Best Repair Vertical Blinds Kit

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1. SOGEWO Pieces Vertical Replacement Alcohol

SOGEWO Pieces Vertical Replacement Alcohol

The broken Venetian blind can be repaired with vertical blind tabs. You can place them on the other blinds as a precautionary measure. A plastic storage box contains vertical blind repair tabs and alcohol wipes. You can use an alcohol wipe to clean the blinds. It is universally compatible. The clear blinds repair tabs are the same color as the vertical blinds. They can be repaired for most material of vertical blinds. Their clear blinds repair tabs are made of a high-quality strong glue, which has super viscosity. You don't have to worry about the blinds peeling off. Their vertical blind repair tabs are made of 6mm advanced PVC, thick and strong, and they can keep your vertical blinds working for a long time. Remove ripped blind with an alcohol wipe. The backing of the tab needs to be removed. The tab should be stuck where it's broken.

Brand: Sogewo

👤These make owning blinds enjoyable. It is so frustrating to have gaps in your blinds while you try and fix them, so I recommend people buy these right after moving in. I haven't had a break on me or fall off the blinds, these hold up amazingly. Since they are clear, you can hardly see them since they are not yellow, but I have had them on for a few months now. Make sure to put them on both sides of the blind. I know some people don't understand that and that's why they complain. I did not clean my blinds with alcohol before I slapped them on, you won't have problems. If any of them do break, there are still plenty left over. I love them! It has been 8 months since blinds have fallen. Buy these!

👤I have been renting for a long time and anyone who has ever had these knows they are easy to break. I have a cat and a dog that like to look out the window. I have a steady supply of these in my house. I apologize for my cat yelling. She thought I was closing the blinds.

👤I don't like these blinds. I opened a small door at home and 3 of them broke off in the exact same spot. These reinforcements are very strong. I have at least 4 to fix. I used my own alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the slats before putting them on the other side. They were cheap and felt more solid on the hanger than the stock slats. Good purchase.

👤It was sold. I was going to throw out our blinds because I gave up. q ordered the inexpensive clear tabs. My husband put up all the broken blinds four months ago.

👤Life saver! My roomba would always knock down my blinds and this has saved many people. The blinds in my apartment are fragile, but this has fixed all of the broken ones. I would love to use this in my life. It needs to be fixed and reinforced.

👤It works! The blinds blades fell in the previous apartment. The complex never gave us our deposit back, and we didn't bother to put it back. I wonder if they knew about this product before we bought it.

👤It's easy to install. There are very sticky and solid extensions. Good product that saves me time and money. You can get this instead of getting new blinders. My issue needs to be resolved. Thanks.

2. Vertical Blind Repair Savers White

Vertical Blind Repair Savers White

Fix your broken vertical blind vanes. Quality metal. There are 12 vane savers. Measures 1 to 9 inches. Replacing blinds is more cost efficient.

Brand: Perfect Order

👤I thought my problem was solved when I purchased this. I was wrong. It didn't stay secured on my blind, it kept slipping off, and then when I finally secured it to the blind itself, it didn't stay on the part of the bling that hangs from it. Don't buy this, it's a total waste of money.

👤The little clip is very sturdy. It works! There are a few notes for those planning to purchase these. Some blind types will hang a little lower after applying these. The solution is to use heavy duty scissors and trim the bottoms. Most of you won't need to trim these. The product is well built, works and there is a lot of them in this package. Enjoy!

👤I have had the same blinds for 20 years. The first tabs I bought to fix the broken slats were the clear plastic fold-over type, but they didn't match up with the broken hole so they never quite closed. The Vane Savers are perfect. The vanes don't fall out, it's easy to install, and now they're all even.

👤No instructions at all. I had to do an experiment to figure it out. The manufacturers need to address this. A simple picture saying: hey idiot...

👤For years I've tried to fix my blinds myself, but they break at the connection. I wondered if you could buy new veins. And Volia! These metal clips are even better. It's fixed if you slip them on. Why didn't I think of this 15 years ago? The solution was perfect.

👤What a great product! I was going to replace my blinds but there was no way to find a matching blade. The miracle slips right on, stays snug, and fits perfectly. I will buy more to reinforce the rest of the blades. I'm very happy!

👤The product is not bad. It's easy to slide on, but not 100% when it comes to staying on. The packaging was my issue. The bag was ripped and some pieces were bent. The product is new, but it looks used. The trash from the mailing package was inside the package.

👤I saved 6 vertical blind vanes with these. The vanes are the most expensive part of a vertical blind so you need to wash them yearly. I was saved a lot of time and money.

👤It is easy to install and looks good.

3. Vertical Repair Carrier Blinds Replacement

Vertical Repair Carrier Blinds Replacement

Universally compatible. The transparent blinds repair tabs are the same color as the vertical blinds. They can be repaired for most material of vertical blinds. You will receive sufficient quantity vertical blind repair carriers, sufficient quantity that will satisfy your various using and replacing needs, and you can also share them with your friends and families. Each piece of the blind repair carrier is roughly the same size. The standard blind can be matched with a 2 x 1.25 inch blind. The vertical blind repair carriers are easy to use, and the stem is built well enough to hold your vertical blind, so you can easily replace the broken or missing carrier. The vertical blind repair carriers are made of quality plastic that does not need studs and will last a long time. The vertical blinds repair kit is designed in white colors, plain but elegant, suitable for most colors and textures of shutters, and bring you a lot of convenience.

Brand: Jetec

👤I don't know how to get the old one out or how to put the new one in, they seem to be just like what I need. If my sons ever get time, I will let them look at it. It is just one slat.

👤It was a good description for the perfect fit. Don't buy new blinds. Good parts can be used to repair.

👤This kit is useful for repairing broken stems, because we have some old vertical blinds in our basement.

👤The Springs Window Fashions vertical blind is the same as the one I was replacing. These seem to be good quality and are easy to replace. The original carriers were replaced which made the blinds work like new. It's a good idea for do-it-yourself projects.

👤Did the job make them stronger?

👤There were broken blinds on my patio door. The repair kit I bought was absolutely wonderful and I am very happy with the result.

👤There are a lot of parts for complete repair.

4. Luanxu Roller Fitting Complete Brackets

Luanxu Roller Fitting Complete Brackets

When you have a question, they will try their best to solve it. Shade Weight Max Load 5 KG (11 lbs) is the USAGE. This product can be used for inner tube diameter of 30mm. Remark: Before purchasing a roller blind, please check the inner diameter of your BLIND. The high quality bead chain is about 3 meters in total length and 1.5 meters in hanging length. 2 x strong white metal brackets and rebound type end plug are easy to install and remove. You will get a roller shade clutch set, a pair of metal brackets, and a bag of screws and achors.

Brand: Luanxu

👤I hung a green sheet from the ceiling to use as a green screen backdrop. The inside diameter of the schedule 40 pipe is slightly larger than 38mm. I put electrical tape around the clutch to make it taller. I put a small screw through the pipe to make sure it didn't turn on the clutch. It was a simple job.

👤The product did not fit the size. Each piece of the clutch did not fit in the inner diameter of the pvc. I was not able to return the unit because I opened it 30 days after purchase.

👤It is not compatible with 112 pipe in the USA. It doesn't fit on a 1 14 pipe in the US. The ad said it would fit. It's useless in the States. The person I talked to at Home Depot said that this diameter is between 112 and 114 which is not in the world of PVC.

👤I could not find a replacement for the failing Somfy shade motors. I bought a manual chain mechanism. It works and fits well. There is no electric just muscle.

👤I used this product to install shades in some rooms. It was easy to install. I have been using it for a while now and it works as expected. The Weighted cord for Roman rollerblinds looks great and is easy to use. I would buy it again.

👤The Solar Shade was rolling up and down. We didn't want to replace the entire Solar Shade because it would have been expensive. My husband made a few small adjustments to the piece and it works perfectly. The shade was brand new and hasn't worked well. We're very happy with this product and recommend it.

👤It worked well for my projector screen. It was easy to install and roll up and down. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to roll up and down a screen.

👤Needed to fit into the roll. Maybe I should have bought a different size. The cord is too long for our window and we were able to cut it out with the help of the old cord. The old one was more difficult to run than the new one so far.

👤It is easy to install if two people are involved. Good quality.

👤The product is easy to install.

👤I would buy more if I needed to because the product is better than the original.

👤This product is easy to install and it is very quiet when used.

5. Vertical Repair Verticle Blinds Replacement

Vertical Repair Verticle Blinds Replacement

Remove ripped blind with an alcohol wipe. The backing of the tab needs to be removed. The tab should be stuck where it's broken. There are 60 pieces in the package. You have enough Verticle Blinds to fix all the Vertical blinds in your home. The Blind Replacement Panels are made of high quality material. The Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats are not easily damaged and have been tested many times. The Clear Blind Fixer Tabs are made with strong glue so they don't come off. All colors of vertical blinds can be repaired with their Clear Vertical Blind Repair Kit. The original color of the blinds will not be covered by blind replacement parts. As a result, your blinds will look great. You just need to peel off the protective film from Vertical Blind Repair Tabs and apply Clear Blind Fixer Tabs to the blinds that need to be repaired. Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs can be stuck on both front and back.

Brand: Genrice

👤After searching Amazon for a fix, I saw this product and its ratings and ordered it. They came two days later. I was hoping to duplicate the excellent results. The alcohol pad was used to clean both sides of the slat and the tabs were put back up. The slat is back where it should be. Thanks to Amazon, this product was shown to be one of your choices. This tab is what you're looking for.

👤The person who invented vertical blinds is among the worst. I hate them with every fiber of my being, they are horrible, loud, ugly, and when they are 25 years old, they become brittle and snap like twigs. The tabs made a quick and easy fix to the panels that broke off when I opened and closed my blinds, which will hopefully save my security deposit from having to replace the blinds that were installed 15 years ago. I have plenty leftover to fix any more panels that will snap off.

👤I bought these to fix some slats on my patio door blinds. Very strong. I put them on the slats that weren't broken so they will stay in tact. They are priced right.

👤I've used these tabs on several blinds and they have held up. I had them on for less than a month but so far they've been great.

👤I used a thick and sturdy material on either side of the blind and it held up perfectly. I wish I'd known about them sooner. It was a cheap fix.

👤Is the apartment blinds falling off? These are permanent fixes.

👤It does what it says. They are sturdy and thick. The glue is very sticky. It stays on. It was very easy to use. The slat is in the hook when it is replaced. I've tried others that don't. I have placed them on slats that aren't broken. They can flop around in the breeze. I strongly recommend using 2 per slat. Unless you twist the slat to find it, they are invisible in the morning sun. It comes without instructions. It isn't necessary, but would be nice to have pictures and suggestions.

👤It's easy to apply the blinds. For the price. I didn't have to buy new blinds. I am very happy with the purchase and the ease of repairing the blind. It was perfect.

6. Valance Vertical Installation Bracket Outside

Valance Vertical Installation Bracket Outside

The #1 product. Their most popular cream is their Nourishing Eye Cream, which has been their best seller and the most referred product on Amazon. The Universal Valance Clip is for vertical blinds with a headrail of 38mm or more. There are 4 Clear Plastic Color Blind Clips. The Plastic valance clips are made of rigid plastic and are safe for long-term use. The Vertical Blind Curved Panel Valance Clip is used to secure the vertical blind to head rails. The most common type of vertical blinds is a single vane with no dust cover. Please make sure that the size in the picture matches your device.

Brand: Cutelec

👤I was not able to find the right size clips. The listing on Amazon did not have one of the dimensions that seemed to be right. I asked a question and the seller answered it. The clips work as advertised. They are not as strong as the originals. Thin plastic and shorter hook ends. Hope they hold up.

👤It was close, but didn't fit. These won't work for me because I need the clip to be close to a quarter. The seller and product were great. I won't send it back because of the shipping costs.

👤It worked well as a replacement. I was a little worried that I might break the plastic brackets while getting them in place. It held up well, and keeps the curtain over the blind secure.

👤The clips are the same as the ones that came with the blinds. Some of the original ones were broken. I replaced three broken ones with four new ones because the replacements were easy to install and made the balance even more sturdy.

👤I wanted to replace broken ones with these. They are the same as the original ones that broke. They work well. These are made to be thin because of the nature of the beast. They can break so be careful when installing them.

👤It works well as a replacement for broken parts. It was not an exact match. The fit was tighter than before.

👤They worked well. I have been putting off getting my blinds fixed for a long time. It was fixed right so I was happy.

👤I was very excited to see these clips for sale. I bought a pack of 4 to give more support for the balance, I had 2 broken clips. I have a leftover for future use.

7. KLATIE Pieces Vertical Replacement Sliding

KLATIE Pieces Vertical Replacement Sliding

28 pieces of clear blind repair tabs are what you get. 50 pieces of vertical blind vane saver, quick and easy repair of broken vertical blind vanes, save your money of replacing the broken vertical blinds, are included in the package. The blinds replacement slats are made of metal and sprayed with a white layer, they can repair broken vertical blind vanes. The blind replacement slats are 1.85 inches and are suitable for most colors and textures of vertical blinds vanes. It's easy to install, just press the vertical blinds repair clips over the broken vane and snap back onto the head rail. It costs less and takes less time than new blinds. White blinds repair tabs can be used to repair sliding door blinds, patio blinds, door blinds or vertical blinds for windows.

Brand: Klatie

👤These are better than the blinds. If you're having issues with the top part breaking and the blind slat falling down, I recommend these clips. I have dogs that love to look out the windows and are constantly breaking the top part, but not one has fallen from them. Oh wow! If you own a rental or have kids, you need to get these. :D

👤These little guys do what they are supposed to do. I can pop these things on instead of having to replace the slats. It requires a pair of pliers and elbow grease. They are very hard to remove, but easy to pop on. You will need pliers to close it. You're all set once it's on there. I have slats that have been hanging for months and have never fallen.

👤The clips work well on my new blind slats. Everyone with vertical blinds should use these.

👤The panels do not hold and this is cheaper than buying them. I have to either change it out or get a pair of pliers and squeeze it back together about once a week. This is not the type of maintenance you are looking for.

👤The plastic blinds will slip off if you have them. They might work for the thicker blinds, but not for the thin ones. They slip off even after using pliers.

👤We're not going to upgrade the blinds in my apartment. These little clips have been used. They're easy to install, but I suggest you add a drop of superglue to make it permanent, or they will come off.

👤I have purchased them many times. I will purchase again.

8. Konooy Vertical Repair Pre Cut Replacement

Konooy Vertical Repair Pre Cut Replacement

It is easy to repair. No need for a home-made solution or no solution at all - their vertical blind repair tabs are custom-tailored to repairing your vertical blinds, blind repair tabs are well packed in order to avoid the unnecessary damage during transportation. There is an improved solution. Their tabs are pre-cut and ready to use. No one wants to have to make the same repair twice because the tabs peel off the blinds. The high-percentage hold is called a high-percentage hold. Their self-adhesive vertical blinds replacement slats come pre-coated with super-sticky glue to create a strong hold on your blinds that will last and last. Stable high-temperature resistance. Just peel back the paper film, stick on one tab and fold over the hang hole. It's comparable. Their vertical blind repair tabs are clear in color and compatible with all makes and models of vertical blinds. There is a value pack. The package includes 20/40 sets, a total of 40/80 taps, and can fix 20/40 blinds. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Konooy

👤These are the best ways to fix your blinds. They are easy to install and hold the blind steady. I've used them on blinds that are short and floor length. I waited a while to write a review. I'm happy to say that my blinds are still up and the tabs are not moving.

👤These things are heavy duty and keep you from needing new blinds. Will purchase again if necessary.

👤I went to Amazon to see if individual blind pieces could be purchased and found these, which was a money saver, because my husband tried to fix several of the vertical blind pieces with gorilla tape. They are easy to install and hold up well over a month.

👤I wasted 6 tabs and discovered that once you peel off the film, it's gone. These are useless.

👤It is easy to install. It's much better than having to buy new blinds.

👤They don't stay stuck long. I find that the blinds fall back down.

👤Did you not know these existed? So happy.

👤It was good, but the glue wasn't strong.

9. Vertical Blind Repair Saver White

Vertical Blind Repair Saver White

Fix your broken vertical blind vanes. Quality metal. 24 vane savers are included. Measures 1 to 9 inches. Replacing blinds is more cost efficient.

Brand: Perfect Order

👤I have four boys under 8 and they are a necessity. I don't like vertical blinds but they are working for now. The blinds in our new home can fall off easily, and even I have accidentally broken them. These repair pieces are sturdy and easy to clip over the top. One of our darling boys in a "terrible" stage was forcibly pulled off a blind with a previous repair clip already in place. We popped it back into the rail because it was undamaged. I've seen this product at hardware stores that sell blue and orange hardware. We have used this product for a little over a year and they have lasted through some rough times. I would highly recommend these.

👤There were a lot of broken blinds when I moved in. I tried these instead of replacing them on multiple windows and they were fantastic. They were easy to put on and not one has slipped off or broken. It has been a couple months. I'm a big person who is open in the daytime and closed in the night and I haven't thought about them since I put them on.

👤I can't believe how well these addressed the problem I had with our new vertical blinds. I'm pretty sure these blinds have worked for 20 years without needing to be replaced. My little angels took that challenge and immediately began to destroy them one by one. My blinds looked like a troll with only 3 teeth left and a lot of gaps after 3 kids and 1 month. I was considering all sorts of expensive solutions when I found these. It's easy to install them and I could do it with one hand. No more troll teeth. My kids still sometimes knock the blinds loose from the clips. I hung it up again and solved the problem. It's not really necessary unless your morons try to hang on the blinds and swing like monkeys, and if you take some pliers you could crimp the brackets into the blind more to prevent them from getting knocked loose as easily.

👤I have already attached two of the vane savers to my broken blinds. They were easy to clip on to the blinds. They need to be attached carefully to the blind or blinds that need them, and then pushed upward on the clip side of the blind until they click into place. When the repaired blinds are inserted into their proper positions, the whole set of blinds should be in the open position. If other blinds break off at the top, the remaining vane savers will be very useful.

👤The product did what it was advertised to do. I was at the top. This was an alternative solution to buying a new set of blinds. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because. The packaging was terrible. It comes in a bag with a sticker on it that looks like it came from a typewriter. No contact info, no company name. I don't know what brand this product is. There are no instructions on how to use it. A little insert would have saved me some time. I found some helpful reviews on how to do it. packaging is amateur hour and I was all set, but again.

10. BlindDIY Mini Blind Slat Repair

BlindDIY Mini Blind Slat Repair

We supply 10 years. Questions can be directed to their after-sales team. The mini blind repair kit is horizontal. There are six repair slats per order. Replacing entire blinds is cheaper. It's easy to get security deposit back.

Brand: Blinddiy

👤My wife wanted to replace the whole set when the blinds broke. I told her I was an American goddammit. Did FDR replace Peral Harbor? No! The Japanese were thrown in prison and bombed. Americans fix their troubles. The product is easy to install and made in the US. I can sit and think about the concept of infinite.

👤This product deserves a review. I have another order in my cart. The kitten we have is very destructive and cute. We live in an apartment with standard low-budget, buy in bulk, mini-blinds and they are thicker than the slats in our blinds. The kitten broke every slat from the bottom of the blinds. It was embarrassing that they looked AWFUL. I cut a small slit in the repair slats and VOILA because of the breaks at the part of the slats that the string runs through. So much better! It's highly recommended to other renters or people who need a budget friendly fix.

👤It's great to repair broken blinds. I didn't need to buy new blinds. The install process is difficult but my husband was able to find the best way to place them by reading the reviews.

👤It can't see unless it is sunny.

👤These are easy to use. Stick on.

👤I will be buying again soon.

👤You can clearly see that the repair patch has a patch. Since it's the only option, it works.

11. Vertical Repair Tabs 60 Replacement Carrier

Vertical Repair Tabs 60 Replacement Carrier

Universally compatible. The transparent blinds repair tabs are the same color as the vertical blinds. They can be repaired for most material of vertical blinds. There is a more functional repair kit. The repair kit includes stems replacement and vertical blind slat repair tabs. The broken vertical blinds usually have holes in them. The repair kit can easily solve these problems. It's very easy to apply, you just need to peel off the tabs from the backing paper and apply directly to the broken vertical blind slat. Remove the broken stem from the carrier in the head rail and replace it with a new one. Please check the stem size picture to match your parts. Universal size: The stems for vertical window blind come in universal sizes to fit most vertical blinds, but you should still check the size carefully before ordering to make sure it matches your blinds. There is an improved solution. Their repair tabs use exclusive super-sticky glue to make sure a strong hold on your vertical blinds that will last and last. Their repair tabs are lightweight, unlike other metal vane savers, which will increase the weight of the slats and cause damage to the blind components. Save money and time. This blind repair kit is easy to repair and is much cheaper than buying the replacement slats.

Brand: Blindspro

👤I've had hanging curtain slats for a long time. I've tried a lot of different things to fix the slot and they just didn't work so when I saw these, I gave it a chance and it works great. It was easy to install and the material is strong enough to hold the slats. I bought it with the stem in case I need it in the future.

👤To be on the safe side, you may need heavy glue to keep the tabs on the vertical blinds. I put them up and they give away.

👤I only used the blind repair tabs. It is holding up well. After I use the other part, I will update my review.

👤These are not for use in an apartment. They are great for patching up projects that went wrong.

👤The product is good to fix blinds. The instructions to replace hanging clips are very small.

👤It was very easy to use. It's a lot better than buying new shades. It worked well.

👤They are exactly what they say they are. Did the trick.

👤Everything needed for a simple repair.


What is the best product for repair vertical blinds kit?

Repair vertical blinds kit products from Sogewo. In this article about repair vertical blinds kit you can see why people choose the product. Perfect Order and Jetec are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair vertical blinds kit.

What are the best brands for repair vertical blinds kit?

Sogewo, Perfect Order and Jetec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair vertical blinds kit. Find the detail in this article. Luanxu, Genrice and Cutelec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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