Best Sensodyne Repair and Protect Whitening Toothpaste

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1. Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Whitening Sensitive

Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Whitening Sensitive

Three tubes of Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. Sensitivity toothpaste can be used to clean away surface stains. It provides 24 hour sensitivity protection and relief. It is possible to use toothpaste with flouride that fights cavities. You will get a 3 pack of toothpaste that will keep you stocked for longer. The benefits of Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste can be experienced by brushing twice a day.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤There is nothing special about the ingredients. I found something that made my pain go away. I had been using Sensodyne for a long time and didn't get any relief, so I bought a Hydroxyapatite toothpaste, which my dentist said was what teeth are actually made out of. It will be away in less than a month. I am amazed that brushing my teeth hurts. I found something that actually helped, I have been dealing with the pain for a long time, and no one is giving me any compensation or discount for this information. I don't know if Amazon will let me, but I will link the product below, which is called Pearlie White Active Remineralization Toothpaste. Pearlie White Active Remineralization Toothpaste is free of floride. Hydroxyapatite and Xylitol are included in the remineralizing toothpaste for tooth repair.

👤This is not real. Do not buy. There is no logo on the top right corner.

👤If your teeth are sensitive, and you eat ice cream or eat a hot burger, then this will help you a lot. If you have a receding gum, or if you brush your teeth too hard, you will expose your tooth dentin, which will cause shooting pains in your mouth. This toothpaste fills in the holes in the tooth so food can't get to the nerve and cause a shooting pain. I used this toothpaste for a long time. At one point I switched to another toothpaste and the pain came back. There are no other toothpastes that reduce the pain as dramatically as this one. Different versions of sensodyne might be more expensive than the regular toothpaste. I would buy any version of sensodyne that is the cheapest you can find if you have healthy sensitive teeth. They are all the same ingredients and will help with sensitive teeth. The cheapest I have been able to get locally is the 3 pack on Amazon.

👤I bought this pack a month or so ago, but I am not a happy camper, so it is too late to return it. I opened the first tube a couple of weeks ago, and every time I use it, the inside of my lips and cheeks have peeled. I thought it was caused by the sugar-free smiln discs I bought at the same time. I stopped eating those, and was able to narrow down the new phenomenon to the morning after I used this toothpaste. It hurts when my mouth peel off. I've tried it out enough to know that it's the toothpaste that's causing this. I switched to the Sensodyne brand because my dentist said the Sensodyne brand worked better than Colgate Sensitive. It was a bad decision. This is the first time that toothpaste has done this to me. If you have the same problem, open it and try it out right away. It was terrible.

👤This is not a real product. I've used Sensodyne for a long time. I noticed tooth sensitivity after using the toothpaste I bought on Amazon. Painfully shocking "zingers" and an ache in my front teeth started. I felt something in my mouth after brushing my teeth. I pulled out the Q-tip from my mouth after I ran it along my gum line. The skin on my cheeks, gums, and roof of mouth was burned off. This stuff is caustic and can cause mouth infections. I bought Sensodyne from my local store after reading similar experiences. It worked well. Not sure what this stuff is. The hologram seal is missing. Don't buy here! I'm not sure what I've been brushing my teeth with.

2. Sensodyne Sensitivity Sensitive Toothpaste Gingivitis

Sensodyne Sensitivity Sensitive Toothpaste Gingivitis

There are four 3.4-ounce tubes of Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Sensitive Toothpaste. The sensitivity toothpaste protects the dentin from pain. Gum health toothpaste can help reduce swollen, bleeding gums. Clean and Fresh toothpaste has two benefits in one. It is clean and fresh and leaves you with fresh breath. There are anticavity and gingivitis toothpastes. Twice daily, brush for two minutes.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤This product contains a substance known to cause canker sores. The full list of ingredients was not on Amazon, so I will be trying to get a refund. If you have sensitivity, stay away from SLS.

👤The cost is average for this type of toothpaste, with a mild mint flavor. I don't drink coffee or tea, but I do drink a 12 ounce can of DietPepsi and I haven't noticed a change in my teeth color. After brushing my teeth with the toothpaste, I know it cleans them. I brush with water to remove the toothpaste. I know my teeth are clean.

👤My dentist wanted me to use this when I was in my 20s. I have done it all this time. I will be 78 years old. My teeth are white and I have never had a dental checkup. Take action.

👤I like the product. There are many kinds of toothpaste. Whitening, sensitivity, gum health are all important to me and this offers them all.

👤Don't know if the claims are true, but the tube is only half full and that's being generous.

👤It has made a huge difference in my pain levels, and my dentist recommended it. I'm sold.

👤Sensodyne was recommended to me by my dentist. I thought I had cracked a dog. The doctor recommened this product to help settle the tooth. The nerve was irritated due to the thin enamel and he felt that due to age and wear it was thin. The toothpaste has helped.

👤Very helpful with people who have dental issues. I have noticed a great improvement after using it. For the first time, I gave it a thumbs up.

3. Sensodyne Pronamel Breath Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Pronamel Breath Toothpaste Sensitive

Three tubes of Fresh Wave Sensodyne Pronamel Fresh Breath Enamel Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth were used. Acid erosion can be caused by exposure to acidic foods. It is possible to protect your teeth from pain caused by cold, heat, acids, and contact. Fight bad breath and improve your teeth health with this fresh breath toothpaste. Acid erosion toothpaste 3 pack is specially formulated to strengthen and reharden teeth. It leaves you with a fresh, clean, minty feeling. Twice daily, brush for two minutes.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤I'd been using Sensodyne Pronamel Fresh Breath tooth paste for several years and buying it in the US. I ordered 3 packs from Amazon last year because my stock was shortening. I opened my first tube last week and it didn't go well. I noticed some differences in taste and texture, and I had to stop using the product. I took a closer look at the product I bought from you. The packaging colors of the item I received are completely different from the ones in the previous tubes I bought, and the ones shown in the picture on the Amazon page. The tube I had, has a Registerd symbol for Pronamel, but the ones I bought from you doesn't. This is a very serious issue for me and it's a health issue. I'm not happy with the purchase.

👤The advertising is not accurate. I paid $17 for a tube of toothpaste. I went back to look after the 3 tubes of toothpaste in the picture but could not find anything. Who would pay $17 for a tube of toothpaste?

👤This was the second time I ordered this item, and it came with only one toothpaste, not three. The packaging looks like a cheap imitation of the normal packaging I have been using for many years. The colors are simplified and the tube feels flimsy. Take a look at the photos. Amazon only sent me one item, so I was able to get a refund. It was not a great experience.

👤I have roots in the back of my mouth that are very sensitive. I used sensodyne and it hurt my roots if it wasn't already frothy. I switched to this and have noticed my roots are not as sensitive. If you need help with your roots, you should definitely consider this.

👤Great tasting and freshness! I trust Sensodyne for their help with teeth sensitivity. I haven't tried it long enough to see the results, but I will come back in a month or two with my comments.

👤The product is ground breaking. I used this miracle product on my teeth and breath and it made me feel better, even though my teeth felt dirty and my breath smelled bad. I will never brush my teeth without toothpaste. If you're doing it wrong, buy this toothpaste. I will not be the same.

👤I buy toothpaste on the internet because of the apocalypse.

👤I have sensitive teeth and have been buying a non-whitening version of the Sensodyne brand for years. It works! Ask your dentist or dental hygienist about the effects of a whitening agent on your teeth. If you want to strengthen your teeth, why use a whitening agent instead of toothpaste? It seems counter-intuitive. Sensodyne Pronamel is for specialist protection. It's advertised to protect against the effects of acid. Sounds good to me. There is a new version called Intensive Enamel REPAIR. It has the same list and percentage of active ingredients, but in a smaller tube. It costs about the same and is advertised to help repair acid-weakened areas. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two versions? I think the consumer is getting 15% less product for the same price.

4. Sensodyne Sensitivity Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Sensitivity Whitening Toothpaste Sensitive

Stannous Fluoride is an active ingredient in a 3.4 ounce tube. No.1 dentist recommended a brand for sensitive teeth. Increased protection from temperature and touch is built with continued use. The ingredient is clinically proven to target the cause of gum problems. Twice daily brushing helps to remove stains from teeth.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤It takes a bit to get used to flavor. It is not bad, but it is not my first choice. I quickly got used to it. I am a heavy coffee and tea drinker and my teeth haven't gotten any more yellow, so at the very least, it maintains my current shade. It's too early to review as well. Those were not the reasons that I bought this. My teeth have become sensitive to the point where chewing mint gum on the left side of my mouth would hurt. I started using this because I didn't want to deal with that. How fast did my sensitivity go away? I had improved within a day or two, but not immediately. Within a week, I feel like I don't have any sensitivity at all. I never thought I would say that. I used to go to the dentist with a waterpick. I used to experience pain due to my teeth. I went back recently and didn't flinch. Thanks to Sensodyne, I feel great. If your teeth hurt with cold items or mint, please take care of yourself by using this, I will only say that if your gums hurt for no reason, please take care of yourself. I think it will help you.

👤It made my entire mouth raw. There were lie bumps under my tongue. It went away completely when I stopped using it.

👤For the past four years, I've had to have my dentist push back the swelling in the gum above the rear upper molar in order to treat the beginning of decay below the gum line. The gum would swell in the tooth when I had certain acidic foods. When tooth brushing hits that area, it will cause bleeding. I tried rinsing with salt water and it didn't work. I brushed Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum with a soft bristled toothbrush after brushing my regular toothpaste. The gum was no longer swollen or sensitive by the next morning. I have been following this procedure with no bleeding, swelling or sensitivity to the gum area. What a relief!

👤The toothpaste is slightly thicker. I love that it has stannous flouride. It strengthens gum tissue and protects it from decay.

👤I've been using sensitive tooth toothpaste for a long time. This is the first one that has stopped my pain completely.

👤My gum and tooth sensitivity were gone within a few days. The taste isn't bad. I like the thickness. I don't think you need more than a pea sized amount. I wish it came in a larger tube. I will deal with that for how much I like it. It's worth it.

👤I really like the product. I will never buy from Amazon again. I just got a new tube of toothpaste from my dentist. I ordered this three pack from Amazon. There is a strong smell to the toothpaste. I would say it was a kind of toothpaste made from the active ingredient in marijuana. This tastes nothing like the brand my dentist gave me. I don't feel safe using it and I'm going to use three tubes.

5. Sensodyne Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

There are two 3.4-ounce tubes of Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste. The dentist recommended a brand of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Sensodyne toothpaste builds a repairing layer inside the tubules of your teeth. Stannous formula provides protection against sensitivity with twice daily brushing. Sensitivity relief and lasting protection can be achieved with toothpaste with an ingredient that is clinically proven. You can go back to the things that you enjoy eating with this toothpaste. The toothpaste is breath-freshening.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤I think we got a counterfeit toothpaste. I have ordered in the past and it has been fine. The consistency of the toothpaste was completely different when I opened the first tube. It was not dry. The tube has an expired stamped on it. I looked at the tube and noticed that the markings were different when compared to store bought. Amazon made it right by refunding my money. I am not sure if I am getting the actual product, so I will not purchase this again.

👤I think it's a little potent, but it takes a long time to get my taste back after using it. It's definitely a winner, but I'm going to switch back to the non "Repair and Protect" version which doesn't have the same numbing effect on me.

👤Whitens and helps with sensitivity, but burns my tongue to the point I can't taste anything anymore. I don't usually write reviews, but I should warn you. This toothpaste is great for teeth sensitivity and can be used to whiten teeth. Even though they are white, my teeth whitened even more. It burns the interior of my lips and under my tongue. I can't taste salt or sweet anymore. I don't want to keep using it on a long term, so I'll use it occasionally.

👤Been using this for a long time. We like it. He has always had pain from hot or cold because of the medicine he took as a kid. This works well for him. You can use the address to make a small donation to a charity of your choice through the Amazon program called the "Smile." Here is the information:

👤I got my toothpaste today and a third of it is bad. It was packaged well and had a safety peel off sticker. Do they really sell this at full price knowing that a third of the container is empty? What a waste of money. Don't buy this again. There is a

👤It helps fix some of the sensitivity issues I have, and it whitens my teeth. It doesn't burn like other name brand toothpaste. Don't know if anyone has a burning sensation when eating heavy mint flavor.

👤I don't write reviews if I'm not a fan, but I felt obligated this time. My mouth felt funny for the last few months. My tongue. It felt like it was burning. I didn't know what was causing it. I switched my toothpaste three months prior to this one. I stopped using it about a month ago and my tongue is starting to feel normal. I saw a couple others complain of something similar, but I think it is not common. If you start to notice something odd, just stop using it. I am not sure if it is an allergy or not, but I think it is not a good thing. It is quite uncomfortable.

👤I love the taste of this one. It doesn't just wash away like cheaper toothpaste, it sticks to your teeth a bit, and is just right. This is the only toothpaste that my teeth are clean with.

6. Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Prevention Protection

Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Prevention Protection

Relieves sensitive teeth by protecting them. Within two weeks, it provides fast relief. Has a substance for protecting the teeth.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤Sensodyne has been used by my husband and I for a long time. We like Full Protection the most. The cost per ounce would indicate more like 4 tubes, even though it says 2 tubes in the order. The cost is really high because I gambled and ordered and received 2.

👤It is unacceptable on Amazon. There is no recourse in advertisements. Wondering what has become of this business? The price per item is 50% more than what is available outside.

👤This toothpaste is very good. I bought it at certain times.

👤It's just too expensive for no reason.

👤The toothpaste has a Whitening aspect.

👤It has helped stop the pain in the teeth.

👤Sensodyne has been used for a long time. It's good for sensitive teeth.

7. Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive Teeth

Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive Teeth

There are two tubes of Sensodyne Fresh Mint Sensitive Toothpaste. It provides sensitivity relief and protection with twice daily brushing. It works inside the tooth to calm the nerves. The same benefits of regular anticavity toothpaste are offered by Sensitivity toothpaste. Sensodyne fresh mint toothpaste has a mint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Convenient toothpaste 2 pack will keep you stocked. Twice daily, brush for two minutes.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤This was the biggest mistake I've ever made, buying this product and using it for 4 years. Four years ago, I began to experience nausea, loss of taste, white tongue, and white patches inside my mouth. I had no taste after 2 years. When I go to the doctor, they assume I have nausea and taste loss, but they can see the gross white filmy mouth and tongue. I decided to change my toothpaste back to crest on a whim about a month ago, not suspecting my toothpaste of anything I just wanted a change, suddenly my taste has returned and my mouth is slowly healing! My mental state is getting better and I have a toothpaste that makes me feel better. There are no special tests to find out if toothpaste is making you sick, just a bunch of doctors will assume you are faking it, and that is why they can't see it in their blood tests. I was not sure why, but there should be warnings of adverse reactions.

👤The Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, Fresh Mint, 4 ounce is in a pack of 2. I was using the Sensodyne Fresh Breath Flavor Pronamel for several months and had no problems until 2 weeks ago when I had a sensitivity issue with one of my back teeth. Sensodyne Sensitivity gave me immediate relief of my back tooth sensitivity. I still use the Sensodyne Pronamel occasionally, but I will stick with Sensodyne Sensitivity. I like the taste of this type of toothpaste as it makes my teeth and mouth feel clean. I liked the price for the 2-pack.

👤The product reduces/elimies teeth and gum sensitivity when used twice daily. To avoid having a negative effect on one's tongue and mouth, it's important to rinse, rinse. I thought I would leave a bit in my mouth by partially rinsing, but I was wrong. I was wrong. As the day went on, my tongue became swollen and I brought about done burning. I stopped using it two days later and the negative effects were gone. The toothpaste had done an excellent job of stopping teeth and sensitivity. The instructions on the box and tube should be followed.

👤I love Sensodyne toothpaste because it helps with my sensitive teeth. I bought this flavor because it is a hot kind of mint. I couldn't handle the burn. My daughter liked it. I ordered the regular flavor.

👤I went vegetarian in the past few months and was horrified to see the effects on my oral health. I could see ridges around my teeth because my gum lines shrunk so much. I almost lost all my teeth. I've been able to get my gum lines back with the help of Sensodynes toothpaste. There is no reason to lose your teeth. They have regular sensitivity toothpaste, high intensity pronamel, and gum and repair. It's a good idea to not eat or drink for 30 minutes after brushing.

👤I was very excited to receive my new toothpaste because I love the Fresh Mint brand. The end of one of the toothpastes was open when I opened the box, and the tube was half empty because of it. The packaging of this product was disappointing.

8. Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Protection Whitening

Sensodyne Toothpaste Sensitive Protection Whitening

A tube of Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, Cavity Prevention and Sensitive Teeth Whitening. Whitening toothpaste that gently polishes away surface stains for a whiter smile. It provides 24 hour sensitivity protection and relief. The same benefits of regular toothpaste can be found in Anticavity toothpaste. Formulated to reduce the build-up of plaque on teeth. It leaves you with a pleasant taste. Use this toothpaste twice a day to whiten sensitive teeth.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤Whatever whitening it does, it has kept my teeth from degrading past their normal state. I switched to this brand several years ago because of the no SLS in ingredients problem. Even with my mediocre flossing, I still get good news from the dentist each time. This is the way.

👤I am shocked here. I bought this toothpaste because of a review by a YouTuber. I've tried the whitening gel from the dentist office and it caused a lot of sensitivity and did not make a noticeable difference, but this toothpaste has made a hug impact. I only used it for a week and my teeth weren't as pretty as they should have been. After only 3 days my husband asked me to order some for him since my teeth were clearly white. My teeth are not sensitive to heat or cold. You have to try it.

👤I used the entire tube and didn't see any color change to my teeth. My family has been in the dental field for 75 years, so I know exactly what I am saying. Most companies just want to make money and most consumers just want to help them find the right product. This product isn't my experience and it may be helpful to some people. I think zero teeth Whitening and also over priced.

👤The box was opened and the toothpaste was inside. I don't like using this product.

👤They sent me a sample after I reordered. The old tube is above the one I just received. There is an update. I used the product that was not sealed. It caused my mouth to swell. My doctor took the rest of the tube to be analyzed.

👤My way to it. I don't like string tasting mint tooth paste that is green in color. Yuck! I noticed this helping with sensitivity early on but am an avid user now and don't notice it as much. Whitening not sure about that. My teeth are not getting yellow anymore. Maybe it's working? Will continue to be my toothpaste. A pea size and a half is enough for my adult mouth. It doesn't make skin peel off inside the mouth like other brands do. The price is expensive but it is worth it. It is an evil necessity but I trust it so I buy it.

👤I like this toothpaste for my sensitive teeth, but I haven't seen much improvement in my teeth lightening. I used to have white teeth. I am not trying to change the staining that I did. I like toothpaste because it cleans well and keeps my breath fresh, but I haven't seen much of a difference in my skin tone from using it.

👤It was crushed and completely opened when I received it. I've bought toothpaste from my local pharmacy before, but this is not what it is supposed to be. This has to be breaking health safety codes. I'm asking for a refund. I am not sure why Amazon continues to allow these things to be sold. You would think that health safety would be the top priority right now. I spend so much here that I don't want to be sold products like this.

9. Sensodyne Repair Protect Whitening Toothpaste

Sensodyne Repair Protect Whitening Toothpaste

Protects teeth against acid erosion. It is specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth. They should be restored to their natural whiteness. The great taste keeps your mouth clean. Daily protection for sensitive teeth is clinically proven. One tube has a capacity of 75ml. You will get 4 tubes.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤The seller of this product is LY Berditchev Co. and it is not the Sensodyne you want. It was a foreign language toothpaste with a different packaging and no English on it. I don't have an idea. The package has the same image, but it is not what is pictured. The consistency of the toothpaste is similar to dish soap, but it does not taste the same as the product should. Do not feel safe using it. The seller should be aware of who they are.

👤I washed and dried the used tube of Sensodyne. It weighed in at 8.32 grams. The US Mint says the quarter should weigh 5.67 grams, but my scale says it's closer to 5.70 grams. The product weight of the tube is 100.78 grams. 100 grams equals 3.5274 ounces. We know for certain that 75Ml is 3.5 ounces. You can see that it is made in England.

👤My order history shows that I have ordered from the same seller 3 times. The first two times I received the product, it was Sensodyne, a toothpaste made by Glaxo Smith Cline with the active ingredient Novamin from the UK. The third and last time I ordered, I received a product labeled from India with the active ingredient of fluoride. I have nothing against India or the nation of India, but this was not the product that I ordered and received the first two times, as it was clearly packaged differently and had a very strong unpleasant smell. I didn't open the product. I don't know if it has the same texture. I will not order from this seller again until I am certain of the accuracy and consistency of the product being sold.

👤My 4 kids haven't gotten a single cavity since they started using it, and I've been buying this for years. The people who are prone to canker sores don't have a problem with not rinsing their mouth after using toothpaste. It's twice as expensive as when I first purchased it, but I want to stick with what works. I ordered from A 2 Z STORE and got exactly what I was told: 4 x 75ml tubes, made in Ireland, with Novamin. The Sensodyne with Novamin was received again from A 2 Z store. A trustworthy seller! The shipping was quicker than stated. The delivery estimate was 3-4 weeks. I received it in 3 days. The toothpaste has the same texture and taste. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I was hesitant to order this because of the reviews that said it was just the regular US sensodyne or that it was a smaller size, but I saw a review that said the "A 2 Z Store" shipped them the right product. After taking a chance, I ordered it from a2z and received the toothpaste as advertised. If you are hesitant on the accuracy of product info, this will help.

👤I've always used the US version of Sensodyne. It hurts to eat ice cream, cereals, and fruit. I would try the Novamin version. Within a few days, my cold sensitivity is gone. It's crazy. This stuff has changed my life. I feel like it makes my teeth look better. We need Novamin in US Sensodyne. Will be buying from this seller. It was purchased again. This time it was from the seller. I could walk to the grocery store and pay a quarter for the US version. They're scamming people, so don't buy from them. Novamin Sensodyne is great, but they won't send you that version.

10. Sensodyne Protect Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

Sensodyne Protect Sensitivity Toothpaste Sensitive

A tube of Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste. The number one dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth was Toothpaste for sensitive teeth. It builds a repairing layer deep inside the tubules of your teeth. Stannous formula provides protection against sensitivity with twice daily brushing. The ingredient in the toothpaste is clinically proven for sensitivity relief and lasting protection with twice daily brushing. You can go back to the things that you enjoy eating if you use this toothpaste. The mint flavor of this toothpaste makes it feel fresh.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤I used this toothpaste twice a day for a week and a half. After a few days, I noticed a slight difference in my teeth. I noticed a pain in my mouth just before the 2 week mark. The skin underneath my tongue appeared to be peeling. The inside of my cheek is the same color as my tongue. I have cyst like bubbles on the tip of my tongue. I stopped using the toothpaste and the swelling disappeared within a day. My mouth healed in 3 weeks. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to this toothpaste.

👤I developed canker sores under and on my tongue after using this product for 2 weeks. My lips were peeling. I saw that this product has stannous fluoride, which I seem to have a bad reaction to. Buyer beware!

👤I have used Sensodyne for a long time. I started to have problems with my mouth, but I thought it was due to something else. I stopped using it for a while. I never put the two things together because my mouth problems went away. My dentist gave me free samples of Sensodyne. I tried it again. It has been used for 6 months. My tongue is swollen and my sense of taste is gone, as well as my mouth sores, which are all along the tip of my tongue. I think Sensodyne Repair and Protect is the problem. I just bought a pack and will throw it away. Sensodyne ignores all of the serious concerns. You should be ashamed.

👤I'm a big fan of Sensodyne toothpaste and their REPAIR AND PROTECT line. I've used it for a long time. I'm an old guy and susceptible to teeth that have done their job for too long, and these relieve me from both pain and continued deterioration. I wish the makers would address the problem of the tube being filled with air rather than toothpaste. It makes me angry to spend that much. I would never use anything other than repair and protect to get the air out of the tube.

👤One morning, after waking up, I took a drink of water and felt terrible pain. I bought this to see if it would help. For me, it did. The pain was reduced in a few days after several weeks of using it. It is only slight pain now. The taste was only a complaint. It's 800-244-0167! I don't like mint flavor. This tasting is very bad.

👤I will probably stop using it because it hurt when I applied it to my teeth. I have used it for several days and it seems to hurt less now, but I have never used a tooth paste to make my teeth ache. I'm not sure if it will cause long term teeth sensitivity as only teeth products I've ever used cause them to ache, and even that took a while to get used to, it wasn't instantaneous. I don't know why Sensodyne is causing pain.

👤The date is a year from now. The box and tube were not damaged. I was surprised by the foil seal. Sensodyne Fresh Impact does not have a foil seal, and I have been using it for years. I bought this variety because I was having a hard time finding Fresh Impact at a non-price-gouging price. The pasty part of the paste looked orange/tan rather than white, and the first squeeze was part paste and fluid. I threw it away. I tried the next bit that looked white, but the flavor was very strong and the paste felt weird in my mouth. I am not going to use it. The date for returning has passed. This is expensive toothpaste.

11. Sensodyne Protect Whitening Toothpaste Packaging

Sensodyne Protect Whitening Toothpaste Packaging

The "NovaMin" Technology creates a robust protective layer on the exposed dentin, which will relieve pain due to sensitive teeth. Whitening effect, repair your teeth day after day. Protection from pain of sensitive teeth. Since 1961.

Brand: Sensodyne

👤Thanks for making this product available. I live in the US and our version of Sensodyne Repair and Protect does not contain NovaMin. The product is shipped from the UK. When I was younger, I didn't take good care of my teeth, and consequently I have suffered the acid erosion that comes from careless dental hygiene. There's nothing I regret more. I have sensitive teeth because of my thin enamel. I have been using this product for over a year and it has helped my sensitivity problem. I used to be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and even brushing my teeth hurt in certain areas. Ice cream is manageable now that I no longer have pain. Even though sensitivity has improved, teeth-whitening strips still hurt. I've never been able to use them for more than a few days. I have not experienced any noticeable whitening as a result of using this toothpaste. The toothpaste flavor tastes good, and my dentist appointments have been going well. It's too early for me to determine the effectiveness of this toothpaste. I think it's helping a lot because of the unique way NovaMin works. For the past 6 months, I have been using Sensodyne toothpaste in the morning and a prescribed fluoride toothpaste at night. They are meant to help with the remineralization of tooth enamel. Remineralization doesn't "regenerate" lost enamel, but it does strengthen it by providing it with the required minerals, and it won't fill a cavity or build up over your teeth. NovaMin has a greater remineralization effect and results in greater surface microhardness of the enamel, compared to fluoride. The way NovaMin works is that it creates conditions for remineralization by increasing the pH of the mouth. The "bioglass", which is a type of glass that contains minerals, can be used to mineralize your teeth. The Sensodyne toothpaste has NovaMin and fluoride, which sounds great to me. A startup called Auxomel has developed a prototype that grows enamel. It works by mimicking the natural process of forming enamel. It will be a long time before it's available. bioglass technologies are our best at- home solution. There is a new type of toothpaste called BioMin that is available in other countries. It is supposed to be even better than NovaMin because it works for a long time, up to 12 hours after brushing, forming a barrier over the teeth that slowly releases calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to remineralize the enamel continuously throughout the day/night. I can't find BioMin on Amazon. I would be interested in trying it. The FDA approved "Bio Min F" in December of 2020 and it is currently available by prescription. Dr. Collins Bio Min Restore Plus is the only toothpaste I know of that contains it. I haven't tried it. Maybe someday it will be available without a prescription.

👤I have been using this for years and it is not allowed in the US unless you pay a dentist. I couldn't afford to have all three of them filled. When I went back to the dentist two years later, I told him that I had brushed with this toothpaste 1-2 times per day and that he would find at least three cavities. This toothpaste is amazing. I don't have any tooth pain anymore. I have never been able to afford to go to the dentist at all, but I have been using this toothpaste for over a year and I haven't had a problem. I used to have tooth sensitivity with hot and cold drinks. My biggest issue? The price has gone up. Why? Why has the price doubled? Why are we suddenly being charged more than we were before?


What is the best product for sensodyne repair and protect whitening toothpaste?

Sensodyne repair and protect whitening toothpaste products from Sensodyne. In this article about sensodyne repair and protect whitening toothpaste you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding sensodyne repair and protect whitening toothpaste.

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