Best Repair Vinyl Fence

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1. Coconix Vinyl Leather Repair Kit

Coconix Vinyl Leather Repair Kit

100% satisfaction guarantee with lifetime free warranty. They will always be here for you if you have any questions about the product. It's easy to restore scratch, rip, tear, burn hole, crack, peeling and refurbished. It's an excellent fix for best finish that matches any color shoes, couches, office chair, belt, bag, purse. Extra compound is needed to patch up large areas. Professional results on new or old upholstery. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤Take your time to get a perfect color match. I used the color guide to start, but the undertone wasn't quite right. The match looked perfect after I added little bits of yellow and blue. I did some tests on the bottom and realized that the color was much darker. I gradually added white and patch tested it until I got a color that blended in completely. I took a long time to fix all the rips. I don't think anyone would notice the result unless I pointed it out.

👤The product looks great when first applied. After trying to repair the damage, I gave the couch away for free. Our couch was damaged during a recent move. I decided to give this product a try, rather than fight it out with the moving company. Excellent results! I don't have to replace the couch that I love. Take your time with the application. Don't start it when you're rushed. The color match is the most important. If you start to see a difference after applying it, wipe it off and adjust your color. It took a few tries to match this dark brown using the Chocolate and Black colors provided. You do not want to see brush strokes. It will help disguise your brush strokes and make them look like leather. If I could, I would give this product 10 stars.

👤The hole in the leather of my center armrest was large, and I knew that no repair would be invisible. I had two options, an upholstery shop to replace the leather for about $100 or a repair kit for under $20 I purchased the Coconix. On the next day, I received a personal assistance email. The results were not invisible. Any company that performs as expected and tries as hard as they can to help you get the best from their product gets my vote.

👤It's a simple concept to use. It comes with all the right tools and lots of colors to make your own seat color. It was hard to find my seat color. I was able to get it as close as possible. It will take a few coats according to the instructions. I got to 3 coats before it was good enough for me. It's time consuming. I don't always have the time to do it. The color of my seat is closer to what I think it looks like. This leather repair kit is very good.

👤I was very pleased with how much I was able to cover, as I had a lot of holes and cracks to fill with this product. I was able to match the color of the kit I used with ease. It took a lot more time than I thought. It's difficult to get it right. It took many applications because the crack would shrink down significantly when I filled it. I am happy with the results and it seems very durable. Not having the cracks completely hidden wasn't important enough to order another kit.

2. Vinyl Latch Fencing Mounting Hardware

Vinyl Latch Fencing Mounting Hardware

It is easy to install. There is no wiring required. Fence Post Attachments and Parts are included. The dimensions are 6” (L) x 6” (W) x 4.5” (H). The dimensions are 5 x 5. Installation instructions for both the left and right side of the gate. The fence gate is Pad-lockable for extra gate security. There is a gap between the post and gate. The gatelatches have a gap between the gate post and the gate frame. The gatelatch and striker are included in the vinyl fence gatelatch. The gatelatch and striker are included in the vinyl fence gatelatch.

Brand: Jake Sales

👤I took the gate latch to my gate to see if it fit. The gate is open on the left. It looked like it wouldn't fit the right way, so it was a bit confusing. The gate was stuck on the latch because it was too close to the post. I decided to keep it despite giving up. One week later, I looked through the answers to customer questions and read that you simply flip the handle over to open it. Huh. I used a Japanese finishing saw, hammer and chisel to fit the board on the gate after I mounted the latch on the post side. I am not a handy person. I am a problem solver who is persistent. This was easy for a senior citizen female, even if she used a drill that was too heavy for her.

👤The latch is very strong. I replaced one that had rusted away with this. The powder coating on this item is very good and should last a long time. The install was done very quickly, and I have a gate swing. I had to use different screws. The self tapping screws provided would have worked perfectly for that application. I used pan head screws on the fence. I was very happy with my purchase and the quality of the item.

👤The gate has a spring-loaded device. It had a cheaper, softer-metal latches. Half the time, the gate would bounce back and not open. I went looking for a better option after re-closing the gate behind my kids, guests, and myself for seven-hundred-thousandth time. Every single time, this unit closes with authority and captures the gate. It is well built and comes with bolts for mounting it to the gate and post. I bought one for my other gate because that one worked so well. There are two wooden gates, one with a wooden post and one with a vinyl post. I don't think I'll ever have to replace these, even though they seem pricey. Sturdy steel, strong spring, and easy to use.

👤I have a gate on my side yard. I was worried that the gate wouldn't stand up to the winds and being slammed by my kids, even though the guys who built it installed a standard latch. I couldn't find anything I liked at my local hardware store. It fits the bill because it was found. I'm giving bonus points because the components are all big, and it came with phillips head screws instead of hex headed ones. When I want to really control how tight something gets, I prefer the hexagonal heads. If you need the handle to pass through to the "outside" side of the gate, you can take apart the latch with one bolt. You just need to cut a slot in the wood, pass the handle through it, and install the bolt again. It works just fine.

👤The gate kit had a badlatch. I finally decided to replace it. I attached it to metal and a 2x4 on a wooden gate and it said it was for vinyl. It was a fast install. I had to pre-drill holes because the self tapping screws wouldn't cut through metal. Again, not using it as intended. I didn't see that it was reversible in the description. I took out the main bolt and switched the spring. This thing is better than the old one. It's big. Highly recommended!

3. Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi Permanent

Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi Permanent

The top shape is pointed. The fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear. The fence can be easily removed. It's easy to assemble and install, just insert the pointed stakes into the ground or use a drill and a bit in hard ground. It's made with weather resistant vinyl that won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot and has a 10 year warranty. It is not recommended for large dogs.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤The measurements are not accurate. Each panel is 92in wide, they say. You will be receiving a total of 184in wide fence if you combine both panels. This is not true. Both panels are 92inch wide.

👤We are very pleased with the product. Everything serves our purpose. We wanted to fence in our small dog (20lb Corgi) and make a barrier for the kids to get used to. Is it a fence? Not a chance. Is it breakable? Definitely, with a lot of effort. Is it beautiful? Yes. My husband sacrificed 3 full weekends to install the fence on his own. He put cement in the gate posts. There are two areas where fence panels had to be cut down to fit the gates. Hire a fence company if you are not a handy-man type person. We saved a lot of money going this route. We definitely got the look we were after and so far it's serving its purpose.

👤It is nice looking and serves our purpose perfectly. We were only looking for something decorative and this is what we found. The panels were installed in less than two hours. We attached one end to our existing chainlink and purchased an additional treated lumber post and a white vinyl sleeve kit for the end of the run. This added a little more strength to the look. We had to pre-dig the holes for the posts. My husband used a piece of pipe to make the holes. It worked out well. The fence was put in the holes and back filled. The end post was an issue, but we were able to retrofit the hangers that came with the post kit so that the fence could be screwed directly to the post. The new fence is very cute and our neighbors have commented on how nice it is.

👤I was looking for fencing that was easy to install and attractive, and that was afforadable. I lost a large mango tree in the hurricanes and needed to add something to give curb appeal. I found the Manchester Vinyl Fence online. I compared other fence options and settled on this one. Everything was included in the kit when it was delivered. I ordered four panels and they arrived quickly. I am a 56 year old lady who built and installed them in the front of my house. I can sit out front with semi-privacy and enjoy a cup of coffee, my medium size dog can now join me as well! I've gotten praise from my neighbors. It makes the trees pop with the white picket fence background. This fence product is very good. I am a very nice person. I called the company and spoke with Chris who was very concerned about me as a customer and was quick to answer my inquiry. I would order again from this company. I want to add another project to my front yard. Before and after pictures have been attached.

👤The fence is nice, but flimsy. We bought the arbor from another company. It's all vinyl, so getting it into the ground is much harder than the directions suggest. I needed a hammer drill with a tulip-bulb-digging bit and a pipe and sledge hammer. The screws don't self drill, so plan on drilling the holes first for almost every screw. For two people, the total time for assembly and installation was five hours.

4. 3M Repair Compound Self Adhesive Sanding

3M Repair Compound Self Adhesive Sanding

Behind the wall is a place for flexes and appendages. HOLES are 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Repairs 5X faster. There are damaged areas on walls and ceilings. No cracking, shimmying, or sagging. The interior and exterior are painted. spackling compound is easy to do.

Brand: 3m

👤I was filling in a phone mount. I have no experience with it. I decided to give it a try after looking into these deals and finding this. It worked well. The kit says the surface needs to be dust free. I did what I could but it wasn't perfect. I used a razor to trim the ragged edges. The 3M backpiece held up very well. Since one side of my hole was against a stud, I wanted to shorten the side that was against it. I filled it with the provided substance. This stuff is amazing. I've used basic spackle before and it's much easier to fill a hole with this. The tip of the final pass helped a lot. It took less than a minute to fill the hole. I only used half of the container and had plenty left to fill other holes around the house. It was easy to sand down the next day after it was dry. I didn't care about texture because I was behind the kitchen counter. If you wanted it to match a textured wall, you'd have to get a separate kit. This will be smooth. It took no time at all and I would definitely buy it again. It included everything I needed from the back panel.

👤I thought I'd fill in a hole with a backing and then fill it with wizard talk. It was a crock of poo. The plate fell into the wall after I filled in the hole. One day, a young adventure man or woman will find a young woman who wants to know what 2020 was like. I think I should have put a note on it. I read the directions for 2 days straight, even though the tape didn't stick evenly. What else do I have to do? The compound it comes with is worth the price. I feel like I need to tell you that it's not good for you. It sticks right to the wall because of this. My review is to stick with putting the compound on a sticky mesh from the front.

👤I bought this to fix the holes in the security system. I had a lot of holes to repair. I used wood on the inside to support the sheetrock. I bought this to see if it would be easier. I cut the plastic backing down to fit the holes since they were not as large as the ones addressed in the kit. The tape used on these is not very good. I found that it would not hold. I used double sided tape that is very strong to clean the inside of the hole. I could fill the holes with the special compound supplied because it held the backing plastic in place. That stuff is great. The hole was filled and dried quickly. The repairs look good, painted without any trace of the repair. The product could be improved.

👤I had to patch a hole in a concrete ceiling. I probably should have made a plug out of scrap drywall, but I tried to fill it in slowly. It took way too long to build up and get it wet. The compound in this repair kit has a lot of embedded fibers, which makes it more like clay than regular compound. The plastic backer I used from the kit didn't fit on the metal plate I installed, but it stuck well onto the metal plate I installed. It hardened without cracking or Shrinking. I went over the patch again with regular joint compound to make sure the texture was consistent. I can't figure out where the hole used to be after sanding and painting. It was very easy to use for someone with no experience, and the result was similar to what I would have expected from a contractor. It makes sense for DIYers if the cost is not worth it for real pros.

5. Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

It works well from 5 degrees to 140 degrees. The repair patch has a color called TAN. Use on: Roofs, Pool Liners, Skylights, Cracked Bathtub/Shower/Sink, Vinyl Skirting/Siding, etc. UV protected, won't degrade. In the outdoors. Works above or below water lines.

Brand: A.a

👤The Jacuzzi tub is cracking on the bottom because it has no support. I would save two to four thousand dollars if I just patch it and not replace it. It is silly to spend money on a new tub when the tub was always working well. This product works perfectly and you can't get a better deal.

👤I used this to repair some siding and it worked well. The patch is a little bit thick, but it looks better than it did before it was repaired. The most economical solution is not a perfect one.

👤The item seems to be doing a good job. I knew this wouldn't be a permanent fix, but it has already begun to lift at a few corners. Some of the sticky gets on your feet when you pressure it.

👤It worked well to patch a small hole in the skirting.

👤This stuff worked well for a small crack in my shower. I think it would work well on a leaking pipe.

👤I have time to fix the leaking base before I use my shower. There was a long crack that needed 2 sets of 6x12 to fix. If you expect an ugly patch, you will be happy that you stopped the leak.

👤Not good. I had holes on the outside of the shower wall, but they didn't stick to the sides.

👤The product is not up to the description. Within a month, it didn't blend with my siding. Don't buy this patch.

6. Amgo Windscreen Commercial Residential Available

Amgo Windscreen Commercial Residential Available

If you have a question about their products or want to modify the size, please contact them by clicking the button. Within 12 hours, they'll help you. They offer competitive quotation and service for renovation merchants. They'll give you a refund or free replacement if you don't like your order. The fence privacy screen fits perfectly on a 6 ft fence, cable zip ties are included for installation. All stitching is reinforced, the edges are finished with black binding, and each corner has 4 grommets, which are easy to install with cable zip ties. The fabric is made of virgin HDPE material and is great for privacy and allows water and air to pass through. The fabric is made of virgin HDPE material and is great for privacy and allows water and air to pass through. There is a limited warranty under normal usage and weather.

Brand: Amgo

👤The privacy screen was great until the wind came. We had it for 2 days. We made sure that the grommet was flat against the chain link. On the first day of hard wind, the whole thing was ripped off. We can't reuse it because most of the grommets have ripped through the fabric. In the description, it says it is air and water impermeable. I guess only to a certain extent. If you live in a place where it gets pretty windy on occasion, and I mean not Hurricane status, but just a regular tough windy day, I highly recommend not wasting your money. It was a great privacy screen.

👤I installed privacy to an existing wood fence that I absolutely love and I will be ordering two more for the other side of the fence.

👤There is a lot of bang for your buck. The fence has livestock wire and wire mesh. Going in my back yard has been a point of contention. During the summer I rebuilt my retainer wall and did something affordable to make the area more interesting. The hunter green mesh is 6' x 50'. I just finished that project and my daughter is opposed to me using this product, she exclaimed when she saw the picture. It is better than I could have hoped. I used wood screws every few inches top and bottom, but still liked the design and the fact that I was taught against the old fence. We had winds over 60 mph and didn't phase my privacy screen. The block walls are very pleasing and I am going to invest more in greening them. I want to hang my artwork and bamboo walls lanterns directly onto the fence through the mesh to keep my obsession. I split a piece of bamboo to finish each end. There are a few before and afters. The mesh is very strong and well made, and I love how it turned out. It took less time and energy than futility painting.

👤Don't think twice, this is what you have been looking for. We are impressed with the quality and privacy. Will be telling everyone what a great value this is. You can't see through the grey. You can see someone in a lighted yard, but not who they are, and when it's not backlit you can't see anything. The mesh is very dense. It is truly beautiful. Will post a picture when the installation is done. Thanks for the great product!

👤I'm pretty sure that this privacy screen would work perfectly for a chain link fence. I used it for a side yard fence and gate that needed modifications. We expected the shape of the grommets to be in line with the fence or the posts and pickets, but they weren't. The material is a strong plastic and more absorbent than a tarp. I cut it into pieces and poked the zip ties through where I needed them to be. I tried to cut it with a box cutter, but realized that it wasn't ideal, so I switched to tin snips, which worked great, but I am not sure if regular scissors would do the job. The zip ties were plentiful and not the strongest I've used. I was able to install this on my own. I can't speak to the resilience as it has only been up for about a week now, so we will see once the winter weather starts up. It's not completely opaque, but it's serving the purpose of giving us privacy so that we can't see what our neighbors are up to, and more importantly, we can't see what our neighbors are up to. It is definitely worth it for less than $50.

7. MagicEzy Fiberglass Repairezy White Scratch

MagicEzy Fiberglass Repairezy White Scratch

It is meant to last. Repairs fiberglass on most damage include holes, chips, cracks, and gouges in surf boards, boats, pools, hot tub, spas or any fiberglass surface. Hairline Fix is better for cracks and scratches. A fiberglass boat, surfboard, snowboard, RV, carbon fiber jet ski, fiberglass shower, ceramic sink repair, tile, counter top, porcelain, and stone are all included. The repair kit comes pre-colored and has a high gloss finish. You can buy a mix and match kit or choose from white or blue. Most hard surfaces can be worked on: fiberglass, carbon fiber, porcelain, ceramic, wood, carbon fiber, dry wall, ceramic, stone. Mega fusion is prime for plastic, aluminum, or carbon fibre. Long Lasting Fiberglass Gelcoat Repairs are made with marine grade strength using revolutionary nanotechnology. It comes with lifetime Durability Protection. It's easy to make expert fiberglass repairs. It is possible to change the finish to matt. It's easy to make expert fiberglass repairs. It is possible to change the finish to matt.

Brand: Magicezy

👤I bought this for my Hot Tub repair. The instructions inside the package are not suitable for surfaces that are continually submerged. Do they not know that hot tub has water? The Amazon site product description did not include a warning about this. I wouldn't have bought this product if it was specific in the description. I can only imagine that it would be wonderful.

👤It's more like a caulking gun. It doesn't stick, it's hard to spread, and it doesn't level, no matter what you do, you can't make it right. I followed all the directions and it was terrible, I have to figure out how to clean it out. I can give you something else. I think it would have worked better.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to use this product to repair damaged fiberglass. I haven't used the product long enough to judge its quality. I was surprised by the small size of the product.

👤It was easy to make the repair. Within a week, the product came out of the tub. Try something else.

👤It wasn't very durable. It didn't hold on the cracked mower hood.

👤I live in Florida and it peels on its first contact. I touched it with a 1500 sandpaper after it had been in the sun for 2 days. Everything came out. Better spend a little more money with something else or buy the real resign with hardener catalyst.

👤It was easy to use, but the color was very bright white and it didn't adhere to anything. We tried several times to dry it out longer than the instructions said, but once it got wet, it came up. We used The product several years ago and it worked, but this tube didn't seem to work at all.

👤It worked perfectly and it dries really fast. You will need to buff the chip a few times because you can't see it anymore. You may need a few coats for the damage.

👤It does the job, but it is expensive. A shower tray is being repaired. It still feels like silicone after a couple of days. I had a small crack. A bigger crack would need more tubes. Could have been a silicone filling.

👤It is easy to apply but expensive.

👤I used the shower for the first time and it was washed off.

8. Mendyl Siding Repair Cracks Blemishes

Mendyl Siding Repair Cracks Blemishes

Their leather repair patch kit is waterproof, strong and durable, and can help you to create a comfortable life. Enjoy yourself, don't worry about little things. Either 100% customer satisfaction or a full refund is guaranteed. It is easy to install. This repair kit is not needed by a contractor. It's easy to install and make repairs. It's durable. Mendyl Vinyl repair patches can survive in extreme weather. Mendyl works in temperatures from -40 degrees to 130 degrees. It is possible to make it custom. This patch is thin enough to be shaped with scissors and white enough to be painted. There is a large face area. The repair patch is 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches. It was large enough for larger repairs. It's too early to play the Colorado match. Even the most faded vinyl or stucco siding can be matched with paint and color. It's too early to play the Colorado match. Even the most faded vinyl or stucco siding can be matched with paint and color.

Brand: Mendyl

👤We found this product on a video someone had shared and had to figure out two things before buying: 1) is the price where I'm able to take a shot at this fix without making it irreversibly worse and without costing so much that I could potentially deeply regret it? I found the alternative costs to be way more than what it was. Hundreds for replacement or self-loathing. There are two more How close do I need this to look good, and will this get me there? I read that my number was 8 feet, and I decided it would. There were several small holes in the siding along the side of the house and one large hole near the gutter. It would have taken at least 4 separate panels to be replaced, which is the worst option other than leaving it un-repaired. I can't imagine not understanding how to use the application. The color was so close that we almost didn't bother painting it, but after watching the video, I went for it. The first fix we did was to the largest hole we had near the gutter. The results were better on the later applications because I remembered to feather the paint properly. I attached photos of my first attempt because it's the best representation of an average Joe doing this with no experience. Don't expect a heavy, thick application. I think the lines would be too prominent if it were not thick. I would sand the hole, then apply the Mendyl and there would be no depressions. It's certainly not necessary, you can see in the photo it's barely visible, and that was our largest hole, so maybe the seller can say if this would be ok to do with the product. We did not experience any edge curl-up, insufficient adhesion, or poorly made pieces with bad edges. All applications have had no adverse reaction to cold or warm weather, nor the rain, nor the hose, and it's obvious that it's just part of the house now and isn't going anywhere. If this changes, I will update the review. There is a If you're considering replacing your vinyl because of small to medium sized holes, think again. I'm not sure why someone would give you money to replace siding when you can just paint it so it looks nice to visitors, yourself and your neighbors, and spend your money on something else more exciting than siding. You have to make your own decision, but for me... I would recommend it to a friend, I like it, but I wish I'd thought of it. Most of them. The rest of them are not deserving of my recommendations.

👤I'm shocked that this product got good reviews. I wanted to fix the holes on the shed. This item is not better than average tape. Not sure where the wood grain comes from, it was completely smooth and didn't allow the grain from the siding to show through at all. I finally got smart and used regular duct tape to do the job. It was cheaper, stuck better, and painted the same as the sub-standard product. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...saved some money.

9. Gorilla Waterproof Patch Seal White

Gorilla Waterproof Patch Seal White

There are components that are included. Permanent: A permanent bond is created that instantly seals out air, water, and humidity. The waterproof patch and seal tape is great for indoor and outdoor repairs. An extra quirk. There is an extra thick layer of backing. It is possible. The forms are used to repair holes, cracks, gaps, and tears. There are flaws in the system. Repairs to roofs, rubber, plastic or vinyl pool liners, and more. More tape than other tapes. Also available in black. Also available in black.

Brand: Gorilla

👤I needed to patch a couple intex above ground vinyl pool leaks and I read mixed reviews about whether this was waterproof or not. I tried it both inside and outside of the pool, and neither worked in a way that could be called successful. We have some other tape that works better on the outside of the pool, so this is not a good product. I don't recommend using this for water-related things. It leaked as soon as it was applied to the leak in the image, and the surrounding area was dried off first to give it the best chance. There was no leak or bubble when the other tape was applied. The funny part was when we tried to apply it on the inside underwater, the reason I bought this tape in the first place. We cut it into a circle and applied it as quickly as possible, but it didn't stick except for the smallest area. It was useless at stopping the leak because it lost all its strength to the rest of the patch area.

👤It is difficult to cut, almost impossible to tear, and grab immediately with a bond on hard surfaces, so it is difficult to position it right the first time. A patch and seal tape has all of the desirable characteristics. It is performing well as a patch for a damaged gutter corner, which lasts through 90+ degree heat, freezing cold, and driving rain. It is almost unnoticeable and is likely to remain as a permanent repair. The only failure I have encountered is an attempt to patch a hole in my car's underwood insulation, it did not stick to the fabric but presented a real challenge to remove where it had stuck to the metal along one edge. The edge of the roll is sticky, but it can be useful when working on a ladder or in a precarious location. If you slap the roll on a hard surface, it won't roll or fall off. I've tried competing products, but they didn't perform as well as the Gorilla Weatherproof Patch and Seal Tape.

👤The tape was easy to work with and I patched several holes. Peel the tape and then rub the edges with a stick. I used a box knife to cut the tape. When I was done, Goo-Gone took the blade off. Will update this review when it's time to weather proof and long term adherence. So far, so good!

👤It works well. We didn't drain the pool enough and the tape got wet, but once it dries it becomes sticky again. If you need to repair, it's worth the money. We saved $6,000 for a new liner and will save up for a new liner next year.

👤The second patch is pictured. I thought the first one was my fault. I used a soapy solution to find the holes. The area was cleaned with alcohol. The patch did not work. It was disappointing.

👤I used this tape to seal the windows in the sun room of my home. The windows need to be replaced but we don't want to put money into the room because we want to tear it down when we add an addition. The wood was weak and cracking. I used this tape to keep the outside elements out of the case and keep it from cracking. I think bad things are going to happen behind the tape, but it worked well for me. White blends in with the tape so you don't notice it much. I would buy it again for such a repair, the only thing that was annoying was the grey color of the sticky side, the way glue would push out when you push two surfaces together. I tried to rub it away with my nail, which made it worse. It was like trying to remove sticky glue from a label when you have to push the glue into a clump and pick it up. The grey spots on my white painted wood were more noticeable than I anticipated when I tried to maintain all white against it.

10. Gorilla Clear Glue Ounce Bottle

Gorilla Clear Glue Ounce Bottle

Wood, Stone, Metal, Ceramic, Foam, Glass, and more are all bonds.

Brand: Gorilla

👤It takes close to 24 hours to cure an item. Does not expand like the original formula. Has a low initialtac. items can slip if they are not locked up I had to tape the shower curtain rod in place so it wouldn't fall off the wall, because I didn't want to drill into my shower tile to put up a shower curtain. The rod has been solid since I removed the tape.

👤I had no confidence in this glue as I've purchased it multiple times and it stuck as good as water. I have a genuine marble table that I will never part with and the legs have broken over time. Home made remedies were only short term fixes. I'm trying to bind metal and wood and gorilla glue specifically did the job. I was going to return it before I was shocked. I'm happy my table is back to normal. I want that gorilla comp for making a great product.

👤Over the years, I have used many different glues. I believe that this is the best. I have used it on wood, marble, glass, and cloth. This type of glue doesn't hardened after opening. Excellent value will last a long time with exceptional quality.

👤I was going to get my own gorilla glue because my dad always buys it. I like it. It is best to hold it in place for a few seconds so that it can take a while. I think this glue is strong, even though I sometimes forget to do that. It is a better deal than going to a craft store.

👤The product cures in about 15 to 20 hours here with adequate ventilation and should not be a thick coat. It's best to wipe it off with a dry tissue or cloth before rinsing it off. After fully cured, it can be a bit more thickness and a bit more of a layer. A wet surface and a strong press will be permanent. If left completely untouched after placement, the Crystal clear and very shiny finish will be completely dried. Touching it before it's cured will affect the shine. Not for careless or grade school projects. This is what it is. It's permanent enough too. We need a jug. -B

👤I like that the opening is effective, and when cleaned with a towel, no one will stick to it. A fair amount works well. I have used it for a variety of things, including fixing my computer table, affixing the iron screw on my bed headboard, and repairing a separated makeup brush. Would be very reccommend!

👤I have a bling ribbon on my tote bags. There are also rhinestones. You have to watch as the glue takes some time to set.

👤This glue will run so you can mask off or protect your other surfaces. Holds well and doesn't foam. The bookcase had machine screws and inserts, but it was wobbly. The glue takes care of that.

👤Is it possible that se tiene ya? No, se me un molesto tener, a veces hay, pero no, no

11. J B Weld 8257 KwikWood Stick 1

J B Weld 8257 KwikWood Stick 1

The weight-233G is included in the measurement. J-B WELD is from the area. A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild wood. J-B Weld KwikWood is designed for all wood repairs. After kneading the two part formula together by hand, it takes 15 to 25 minutes to set and cure. The J-B Weld KwikWood set and cure color is light tan. J-B Weld has a lap shear strength of 900 PSI. The wood can be stained, molded, tapped, drilled, sanded and shaped. There are applications Repairs for window and door hinges, dry rot, Gouges and cracks in furniture, knot hole repairs and more are available. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond. You can do it yourself with J-B Weld. They can repair and restore it right away. J-B Weld is the world's strongest bond.

Brand: J-b Weld

👤This is great. I've been using it for more than five years to do basic repairs. There are a few tips for those who gave bad reviews. The mixing ratio must be correct because it is an epoxy and it must be cut with a knife. It will become less elastic over time so only cut as much as you can. 2. It should be mixed thoroughly. You usually finish kneading in about 2 minutes. There should be one color. Once it is in the right spot, apply immediately and stop touching it. 3. Wait until the cure time is over before allowing it to get stressed out. 4. If you can, keep the unused portion in the original container. 5. If you use an old product that has sat for a while and feels hard, put it in the oven for 15 minutes to warm it up. It will mix well. I live with it because I've found nothing better. It's expensive to use freely. If it weren't so expensive, I could reform parts or fill gaps. 2. It's kind of waterproof. It won't stain but will paint like wood. 3. Shelf life isn't great. I would buy a lot of it to make sure I always have some, but it doesn't last past 2 years. It's best suited for wood. There are other products that work better for general repairs.

👤The ikea display cabinet they bought was broken during delivery because it was shrink wrapped too tight and the hinges were ripped off. This was the best option for repairs because the holes were damaged and not just stripped. Handling playdoh is the same as using it, it's easy to use and not messy. It will never set if you fold it together before you use. The perfect tools for filling in the holes were a knife and comb. You can poke pilot holes before it sets.

👤You will not regret buying this if your dog chews. The product saved my butt. Our dog wanted to prove that he can ruin anything if he puts his mind to it. He chewed the siding on the house. I saw this product and thought it was worth a try, so I was going to hire a handyman. The product is easy to use. I was able to repair it in one day because it dries fast and I was able to paint over it. It smells like peanut butter so be careful not to leave it somewhere that pets or kids can reach. I'm pretty proud of my repair. Probably saved a few hundred dollars. Product is ready for paint after being dried to a cream color.

👤Superb stuff for basic repairs. It's very easy to work with and it's easy to make something that's rock-hard. I used it to mold it into a shape that would fit into the undamaged wood surrounding it. There are two things with that said. 1. If at all, the stuff takes stain well. I saw that it was best to mix the stain with the wood while I was kneading it to get it ready for use. I wish I'd done that. The stain took forever to dry and I'm not sure if it will ever cure. I'm not sure if I want to seal it. It's a huge drawer, will rarely move, but I could see the stain coming off if you had to hold it tightly to pick it up or move it. 2. When it is hardened, it becomes hardened. It is very difficult to sand after it has hardened, so you should make sure it is in its final form before it is fully hardened. I did this, so I have no regrets. There are a couple of small waves that I thought could be smoothed out with sand, but this proved to be very difficult. I let it go because these are small issues. It is highly recommended with the cautions.


What is the best product for repair vinyl fence?

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What are the best brands for repair vinyl fence?

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