Best Repair Vinyl Floor

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1. Creative Ingenuity Simulation High Adhesive Beautification

Creative Ingenuity Simulation High Adhesive Beautification

The roll is 15 feet long and has a width of 2.2in and a thickness of 0.26mm. There are 7 kinds of artificial wood grain tapes to choose from. Light gray wood grain/Dark brown oak/Deep maroon peach wood grain/Gold camel oak. The material is PE and OPP compound and it is Eco-friendly. Real and pretty appearance can be pasted in the break or stain, not easy to find. You can use a scissor to make your shapes. Length and shape can be cut by themselves. It's perfect for covering any size of door, desk, furniture, floor, kitchen cabinet,esser drawer,Craft project, and so on. The old furniture can be used to stick the wall.

Brand: Creative Ingenuity

👤This worked well for what I wanted. I converted a closet into an office space and used it to cover the edge of the desk wood. It was easy to apply and smooth. I don't have to worry about it coming undone. Even if it did, it's more economical to reapply.

👤I bought a broken gray fiberglass frame and a huge mirror at a discount store for my beach house. If I got the same color tape, it would be easy to fix. When the tape arrived, it was light brown, but it was not gray. I decided to mix the brown and the gray to create something more interesting, and I really like the way it turned out! It's very sticky and hides the crack and missing piece of the frame, that's what gets it the majority of the Stars. They shouldn't call it gray. Don't be afraid to be innovative.

👤I had to bring a pair of data cables. I put the tape with the flat Cat6 cables. It matches the oak floor and is thin enough to fit under the door. I put down a base of painters tape because I was concerned that the wood grain tape might be aggressive enough to pull up the varnish over time.

👤I bought this tape to hide speaker wires going across doorways and it works great, the color match is great and the tape is very easy to work with, you will need to plan on cutting the tape to length, don't try tearing

👤The dash of my new car is getting woodgrain trim. The product is easy to work with and the glue seems to be very good. It is the middle of winter and very cold in the garage where I am applying, so I cannot rate how well it will adhere when the inside temperature of the car is over 100 during the heat of summer. Delivery was fast and the price was reasonable.

👤You will probably order a roll just in case, but right now you are looking at your project. Order three or four. It isn't duct tape so have a sharp scissors. My assistant approves the product. Duct tape is the best for the first layer.

👤I should have read the measurements because the picture is deceiving. It's small and fits into my hand. I have small hands. I was going to use it to line my cabinets but it wasn't what I thought it would be. The picture makes it look big.

👤I bought this to cover the scratch on the interior door. This did the trick because coloring is close.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I did it in the entrance but forgot about the stairs. It was a metal part. I replaced each mold with a great product. This is perfect!

2. Rejuvenate Furniture Scratches Disappear Combination

Rejuvenate Furniture Scratches Disappear Combination

Better match your furniture and floors with new and improved colors. It makes wood colors blend and match all wood tones. Rejuvenate wood furniture and floor repair markers will make scratches disappear in any color wood. Six colors; maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and espresso can be blended together for more shades. If you want to achieve your perfect color, apply it to the damaged area with exact color matching or blend light colors with dark colors. It works on furniture and kitchen cabinets. Wood colors can be used to blend and match all wood tones.

Brand: Rejuvenate

👤The markers don't blend at all, like using a red Sharpie and leaves lines. They are all red, not maple or oak. Garbage! Not usable! The oak is red, the maple is red, and the walnuts are green. They don't blend into the wood. I wrote on the wood with a red Sharpie marker and they just left a red line. There is a I'm fighting with Amazon to get my money back.

👤I bought a used bed for a spare room. They didn't tell me how bad the bed was before delivering it to me. I was angry that I spent money on a bed that I wouldn't be able to use. I decided to use wood exact match furniture markers to save the bed because I love my floor mop and cleaners. $6 is the best I have ever spent. The marker was cherry wood colored. The results of my bed transformation with markers are amazing and my boyfriend did not believe me until I showed him the video. For the win,Rejuvenate products. My guests will never know that this bed was purchased in terrible shape.

👤The experience was overwhelmingly positive. My house has 100 year old hardwood floors and doors. When we moved in, they were beautiful, but our cats ruined them over the years. We need to sell our house and move, but we couldn't afford to have the floors refinished. These markers can be entered. My house was saved by them. It looks better now than it did when we moved in. It took 5 packs to do the entire house. I wish they came individually because we only needed the color. I don't regret a thing. It took a few days, but we saved thousands of dollars. I bought the whole Rejuvenate system because I was so happy with the initial trial of the markers on a small sample of my floors. Clean, touch up, polish. I bought the care products for the furniture. I can't believe how good my doors and floors are. When you are doing the touch ups, use a flashlight or headlamp to make sure you get everything you want. It looks better if you go a bit darker. I wouldn't try to match it exactly. I can barely tell where I used the markers because it's a bit darker. You can zoom in on my pictures. What about cats? What cats?

👤You have to test it first. It looked terrible on my kitchen table, which is java colored, but it worked well on our bedroom set, which is also java colored. It's not going to change the look of your product, because the chipped off area is always going to show, and it may have a different sheen, but it made those areas less noticeable. I wiped over the bad area with a wet cloth so the marker wouldn't get to it. It looked bad if there was a marker on top of the finish. There is no guarantee that you will get a good result if you buy markers.

3. Rejuvenate Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaner

Rejuvenate Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaner

Rejuvenate is the perfect daily cleaner for all your vinyl floor tiles. Dirt and Grime are removed along with other luxury vinyl. The flooring cleaners are not here. This is the best vinyl floor cleaner. It can be used daily. A unique high performance formula that leaves no film or residue will make the floors new again. Let it dry. 10 minutes before walking

Brand: Rejuvenate

👤This works well. I've tried a lot of things. The water is plain. After drying, they would show footprints. Rejuvenate left my vinyl floors beautiful and free of fingerprints.

👤I have plank flooring. This was tested on an extra plank. The flooring started to peel. Before you use it, make sure you test on the floor. Glad I did. I gave it to someone who said it worked well.

👤The product is very sticky and makes the floor look dull. It didn't work the way I wanted it to.

👤This is the best cleaner for the floors. The front door has a lot of foot traffic marks. This has been a wonderful find for our house.

👤It's been a long time since a product that cleans without leaving a sticky mess on my vinyl planking. My vinyl is textured. It did not alter the sheen or texture. I have an older dog that urinates daily on the floor so I have to use it frequently and it gets quite expensive. I gave it 3 stars because I wish there was a more economical option.

👤Years of yellowed polish, grime, and grease were removed. I tried a lot of things. Nothing worked. Rejuvenate took years to build up. Let it soak for a few minutes and then scrub it. Voila! I can now see the original floor.

👤Excellent product, but don't apply it too much. It is better to clean luxury vinyl plank floors with a small amount of product and a damp flat mop. No one else could figure out how to fix maintenance issues.

👤It's best to test it in a small area. I have luxury vinyl flooring for the first time and was looking for a specific product. It's not good to use most common cleaners because they can harm the floor. The product was cheap and meant for these floors. Even after I used clean water and a microfiber cloth to rinse it away, it still left a dull film on my floors. It took a few cleanings to fix it. Some people had an issue with the reviews. Others did not. I thought I would try it for the price. I won't use it again.

👤I have tried other cleaners but none worked, but this one did a great job.

👤It's really easy to use. Great results.

👤It would have been better if it came in a bigger container.

👤Did not do anything for the shine.

4. Red Devil 0497 Adhesive Squeeze

Red Devil 0497 Adhesive Squeeze

It is easy to apply and use tooling. The paste consistency is ideal. Excellent bond to tiles. Troweling is usually not necessary. Troweling is usually not necessary.

Brand: Red Devil

👤I had some loose floor files in my upstairs bathroom. I noticed before my son cracked them. I ordered a tube of paste after looking up. I put the loose files back in place in a few minutes and let them dry. There is a bright white product next to the older glue on the floor which has seen quite a few years of wear and tear. At some point, the wife is going to bug me about remodeling the whole bathroom, but at least she doesn't but me about loose tiles anymore.

👤I think the house I have is from the late fifties. The kitchen counter is made of white bumpy tiles with a bull nose edging that hangs down over the top of the lower cabinets, but the lazy susan in the cabinet to the right of the coppertone range is not compatible with it. The edging tiles came off. The big box store guy tried to sell me peel and stick in a box. He wouldn't help me find tile mastic, which is available on their website but not in the store, even though I said I needed it for two edging tiles. I went to Amazon. I ordered two because the tubes look small and are less than a beer. Oh,TrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia I can glue my counter top back together. I beaded the tiles up and stuck them on last night. It's easy to apply, no smell, and water cleans up. The small edging around the sink has been trying to come off. It was easy, and the water clean up was appreciated as I applied more than I needed to. I already have two and I would buy this again.

👤I've used this product to fix loose tiles around the house and I think it's the most secure product I've found. The previous homeowner put a lot of tile in our house, but the mortar didn't adhere well. I've used this to fix blacksplashes that got bumped loose, tiles along the front counter nose, and a couple of loose floor tiles. It sticks well on vertical tiles. I keep a tube with me. This product is my go-to for quick repairs because of the issue of matching and replacing the grout, which is a whole different issue.

👤The toilet paper holder fell from the wall. I didn't clean the wall or the toilet paper holder. I put the paste on the back of the toilet paper holder and stuck it in the hole. Put a bunch of painters tape over the holder. It was left for 48 hours. It is fully repaired. It worked well.

👤I bought this to try and repair the tiles in my kitchen. It worked well initially, easy to apply, and stayed in place. I was very proud of my fix. It only lasts a few weeks. This could be a lack of expertise on my part on how to properly apply in a high traffic area. I was a little disappointed. I will apply for a temporary fix until I have the money for a permanent solution.

5. CalFlor FL49133 TileFix Custom

CalFlor FL49133 TileFix Custom

What you get is a plastic mallet and floor gap fixer. Repairs for tile, stone, marble and more. Unlike other solutions, TileFix offers formulas for popular shades of white, beige, gray, blue, green and more. The kit has subtle tones and grain matching. The opportunity for a finish using the included lacquer. Save money by using this kit for multiple repairs. Water Cleanup when wet is an all-inclusive kit. Water Cleanup when wet is an all-inclusive kit.

Brand: Calflor

👤This product is amazing. I used it on the floor in the kitchen. The house is over 40 years old and had some cracks in the tile. I am a first time home owner and am fixing things, since I can't afford to replace the floor. There is proof in the pictures. I mixed it myself because I didn't see a match for my floor. I used 2 drops of the Tint C to fill the dish and it was a goldish color. I had a lot of cracks and mixed 4 batches. I took about an hour and a half to catch the first part. Wait until it dries for the clear coat. I'm very excited. It looks great.

👤I decided to try this CalFlor stuff because of the deep gash on my slate floors, which was low cost. I carefully packed the gash after watching some videos online. I have heated floors so it dry quickly. I followed the instructions and made a mixture of gray and tan. I was satisfied because I couldn't see the gash. I decided to wipe it off with a wet towel because I had some leftover from the gash. Do not do this! I had to start again after it wiped off all my paint. I think I need to put the lacquer layer on it for it to set. I loved the results after starting over. I put a thin layer of lacquer on top and it is currently drying. I plan on putting a couple more layers on top to make sure I don't have to do anything when I mop. I know how to paint, I have trained in painting, so I do. I don't think you need painting knowledge, but you need to take your time and go from light to dark.

👤The tiles in the foyer have cracked over time. They can't be replaced because they've been discontinued. I'm very happy to have found this product which has made a big difference in obscuring the cracks. I would be a better artist if I was more patient. I think I did a decent job at it, even though the result would probably be better. Blending and color matching make it look natural. One of the tiles had a large chip and it worked out well. The linear cracks are the ones that are more difficult to obscure, but the defects are less obvious and this kit is worth it's price.

👤Kit works well. They give you a lot of mix and colors. I would suggest a few tips. 1. If the hole is deeper than 1/16th of an inch, I would suggest filling it with plain white compound. You can mix the color and see if you are close. The paste shrinks if the hole is too deep. You will have to do at least 2 layers. 2. The color should be dark when it dries. Don't worry if it looks too light. 3. It is difficult to get the color right, so be prepared to do it a few times.

6. Onine Repair Textured Adhesive Tables

Onine Repair Textured Adhesive Tables

To meet your different needs, different collocation, arbitrary choice, the repair tape size is Length-15 Feet Wide-3.9 Inches Thickness-0.04 Inches. High-quality PE and OPP compound are used. Easy to use. It can be used for a long time. Multifunctional repair tape is great for covering any size kitchen, cabinet, drawer, bookshelf, nightstand, and more. You don't need a lot of tools, just need a pair of scissors, and the repair tape paste on the surface of the object can be used normally. The screen display effect is different than the intimate service. If you can't determine the color of the product, please contact them. They will give you service for the first time.

Brand: Azobur

👤Did the job! I filled in the holes with wood filler and sanded the floor lightly. The tape is very strong and difficult to remove. The product matched my floor well.

👤This tape is great. The shading and sheen were great. It blends in with my wood floors. I was pleasantly surprised by how this tape worked out. We bought a home with beautiful hardwood floors, but I realized we needed floor outlets in the living room after moving in. The outlets would have to be cut through the hardwood and jackhammered into the concrete slab. My husband wasn't a fan of the idea and so I began looking at all sorts of ways to get a cord across the floor. My husband had the bandwidth to deal with my project, so I thought U could find a temporary solution. I decided to make my own cord cover after looking at various wood toned ones and I knew I would have to use it. I found a rubber floor cord channel on Amazon and ordered a few different shades of wood toned tape with a plan to use it as a sticker on the top of the cord cover. I wasn't very hopeful as I'm a little picky when it comes to looks. I am amazed at how well this meshes with my floors. We drilled a hole in the cabinet to patch the gap, and I used it to do it. I created this cord cover about 9 months ago. I believe the rubber of the cord cover causes the tape to slide around. I put a new strip on after removing the old one. It was easy as pie. This 15 minute project is going to be my permanent solution.

👤I didn't expect a dark walnut color to have a red tone, so I knocked off a star. The placement of the baseboards made them look fine against my parquet. In bright light, the color is off and red. I am covering hard flat surfaces. I can not speak for people who use leather to patch a cushion. It is a thick duct tape with a vinyl surface. You need a knife or scissors to cut it. The finished edges are good, but the white core of the tape is not. I used a wood repair marker to color that edge. It causes a thin line that goes against the grain. I don't think anyone would ever notice it. I notice it because I know it is there. The tape is almost 4” wide, which made it worth the price. Other products are not as good.

👤08/03/2019 Kitchen countertops and edges were cracked or chipped. The application was very fast and furious, and it was to cover the unpleasant looking part of the countertop that happened from normal wear and tear. The color was not a match but it looked better than before. The application was limited to cleaning the surfaces, cutting the area for repair and attaching tape for the results. It is a good way to cover the damage. Good luck. Wjc.

7. Match Patch Realistic Repair Antique

Match Patch Realistic Repair Antique

The HOD DOUBLE is not meant for use on Laminate flooring. The HOD Double has cups for non textured surfaces. A roll of wood repair tape. It works well for decor and crafts. It's perfect for covering scratches, peeling laminate, or damaged cabinets. You can see all the shades of wood and leather repair tapes at the store. The width is the same as the floorboards. The width is the same as the floorboards.

Brand: Match 'n Patch

👤I would have given this three stars, but when I went to the actual hardware store, all the alternatives at the same price were not very good. I guess this one is alright. This product is not a long term solution, so don't expect things like quality,Durability, and Adherence to be the main feature here. It sticks. It gets the job done by covering cables running across the wood floor. If you're using this for actual repairs, I can already see peeling. It's okay, and the competitors I tried were worse, but still, it's not awful. I like the balance between being sticky and not stripping the original wood, but I would have preferred a higher quality glue on here. The print is very good. It probably won't match your existing wood, but it looks realistic.

👤I have an old, old, drawer of my grandmother's that I kept for sentimental reasons but was losing its charm. I didn't want to pay for it to be restored and I didn't have the skills to do it myself. It was not a perfect fit but it was close. I'm happy to see it isn't as damaged. I'll replace it someday but for now it looks better than it did. The tape is easy to cut and use. This worked for a project like this, where restoring would be too expensive and time consuming. The tape isn't sticking very well after a week. I put glue on the tape to help it stay down.

👤This stuff was perfect. I used a ball point pen to add some lines. Very happy. It was easy to use, but a bit hard to cut. It has fibers like duck tape.

👤The purpose of this tape is not mentioned on the product information, but it is a great use for it. Don't you agree? There was a small gap between the panels when my electrical panel was replaced. A lot of cold air was flowing through the gap during the cold winter season. I put a strip of duct tape over the crevice and then applied the Match 'N Patch tap. The color and grain of the tape matches the existing panelling beautifully, and the cold air flowing from the crevice has been eliminated. The tape is likely to stay in place for a long time because of the strong glue on it.

👤Great product. I have antique oak floors. We are waiting until summer to do it because I will be out of town for a week. My indoor cat got fleas a couple of months ago when we started having a flea problem outside. I bought this tape to close the small gaps in the wood because I was worried that fleas/eggs/larvae would hide in between the planks where the floors needed refinishing. It worked out perfectly. When our regular pest control guy came to do his monthly service, I showed him and he thought it was brilliant. The color was perfect. You can't see the tape unless I point it out first. Exactly what I wanted. I bought additional rolls from different companies. The quality of the other brand was not as good as the other brand. I would have liked to have only bought this brand.

8. FCHO Suction Aluminum Handle Lifting

FCHO Suction Aluminum Handle Lifting

Troweling is usually not necessary. High quality. Their glass cups handle body is made of aluminum alloy and has strong and durable suction pads. This cup can be used to fix gapped floors, in the bath for safety, as a rail, wake shaper, and moving heavy glass wall. Only a flat surface. There are specific cups. The diameter of the Cups is 4 inches. The maximum lifting weight is 200 lbs. There is a story about storage. You should store the cup in a dry place. Pay attention to the sun protection. You can contact them if you have questions about the product. They can give you a new one for free. You can share your idea on Amazon. You can contact them if you have questions about the product. They can give you a new one for free. You can share your idea on Amazon.

Brand: Fcho

👤We noticed a gap in the tiles on our kitchen floor over the last few years. If we called them back, I thought about how the installer could fix it. I wondered if they had a special device to grasp the tile while they tap it back into position. The FCHO tool can be entered. They mention in their description how they can use it. I was able to close the gaps by affixing it to the tile and using a mallet. I don't know if I'll ever use it for carrying heavy panels, but no matter. I am happy to have this device in my collection. The holder was oriented in line with the long dimensions of the tile because it was under 12 inches wide. The tiles had a bit of texture, but the cups held tightly. It worked well for this purpose.

👤I'll take responsibility for goofing on this one. There was a huge gap in the bathroom floor. I was encouraged when I saw thelaminate floor gap device that it can be easily fixed. I ordered this model because I already have a rubber mallet and didn't want another one. Disappointed when it arrived. I realized that the cups were wider than the laminate. My fault was not paying attention. The small seams between the boards would not hold up. I know that the suction works because it grips the counter. It's really sad. I put the tool on the gapped board and leaned on it as hard as I could with one hand, while using the rubber mallet. It worked. The gap is closed. I gave it a 4 because I wish it was smaller. It's not unreasonable, but a 5 means perfect to me, so few things get a 5 in my book.

👤I use this powerful product in a different way. The automatic window feature in my car no longer works after one of the windows fell down. My window does not stay up on its own. That is where the little product comes in. I put the window at the bottom of the window after rolling it up and placing the cups on the door frame. The window doesn't slide down into the door anymore. I have had it up for three weeks and the cups have not slipped even on bumpy roads. I can't believe how strong this cup is. Over a year later, it's still holding the window up. I highly recommend it because it has so many uses. Excellent quality.

👤I had Laminate flooring put in about 6 months ago and noticed that it was coming apart on the ends and in one place along the long side, so I looked up on You Tube to see if there was a way to fix it. The video showed how to fix the areas where the flooring was separated with the help of the Glass cups. I brought this. Yes, it works. This was a simple solution that a girl could do.

9. Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

Furniture Scratch Restorer Compound Hardwood

A set of wooden fillers has 12 different colors. Provide a solution for wood furniture stain and scratch repair. Also, note: The wooden furniture repair kit is used to fix furniture. Blending the color to match the furniture could make it less noticeable. If you want to repair small dents or cracks, please dry it with a hair dryer and air dry it for a few days. DIVERSE FINISHES: There are 12 different colors, including white, black, oak, black walnut, yellow sanalwood, and grey. You don't need to worry about finding the right color to match your furniture because you can match the colors as you please. They provide clear instructions so you don't have to worry about operating difficulties. No glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set is needed, just squeeze the repair filler into the repaired area, and use the tail scraper to smooth the surface. The furniture repair kit has high-quality formula materials that can easily blend with the furniture surface, dry quickly and last permanently. It's a great way to repair wood shears. It's good for scratches on the surface of wood. There are various damages, such as debris, cracks, dents, holes, pet marks and wear. No professionals are required to repair the furniture. Make your furniture new again by saving money and time. 100% SATisFACTORY SERVICE: Warm tips. If you find that the color is too dark, gently apply and wipe it off. It is best to mark or mix colors where you can't see, so you don't have to worry about it being inappropriate. If their products make you unhappy, please contact them, they will give you 100% satisfactory service.

Brand: Seisso

👤When I wanted to check the touch-up, I had to look for a few minutes to find the spot. That tells me that it's doing its job. This is just paint. It doesn't really fill a hole in your furniture, in my experience. If you have deeper nicks, I'd suggest a different product or a real wood filler. I wouldn't recommend following the application instructions. The back of the tube is where the paint is. Since this is paint, grab a small paintbrush and use it where it's needed. To wipe off excess cotton, use a damp cotton swab.

👤I bought it to fix scratches on wood products made of different wood and stained in different colors. I was wondering if I could fix the wide spectrum of wood since my wood and colors were all over the place on the color and saturation scale. I didn't use any special tools. I took a small plate and a couple old tshirts. I took my plate next to the wood that I needed to touch up and set my kit in a row from light to dark. I picked the closest matching tube to the wooden piece. I squeezed some on the plate. I had a small job. I used a small plastic dough scrapper for this job. I decided if I needed to add lighter tones or darker tones or more brown or black or white, I would take it from there. It's like mixing paint for painting. If you want to match the color, you just have to add a little bit. I was not worried about the process because I could change the touch up color I wanted. If it was too dark. I could either remove half of the dark paint and add more light tones or I could start over with a new spoonworth of paint. I would apply the wood filling the scratch and remove any excess once I was happy with my colors. I would wipe off anything that was outside the scratch once it filled the gap. The clean up of the colors was very easy and they did not leave any staining or dulling. It was perfect. It gets easier as you get used to the colors and you know which way to mix it. Go slow in mixing. It is easier to lighten the sample by adding a bit of a dark paint than it is to add a lot of lighter paint. It takes a lot of paint to fix a scratch. I was able to fix a small area of paw floor scratches with a small amount of match color. It was about a square yard. Some jobs were small, like a few scratches or tinny dents, and all of them looked perfect. I am very pleased with the end result because I no longer can see the flaws. The areas I fixed look great. A Kindergarten kid can do it because it is just about having fun with mixing paints, and you don't really need any previous experience to do it. Totally stress free activity. If you want to be more confident before you take a more precious piece, I would recommend you to take an old piece of wood that has a stain finish and scratch it with something and then practice fixing the color. It will build your confidence and you will have a feel of how to approach your precious piece and you will see if you are happy with the end result. I am very pleased with the purchase and the results.

10. SIKA FBA_472189 Ready Mix Concrete Patch

SIKA FBA_472189 Ready Mix Concrete Patch

It is easy to clean water with soap and water. A concrete patch made of acrylate is used for reparing small spalls and cracks in concrete. There are supports. It can be used on concrete and masonry. Performance It will be blended with concrete for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Won't break or shrink. DURABILITY. The finish is tough and durable. Use indoors and outdoors. The application is for something. It is simple to use and can be cleaned with water.

Brand: Sika

👤There are a few spots in a 61 year old concrete patio that have decorative tile missing and some shallow spots where concrete has spalled. It was ready to be applied right out of the tub. The first four spots were too deep to be done in one application. I wire brushed the spots and blew the dust out. After 24 hours the patch was able to be depressed, but a crack developed in one as it dried and contracted. It had gotten very hard after a few days of curing. I had ordered a second tub to finish, and I had run out. I applied more to bring it up to level after the first 4 patches were dried. Filled a few more shallow areas. I just filled the deeper parts of the first patch and let it cure before applying the second one. The stuff dries fast with a thin application. If possible, I would do anything deeper than the instructions suggest. If you wait a long time to apply the patch it will stiffen and make it harder to achieve a smooth finish. The stuff dries light grey, much lighter than surrounding concrete, but that is no surprise and it will eventually weather to better match surrounding weathered concrete. Not messy, washes off with water. Does the job.

👤This product was used to fill a large crack in a concrete slab which was located next to a lagoon and a beach in a beach area. The product was easy to spread into the crack, I used gloves sometimes and didn't need a trowel for every application, and the crack remained filled, no gaps, no erosion, etc, as happened previously with the expoxy-like compounds that come in the tubes / caulking. I plan to use this product in other family properties. It's great that it's ready-to-use and doesn't need to be pre-mixed with water.

👤I used this product to repair some cracks in a large birdbath. I used a damp paint brush to smooth out the interior of the birdbath after applying the product with a small plastic knife. It's not as smooth as it was from the factory, but it's not bad either. I don't think the birds will care that the surface isn't perfect. The project was a success, and I hope my birdbath will last a long time. It's highly recommended for small concrete repair projects, especially the interior basin of a concrete birdbath.

👤When I opened the box, I noticed that one of the containers was open and the contents of the box were all over it. My suggestion is to be careful when delivering soft content. I'm not returning it, I'm going to keep it.

👤The dark grey does not match the mortar and concrete. How hard is it to match the color of cement? The sticky stuff takes days to dry and is a mess to clean. It's easy to get a small bag of mortar for half the price. You can shape the mortar if you mix it stiff. It is easier to clean up with a wet sponge and bucket. The mortar color will match the curb and driveway. Make sure you wet the area you are going to fix and let it dry for a half hour before you apply the mortar.

11. Cal Flor GL82114CF Eurobond Floating Floor

Cal Flor GL82114CF Eurobond Floating Floor

The barrier to water damage is more effective than other glues. It's perfect for wet areas. The bond is stronger when it is dry. The product is the only one in the US. It is designed for Click or tongue andgroove flooring. It is designed for Click or tongue andgroove flooring.

Brand: Calflor

👤I thought it would be a great floating floor glue. I was wrong. Do not get it for that application.

👤Great! Peel and stick tiles were installed to the bathroom floor. I have been shopping since I first purchased. The utility room floor was bought again. Great hold no issues! Would buy again. It would have been better if it was in larger volume. I want to use this when I redo the kitchen floor and it will take more than one bottle. 300sq. ft. A bottle will cover about 30sq ft. I applied a lot to each tile. It depends on how much you apply.

👤I ordered four bottles of water and three more because I thought that surely could not be enough. We were able to use one bottle for around 350 to 400 sqft. It is easy to apply. The cure time for foot traffic is between 10 and 24 hours. We sat the i-heater in the room and turned on the ceiling fan, and had no problems. At one point we had to stop halfway through a room because the edge was an excellent tripping hazard. The flooring didn't come out after I stepped on the edge about 2 hours after it was installed. The joint didn't move. I was impressed that it would work with more pressure or weight. We jumped and slid furniture across the floors after we let it sit for 24 hours. We looked for joints that might separate but didn't see anything. I'll update my review if this changes in the next few years. Use the smallest opening on the cap to cut it. You don't need a lot, the glue runs easily, and you only need to stick the longest point into the grooves. An occasional poor aim might happen if you keep a few towels or rags nearby. It wipes off easily. Before you put the cap on, wipe the spout down with a towel. We have had our floors down for 18 months. I'm still impressed with the product. I was worried that the water from the sink might get under the flooring and cause issues. No. There was a dishwasher leak. It didn't go through the glue. There is a small spot in a busy area that has been an issue. It's like the flooring is teeter-totters over that spot because it's a slightly even joint in the subfloor. The glue bond in that area seems to have broken down and we were hearing a click. I put a couple screws under the baseboards to hold that small area down. Since then, there have been no problems. We are going to install 1200 sqft of the same flooring over a concrete floor. We are concerned about the humidity. I feel good about this product.

👤It was used to glue floating floor boards that wouldn't stay locked. Did the trick!

👤Did the job and is still doing it. I used this glue to glue down the piece of wood that came up between my tile in the kitchen and the living room. Even after a few months, it is still holding up. Going from the living room to the kitchen is a high traffic area. It hasn't come back up yet. I think the glue is better than what they used.


What is the best product for repair vinyl floor?

Repair vinyl floor products from Creative Ingenuity. In this article about repair vinyl floor you can see why people choose the product. Rejuvenate and Red Devil are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair vinyl floor.

What are the best brands for repair vinyl floor?

Creative Ingenuity, Rejuvenate and Red Devil are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair vinyl floor. Find the detail in this article. Calflor, Azobur and Match 'n Patch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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