Best Skin Repair Face Mask

Mask 7 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Skin1004 Zombie Pack Set Treatments

Skin1004 Zombie Pack Set Treatments

A full-face treatment that only takes 15 minutes. Fine lines and wrinkling are reduced. Lifting up your skin, 3. Clears small eruptions. Tightens enlarged pores. Hydrates your skin. Removes dead cells to improve skin texture. The epidermis has a pH level of 8. A 'just-came-out-the-spa' glow makes your complexion appear brighter. No pain, no gain! 15 minutes of horror for a 15 years old skin doesn't sound bad. After applying the mask on your face, you will feel it working immediately. The scent of the Zombie Pack is caused by albumin, a natural ingredient derived from egg whites that is proven to strengthen and lift effects. They limit the amount of artificial ingredients that can be used. A lifting effect and intense hydration can be achieved with albumin and alabaster extract. Natural ingredients include allantoin, lavender oil, centella asiatica, sea buckthorn extract, and rose of jericho extract. There are 8 Zombie Pack sets and one brush.

Brand: Zombie Beauty By Skin1004

👤This is the first time I've tried it. I bought the Sano Silk mask to compare to the Hanacure mask. Hanacure is the most expensive, followed by the Sano and finally the Zombie. Sano won out for me due to being more cost effective as well as doing the best job on my 48 year old skin. They all do the same thing. Hanacure is great, but I would save the cash if I had to. The texture of the Zombie mask is very different than what you'd find on a normal face, but it seems to work the same way. Sano is the only one that you don't have to mix anything into; it's in clear gel form and you simply open and apply. The mask didn't have any smell that I noticed. It's difficult to remove, although all are easy. I had no issues. Sano is the most economical of the three because I can get three uses out of one container. I put one of my skin care jars on the top and keep it closed, even though I was afraid it would dry out. I haven't tried to use it yet, but Hanacure has enough for that. The Zombie only has one use. I like this mask. You probably will as well. Shop around and see which works best for you. Cheers!

👤I have never written a review before, but I am compelled to do so now. My face looked 41 years old. I had bumps all over my body. I was given prescriptions to help with the tiny bumps on my skin, but it never felt smooth. It was bad. It was so bad that it was causing my cheeks to have something on them. The prescriptions did nothing. Some of them were quite deep. My skin tone was not normal. It seemed like my pores were getting bigger every day. I know that it says to use it every three days. I went with every single day for the first box. I decided on the second box every day. More amazing results. There are every single issues listed above. After rinsing, my face looks amazing. My face was not like this when I was 30. I will be buying three packs every single day. If they ever decide to stop selling it, I can stock up on this stuff. I would use them and more if I had ten stars.

👤At 60 years old, I have tried so many products that I have had surgery to lift and tighten my face. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a product that would keep me young. I went into a store with sales people younger than my Grandchildren telling me what I was doing wrong with my skin care regime. They had never seen a problem in their lives. I thought I would try the mask out. What did I have to lose? The results are immediate. I couldn't believe it! My face was different and my pores were small. I had to write a review because my skin looks so good. I don't think you will be sorry if you try this. I know I wasn't.

2. Bliss Marshmallow Brightening Hydrating Cruelty

Bliss Marshmallow Brightening Hydrating Cruelty

This airy whipped macbook has a boost of marshmallows root extract to instantly reveal a new luminosity. The skin is lit from within. The powerhouse blanche of key ingredients can be used to bring balance and hydration to the skin. 100% free from harmful substances, as well as vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Brand: Bliss

👤I ordered this after I had a bad experience with OTCAcne after being in college and going through the Pandemic. My skin has become very sensitive and even my normal daily facial cleanser hurts. I was surprised by how small the jar is, since I didn't pay attention to the ounces. I opened it. There was a cute shade of pink and a fluffy cream consistency. The product's name matches that of marshmallows. I washed my face and put on a mask because I was excited about it. I was expecting to use a decent amount since I applied it thick, but a little goes a long way with this product. I had this mask on for 10 minutes and had no stinging or burning sensation. At all. It's light on my face, even though it's thick. It doesn't have a strong chemical smell like a lot of the face masks I've tried so far, so that is a huge plus. I plan to use this over the course of the next week. I will be updating this review once I see a week's worth of results from this. May 1st, 2020 has been changed. I have been using this product for 3 weeks. It is in my regular skin-care routine. My face is soft and glowing. My skin is hydrated and healthy. I wish I had taken photos before. I'm in love with this and will definitely be ordering it. I'm going to try other products from this brand as well.

👤This is by far my best mask. I have tried many face masks and this one is the best. It is light and delicious. My face looks brighter after I wash it off because it goes on so light and fluffy. I wear this mask a couple times a week. I can't wait to try other products from this company.

👤I have a lot to say about this mask. I decided to try a mask from Bliss because my skin looked dull and dry. This mask is very easy to use and has a nice creamy texture. The mask is easy to wash off and leaves my skin feeling dry. My skin is glowing after each use. I can't stop touching my face because it's so soft. I use it twice a week.

👤I have never done face masks before. I liked it very much. It smells good, but not like marshmallows. The smell is clean and familiar. It is thick and easy to put on, it is thicker than lotion, and you don't need a lot. My redness went down after my face was refreshed. I would definitely recommend! There is a picture for the size.

👤I have used this mask for over a year and love it. The mask feels good even when dry. If you have any sensitivity or aversion to scent, this may not be a good idea. There are no such things as a one step "heal all" in a good skincare routine.

👤I fell in love with this sample I got at Target. The smell is pleasant and the clay on your face is light. When you wash your skin, it feels soft. The brand is reasonably priced and cruelty-free. I can't wait to try more of their products.

3. Moisturizing Infused Collagen Vitamins Extracts

Moisturizing Infused Collagen Vitamins Extracts

The hands mask can Firm your skin for a youthful glow. Natural botanical extracts can help reduce fine lines. It slows down the loss of collagen in your hands, which makes them look younger as you get older. Natural botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients help to penetrate the upper layer of the skin, help to reduce visible signs of age and provide intense hydration. Get your spa treatment while still using your touch electronics, but without taking your gloves off. The hand mask is easy to use. It's not necessary to use water or other skin products for all skin types. One size fits all. One time use a single hand mask. Customer service is perfect for women and men, stretchable size provides more space for your hands. It is the best gift for your family and friends. If you have a question, please contact them. They are at your service 24 hours a day.

Brand: Mianyang

👤I want to try the hand masks because the foot peel masks work so well. They are the same idea as the foot peel, but they do not make your hands peel off like crazy, they are more rich and healthy for your hand. I don't do both hands at the same time because I need my hands to work around the house. I will cut a pair and use it two nights in a row. It is a good treatment for your hands.

👤Don't hesitate to buy them. I'm 55 years old and with the constant hand washing due to Covid, my hands looked older than before. These plump your hands up for a while. I put them in a zip lock bag and use the same pair more than once to get even more bang for my buck. I massage my hands for 20 minutes. I will definitely buy them again.

👤I didn't like this product. The product takes a long time to get into your skin after you take it off. The smell is not the best. I have tried other qualities and the quality of the lotion doesn't match them. The consistency of the lotion is not very good.

👤Tabs are easy to pull off, I could put the other one on and adjust the strap without any issues. The smell is overwhelming, but the "lotion Potion" works well for my overwashed hands. I sleep with them once a week.

👤I kept a pair for my eczema, but got these for the maids. 1. It's tested on the hubs and works up to the size of the hands. There is no alcohols. There was no burn on the wounds. 3. Enough product to be recycled again. If they are wet, don't throw them away. The product did not evaporate overnight. 4. Not greasy. Not shiny. Simply glowing. 5. After glove removal, soaks in. 6. Repairs damaged, cracked skin faster. Should help with burns. Use one glove at a time to keep it functional. To switch to the other hand, use the same glove. Excess on your face. If you're lucky, you can get a massage with a gift, the therapist can massage your hands over them. Light and fresh scent. I'm buying more.

👤I have been using these masks for about a year now and they are great. I thought I would freak out with my limbs being put into the gloves and booties. I put the mask on and lay on the bed and it helped me keep my skin hydrated. The extra hand washing has caused a lot of dry skin for some of my friends, but that hasn't been the case for me. It was really helpful.

👤I have used this three times and it says to do it once a week for a month or so to see real results. I don't wash my hands after the mask comes off, I wipe off excess on a towel and rub in the rest, my hands are hydrated and soft. The wrinkling on my hands isn't that noticeable. I hope that will last forever. I hope with multiple masks done monthly my hands stay rejuvenated! Will buy again.

4. FaceTory Seven Facial Masks Collection

FaceTory Seven Facial Masks Collection

Each mask focuses on a different skin concern to help boost radiance and support the skin. There are 7 different sheet masks that add hydration and balance to the skin. Quality ingredients like Tea Tree, Ceramide, and Aloe Vera can be used to improve the skin. K-BEAUTY SELF-CARE needs to be used to relax and treat your skin. sheet masks are known to be gentle yet effective and add extra nutrition to replenish the skin. It's great for daily or weekly facial care. A different sheet mask for your needs. CRUELTY-FREE, TESTED, LOVED - that's what it is. Their products are not tested on animals. There are products made in Korea. Products are tested and researched by their team. Before they share the formula with their customers, they make sure they love it. All products are forumulated with quality ingredients.

Brand: Facetory

👤I'm really upset because they didn't send the box that the face masks come in. The box was pretty and one of the reasons I bought it. They were in clear plastic. It would be ok if this was for me. I think without the box it looks presentable. It was very disappointing.

👤I was wondering about the monthly subscription boxes from seeing them on social media. I was curious to see the masks in here for me to try before I took the plunge. I am picky when it comes to sheet masks. The sheet needs to be thin and flexible to absorb the product. These are more. I love that they are submerged in whatever you choose. The packaging is beautiful. The product is amazing. I am blown away! Will be buying more.

👤I have tried many face masks, but these are the ones I like the most. They leave my skin feeling good. I get a lot of praise for how my face looks after using them. I have sensative skin and they are great for it, but they don't bother me or make my skin red like other face masks have in the past. I will only use facemasks from now on.

👤I was hesitant to try these out because I am not a fan of face masks. I have been doing a 10-step Korean skincare routine for about four months now and need to use masks a lot. The packaging was cute and the masks fit well on my face, which is hard to find. The ones I've used in the past from Target and other stores have had their pros and cons and have always fit too big on my face. I think I'm going to order more of these because they fit nicely on my face and are packed with the serum. They don't open very nicely from the package, that's the only con I have. I don't know why they end up like this when I open them, but that's the only reason it doesn't get a full five stars. I think you would be happy with these.

👤There is a great variety of sheet mask. The texture of the mask feels slightly different, which leads me to believe that they are not all the same. The holes are lined up with my face, and they are thicker than I thought. Will be purchasing again. It would make a great gift.

👤These looked like the picture. They are packaged well and I am happy with the price. I have only used 3 masks so far, but I am sure they will be nice. The one that I like the most is the Aloe one. The five pack had different ones in it. I have a duplicate of the two masks that I like the most.

👤Face tori makes masks. I'm making spa gift sets for my sisters for Christmas and I bought this set to split up. I've made four to five Face Tori masks before, and this is not my first purchase. They are very effective. The tea tree mask and the vitality mask are my favorites. This is a great buy. It's a great way to try out different masks. Definitely recommend!

5. Everyday Set Sheet Masks Revitalizing

Everyday Set Sheet Masks Revitalizing

Each mask has a different focus on helping boost radiance and support the skin. It is possible to use a mask everyday for hydrated and glowy skin. Quality ingredients like Rice Bran, Pearl Extract, and Acai Extract can be used to improve the appearance of the skin. It's important that you relax and treat your skin. There's no better way to end a long day than with a sheet mask. It's cooling material and nourishig essence can help you take care of your skin. It's great for sensitive skin types and for everyday care. Evens out skin tone and texture. CRUELTY-FREE, TESTED, LOVED - that's what it is. Their products are not tested on animals. There are products made in Korea. Products are tested and researched by their team. Before they share the formula with their customers, they make sure they love it. All products are forumulated with quality ingredients.

Brand: Facetory

👤I really wanted to like them since they are advertised for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and have yet to find a sheet mask that doesn't make me feel bad. The smell was pleasant, the essence was a perfect thickness, and the mask stayed on well after I tried the Everyday Jasmine. I didn't notice my face was red until I took the mask off. I'm going to give my skin a rest and maybe try another mask next week to see if it's just that one, but if not I'll have to pass. Very disappointed.

👤I've been waiting to write a review to see if repeated use would affect my skin. I'm very happy with them. I purchased masks in lemon, charcoal, and mixed variety. The scent is light and pleasant, all feel great on my skin, and have a lot of essence to evenly cover my face and neck. My face and neck have become softer, my skin has become more supple, and my skin has become less inflammatory. The essence is thick and easy to apply and massage into the skin. I use a daily face wash and moisturizer, a charcoal mud mask or charcoal peal mask as needed, and all from different brands. Adding sheet masks to my daily skin care routine is something I can see benefits from. I use different types of sheet masks based on what my skin needs for the day. I leave these masks on for 30 minutes to fully enjoy the cooling effect they have, instead of leaving them on for a short time. I prefer to rinse my skin with cold water and then apply a light moisturizer after the instructions say to massage the essence into the skin. The eye and mouth holes are very small, so you have to be extra careful when applying and taking care that the essence doesn't get into your eyes or mouth. The masks need to be adjusted around the corners of my mouth, which makes me a bit nervous. I'm a 5'3" female with a good fit, so it would be too small for other people. It's a tight fit. If you wanted to take the extra step, you could cut the holes larger. The masks work well for my dry and sensitive skin.

👤Since the rona trapped the planet, I have been obsessed with face masks. Today I used one. I use a lot of them each week. I have missed this pleasure my whole life.

👤The packaging is cute. The low price seems to be good. I have been using a post mask for a few days and it has not made a noticeable difference to my skin appearance. I'm not sure if I would purchase again.

👤I reserve it for the day when I am traveling all day and it gives me a refreshing look.

👤I was surprised to find that I like them after receiving them as a birthday gift. I thought the design might not have been right. It is hard to find alcohol and fragrance in the ingredients. It's perfect for a quick routine, but you might want to look for something a little more. These are great stocking stuffers that can be used for a quick trip or a sleepover. I used them every week.

6. Collagen 12 Sheets Skincare Moisturize Pigmentation

Collagen 12 Sheets Skincare Moisturize Pigmentation

The 12 essence set includes:Collagen, Seaweed, Honey, pomegranate,Aloe Vera,Vitamin C, Acai Berry, Tea Tree, Avocado, Ginseng, Cucumber, and Charcoal. Made in Korea, it is Paraben Free, Oil Free, Sulfate Free, and Cruelty-Free. A revitalizing skin therapy can help create a more balanced skin. For dry, oily, or sensitive skin.

Brand: Celavi Cosmetics

👤One of my favorite masks. I get a lot of comments on how my skin is glowing because of this sheet mask. I use this twice a week. I didn't give it 5 stars because I noticed that there was only 11 in the package. You only get 11. Something told me to count them. I ordered a second package because I thought it would be a mistake and there was only 11 in it. I am concerned that they are doing this on purpose. Be sure to count them.

👤I love these! I can't believe how cheap they are. I have tried many different types of sheet masks. The brands that cost $10 per mask are not the best. I have dry skin. I break out when I try to give it something to drink. These are great! There was no redness or breakouts. The skin is soft and supple. I use one at night to massage my face and then go to bed. My skin feels great in the morning. After a few weeks, my skin is getting brighter and glowing. I can use them for 3 nights a week since they're so cheap. I highly recommend them.

👤I have never tried a facial mask like this before. Rather than spreading the mask over your skin, unfold it and spread the towelette over your face. I've only tried one of the masks in this set. I was surprised to see that there is a lot of liquid in the packet. The mask fit well and was easy to spread over my face. I left on time. The mask doesn't dry out during this time, so you have to peel it off. My skin was soft and supple. I didn't see any long-term effects, but they are worth a try.

👤I want to get myself some of those self care face masks. I keep this in the fridge so I can put it on my face when I am in the tub. Since I used them, a few are missing.

👤I need to replenish my sheet masks because I spend a lot of time outdoors. I came across this brand while looking for something new to try. I was very pleased with the entire transaction. The items came exactly as they were described and I felt hydrated after using a few of the sheet masks. The scent is not overwhelming and brings a sense of relief when put on. There is quite. The extra can be used in your neck or face.

👤They are very hydrating. I don't know how much difference there is between each of the different types, but they are a great way of giving your face some TLC. I like to use one or two with me for trips to give my face some needed hydration and bounce before a special event. I have comb/oily skin that isn't sensitive and all these masks have been good for me.

👤My friends told me about the sheet masks last year and I have become addicted to trying out different brands and types. This set seems to fit better and stay in place without having to change it often. I have gotten used to common odors. Which types? I'm not sure what to call the different types. I always enjoy them, but this pack has some surprises that I haven't seen before. I am wearing acai berry and it smells great. I suffer from a skin condition. I see a noticeable difference after using these and my skin is much better with regular use. Love!

7. Plantifique Superfood Marine Clay Mask

Plantifique Superfood Marine Clay Mask

Plantifique's clay face mask is safe for your skin. Their clay mask leaves your skin hydrated and nourished. After no more than 10 to 15 minutes, wash off the mask. Why do they have a face and body mask? A unique combination of 7 natural herbs has been used in the creation of Plantifique's mud mask. The mask's natural ingredients will help your skin. Their clay mask can help you fight redness and inflammation by removing pollutants and reducing the appearance of large pores when used a few times a week.

Brand: Plantifique

👤It was okay for the first use. I only had it for a month and opened it one day to see it.

👤I covered my whole face. The face mask is easy to apply and wash off, and does not have a strong smell, which is a plus. I have sensitive skin but no bad reactions after using this mask for 2 days. My skin is much better after that. I will share a wholesome update after seeing further results. So far, so good!

👤I don't wash my face, I leave my makeup on for days. My skin looks great most of the time. Each time I try to change my habits I get a break out and dry skin. This mask was great. I didn't feel like I was dry after using the masks I've tried in the past, I felt like my face was rejuvenated. Happy with the product.

👤I have very sensitive skin and it is hard to find products that work with it. The product was mild on my skin and left me with a refreshed complexion. I like that it is all natural with no harsh chemicals and it has a pleasant smell, which I was worried about with its green color.

👤I like face masks. I'll but anything that looks good for you. It was very easy to put on. I didn't burn my skin while I waited for it to dry. I jump in the shower to wash it off.

👤It is easy to apply with the brush. I don't ever purchase animal by-products, so I hope those brush hairs aren't animal hairs. When first applied, this mud may sting a little. I was surprised by that. It took only a few minutes to apply. I used a small, natural facial sponge and cool water to remove it after 15 minutes. Right away, my skin felt refreshed. My face and neck skin feels silky smooth and different after a shower. The pores feel clean. This product is recommended by me.

👤The mask does a good job of smoothing the face and cleaning it. My skin is very sensitive and I never had an issue with this mask. It leaves your skin very smooth, which was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!

👤I drink a healthy smoothie in the morning and this mask contains all the ingredients I would use. It didn't leave the skin dry like some brands do. I almost didn't use a mask after it, but I did because I wanted to make sure I had all the vitamins and minerals for my skin.

👤A sensibile perci devo sempre trovare il giusto compromesso tra l'idratazione e pulizia. I persone sono tutte diverse. Personalmente I sono piaciute 3 cose, senza aggredire troppo la pelle. Idonea, quantit non Idonea, iso forse sono. I sento comunque sodisfatta,e ci sono davvero piccoli difetti. Non farsi Mai troppe aspettative in base alle recensioni perché. diverso dentro e fuori. It's Prodotto consigliato.

👤This now comes with an additional brush, which makes it even easier to apply. I tried out the new brush after purchasing a mask. It helps you create a thin layer of the product on your face, but I build it up a bit more as I want a full coverage mask that will last longer than that. I love the packaging of the clay mask. I'm a vegetarian and the Superfood Skin Mask is vegan and cruelty free, which was a huge selling point for me. The mask comes with a spatula which is easy to use and ensures a smooth application. I like the spatula because it's a good way to apply the mask instead of using your fingers. A plastic top that sits on top of a product that has a bit of plastic you can pull to easily remove and place back. It has a booklet that tells you what the product is, how to use it, and what it does to help your skin. The product is made of green tea, sea silt, avocados, spirulina, and spinach. It's free from a lot of things. The smell is standard for a mask and I can only describe it as a load of greens mixed into a clay. I cleanse first and then apply the mask with the spatula. As soon as water makes contact with the clay, it will melt away, so I use a flannel to rinse it off. I follow up with a cream and a serum. I had spots around my chin that wouldn't budge for weeks, and the whiteheads were drawn to the surface the next day. There are some dry patches and oily T-zones. It states that it's suitable for other skin areas besides the face. It's worth the money and a little goes a long way so it should last a while.

8. Once Upon A Tea White

Once Upon A Tea White

The White Tea Mud mask is loaded with healing and hydrating ingredients and it also helps to slow down the signs of aging. Their clay masks are made from White Tea extract, which has powerful minerals and anti-aging properties. White Tea has a powerful ability to help fight infections. One of the main causes ofAcne is hormonal imbalances in the body. White Tea can help reduce redness. This revitalizing treatment uses a blend of Camellia Sinensis leaf,Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract and Kaolin clay that works to gently buff and refine the complexion. All of their products by Once Upon A Tea come with a free money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase.

Brand: Once Upon A Tea

👤I've only used it once so far, but it has already been used. I had a few white heads on my cheeks. My skin was silky smooth. I looked like the wicked with the west. How cool is that? The smell of this product is similar to green tea. The jar is small, but I didn't need to use a ton to cover my face, and you're only supposed to use it 1-2 times a week anyway. I'm happy so far.

👤I was very excited about this mask, since I have been looking for a good one for a long time. I've never posted a review before, but this mask works miracles and I had to do it. It was in a nice package. The bottle is small but it will last for a long time since you don't have to apply a lot. I've used it 7 times so far and I'm going to take a picture of it later. The way it dries out is what I liked the most about it. This one does not cause any discomfort, unlike some of the ones I've used before. It doesn't take much to wash out without any mess. My skin looked fresh and hydrated. The skin tone got even and matt. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you. Give it a try. Big thumps up! I saw a couple in the comments that both had the mask on, and had to make my boyfriend apply it as well. He was surprised to find that he liked it.

👤The White tea clay mask I saw a while ago was the one I chose. I wish I had tried this one first. The white tea mask gave me a bright glow. Everything in my face is sucked out by this mask. I couldn't see things on the surface. I have a lot of oil on my chin and mouth. I never seem to be able to get all the little white "pin needles" that accumulate in that area when I use a physical orchemical method. I have to do multiple passes to get it out of the mask and into my vacuum, but it is enough for me to suck it up. It's still gentle and gives me the same glow as the white tea mask. The mask is the winner in my opinion. I have a dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness.

👤Ok. I bought this item twice and it was a good first impression. I made a mistake when I bought it again. I liked the smell and decided to try it again. The smell is great and it doesn't dry your skin like most products. It says creamy. It is easy to wash off. Be careful not to use it for sensitive skin. As I put it on, it started to burn. I had to wash it off. The burning sensation lingered for 2 to 3 days and made my skin itch. If you have sensitive skin, this is not for you.

9. Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Moisturizing Chamomile

Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Moisturizing Chamomile

Your skin is dry and itchy. Advanced Clinicals has a Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Gel Mask. Your formula replenishes hydration for soothed, soft, and smooth skin. Maturing skin, meet hydration is what Time-Bending Beauty is about. The appearance of wrinkling, fine lines, and age spots can be reduced with the use of a facial moisturizer. The hydrating mask will help create balance. Licorice root, chamomile, and other plants help in removing blemish and discoloration. Care for your skin with clean ingredients. They make sure your face mask is dermatologist and allergy tested, non-irritating, and free of harsh, chemical Additives. Expect more from Advanced Clinicals. They craft hair and skin care essentials that are clinically tested and result-driven.

Brand: Advanced Clinicals

👤I have never written a review in my life. The product left me speechless. I have dry, rough, flaky skin on my face in New York during the winter and it is beyond frustrating when your makeup clings to those dry places and makes your hour long master piece look like cracked paint. It was gross. I left my face completely makeup free for a week and a half after applying 7 different moisturizers. My dry skin has not been cured. I was helped, but never fully releived my face to where I could put a full face of expensive makeup without it cracking through 30 minutes later. I used this mask after reading about it on a skin care thread. Once. I woke up like a newborn baby. My skin tone is evening out and my face is smooth. The second day it got worse. I don't think it will work in one shot. My skin will be the best it has ever been if I give it a week. I would recommend this product to everyone. I already have at least 6 people. Be careful opening it. I opened it on an angle and it split in half. My bad.

👤This stuff is amazing. I didn't know what hylauronic acid was until an esthetician told me. I had dry patches on my face. I felt like I wanted to remove my skin from my body. I added in drops of my moisturizers but still needed hydrating. I had to treat additional layers the first week after I saw this mask. My skin is clear now. I don't have to worry about putting on makeup or putting something on my body. I stopped wearing makeup for a month to heal my skin, but I am able to do it again. I recommend this mask for combination, sensitive skin.

👤I love this mask and the Vitamin C mask. I have noticed wonderful results from purchasing Advanced Clinicals products. I have combination skin and it can get oily. I've been using make up since I was a teenager to cover up my skin issues. The more I used it, the more my skin got rough and I had to resort to using makeup. I was tired of spending money on makeup when I really wanted it to be better looking. I stumbled upon the Advanced Clinicals line while doing research and haven't regretted it. I'm currently using the Hyaluronic Acid and the masks in the morning as I get ready for bed. I still use make up. I don't need any more makeup or powder. If I want to add a little glow or color to my face and just a bit of my lipgloss, I will just use a little blush/bronzer. The mask leaves my skin feeling plump and bright and it also gives me more toned skin. I have not had a complaint so far. Happy customer.

👤It took a long time to find a hydrating facial product. I see a lot of masks, but they are not revitalizing in my price range. This was a great find. It stays on for 15 minutes. I didn't have any issues with reactions or anything. It stays in place and washes off easily. It smells like chocolate to me, so no strange or powerful odors. It hasn't taken years off my face, but I can tell that it perks up the rest of my skin. I use it on my neck and face a few times a week. There is a A big jar of product!

10. Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask Ounce

Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask Ounce

The face mask is very powerful. This face mask has sulfur to help clean the skin and reduce redness. You need more than a strawberry cream. The skin purifying mask helps give the appearance of smoother, more refined skin. It's safe for your skin. The mask is compatible with all skin types and provides the same powerful skin care for teens and adults. Also good for sensitive skin. Because it works. Use an allover mask or a spot treatment to clear up your blemish and prevent new ones from forming. There is a secret weaPON for emergency breaks. The mask shrinks the appearance of the skin and heals it faster with spot treatment or allover treatment.

Brand: Proactiv

👤I purchased a mask from Proactiv a long time ago. I used it as an on the spot treatment and it worked well. I have been searching for the same product for more than a year and have been running on empty. Some people think the refining mask and the purifying mask are different, while others think they are the same. I believe they are the same. The product arrived last night and I used it the way I usually do. It was probably better than the tube I had because it was so old. I believe you will be happy with the older version of the refining mask.

👤I've used the proactiv mask for about ten years now and I think I know it. I received a product from Amazon that was legit, but some questionable features came to light after a more thorough inspection. Let's stick to the two main issues. The directions on the tube for how to use the mask are for the wrong product is the biggest red flag. This isn't the official proactive packaging. The mask's texture isn't as smooth as it should be. This version of the product has larger pieces of unidentifiable grit that I have never seen before. Does it work? Kind of. I took a quick spot test to make sure this wasn't going to cause me a horrible rash. It works well. It doesn't have the miracle healing effects that I'm used to, but it does pull out dirt and oil and act as an antiseptic on my skin. I encourage shoppers to go to proactiv's website or a skin care specific website instead of purchasing it on Amazon, because I normally love this mask. Quality control is a problem.

👤The formula of this stuff seems to have changed since the original version. It is runnier now. It used to be very thick. The smell is the same. Time will tell. The bottle is a lot smaller than I expected. If you use it several times daily like the instructions suggest, it's not a "90 Day" supply. I gave it a few days and it still works. There is no way this will last 90 days if used as directed. At this price, it's not a "steal". It was marked as a Prime Day deal.

👤The old sulfur refining mask is nearly the same as this one. I used to have a tube of refining mask that was my lifesaver. I was really annoyed when I couldn't find it online, because the Refining Mask is basically a miracle overnight treatment. The Purifying Mask was found on the Proactiv website. The original refining mask has a lot of pastey but this one is a little thinner and works just as well for me.

👤This is the best mask for anyone. After washing face and drying it, I put it on my son. I let him sleep with it all night long and in the morning it is no longer white because it has taken all the oil out of his skin. You can see a reduction in oiliness. I use a clay mask that is great for my skin. Everyone should have some in their arsenal.

11. Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Facial

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Facial

The full face facial mask sheet is filled with Hydrolyzed Collagen. The more dissolvable amino acids they break down, the easier it is for the skin to absorb them. Increasing elasticity is one of the reasons why ganp is best known for reducing fine lines and wrinkling. Purchase Korean facial masks for women with confidence and elevate your skin's tone with a boost of peptides. TheTILE MASK: The Korean facial mask for women has a lot of benefits. You can always count on it when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Different skin types can be customzed. The self care face mask sheet has three product lines that include soothing care, moisturizing care, and nutrition care. It has vitamins E and collagen, which help keep your skin healthy. It is suitable for oily, dry, and sensitive skin. You can try the mask out at a girls' night party or a spa day. Improve your skin tone. Fine lines and wrinkling look less noticeable with their face pack for glowing skin. They have you covered if you have dry skin. Their mask will help you improve your skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging. It is easy to use, that's the good thing about ourCollagen Essential Lifting Mask. Take out the mask sheet after washing your face. To make it stick to the skin, apply it around your nose, eyes, and lips. You can leave for at least 15-20 minutes before removing it.

Brand: Dermal

👤As a 44 year old. I started caring about my face. I was skeptical about this product, so when I started using them every 3rd day, I saw how much my skin has changed for the better. I use a soap to lighten my face. I highly recommend this product. I have gotten a lot of praise for how youthful my appearance is.

👤I like to use face masks. I have tried many types of face masks. Paying for an arm and a leg for face masks does not guarantee a high quality product. Sometimes affordable face masks can be just as good as the high end version. It is a lot of trial and error. I've been using sheet masks for a while. I'm very happy with them. These masks are great for hydration. I can't tell a huge difference between the masks. The masks seem to do the same thing. These masks are strong and thick. They stay in place. The part that you fold under your chin is the only issue I have with placement. It hangs down when it comes undone. This happens with a lot of cotton sheet masks. The mask is drenched in water. I've never had an issue with dripping because they come loaded with essence. The essence is thick and won't leak. It has enough essence left in the package to be applied to my body. Don't be shy, rub that essence everywhere. They smell great. It's a light scent. I cleanse my face, then apply a mask. I peel it off after 20 minutes. I pat the mask all over my face and neck after balling it up. I apply my eye cream. Don't wash the mask! My face feels hydrated and soft. The texture of my skin is improved the next morning. I highly recommend.

👤I bought these to send to my daughter. I tried one and it was amazing. They make your skin look better. I am a random 45 year old mom.

👤I'm not upset with these masks. They haven't made me break out. It seems like they don't have anything, but they do have something in them. I wouldn't expect hydration masks to be different from each other, but they all look, feel, and smell the same. The metal-based ones are the same color. One didn't smell like lavender. The argument that there are no dyes and chemicals in Korean skin care, doesn't make sense because I'm subscribed to a Korean skincare box and the masks tend to vary depending on what is in them. I would have expected the pearl to be iridescent, but it wasn't. It makes me think that I'm being tricked and that there is no essence other than the base, but not enough to make a difference, which is the same thing. I'm still using them. I feel like I'm not getting what they say I'm getting because they make my skin softer and haven't made me break out.

👤These masks are amazing. There are scars left over from a battle. I was told that I'd have to pay for expensive laser therapy because the body can't produce enough collagen to heal deep scars. I used these masks for 2 months and I have seen a significant reduction in my scars. I will use until scars have fully healed. I will post before and after pictures soon.


What is the best product for skin repair face mask?

Skin repair face mask products from Zombie Beauty By Skin1004. In this article about skin repair face mask you can see why people choose the product. Bliss and Mianyang are also good brands to look for when you are finding skin repair face mask.

What are the best brands for skin repair face mask?

Zombie Beauty By Skin1004, Bliss and Mianyang are some of the best brands that chosen by people for skin repair face mask. Find the detail in this article. Facetory, Facetory and Celavi Cosmetics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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