't too big, which can be hard if you're working on a larger tv. It comes with a magnetic sheet that you can use to organize your screws. If you have the budget, go with something like I fix it, as I would expect it to be slightly better quality and maybe have more bits, but for something cheap, I think this is a great option.

👤It is a great kit so far. I have had no issues with the things I have fixed so far. It makes assembling furniture a breeze since you don't have to use Allen keys.

4. Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Professional Electronics

Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Professional Electronics

The tool kit is easy to carry and stock. It's a good gift for men and women. The mini screwdriver set is a computer tool kit that has a number of replaceable bits and accessories. The computer repair tool kit has many applications. The magnetic screwdriver bits are made of high-quality CRV steel with a high strength, which improves the resistance to rust as well as endure a heavier load. The magnetic bits can be held by the screwdriver. The screwdriver bits are tested and guaranteed for a long time. The best choice is the professional computer screwdriver kit. The handle of the repair tool kit has a non-slip design. It has a hard extension shaft and a flexible extension shaft, which are easy to extend to a narrow place where the handle cannot enter. The top design of the cap makes it easy to push and tighten. The professional screwdriver kit makes sure all your repairs are done correctly. The pc tool kit has a storage box made of PP material. The space, placement position, and size of accessories are designed well, which is convenient for your work, and the parts are not easy to fall off. The laptop screwdriver kit can be used for most of the daily repair needs. Give your family or friends a surprise with this professional laptop repair tool kit. The magnetic mat can be used to absorb the removed screws, memorize the exact position of the screw, and avoid screws losing. At KIROGILY, they are dedicated to providing high-quality products and satisfying their customers. If there is a problem with the tiny screwdriver set, please contact them for a replacement or refund. The micro screwdriver set is a good gift choice. The magnetic mat can be used to absorb the removed screws, memorize the exact position of the screw, and avoid screws losing. At KIROGILY, they are dedicated to providing high-quality products and satisfying their customers. If there is a problem with the tiny screwdriver set, please contact them for a replacement or refund. The micro screwdriver set is a good gift choice.

Brand: Kirogily

👤I like this set. It is a must have that is very durable, well constructed, and very sturdy.

👤The driver and bits work well. I'll probably never use the case because it's jam packed with other stuff. I'm happy to have.

👤This is very useful. I recommend this to anyone. It's a must buy. I'm very happy.

5. Kaisi Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

Kaisi Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like it, you can return it within 30 days and they will give you a lifetime warranty. Their products are not perfect for every customer, but they will do their best to help them. Don't hesitate to contact them. The best combination is best. Kaisi 139 in 1 electronics repair tool kit professional has a handle bar, extension bar, anti-static wrist band, and ultra-thin steel spudger. All the tools that you need and none that you don't. There is a wide application. Kaisi precision screwdriver kit with case is a professional repair tools kit for MacBook, PC, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Camera, Game consoles, PS4/Xbox Controller, Watches, Glasses and other electronics. This electronics tool kit is perfect for anyone who wants to repair computers, laptops and Game consoles. The repair kit is a good gift for your friends, father, husband, son, etc. High quality material. All bits are made of high quality CR-V steel, which is harder than ordinary steel and more durable, all of the standard size bits are subjected to rigorous quality control testing, the tip is stable and not easily stripped. The handle is comfortable to hold even for a long time. If you want to avoid the need to buy a new replacement for the bits that are often used in repairing electronic products, have 2 or 3 or 4 pieces in this set. This set comes with a storage bag which is made from oxford, which makes it easier to carry and store. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like it, you can return it within 30 days and they will give you a lifetime warranty. Their products are not perfect for every customer, but they will do their best to help them. Don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Kaisi

👤I do a lot of repair on Apple Mac computers. The security T6H isn't a security bit at all, it's just a regular torx bit, so you won't be able to open up mac products. Just as a warning.

👤The first tool kit had a tool handle that could not keep the bit from falling out even if the locking nut was tightened hard. After using Amazon's return chat, the rep immediately processed a no-cost replacement shipment that was received two days later. The tool handle worked perfectly. The handle missed a fabrication step that should have cut slots into the inner bit collar. Without those slots, the collar couldn't be compressed to get the inserted bit. The two handles are side by side. The item that was included in the first kit was a bad one. The buyer should beware. If your kit has a similar defect, investigate it as soon as you receive it. I am very satisfied with the complete Kaisi 139 in 1 Electronics repair tool kit.

👤I was able to get 1/3s of the way through when the third P2 screw of twelve stripped all three of the P2 bits that came with the set. It didn't damage the heads of the screws I tried, but I had to order a new set. I need the drivers to finish the job. On top of that, the cup is barely open. The pry pics worked, not that any of the guitar picks I have lying around wouldn't have done as well. It's a good thing. If you are buying this kit for the bits, I would not recommend it. I know they are not well made, but I got two of them removed before they were packed in, that's ridiculous.

👤The seller was quick to resolve the issue of the missing piece. Product has a huge selection of tools and bits. The bits will last a long time. The kit has some identical bits, which will likely be useful in the future, as these bits have extremely small tips that can easily be damaged in rough use. The case seems durable and organized. The plastic slots can easily be slipped out of. Many of the pieces fell into a mess after I received my kit. I will probably sew a flap on the top of each row to keep the bits in place.

👤I took apart my graphics card after building a computer. It had all the bits I needed for the tasks. I had a cheap screwdriver that had their heads stripped after a few uses and I'm very satisfied with the bits in the kit. The anti static strap is a plus. I have had this kit for about a week and I am satisfied with it.

👤I bought this kit because I needed a T5 driver to take the cover off my laptop. The bit was removed from the first screw. I have not seen many laptop cover screws that were that tight. I am going to replace the set to see if I have a bad bunch of bits. Will update after trying the replacement.

6. Screwdriver Screwdirver Phillips Pentalobe Tri Point

Screwdriver Screwdirver Phillips Pentalobe Tri Point

The Precision iPhone Screwdriver kits are used to repair the Apple iPhone. iPod, iTouch, and Apple Watch. The magnetic screwdriver is a full set with a special design for the Apple Watch. The waterproof seals on the display will be damaged if the iPhone is opened. If you don't replace the seals, your phone won't be water resistant. You can add waterproof seals to the cart. The design is more convenient and easy to use. The handle is anti-slip to prevent slippage. Magnetic screwdriver sets allow you to take apart your mobile devices without damaging them.

Brand: Ogodeal

👤I needed a tool kit to open my phone. I bought this kit because I watched a video on how to fix a broken tool. I saw that others were using a metal crowbar to help open the screen after I received this kit. The plastic tabs provided in the kit were not strong enough to open my phone without the metal crowbar. I tried to wedge the plastic tab between my screen and the frame for an hour, but couldn't. The keyring was broken and rendered useless. I'm giving this product two stars because of it. It wasn't a complete set to open my phone. I was able to open my phone and tighten the taptic engine after I bought a different kit. There are two more There is a cup separated from a key. There are 3 more The other tools I used, screwdriver and magnet, worked well so it's not a complete waste if you can pry open your phone screen without something more sturdy to create a big enough gap between the screen and the frame.

👤I noticed wear on the screwdriver after removing the screws from the phone. I replaced the screen and closed the phone to see if it still worked. I assumed I didn't connect the ribbon cables properly so I was going to open the phone again, but I found the screwdriver had lost its shape at the tip. After one use, it was already worn and useless. I'm stuck with a screen and a screwdriver.

👤If you want to fix the Iphone 6 touch screen that isn't responsive like I did, you need a small flat head screwdriver and two screws. This set does not include this. The 3 screwdrivers worked on all of the other screws. The magnetic tips on the screw drivers appeared to not be working anymore after I corrected my issues with my phone. Fast delivery and prompt follow up from the company.

👤The screwdrivers are junk, but you get alot of tools for the price. I had my wife's phone disassembled when the screwdriver completely stripped out, because I bought this set for the Y driver. I had to spend 20 million dollars to re-dress the tip and make it usable again. I was lucky that I was able to get it back together and not have to wait for another to get shipped to me. The driver stripped out as well, but I threw it away because the handles are nice.

👤I bought this kit despite seeing negative reviews on it. I am very happy with it. The other reviewers might have abused them. The tips are small and you have to use care when working with them. I found them to be very good and worth the price.

👤The rotating head makes it easier to remove screws. The ring isn't great, but it's doable. It will begin to separate when you pull too hard. A nice set of tools for someone to use at home.

7. Cleaning TECKMAN Screwdriver Playstation Controller

Cleaning TECKMAN Screwdriver Playstation Controller

Magnetic screwdriver bits make them perfect to hold tiny screws in case of missing or dropping tips. The must have security screwdriver for ps4 and the phillips screwdriver can be used to remove the tiny screws on PS4 is in theCOMPLETE SCREWDRIVER SET. Magnetic screwdrivers are good for holding tiny screws. To open and clean PS4 PS5 you'll need pry bars, a brush, and a spatula, all of which are included in the kit. The precision screwdriver bits are made of good S2 steel, specially hardened with heat treatment, which is more precise and durable than silver colored CRV bits, high quality for long time use. Nice screwdrivers. The handle is made of TPR and PP material which is non-skid with flexible cap, easy and comfortable to grip in hand, and convenient to use for different kinds of repairs. The handle is made of TPR and PP material which is non-skid with flexible cap, easy and comfortable to grip in hand, and convenient to use for different kinds of repairs.

Brand: Teckman

👤My son needed it to clean his controller. One of his little round spinny things stopped working. I paid $60 for a new controller that I told him to use because I didn't want him to buy another one. He took it all apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. Absolutely worth the price. I'm not saying this kit will fix all the problems. It was great for my son's controllers issue, which I believe was being dirty/over use, but it won't.

👤I have one of the first PS4s and recently it was getting loud and overheated. I decided that it was time to clean it, even though I had it for a long time. The tools were easy to use. The top part is great because you can rest your hand on it and still use the screwdrivers. It is magnetic and helped me move one of my screws. The ps4 runs quieter now. defs are worth the price.

👤The T9 security screwdriver was needed to clean the PS4 pro. The kit was the same price as the one screwdriver or bit set. It's worth it, I pulled the Trigger on this kit. The two littlePhillips screwdrivers that come with this set are perfect size, magnetic and can be used for many other purposes. This kit has everything you need to open the PS1, tear it down, and clean the fan. The job should be done with compressed air. Perfect price, perfect tools for the job, perfect value.

👤It was easy to take apart my PS4 Pro and put it back together. The screwdrivers are barely worn, I attached pictures of them after repairing my system. I like how they are magnetic. It was an exceptional kit.

👤I bought these to clean my consoles. In some of the photos, you can see that my set has been used a lot. I wanted to use them a couple of times before I reviewed the product. It would be easier to use the PS4's if the openers were made of metal. The plastic is good, but it's difficult to use, except for the triangular one. If the opening tools were longer, I would use them better. I try to use my hands on the console's sides. The set has lasted longer than I anticipated. The screwdrivers are magnetic and my favorite part of the set. I'm glad I bought them, and I would buy them again. I think buying this is a good idea.

👤My ps4 has never been cleaned. This kit had all the tools needed for the job, since it hadn't taken discs for a while. The small tweezers were the most useful. My ps4 is acting brand new and takes discs agains with the help of this kit and a few videos.

👤I needed to open my PS4 and clean it up, but I didn't want to do it wrong. The set did what I needed it to. I've used the tools to open and clean things that don't really need it. You can't go wrong with the price. Unless you are really going in on a system, there isn't any other tool you need.

8. Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA-based customer service. Compared to other products, they have added a high-grade metal double-headed crowbar, which can be used in conjunction with a nylon double-headed crowbar, which greatly meets your various needs. It's compatible with PS4 They have added a 3.0mm screwdriver to be compatible with PS4. The PS3 and PS4 controllers use T8 and PH0 screwdrivers. The XBOX controller and console use screwdrivers. It can be used in household appliances, furniture and toys. All their screwdrivers are made of high-quality S2 steel, which is more accurate and durable than silver CRV bits, and they are magnetically designed, which can fix small screws to avoid falling. The screwdriver handle is made of TPR and PP materials, with a special non-slip design, easy to grasp and very comfortable; the flexible cover at the bottom of the screwdriver handle can rotate smoothly. Press down and rotate the screwdriver when using it vertically. The screwdriver handle makes it easier to repair the instrument. The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws

Brand: Jorest

👤I needed a smaller star shaped head for the part of my controller that was broken. This set came with 4 sizes and was able to use parts from an old controller to fix my more expensive one.

👤The tools were used to disassemble the controller. You would be surprised at the amount of dead skin. 5 controllers were cleaned to stop the drift. Work like new.

👤The tools will work for both XBOX and PS. The plastic tools are the only tools that are iffy. I had a pry tool chip on the pry edge because it was made from brittle plastic. The metal tools worked well.

👤This set of tools was very useful for me. I will not look for another kit. I was surprised that the tools were magnetic.

👤I used this kit to disassemble my xbox and clean it of roaches. The screw drivers and the tweezers were what I needed. It is easy to disassemble an xbox with this kit, it also worked on my xbox series one s.

👤A good kit for X Box One repair. Not a professional grade. They will get the job done. Good value for money. I would recommend them to others.

👤The tools are perfect for taking my controller apart and fixing it. This tool kit is recommended by me.

👤It doesn't work for Xbox one.

👤The kit contains a T10 security screwdriver, which I needed to remove the PS3 from my possession. The tools were packaged nicely and arrived quickly. The heat sink paste I ordered from Amazon is working. One of my better purchases.

👤The best cleaning kit for PS4 is the PROS. Conclusions. If you own a PS4 or similar, you need a cleaning kit.

👤I only needed the T8 driver as I had the other components, but the metal pry device wasn't in the same orange colour scheme, that's being picky.

👤The PS4 Pro needed to be disassembled to apply the thermal paste and change the thermal pads. I'm not a fan of putting together furniture and hanging a roller blind, but after doing some research this kit had everything I needed. If you're looking to do the same, would definitely recommend.

👤It was complete waste of money for me. I brought it to take apart my ps4 controller because the description says it can be used for ps4s, but it seems to only be compatible with xbox. Doesn't have a screwdriver in it. Product quality is good but beware when buying for a ps4

9. Kaisi Nintendo Security Screwdriver Gamecube

Kaisi Nintendo Security Screwdriver Gamecube

We are not responsible for any damage to the Nintendo Switch during repair work, if you destroy the controller, please be careful and slowly replace it. All joycon joystick replacements will be inspected before they are sent to you. The best combination is best. Kaisi professional 26 in 1 Nintendo Switch repair tool kit has 8 screwdrivers, fiber nylon and plastic, and is wrapped in a high-grade leather bag. All the repair tools that you need are provided. S2 alloy steel has a high precision magnetic head, quenched steel forging, hardened heat treatment and sulfurized ash. Hardness up to 62 HRC after heat treatment, wear-resistant rust, and easy to hold tiny screws. Avoid screw spinning and damage if you have a higher fit. The package includes a magnetizer so that you can increase the magnetism of the tip at any time. The screw is protected from damage by the precision bits, which are strictly made. Streamlined non-sLIP hands. The handle is made of ABC plastic, sprayed with rubber oil on the surface, and has a comfortable hand feeling, anti-static stream line design, and is long and wide enough to give you most comfort and maximum Torque. The professional application design. This screwdriver repair set is specially designed for modern Nintendo products and other game devices. Please repair the Joy-Con with a screwdriver and the console with a screwdriver.

Brand: Kaisi

👤The storage wrap seems to be of good quality, it has everything you could want for console repair, at least beginner stuff, and for the price, it's pretty great. The main reason I bought these is for the screwdrivers. I got a 1.5 and a 2.0. The screwdrivers are not superior. The metal is a little plastic like. I'm hoping that these things won't affect what I need them to do because it's for delicate work. I recommend this product if those things are not deal breakers.

👤I bought this to replace the Wii disc drive. It worked well for what I needed. I rate this screwdriver as one of the best screwdrivers, but I can't remember if it was the philips or the tri-wing screwdriver that started spinning in the handle as I tightened the last few screws. It's possible that this feature will keep the screw from stripping out, but if not, it will require glue to the inside of the plastic handle. It was convenient to have the whole set in a fake leather pouch to keep everything in order. This set did its job.

👤It's perfect for taking a game. Also used to clean game controllers. Everything you need to take apart, clean, or fix was there. Highly recommended! The price point was perfect.

👤The tool set is great. The tools that came with the replacement parts broke when we tried to use them. The set had more tools that were sturdy and were able to do the job.

👤A few screws from my last one put my gameboy back together, but the tools are terrible. The tweazers it came with were nice. I guess.

👤The pouch has metal scraps in it.

👤The kit was missing two security bits, the 3.8mm and 4.5 security bits. I ordered it to start with.

10. REXBETI 217 Piece General Household Carrying

REXBETI 217 Piece General Household Carrying

The tool kit is easy to carry and stock. It's a good gift for men and women. The side with the ''Prostormer'' logo should be placed on the top of the box to prevent the tools from falling out. The basic tool set is used for household repair and car repair. It was forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome. Includes a long handle claw hammer, long nose plier, lineman's plier, and a 10-foot tape measure for a household repair project. Scredriver set includes screwdrivers and precision screwdrivers. The auto repair tool set has a 6-piece wrench, quick release ratchet, and 22-piece drive sockets. The tools are packed in a rugged carrying case that is 888-282-0465. Each tool has a place that it fits into. The box has orange buttons on it. All sockets should be in place when the box is opened. A multi-purpose household and car repair tool kit. A multi-purpose household and car repair tool kit.

Brand: Rexbeti

👤I decided to rewrite my review because I was feeling bad. I noticed that the review was helpful to people who didn't buy it. I think you have to get used to the fact that multiple items fall out of place when you open it. This one is a professional hammer and it does not compare. I kept it because I keep it in my truck and it saved me from having to collect and replace everything from my workbench. The kids put their feet on the floor mat when they get in the car. If you collected everything from Home Depot, you would spend more than $90 and have a larger bag of tools. The hammer is small but tough. The rest of the tools are of the highest quality. It wasn't bad, I needed the saw. Unless you are a professional contractor and you are starting a home improvement business, I would not buy this kit. I would suggest this for any student or kid moving out. My original review was caused by my disappointment with the few things that fell out of the kit. I looked over the tools and immediately compared them to the highest quality tools I have at home. It's unfair of me to not use yet. I owe it to the tool kit to correct what I said. If you need one of these, you should get this one.

👤3 big dislikes with the kit. Half of the case fell out when I opened it. The spots on the lugs are not secure. The ratchet does not have the screws in place. They are easy to pull off. There are two Tools have rubber handles on them. This should not be happening. There are more than one 3). The tools are cheap. I might come back.

👤A good set of tools. The Hammer plier wrench screwdriver drive sockets are ideal for home repairs. My child's bicycle brake pads are repaired with the help of theSAE ALLEN WRENCH SET. The car battery was replaced with a wrench. They did well. I like it. There is no 10mm sleeve in 217 accessories. This is not a good thing. 10mm sleeves are used in auto repair. I hope the producer sees this.

👤I moved to a new apartment recently and this tool set was very helpful in getting my place set up. I used a lot of different pieces in my new home. Few projects were completed using this kit. I had to mount my TV to the wall and this kit had everything I needed, except for the drill. The saw was useful for fixing the wire organizers behind the TV. The pipe pliers and theadjustable wrench were very helpful when working with the old hot water lines. I have assembled a glider. There are chairs,shelves, and wardrobe. I am glad I had the tool kit with me when I moved to the new apartment. The tools are in good condition and I love the color orange and black. The case is very solid and looks rough. The price is reasonable because I would have to spend at least $200 to get the tools I need from home depot or Lowes.

11. XOOL Precision Screwdriver Extension Smartphone

XOOL Precision Screwdriver Extension Smartphone

A multi-purpose household and car repair tool kit. The screwdriver bits in the XOOL 62 in 1 electronics repair tool kit professional includePhillips, Flathead, Torx, and more. XOOL 62 in 1 precision screwdriver set is a professional repair tools kit for many electronics. You can use this electronics tool kit to repair computers and phones, even if you're not a professional. CR-V steel is a high quality steel and is used in 58 bits. All of it is done through strict quality testing. Every bit is the same size. The flexible extension is made of high plastic material, which is easy to break. It is comfortable to hold even for a long time. The Flexible Shaft Extension Rod and Solid Shaft Extension Rod are ideal for electronics where the shaft is hard to get and for stereo work. The XOOL 62 in 1 screwdriver set pack is perfect for easy carry.

Brand: Xool

👤I don't know what it is, but it is very soft. I needed T2 and T3 bits to unfasten and refasten 20 screws for a minor repair. I was careful with my use of these fine bits, because there is not a lot of surface available. The bits are now useless despite my very careful use. The edges are damaged. I guess I got what I paid for.

👤Good set. There is a magnetic field. Most PC/Electronic hobby work can be done with enough bits. Bad. They work but are not sure how long. The thin plastic tab that holds the lid closed broke when you open it normally. The bits holders are not part of the box. The bit holders fall out when the box is tipped. I will probably spend more money next time to get a nicer box. Live and learn.

👤I needed a very small screwdriver for a watch repair, but I wasn't sure what size I needed. I don't think I'll ever need a small, precision screwdriver again after buying this kit. The kit includes a few shapes that I never knew existed. There is a case to keep it all organized. You can't go wrong if you grab the fence.

👤When I ordered this kit, I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I would have a good supply of other sizes to back up my other small driver kits. I was surprised when I used these tips, they were much stronger than what I had been led to believe. I needed the T9 and T10 security tips to dismantle the steering column on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee and the factory installed screws were tight. It took 888-349-8884 Both tips worked perfectly and did not break or bend, they just did the job as expected. I believe that people who have had trouble with bad tips may have been undersized or didn't have the tips fully inserted into the screw. I plan to use this kit on several automotive and computer projects in the future, and I'm very happy with it. I'll be working on most of the small screw jobs that it has. I highly recommend this kit to all the tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers out there, if you use it correctly you will be very pleased.

👤I bought this set because it is S2 steel. It's possible to be better than CR-V, which is what most of the other sets are made of. I destroyed a few of those sets. I was not aware that an S2 set would be so affordable. I need to use them for a while to see, but they look like they are made from tougher steel.


What is the best product for repair tool kit professional?

Repair tool kit professional products from Dekopro. In this article about repair tool kit professional you can see why people choose the product. Uneak and Strebito are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair tool kit professional.

What are the best brands for repair tool kit professional?

Dekopro, Uneak and Strebito are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair tool kit professional. Find the detail in this article. Kirogily, Kaisi and Ogodeal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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