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1. LLPT Silicone Thickness Available Emergency

LLPT Silicone Thickness Available Emergency

UV, chemical and weather resistant. The application is for something. The Miracle Self Fusing Silicone Tape is used in a wide range of applications. The material is self fusing and has a high resistance to heat, chemicals, waterproof, insulation and pressure. There is safety. The thickness of the Silicone Tape is 0.04 inch and it works from -50C to 260C. Installation. Hold the tape whiling and stretching it at least 100% at first 3 overlaps to seal tighter on the object; give hard press while wrapping and silicone material will form a strong barrier on overlaps; maximize the overlap can provide stronger holding strength. LLPT-TAPES: The ideal sizes and thickness of the tapes are based on the desires of the users. High utility on the product with competitive price and great packing protection is provided by LLPT. You can find other tapes on Amazon, such as PET Repair Tape, Yellow Woodworking Tape, Thermal Conductive Tape, Duct Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, PE Foam Tape, Gray/Clear Acrylic Tape, Gaffer Tape and so on.

Brand: Llpt

👤I bought myself an indoor cycling trainer to avoid the crowds on the local bike trail. Even with fans, indoor cycling in California is a hot business. Within a few days the insulation tape was failing and it was the same material that held the bar tape on my cycle. I didn't want to replace the tape yet, so looked for alternatives, Silicone tape came up in the search, but a single roll for a bicycle was $10 or so, too much, then I found this multi-pack, better value for money even though 4 of the rolls wouldn It was said to be pretty good. I cut off enough tape to cover both sides and fitted it, stretching it slightly as you go, but I have plenty of spare if I decide to redo. In the heat of the day, the mat under the trainer was soaking on many occasions, my gloves were sopping wet, and the bar tape was nothing. This is the most severe test I could give, short of moving to a state where it rains more frequently, the crease has stayed stuck door, and I'm glad to have the other colors for the kids bikes or if I change color on them. It's worth every penny if you have a bike in need of this. The pros are 1. It's a great bar tape. 2. The insulation tape 3 is very sticky. It's easy to fit 4. It's cheaper than buying the same stuff. It is not as cheap as insulation tape 2. It's sticky on the outside, so I drape a towel over the handle bars, but it's easy to wipe off. It feels tacky to touch.

👤When I ordered this stuff, I had doubts. Was it what I needed? I had to replace the plumbing that was in an awful spot and it started leaking. I wrapped the plumbing with this which was easy to use and not a drop since. 5 rolls was a great value. Since I found this stuff, I will be ordering more. I highly recommend.

👤Really useful. Like tape. You can wrap tightly. Good for traction. I found a great use for wrapping around a torn boot. The stuff will not come apart as it seems to bond to itself in a way unlike tape that will break when wet. For months, holding the grease. It is great for areas that are exposed to heat or flame. Doesn't seem to burn.

👤I was really disappointed by it's small size. It reminded me of another purchase. It's thinner than self fusing tapes I've used in the past, but they were too thick for smaller wires. It's thin enough that you can roll it over a wire and it's fastened tightly. It was just great. I can't do that with a heavy duty kind that will hold up a muffler. I got huge rolls in all these colors for the same price when I bought it, because it was on late night TV. I expected more. Inflation is. I had to put in a new water heating system because it was taller and the exhaust tube had to go up. All the large HOT tubing needed support. I got out of the red roll and my brother and I wrapped that tubing so many times that zi got used to how it gained strength. I think I have some left over, which is crazy because we wrapped that until each piece is connected firmly and sit tight to each following piece, and all that so stiff that it can't be pulled down. The size is a blessing in both sizes and this stuff is not nearly as strong. This is the same tape. If you've never seen this type of tape before, I'll tell you about it. I put the pieces on each other. I couldn't separate the 2 pieces of tape. I wanted to see if I could cut the seam with the knife. There is no seam at all. I couldn't get it to go straight after I cut it. There were no more 2 pieces of tape. There was an experiment with tape that was damaged by me, but it became one piece. I think it's fascinating. A really great invention. This wouldn't fix a pipe with water pressure. If you wrap layers tightly enough and consistently enough around the hole, you can overcome the pressure inside. It doesn't work for those that complain. That's not the tape. If the tube is poly tubing or a copper line tapped into a water line to send to a water filter, this tape could handle the pressure because it is lbs per sq inch or grams per sq cm. The square cm in a tiny hole in a tiny tube with pressure inside requires a tiny pressure to overcome the pressure from a hole or leak. It doesn't matter how big the hole is. The force needed to overcome the pressure is the same. The volume of the leak is the only thing that changes. We have to do the same thing in each case to overcome the pressure inside the tube. The force is the same as if the tube were larger. I wonder why I brought up all the small businesses. Since the tube is tiny, you need less tape to tightly wind enough tape on the tube and do so tightly enough to create a force that will completely overcome the pressure inside the tube, at the warmest temperature it will be exposed to. When it's a large tube, you have to pull hard on the tape and cover the hole consistently, like I did on the top of the water heater. I didn't know it could be so hard. Some people believe that self-FUSING tape is supposed to connect itself to the PIPE. No. That's not how it works. You have to clean the surface so it isn't too hard to create a seal by using pressure and flexibility alone. There is no glue to keep your car wiring clean. The glue won't hold up over time if it's not epoxy. If you have a pipe that's been damaged or punctured, let's add some extra flair to it. Make the tube round first. Second, patch the damage. It depends on the depth and size. If it's a shallow cut, you can fill it with minute epoxy and it won't run out of control. Try again, sand it smooth. If the pipe is in any position, the epoxy will run. If there's a lot to do, that's a blessing. I put an appropriate amount of epoxy on the sticky side of medical tape, or do both, out a small amount in the goug and a small amount on the tape and place the tape on the pipe so the epoxy fills the gouge and keep wrapping tightly. Feel around and feel for dents, then fill them with another piece of tape and wrap it around the dents. Allow it to set overnight and feel around to smooth it out. Take this inner tape and pull tightly around to overlap the edge of the tape with the tube and then wrap you way to the other end to prevent a slow leak through the fibers of the cloth. That's why it's difficult. If you leave any path for water to flow where there's a weakness, you'll get a leak, even on tiny tubes. Tinier tubes are generally easier to replace. I would do that if it was easy. Conclusions: This is a thinner and shorter version of Silicone tapes, which makes it much easier to use for electronics and hobbies, toy fixing, and other things that would be cumbersome with a thick, high pressure plumbing and construction tape. Did your ball joint cause the rubber to tear? If you wrap it with black fusing tape, it will last for life, but make sure it's not full of sand or water because it will break the grease down slowly. It's easy and cheap and it looks good. Fusing divine takes is a miracle. This product is not un substantial. It's more versatile because of its flexibility. This product is very good. Don't expect the tapes to stick to anything else. That's not how they work. That is what makes them great. You can put something on it that will help. I can't say much about that because I haven't tried it. Put a caulk, RTV, on the silicone tape and see what it does to your project. Hmm. Good tape.

2. XFasten Silicone Fusing 1 Inch 36 Foot

XFasten Silicone Fusing 1 Inch 36 Foot

There is a damage battle kit. Rescue tape is the only Silicon tape used by the U.S. military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit. It was made in the U.S.A. 100% Silicone rubber is self-fusing. Silicone Tape that does not melt up to 260C (500F) is ideal for emergency repairs for automotive, plumbing, marine, hose, electrical, indoor and outdoor applications. Silicone rubber has a high strength capacity that makes it great for high pressure pipe leaks. It has high resistance to heat, harsh solvents, chemicals and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Flexible, Stretchable and conforms to small pipe diameters up to -50C. The heat generated so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing is dissipated. The heat generated so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing is dissipated.

Brand: Xfasten

👤I bought Rescue tape several years ago for a camera installation and it was easy to use and worked well. Needed to install some more cameras and was going to order more Rescue tape but noticed that the price was different between the two tapes. I decided to try the tape out. I guess one should always be careful when there is a big price discrepancy because as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. The product was mis labeled because it was not 1 in width. When stretching out the tape, you'll have to use a lot more to cover the same area as Rescue tape. It's cheaper, right? The tape is thinner than the Rescue tape so you'll end up using more to cover the same area. It's cheaper again. The fact that it is thinner made the problem worse. If you cut the flaps in the breeze, they'll stick to themselves and become useless. It may be cheaper but you will end up using more of this tape to do the same job as the Rescue tape, and I didn't really save much money. I will not be ordering this again.

👤It will bond to itself if you stretch and wrap it and finish with the last 1/2”-1” un stretched. It will not bond if you don't stretch it. So a layer becomes one with the next. Useful for temporary repair of pipes. There is no glue that can be removed. It doesn't stay stretched unless tension is applied making it more difficult to use. It can be difficult to put it on in tight spaces. Also, note: This won't work with garden hoses. I cannot confirm that you can put a piece of rigid pipe inside the hose. There is a There are many uses for this tape.

👤The XFasten tape was sued to protect the outdoor ethernet connections from the weather. I have had experience with self-fusing tape from brick and mortar stores. After using the XFasten tape, I was very impressed with how thin it was. It does not stretch to nothingness like the other tape, and it has an excellent conforming shape around the connectors. I'm pretty sure it will protect the connectors from the weather.

👤The colorant is fused within the black silicone tape I have used. The white film/powder on this roll of white is gone. Who knows if it is safe from China. Never agian.

👤I learned about this tape in a video on the internet about how to build a sawdust collection system using 4 inch sewer pipes and fittings. I bought a roll of it. I am very happy I did. The tape has no glue on either side, yet it sticks to itself quite nicely. I was able to seal all the joints with this tape and it looks really professional. Very neat. It is simple to use. After cutting it to the desired length and removing the plastic backing, I stretched it over the joint. I put the ends of the tape together tightly and neatly. The mess looks great. It is highly recommended for this purpose.

3. FiberFix 38201 Repair Wrap Tape

FiberFix 38201 Repair Wrap Tape

There is a repair wrap for one roll. Fiber Fix 1 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem. FiberFix is the solution to all your breaks, tears and cracks. FiberFix is 100 times stronger than duct tape and can be used for a long time. If you want to unbreak things, FiberFix is the only way to do it. Fix it yourself by soaking FiberFix in water, applying it to any surface that needs repair, and waiting for 10 minutes. "Do it yourself" has never been more cost effective. Saturday was saved. No one wants to spend their Saturday in a store, even if it is for hours looking for replacement parts. Save your Saturday by using FiberFix. There is a repair wrap. The FiberFix 2 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem. There is a repair wrap. The FiberFix 2 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem.

Brand: Fiberfix

👤In case of an emergency, I bought this. You never need it. My muffler got loud when it started leaking. I thought this would be a good time to use this product, but I found out it was a returned item because there were parts missing. I followed the instructions to soak the roll in water, however, it had already hardened, and the date on the package says it's good until July 27th. I uploaded a picture of it here. My advice is to use it right away. Don't waste your money like I did, there are better products out there.

👤The tape was terrible. I put the tape in the warm water and it didn't do anything. I was able to put the tape on, but it didn't stick or attach to what I was trying to attach to. I bought another roll a year ago and it was great. The package was Pathetic. I had to return the first package back to you because it was supposed to be a 2 roll pack. I returned the good roll and received the new ones that were DEFECTIVE. I don't think I will hear from them. If the roll seems very hard through the sealed package, it is time to return it.

👤Thanks to another review, I knew not to cut the fabric before dunking the roll in water. This was used to fix my Sony Gold Wireless Headset which is prone to cracking around the hinges. The rock is solid. Couldn't have been better. I bought a new headset for 60 bucks. The important step in the instructions is to rub the area with your hands to make sure the epoxy doesn't get stuck in the fabric.

👤I'm writing to tell you about a situation where FiberFix worked perfectly, even though it wasn't the only thing that didn't work. I have a gazebo that costs $350 at a cabin in the woods. The last time I was there, a tree fell across the metal cross-members of the gazebo frame, but did not break them. The frame members are made of hollow metal and are strong enough to hold the gazebo canopy but not strong enough to hold a falling tree. A few of the welded metal joints were just about broken and were holding on with tiny pieces of metal while a few of the straight shafts were bent and starting to rust. Before starting the repair process, I straightened out the bent shafts and joints. I decided to try FiberFix because a new gazebo would cost hundreds of dollars. I followed the directions when I bought the single tape package. I got a pair of junky scissors to see if I could cut the tape and get multiple repairs out of one roll of fiberglass tape. Apparently some other people have tried this. I knew I had to work quickly because it worked just fine. I made sure that every application point was ready for taping before I started the repair process. I dipped the roll in the water for about 10 seconds, but it wasn't long enough for water to get to the center of the roll of tape. I cut the first straight tube with the scissors after wrapping it around about 5 times. The tape was easy to cut. I wrapped the joint tightly with the included tape before I went to the next repair spot. It would have been useful to have several "tightening" tape sections. I tried Saran wrap, which worked well, but couldn't wrap as tightly as FiberFix. I wrapped the second repair point about 6 times around the metal tubing after wrapping the first one. Since I used the tightening tape on my first repair, I was only able to hand-wrap this repair point with my hands, but it worked out fine since it's sandable. After I wrapped the second repair point, I cut the fiberglass tape again and went to the third repair point. I wrapped the metal tubing joint around it about six times, and I was out of tape. I had to tighten that repair point as well, but it worked well. I got a second kit and went through the same process to fix the other three bent shafts and joints. The FiberFix tape has hardened into something similar to rock or steel after six repairs. It's much cheaper to replace the whole gazebo than it is to replace the metal tubing. For repairing cheap bent metal tubing, FiberFix worked perfectly, quickly, and easily.

4. Silicone Waterproof Solution Electrical Plumbing

Silicone Waterproof Solution Electrical Plumbing

Silicone tapes can help to seal damaged hoses, plumbing, water and gas pipes, and many more home or automotive emergency repair as repair tape. Appropriate as electrical wires or hand tool tape, work for plant maintenance, coil insulation, and other types of protection exposed to high pressure and temperature. This will make two objects into one. The tape is so strong that it will be almost impossible to unwound, and you will only be able to cut it with a knife. The tape is very long, meaning an ever lasting relationship. Save money and time by repairing, don't replace. Was the hose torn? Is the pipe broken? Is the window leaking? Keep your fence shut! This emergency tape can be used to fix anything, no need to call a professional. Simply apply the tape in a tightly, and cut the tape if you want the best results. Clean, no mess. Unlike other companies who sell similar tape to ours, they have manufactured this sealant tape to leave a noticeable void. You won't be able to wipe off leftover stickiness from your hands for the next few weeks. Do you need to remove the tape? No problem! Simply remove the tape. Water, snow, and weatherproof. You can rest assured that whatever you are connecting will last through any sort of bad weather, because the high quality tape creates a 100% seal. Get creative with possibilities. There is no limit to what you can do with this miracle tape, you can use it in your kitchen, glove compartment, or car. Don't allow anything to surprise you, keep a roll of arms long! It's perfect for general handyman. Use the big roll for instument and keep the small roll handy.

Brand: 2wayz

👤I bought the product to fix the outdoor hose. I applied the tape after I cleaned off the hose. I let the small hole heal overnight and had 3 in of overlap on each side. I decided to test it out on the water the next morning and it started to burst. The tape is not recommended for repairs that involve more than atmospheric pressure. You will be disappointed. I might be able to get a refund.

👤I was disappointed in the product when I finally used it. I have had other handmen tell me how great it was, so maybe I got a bit off. I gave up trying to wrap one inlet waterline because the owner wanted a thin barrier between the pipe and ground. I was better off using Scotch tape because the stuff hardly stuck to itself. I had to eat the fifteen and went to the home depot to find a similar product. I had to keep crawling in and out of the crawl space because this was a new customer. I did the job for free so that they would use me for future projects.

👤I suspect that not enough people are aware of the product. There are a lot of uses. I use it on the reel seat area to make it feel better. It will last forever when applied properly.

👤There was a small leak on a pool pipe. I tried this because I didn't want to replace the whole thing. I wrapped it well and it worked. It is flexible and stretchable. You can get a tight wrap with it. Will definitely buy it again.

👤This is useless on garden hoses, I should have listened to the other reviewers. I marked the spot, taped it, and left it for the next day, but the water flowed and the sides of the tape became sticky. It would be funny if it didn't cost me. It's good for other things but not as good as advertised for garden hoses. Put your money toward a new hose.

👤I liked the way the tape was made. An X-Acto blade is useful for shaping. I originally used this tape on my motorized bicycle project, but have found other applications. I would like it to be available in a larger amount.

👤It's hardly even close, they call it self-fusing. The end of the wrap sticks out when you cut an extension cord. It isn't fusing. That leads to it eventually pulling off.

👤I have used fusion tape for a long time. The product is great. Does it work for the amount of tape/price point? It's important to stretch the tape while it's being installed.

5. Duck 442055 Wrap Fix Repair 1 Inch

Duck 442055 Wrap Fix Repair 1 Inch

Extension cords, phone charger cables, TV cables, wire harness, transformer insulation, cable management, coil encapsulation, repair damaged wiring, cable and wire organize, entertainment center, organizing wire, change wire colors are some of the electrical connections that are sealed. Silicone repair tape. A seal is created. It's ideal for plumbing, auto and marine use. UV, chemical and weather resistant.

Brand: Duck

👤The user needs a high water-pressure fix. I agree with the other reviews that this product is an impressive invention, just an impressively designed rubber/silicon product that stretches and interlocks into itself. I think this tape will solve your problem in low to medium pressure water situations. I will keep a roll in my house. I'm writing this review to help people who have a high water pressure gap that needs to be fixed. This tape won't do the trick. I worked on a very high pressure pipe for 5 different times, and each time the tape gave way. I wanted to add this review to the others so people who need a structural solution don't bother with this tape. I still give it 4 stars because it is very well made, can fix tons of low-to-medium pressure problems, and is useful in some non-plumbing, wood/metal/plastic binding situations. It's a great product, but can't handle intense water pressure.

👤The nozzle on my garden hose has a small leak and I bought this because of it. I wrapped the entire roll of tape around the hose and continued past the sprayer. The tape ends and the water sprays straight out. I wrapped it tightly. The water goes through it.

👤I had a leak in my garden hose, but it was not bad. I would try to fix it before buying a new hose. My first attempt failed because I didn't wrap it tightly enough. The second try seems to have worked. It has been working well so far.

👤A rat chewed through the hose line. It was used to patch the hole and then resealed the area where the hole was.

👤I've been wanting to get some of this tape for a long time. I got some a week ago. My son was stuck in his car for 20 miles with a crack in the engine's cooling system before he could get it to the upper hose. I used the tape to wrap the pipe after I rescued him. I was hoping it would get him home. It worked so well that I am getting a roll to keep in each of my family's cars. It's a must have.

👤I wouldn't buy it again because it didn't work for me.

👤The idea behind this stuff is that it's supposed to bond to itself without any glue, so you can use a tube of rubber to fix things. The reality is that it works. I don't know if dust in the air or oil from your fingertips is interfering with the bonding process, or if I'm not doing it right, but I followed the instructions and other reviewers' comments exactly. The product takes a long time to come loose, and there's a lot of product included in the package, so you can always rewrap your fix every few months. I would prefer it to be a permanent fix. It's difficult to apply. What amount do you cut? Why isn't it sticking to itself? Even if you wash your hands first, it will still get gunked up with dust and finger oil, so you don't really get a second try. I would buy it again, but it's not perfect.

6. FIBERFIX 8 57101E 11 FiberFix Repair

FIBERFIX 8 57101E 11 FiberFix Repair

The heat generated so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing is dissipated. 100x stronger than DUCT TAPE. Fiber Fix is the solution to all your broken bones. Fiber Fix is 100 times stronger than duct tape and can be used for a long time. If you want to unbreak things, Fiber Fix is the only thing to do. You can do it yourself by soaking Fiber Fix in water, applying it to any surface that needs repair, and waiting for 10 minutes. "Do it yourself" has never been more cost effective. Saturday was saved. No one wants to spend their Saturday in a store, even if it is for hours looking for replacement parts. Save your Saturday by using Fiber Fix. There is a repair wrap for one roll. Fiber Fix 1 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem. There is a repair wrap for one roll. Fiber Fix 1 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem.

Brand: Fiberfix

👤The product seems to work as claimed so far. The bad news: The package is a one-time use dealie, according to the Amazon product description. When you open the package, you have 5 minutes to use the entire contents, and you can make more than one repair at the same time. You can't re-package an unused portion. Potential buyers with small repairs should be aware that the product is in smaller packages, rather than buying a large package, which might be wasted on a small repair.

👤It was difficult to take out the package. I used the product and followed all the directions, but it didn't bend. Even though there were no defects in the package, it must have activated in it. Can't return!

👤The deck umbrella was broken in half at the support point. I could drill a new hole and put in a nut and bolt after this stuff hardened. It has been through 2 wind storms.

👤Wrap wouldn't stick together. The wrap did not adhere to the pipe or to itself after I wrapped it around it. I am a bit suspicious that the packaging may have been exposed to some sort of water while it was on the shelf. The wrap was hard to put down. The wrap did not feel tacky when I applied water. The product did not work.

👤There was a small leak in a sprinkler pipe. After turning off water, cleaned and dried pipe, sanded pipe, opened packet and submerged tape, wrapped it tightly around the leak, and let it dry for an hour, followed all instructions. It made its way past the tape after leaking less. It's too good to be true.

👤The package was very old and I followed the instructions to the letter but the tape was not able to be applied as it was dry and hard despite being soaked in the water. Even after soaking for 30 seconds. I watched a video to make sure I used it correctly. It was rock hard and not soft.

👤A delivery person put water on the patio table. He wanted to not dump them on the porch, but they were too heavy and cracked the leg of my table. He gets his Christmas tip from me. It's a word. The table was unstable after that. I didn't want a new one since it matched my other furniture. It wasn't strong enough to be fixed with duct tape. I couldn't figure out how to use glue since it was a hollow tube. I couldn't fashion a collar because it is curved. I thought of expanding spray insulation to spray in the tube, but it wasn't strong enough to hold a table. I was hoping this would work for my table after seeing it on a video. I read the directions after getting a roll. I failed. I wanted it to be thin. I had to rewrap the plastic rattan over it. When it hardened, I fussed too long and it was loose. It was like a bracelet on my table. I was impressed with the strength of it. I should have bought more than one the first time. I took care to wrap it tightly. I practiced with the first roll how long a piece I needed, where to start, and how to avoid creases. It worked well. I don't know how I messed up the first time. I think you should wrap it tightly and not keep fooling with it. It holds to the thing you're fixing, not just to itself. They sell mini rolls or patches of this stuff. I don't need the whole big roll, you have to use it once you open the foil package. If you have something small to fix, look around your house for anything else that might need fixing before you start, you don't have to waste as much. I don't know if there is a way to save the unused portion, but it is a great product. I like to fix little things. Cracks in things, scratches, hinges, switches, tangled jewelry, crooked trim, even poorly formatted documents, bother me until I have to try to fix them. It's a good thing! I have tried many products. I like this! This, weldbond, 2 part epoxy, sugru, and sticky tack are some of my favorites.

7. Miracle Self Fusing Silicone Repair Tape

Miracle Self Fusing Silicone Repair Tape

Silicone pipe tape has a temperature range of -60500F. Repels water, ice, salt, oil, gasoline and harsh chemicals. After exposure to liquids, it's important that you get rid of it quickly. Blocks harmful UV rays. If removed, there is no sticky residue. Extreme performance is 12x more efficient than traditional electrical tape. High temperatures can be reached to extreme cold. In humid conditions, won't melt. Plumbing repairs include pool hoses, dishwasher hose, sink drain pipe, PEX pipe and vacuum hose. Extension cords, phone charger cables, TV cables, wire harness, transformer insulation, cable management, coil encapsulation, repair damaged wiring, cable and wire organize, entertainment center, organizing wire, change wire colors are some of the electrical connections that are sealed.

Brand: Tommy Tape

👤The price per foot is the lowest when purchased in bulk. I gambled that the product would be very high quality. I was correct. I needed to seal off the leaking black pipe gas joints in the old church. The years of leaking caused a film to build up on the pipe itself, because it was covered in paint. I tried to seal the leaks with steel reinforced products, but they all failed. The engineer shut the gas lines off after I cleaned and sanded the pipe joints. I wrapped the Tommy Tape around the leaking pipe joints. It worked so well that I was able to make a prediction that came true. The repaired joints caused leaks to appear at other weak points in the lines. I sealed them with Tommy Tape. There is no more gas leak in the building after 3 weeks. I have used Tommy Tape to seal off my leaking shower head, cap off electrical lines, Wrap the handles of an old pair of pinking shears, and Seal off a leaking copper water line. Buying over engineered products makes sense. Silicone wrap was originally developed for the armed forces to seal off leaking fuel and coolant lines in military equipment, and perform a variety of instant repairs while in the field. If this product is used correctly, it's unlikely that it won't exceed your expectations. I would recommend this product to anyone who works in the trades.

👤Five colors, plus clear, the plastic that keeps it from bonding to wrap on the roll is 10 feet, but you stretch it as you wrap, so the tape is longer as applied. Yhis is thinner than most Silicones, so it builds thickness slower, but it has less of a "bump" at the end. The multi colors allow for protection. I'm out as soon as the budget allows.

👤It is very flexible and can be stretched tightly. Repairs for auto leaks are good. I haven't tried it long term, so I can't say how long it will last. I think it will hold up if it stops the leak first. If it does not completely stop the leak, it will create a temporary fix for the leaking water hose, and slow down the leak if it does not completely stop it. There are many uses beyond the obvious if you use your imagination.

👤I use this stuff instead of heat shrink. It replaces electrical tape for a lot of applications. Cut off a length, peel off the backing, stretch and wrap it around your wires, you're done! Insulating, waterproof and durable. I use a flashlight body to hold my gloves in winter. We can easily hold on to the slippery dog leashes if I wrap them. Really great stuff.

👤I saw the warnings about some brands being thinner, but I wanted that. I bought one roll from the hardware store for $10 and it was awesome. It was used as an upgrade. I saw this at an awesome price and an assortment of colors in one pack. It is thinner than the other brand but it is what I need. I would recommend this seller to my friends and I would buy it again. Thx again for the right stuff.

8. 3M 03625 Wrap Repair Silicone

3M 03625 Wrap Repair Silicone

The FiberFix 10X Tape is the best way to prepare yourself. There is a pocket sized box knife and 20 yards of industrial strong tape. The patch pantyhose are for repair. Fix broken pipes or seal leaks by wrapping the tape around the repair area and allowing the silicone to form a permanent, air and water tight seal. It's easy to use, it creates no mess and requires no special tools to fix pipes. Versatile tape is recommended for many uses. A TIGHT PERMANENT SEAL was created. Water and air tight seals are created by self-fusing properties. Curved surface repairs are easy because of the formability and flexibility of tape. It is highly weatherable. The tape is resistant to heat, UV and extreme temperatures. Clear in color for less visible repairs.

Brand: 3m

👤I bought this product because it said it could fix my garden hose, which has a hole. It was cheaper to go this route if the hose worked than to replace it. I let it sit for a few days, hoping that would help solidify the seal, because I was very careful as to follow the instructions perfectly. It didn't slow the leak down. The water is coming out of the side of the tape, and I wrapped it about 6 inches farther down from the hole on both sides, as the instructions said. Normally 3M products work better than most others, but this one was a complete failure. It looks like it would work well for other reasons, but don't bother trying to patch a garden hose with this, you will just be throwing money away.

👤I've used this tape many times to repair copper pipes in my basement, and some of the repairs have lasted for years without further leaking, despite the fact that most people don't recommend this tape for permanent repairs. The tape has to be stretched tightly to make it adhere to the pipe. Since I didn't pull hard enough the first time, I had to do some repairs again.

👤This stuff is amazing. It only takes a few seconds for self-adherent to happen. It's so strong you can get it tight enough to collapse a weaker hose or pipe, so make sure to use something inside or outside to prevent that. This stuff sealed a medium pressure rubber that had a big tear over an inch long. Highly recommended!

👤This was bought to fix a garden hose. I applied the tape as instructed after I cleaned the hose surface. The tape was not very good at attaching to the hose I was trying to repair. It didn't work for me as water quickly worked its way out under the patch. It might work better for non-flexible pipes. The problem was the lack of attachment to the hose.

👤There were many attempts with other products before this one. They all failed at stopping a leak on old pipes. I didn't think anything would solve our problem, but this did! Amazon! At this point, there are no issues. We kept more in our house. Highly recommended.

👤Wrap and Repair is a thin form of silicone tape. It's almost like a thick rubber band, that you stretch and apply around anything that you want to seal together. The stretch and circling around of the tape causes it to self stick to what you need it to. It is best used to wrap around something. You stretch it to twice it's length, and circle it around what you need to wrap. I don't think it's possible to apply it flat. I use it around my place of employment. I decided to wrap the tubing around with this because I had a plumbing leak that couldn't be sealed with silicone caulk. There was a leak. There is a I applied it to some of the connections that wouldn't stay together. Another problem was solved. I'm really glad to have this, but I don't know how long the hold will last.

9. FiberFix Stonger Bearing Untearable Resistant

FiberFix Stonger Bearing Untearable Resistant

There is a repair wrap. The FiberFix 2 inch repair wrap is the only thing that can fix all the cracks and breaks that are inconvenient and create a big problem. 10X STRONGER than DUCT TAPE. FiberFix 10X Tape is the solution to all your broken bones. Use your pocket knife to cut the heavy duty tape. .8 in. x 20 yds. FiberFix 10X Tape is the only thing you need to repair anything if you want to break it. The FiberFix 10X Tape can be stored in a variety of places; your glove box, garage, tool box, purse, or trunk. A repair kit is within arm's reach. Fix it yourself. This tape makes it easy to fix things. Why pay a professional to fix something when you can do it yourself? The FiberFix 10X Tape is the best way to prepare yourself. There is a pocket sized box knife and 20 yards of industrial strong tape. The FiberFix 10X Tape is the best way to prepare yourself. There is a pocket sized box knife and 20 yards of industrial strong tape.

Brand: Fiberfix

👤The important thing to know is that this is not the " 100X" FiberFix which you may have seen performing amazing feats. That's the stuff you soak before using, and then cures hard to form a structural repair. This is just plastic tape. Its strength layer is made up of red and black strips of reinforcing. A clear layer on top of that leaves the surface slick. I don't have high hopes for how permanent this tape will be if left out in the sun, and the glue doesn't seem to be anything special. It's doing a good job of repairing a fiberglass shovel handle which had big cracks and holes in it's outer plastic surface, and it is strong.

👤I was not happy with this product. If you are going to advertise your tape as something to be used on things like tools and tarps, then you know that it's going to be used outside. The double layer tape doesn't expand at the same rate in the sun, and it's so weak that the two layers bubbling away from each other will pull it away from whatever you stuck it to. I was expecting something better than this for $10 a roll. Products used to patch and fix things have to last longer than a day.

👤If there's tension involved, the glue can loosen if the overlap across the seam is large. The two layers of tape will expand at different rates if the item is repaired or assembled in a hot day. It's useful for things that will always be at room temperatures, but it's not as useful for things that may get warm in use. It sticks well to smooth surfaces, but it may not have enough grip on things that are rougher. It was topnotch for assembling parts from pattern-cut coroplast, but not as great for securing a wiring harness in a minivan.

👤I bought FiberFix tape to reinforce my wooden slats that were starting to break because of the extra load it was taking on. The tape up close looks like a checker pattern of woven material reinforced with a thick plastic along with glue. The pictures you see show it in a different color than the one I got. I think the red/black calls too much attention to itself and it's easy to blend all black. I don't know if the color I got was luck of the draw or just an update to the product. You can use the mini blade inside the roll of tape to cut it. I preferred using scissors to cut the line. The tape has a hard plastic layer so it's not flexible like duct tape, but it's more durable because of that. It does a great job when used in correct applications. I wrapped wooden slats and used FiberFix Wrap to reinforce them. I recommend watching how people use this tape. It's strong and won't break easily if used correctly. It is recommended.

👤Money and resources are hard to come by in a school where things can occasionally hit the floor. In this case, laptops. I don't know a lot about computers, but I know that if it works, I'm not going to wait 3 months for our IT dept to fix the plastic and cover up the exposed inside of the computer. The FiberFix 10x Tape is able to cover up exposed insides without having to call in our IT people to send it off for repair. The laptops have a natural texture to them. The clear layer of tape on top of the woven plastic makes it easier to layer the tape and harder for the kids to pick it off. I use a razor blade to smooth the edges.

10. ATack Waterproof Weatherproof Self Fusing Emergency

ATack Waterproof Weatherproof Self Fusing Emergency

Get creative with possibilities. There is no limit to what you can do with this miracle tape, you can use it in your kitchen, glove compartment, or car. Don't allow anything to surprise you, keep a roll of arms long! It's perfect for general handyman. Use the big roll for instument and keep the small roll handy. Silicone Tape does not melt up to 120C. It's ideal for emergency repairs for automotive, plumbing, marine, gardening, hose, electrical, outdoor and indoor applications. Silicone rubber tape can be used for high pressure and high temperature pipe, hose, andHVAC leaks because it is waterproof and air tight. Silicone plumbing tape is stretchable and can be used in cold environments up to -50C. This clear silicone tape has high resistance to heat, harsh chemicals, and is approved for use in industrial applications. The heat generated so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing is dissipated. Silicone tape is the best self bonding tape for outdoor pipe and hose seal, electric cable, antenna, plumbing and duct repair, hand and sporting tools, and other emergency repairs. The heat generated so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing is dissipated. Silicone tape is the best self bonding tape for outdoor pipe and hose seal, electric cable, antenna, plumbing and duct repair, hand and sporting tools, and other emergency repairs.

Brand: Atack

👤Please read this carefully, because it could explain why some people gave this a bad review. I wanted to make a water tight seal with this silicone tape, so I bought it. That's not how it works. It won't stick to anything, but itself, so it doesn't stick to the thing you're sealing. It sticks very well to itself. It's stretchy and strong, so if you wrap it tightly around a pipe, it will create a very good seal. A pocket knife will not leave anything on the knife. I have to give this 5 stars because it is very good. It wasn't what I was looking for.

👤The product did not stick to anything. Not recommended.

👤I have ordered the ATack Silicone Fusion Tape twice. I got XFasten Vinyl tape because of the mislabels. Please see the picture. I want the ATack tape.

👤The product was shipped quickly and was reasonably priced. I used this tape for a small repair on my boat and it worked great. The tape is easy to use. I would recommend this to everyone. The product is five star.

👤This product is the bomb and we were skeptical at first. We had a leak in our pool hose, and it was annoying. The tube had a raised area and a grooves. I was not sure how to fix the leak. This tape worked. We put it on, pressed hard, and within a minute the leak was stopped. I love this.

11. Rescue Tape RT01019 BRK RT1000201201USCO

Rescue Tape RT01019 BRK RT1000201201USCO

It cures with visible blue light in minutes. There is enough material in the kit to make 3 average size repairs. Rescue tape is usually carried in an Emergency bag, car or boat. Rescue tape can handle temperatures up to 500F and pressures up to 950 PSI, so it's easy to fix a broken hot pipe. Rescue Tape is very durable and does not leave any sticky messes like duck tape. Rescue tape doesn't stick to anything so you don't need to apply it to anything. Excellent insulant. It creates insulation that is up to 8000 Volts per layer. You can either protect your wires from salt water or put your Christmas lights out. There is a damage battle kit. Rescue tape is the only Silicon tape used by the U.S. military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit. It was made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Rescue Tape

👤We had to repair a leaking pipe after my pool pipe broke. The tape sticks to itself. Pull the tape around the pipe. Wrap it around the pipe and then back on itself. It works in pouring water. Pull hard and stretch it to 3 times what you rolled off. I used it under a sink in my home and have never had the pipe repaired because the tape works so well and then it becomes brittle and you have to cut it off. This is the best thing that has ever happened. People don't wrap it tight. You have to do more than just wrap. You have to wrap it around the pipe and then on itself. You just have to pull and stretch it, like you would tape anything. Wrap it up. Wrap around leaks and then back over itself.

👤I never write reviews but this product was so bad that I had to. I used a roll of rescue tape on the leak. When the water was turned on, it simply worked its way under the tape, blew it up and then leaked as bad as it did without any tape applied. I will not trust the seller with any product in the future because it is so bad. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I believe that the first production of this tape was called F1 tape or something similar. There was a stripe on it. I was skeptical about this brand but now I see it works the same as if it were better. People rate this product with low stars because they use it wrong. How to properly use it. If you're trying to fix a leaking water pipe, the first thing you should do is dry the side of the pipe that's leaking. You can stretch it around the leak and put pressure on the end of the tape by coming back to the middle. I've used this on everything and it's never let me down. It's important to start with a clean wrap so the rest of you don't get wet and dirty. To clean the starting point, use alcohol or a clean rag. The stuff is a hero for a handyman.

👤I cleaned the hose and stretched the rescue tape as much as I can, but it could not hold the fluid pressure, even though it was rated for 900psi.

👤It's a specialty product. It's kind of misleading to call it a tape. It is only a glue. It does adhere to itself very well. It's more like a solid substance in a roll. It's too expensive to use a product that won't work where another product will work. It will not work as a flat patch because it must be wrapped and stretched. It can affect a permanent repair, such as garden hose, electrical, and plumbing repairs. A leaking cooling hose on an automotive type engine is a good sign that the hose needs to be replaced. It can be a non- emergency situation. This product is very good. It is very good at what it is supposed to do. Just be aware of the limitations.


What is the best product for repair wrap tape?

Repair wrap tape products from Llpt. In this article about repair wrap tape you can see why people choose the product. Xfasten and Fiberfix are also good brands to look for when you are finding repair wrap tape.

What are the best brands for repair wrap tape?

Llpt, Xfasten and Fiberfix are some of the best brands that chosen by people for repair wrap tape. Find the detail in this article. 2wayz, Duck and Fiberfix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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