Best Umbrella Repair Kit

Umbrella 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Magicfour Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Umbrella

Magicfour Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Umbrella

Cut the patch into shapes and designs. The nylon repair patches are designed with self-adhesive, effective bonding on smooth fabrics, perfect for decorating and repairing. Premium nylon repair patches are waterproof and long lasting, perfect for repairing and decorating. It's easy to use, peel the repair patches and stick on the clothes to make repairs without sewing, press hard by a hot water cup for more than 10 minutes, and save money. The nylon patch size is 7.87 x 3.94 inches (20 x 10 cm), which can be cut in various sizes and shapes. The package will come with nylon repair patches, repairing your clothing, down jacket, tent umbrella, raincoat.

Brand: Magicfour

👤The product won't stick to canvas or fabric. It is a sticky note or cling wrap. The canopy cover is similar to a smooth surface tarp. I used marine Goop. The patch is on the outside of the canopy, so it may not matter. I wouldn't buy this product for a repair that you want to make look nice. The blue patch was the right color.

👤These are great. Stick on and seal well, and you can cut into smaller sizes. The variety of colors is what we like. We used different colors for contrasting patches. If you wanted, you could cut them into shapes.

👤Sirve una emergencia. No tienes lo quiero necesitas, pero pretendes that dure ms de una puesta. Use en un chaleco y a la primer lavada. No use of Secadora.

👤They begin peeling up after a while. After a week, I had to replace one. It is not a permanent solution.

👤They are easy to use. They are being used for a patch on my husband's rain gear.

👤A perfect color match! My son's vest had an L-shaped tear in the back, and this covered it perfectly.

👤The patches were easy to cut to size and iron on other fabrics.

👤If only the use of the husband's mouth was approved.

2. Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Patches

Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Patches

An ultra-strong, flexible patch can be used to repair a tear in a inflatable, vinyl furniture seat, air mattress, or other outdoor gear. No sewing or iron is required to apply the Peel-and-stick to make repairs to all types of vinyl and synthetic fabric. This patch is resistant to punctures and stretches and flexes with fabric. The repair kit includes two 3” x 5” clear pre-cut patches and is backed by a strong glue.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I bought these patches to fix small tears in my car cover. I don't want to comment on the longevity of the patches, but I do want to comment on the backing paper they use. The backing paper is scored down the middle to help you peel it. I would peel half the patch, apply it and then peel the other side as I go, with this type of arrangement. The internal strength of the paper seems to be less than the bond you have to break to remove it from the patch. I ended up with several thin shreds of the backing still adhering to the patch, and trying to get these bits off with your fingers is royal pain, and probably causes the glue to be contaminated with oils from your skin. I tried to stick the patch to the fabric, but it was hard to get the bits of paper to peel off so that it would bond to the fabric. I decided to remove both sides of the patch to make it easier to shred. This was a huge mistake. The thin patch material stuck tenaciously as I peeled the second side off. I had to cut away a third of the patch with my knife, but I was able to apply it. I think they could use a backing material that would peel easily and in one piece, for the price of the patches. Only time will tell if the repair lasts. I don't think it's a good idea to buy these in patch form. I am not willing to risk the tape, even if you would have better luck with it. Next time, I will look somewhere else.

👤Really worked! On a mattress. The dogs weigh 45 pounds each, and the patch held with all of us on it!

👤Okay, so. I don't own any camping gear or anything like that, but I do have a beloved jumpsuit that has a large rip in the seam that runs down the backside. I can't operate a sewing machine because it's 100% polyester. I couldn't find any fabric glues that would work for it, and my experience with fabric glue is not great. Iron-on patches aren't good for polyester. This is the only thing. A lot of that is synthetic, and everyone said it repaired their gear. I patched the rip from the inside, covering the sides and bonding the fabric together. It blends in fine since it's on the seam. I've done a few pull tests with it and it seems sturdy. I'll report back on how it holds up when I wear it to a wedding this weekend.

👤My son ripped his jacket. I read lots of reviews before selecting this item. It is almost impossible to not leave fingerprints when the backing is a pain to get off. It is visible on the item. I was hoping this would be like the Scotch magic tape that disappears on packages. Not even close. If you care about the end presentation, I wouldn't recommend for Wearable items. I took it out. Glued the slit with a glue and may apply a strip back over it. To make the jacket presentable, I have to order ripstop fabric and sew a fake patch to make it look like it was part of the jacket. I think it will make it look more intentional, so I am going to do that on both sides.

3. Coghlans Nylon Tent Repair Kit

Coghlans Nylon Tent Repair Kit

There is a lifetime warranty. Every product is covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, they will give you an exchange or refund in full amount. Everything you need for repairs to your tent. The Seam Seal, nylon and mesh patches, needle, ferrules, and shock cord are included. essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤My tent needed a lot of work at home. If you have an emergency, you might use a kit, but you will probably use other products to fix the problem for the long-term. I bought this product to see how it would work. The tent pole sleeve worked well. Everything else is okay. The mesh screens worked well because I used my thread and sewing machine to sew them on. The cap didn't fit right so I had to use the entire tube. The nylon patches worked, but tenacious tape was better. I used my own fishing line to get the shock cord to the tent pole. Not enough cord to do much. I used my own thread and needle. I wouldn't purchase again. I would go to online stores to get the tent mesh and other items.

👤It is good enough to make decent field repairs for some of the more common tent damage, such as broken tent pole, snapped tent pole shock cord, and hole/tear in tent. Tent pole repair tubes are worth the price of the kit in my opinion. The most critical damage is covered. It happened to me, a broken tent pole section in the middle of a camping trip that rendered my tent unable to stand, and it was high wind. The kit comes with tubes that can be slid over the break to get your tent back in action. They work well for both fiberglass and aluminum. The larger diameter tube can be used for a smaller tent pole, as I have had to do to fill the void. You'll need a long piece of duct tape to secure the repair tube to the pole. Do you ever try to feed or remove a tent pole through your tent sleeve without a shock cord? It's fun, isn't it? It's as fun as assembling a 100 piece puzzle in the dark. This piece of repair can make a difference between misery and saving the day. This is a field-serviceable item, which means you can make the repair in the field and carry on with your trip. * The nylon patches come with a surprising amount of nylon repair cord/thread. There is glue for the patches. The patches would work in the field, but I find them more practical for application at home and out of the wind. Field conditions are not usually good for making a high-quality, permanent repair to your tent fabric. It has happened many times that the small tube of glue has evaporated or cured in the bottom of your tent stuff sack, as it's been lying there for a long time. Unless you sew them on with a surgeon's skill, nylon patches won't work on your silnylon tent or rainfly. The kit won't take care of every possible damage to your tent, and won't work for all tent fabrics. No kit will. The best quality duct tape you can find to supplement this kit is a length of it. You already have that in your expedition gear, right? Consider a boatsman's needle for heavy repairs in the field, using the supplied nylon thread. Yes, you could use the awl in your multi-tool, but it would be a lot of work. The patch glue should be rotating with a fresh tube every couple of years. I feel that the repair kit is a good value for those things that are most likely to go wrong with your tent, whether you are out in the bush, backpacking, or family camping. I know this little guy is living at the bottom of my tent stuff sack and will be there when I need it. It is recommended.

4. Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Clothes

Patches Self Adhesive Waterproof Clothing Clothes

There are seven patches in the kit, five of which are small and the largest 4.1 cm diameter. You can make your own nylon patches, which are cute and appealing, and stick them to the broken part of your clothes, not only practical, but also beautiful and appealing. These patches are made of nylon, they are hard to be worn out and safe to use, so they can last a long time. These patches are self-adhesive, you peel it and stick it to specific areas, no sewing or ironing is required, they are easy to operate, and provide fast and lasting repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing. Each patch is suitable size. You can cut the repair patches into various sizes and shapes to meet your needs. You can use them to decorate and repair your clothes, and also apply them to mend or reinforce your clothes, and fit for down jacket, rain umbrella, tent, outdoor sleeping bag, outerwear, backpacks and gloves.

Brand: Willbond

👤The product is cheap. Glue does not stick at all. The money is wasted. The 1.5 strip was used. Can't return it. Disappointed.

👤Great product! The material matches my jacket perfectly. Also stood up to 3 washings in a row. Highly recommended item!

👤These were excellent. I had a small tear on the back of my jacket and cut the patches into a vine design with a strategically placed bird over the rip. I have washed the jacket and worn it all the time, but the patches have not come off.

👤This was used to fix a rip in my coat. The patch was hidden by the shade of black.

👤These patches are large enough to cover a small tear. I have used them to reinforce a repair made with seam glue and to build up high wear areas inside and outside a chest pack. They seem to have the same quality as name brand repair patches. They were easy to apply after cleaning the fabric. I'm sure they will be fine for a tent repair. I would buy them again, but the big question is how durable they will be under wear conditions on a pack or jacket that gets a lot of wear.

👤I used this to cover the holes in my son's jacket. They are so large that I only needed one piece. I covered the holes after cutting them into the right size. You can't tell if they are there. I only did this a couple of weeks ago, but so far they are holding up. The process was very easy.

👤The horse is in the stall. I used these to stop a rip on a blanket, until I could fix it in the morning. The strips were not stuck to the blanket.

👤These patches have been used on my ground blinds before. In Missouri, my blinds sit out in the weather from early September until mid-January and have never had a patch fail yet.

👤The glue is not waterproof, that's the reason I chose this product. If you've read some positive reviews here, you'll be confident that the patch looks good on a dry garment. You won't be after you try out the patch in the rain. I never review a product after I buy it online, you'll get emails to do so, I now realize that it's a ploy to aid in selling mistagged items. The garment was clean and dry before I applied the patch.

👤I used two small sections to repair two small parallel cuts, but both came off at the first wash, even though they were stuck down and fine for a few days. If the garment can no longer be washed, what use is there for a garment repair?

👤The waterproof trousers got stuck on a barbed wire fence. It's easy to use and works well. It's handy to have because you get a lot for the price. I put it on about three months ago and think I might need to patch it up.

5. Leather Repair Tape Self Adhesive Furniture

Leather Repair Tape Self Adhesive Furniture

The leather surface may vary in color depending on the light. They have more than 10 Classics leather colors, so make sure to compare the texture and color on the detail page before purchasing and choose your right color. 100% If you have any questions or are not happy with it, please contact them and they will replace it or give you a full refund. The leather repair tape is made from high grade leather. Leather Accordding with EU Environmental Requirement Standard. For your health and full life. There is a leather repair patch. No waiting times, no ironing, no sewing, no heat, no tools, no leather, no self-Adhesive Strong and Durable. Non-residual glue,paste strong. You can cut any size as you please. Roll Tape is 3X55 inch. Super Strong Glue is perfect for patch, it is not thick or thin. They have more than 10 Classics leather colors, so make sure to compare the texture and color on the detail page before purchasing and choose your right color. Leather repair tape is easy to use and cut with scissors. Place the areas that needed repair on top of the backing. The surface should be new. It brings your furniture and clothing back to life. The leather patch is for couches, recliner,sofas, chairs, car seat, bags, purse, boots, down jacket, belts, cushion, luggage, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, truck seat, and other vinyl leather furnitures. Excellent leather patches for fixing scratches, tears, holes, Rips, Burns or Cracks, well for Uneven or curved surface, holding up perfectly. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Kjml Diy

👤I got this tape to fix a few spots on my desk chair. The tape doesn't stay on the seat for long. This product is not happy with glue or tape. I wouldn't recommend buying it unless you have money to spare.

👤I put a patch at the bottom of the chair because my dog got a toy stuck under the chair and decided it was worth it to eat the chair. It sticks well. I put where your elbow rests. The previous owners wore a hole. It has come off completely. The sticky stuff was left on the arm. I keep it there because I don't like feeling the torn webbing. It doesn't stick. The lever you pull to put the feet up has a patch on it. It didn't last for a day. I returned the one that didn't match because I ordered two colors. The match was better than the fluff from the chair. Customer service was good to deal with the return. If you put the patch in a high use area, it will not last long.

👤It's easy to use and the price is nice too. I cleaned the arms of my leather office chair with 1st 409 and then again with alcohol to make sure the dirt and oils were removed from the surface. They were falling off within 3 days. The sticky on the back side isn't strong enough to hold onto something that will have to flex.

👤The thickness of the tape is good. The dark brown color is very close to my brown leather office chair. Half of the arm rest tape was not sticking after 2 weeks of use. There was no glue on the non-sticking side of the tape. It was a thin roll of gum. I used E6000 glue to attach it again. Time will tell if that works.

👤The size of the sheet made it easy to cut, but within a couple weeks the patch detached and the glue was attached to my car leather. This is worse as I have to get the glue off of my car before it ruins what is left. Don't use it on anything that gets touched, sat on, or moved.

👤I needed something that was strong to patch the nylon seat in my truck. The patch promised to do the job and I had to guess. I decided to give this product a try after reading the description. This seamed like a stop gap because I intend to get the seat re-covered in a few months. I smoothed the tear down by placing one of the patches over it. The patch has held up well over the last 3 weeks. The edges and corners are not curled up, that is amazing to me. I slide over the patch to get into the truck. I'm sold.

👤The product had 2 rolls. I used both of them for my gray leather couch, I didn't clean the surface before applying tape, but I am guessing that it was lifting something on the edges. I layer the tape so it sticks. Hopefully my cat won't mess with it. I am happy with my item so far. I will do it again if necessary. I recommend buying another set since I ended up using both rolls. It was a large area that needed to be covered. A quick fix for damaged leather couches. Would recommend.

6. Repair Patches Waterproof Accessory Inflatable

Repair Patches Waterproof Accessory Inflatable

You can use them to repair your inflatable watering products, such as inflatable boat, raft, kayak, canoe, water toys, inflatable sofa and more. The kit includes 8 pieces of rectangle repair patches, not including the glue, which is abundant enough to meet your fixing needs in your daily life, and can improve your using experience of your articles. The kayak repair patches are made of a waterproof material, which is smooth and can work for a long time, and they are also thick enough to repair the holes or cracks in your kayak. The vinyl pool liner patch is easy to apply, you just need to spread the glue evenly on the back of the patches, and then press the patches tightly to repair them. The waterproof repair holes patch can be applied to repair the holes that are in the corresponding size, and you can cut the patches easily into small pieces to meet your different demands. You don't have to throw cracked articles away and order a new one if you use the boat patches repair set.

Brand: Zonon

7. Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Green Type

Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Green Type

The package has dimensions of:0.25" x 9.14". TEAR-AID repair patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. TEAR-AID repair patches are made from a tough, matt finish and resistant to puncture and tearing. Only vinyl and vinyl-coated material can be used for the repair patch. The oils in vinyl cause the glue to turn gummy and lose its bond. The Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches block the oils found in vinyl and result in a long lasting repair. The TEAR-AID patch is UV resistant and can work on any color. It has no sewing, no mess, and instant adhesion. The patch will not turn gummy in high heat. The patch kit contains a 3' x 12' TEAR-AID Patch that cuts easily with scissors to any size, and a 12' Reinforcement Filament for repairing tears at edges. TEAR-AID repair patches are made in the U.S.A. Prepare to be a hero by keeping TEAR-AID handy. Don't throw it away.

Brand: Tear-aid

👤The backside of the tear should be patched with another patch. Rub the entire patch. So. This product cannot be used to fix any inflatable item that is indicated to fix. We would need to cut the inflatable open to apply the second patch. That would cause another big tear. That's what it's being said. Only one side worked.

👤I bought this product to cover the tears on my table. I applied this product on a day I wasn't using the table. The alcohol cleaner was used to clean the areas. I applied the tape. I wouldn't call it clear, it was very visible when applied. It looked like I had tape on my table. The small tears it covered slowly grew and spread outside of the tape, and it did not take long for this tape to peel up around the edges. What the heck! I pulled the tape off because it looked worse than cracks. I think this product could work on something that isn't being used at all or something that doesn't stretch, but it didn't do anything. Next, I will buy a glue-style product.

👤My son put a big one, which was an inch and a half tall by an inch wide. The Thermarest base camp sleeping pad only costs $80 and you can use it once. This is the right patch for vinyl. I was concerned that the thermarest wasn't completely flat and that the tear was large. I didn't patch the tear before applying this. Here's what's positive about this. I was supposed to have the patch extend an inch past the tear in all directions, but it was not in the instructions. The instructions say you can overlap the patches. So far, so good. The patch is holding up. I blew the pad up with my mouth because I didn't have air pressure inside. It's been held so far. My son slept on the pad next to our bed last night and I spent some time sitting on it and the patch was holding. I deflated the pad and then inflated it. So far, so good. This is a good product so far. I have half of it, as well as the two small puncture patches that came with it. I'll probably buy another and add it to my camping kit. I have a good feeling that it will hold up on this ridiculous tear.

👤I needed this product along with another vinyl product repair kit to fix a 4 person vinyl raft. It took 24 hours to cure, but the glue was instant. If you prepare the surface as instructed, make sure the edges are rounded. The edges were not raised up or stuck.

👤This stuff saves people. My husband bought a bounce house for the littles to play in during the bicyle. One of our teens fell in it and ripped one of the anchors out, despite being told not to. We had it for a day. I told them not to worry and watched some videos on repair on the internet. The day was saved when the tape arrived. This stuff is amazing. The hole was repaired and my littles are bouncing their hearts out again. Great product! You saved us! We are very thankful. If you have a bounce house years are gone, I can't say enough about this. This is a must buy now. It will save the day for you as well.

8. Rejuvenate Pre Saturated Restorer Penetrating Sun Damaged

Rejuvenate Pre Saturated Restorer Penetrating Sun Damaged

Protect and restore indoor and outdoor surfaces. Each box has five individually packaged items. x 4 in. Up to 100 square feet of saturated microfiber wipes and covers. Restores faded and sun-bleached vinyl, plastic, stone, fiberglass, aluminum, metal, painted surfaces and more. It is possible to restore rich deep color on car bumpers, siding, grills, outdoor furniture, shutters, mailboxes, lawn equipment and garden tools. A non-greasy formula instantly eliminates years of damage and protects from future oxidation, fading, sun and water damage.

Brand: Rejuvenate

👤I used the product according to the directions. We keep the Tropitone table and chairs on our deck. It initially brought a nice shine to the table, but after a few weeks of rain and sun, it oxidized and left a white stain on the metal finish of the table and chairs. The outdoor company that sold us the furniture did their best to restore it to its original condition, but it was not perfect. We were frustrated and disappointed. If you want to use it on your metal furniture, you might want to test it on a small area and see how it works before you use it all over your furniture.

👤This stuff is great. I've been looking for a product that would help me with my ATV. I've tried a lot of things, including home-made concoctions. There is nothing else on the face of the earth that comes close to the results of this product. It becomes varnish-like in time. It was dull and bright. Had to remove it. That's right, sand it. It was very close to being miraculous. Excellent! I don't work for this company.

👤The product is worth every penny. I live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association. I purchased a new mailbox at the recommendation of a neighbor to avoid having a costly replacement mailbox. The product did the trick. It is easy to use and work. You should wear gloves when applying this product.

👤Recolor only covered a small section of the hot tub. I bought Rejuvenate because they were out. It didn't work. I had white streaks on my tub. I opened another wipe to see if it needed a heavier coat. It was white when it started to dry. My tub looked brand new after being recolor. I ordered more of that and hope it will fix what Rejuvenate messed up. I will use the remaining box on stupid things. It's a waste of money. If you use Recolor first, you will realize Rejuvenate is not that great.

👤When I saw a poor review on this site, I decided to buy a box of reviews to see what would happen. The product worked well on my front door, but I didn't like that the wipes were small and didn't cover a large area. It took three wipes to cover my door. I didn't take a picture of my door before it was faded from the sun, but I did take a picture after it was done. I have ordered more to use on my shutters.

👤Someone was going to paint the shutters. We decided to try the wipes after someone told us about them. They did a great job. The shutters look new. We used it in the spring. The shutters still look good even though they have gone through the summer sun and the rain.

👤This product only added a shinny layer to my porch rail, it didn't make it any darker or restore the appearance of it. If you want to order a large amount of it, please order just one and test it first.

9. NOSTAFY Umbrella Outdoor Replacement Accessories

NOSTAFY Umbrella Outdoor Replacement Accessories

Money saving: The 2 ounce bottle can be used for up to 50 repairs. Any quality problem, contact them and they will give you a full refund. Handmade braided nylon cord. The application is used for the outdoor patio umbrella and base set. High quality product is what they focus on. The features are strong and durable.

Brand: Nostafy

👤You have to pay more for the second one. Very cheap and thin. Go to Walmart or your local hardware store. You can get better quality and more quantity for 20% of the price.

👤It was an exact replacement for the original. This order had two lengths of rope and one was all that was needed for less money than a single rope. I have a replacement for it. The rope was strong enough to pull it through the poles and there were areas that were too tight to tie the old to the new. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to replace their canopy rope.

👤The replacement nylon cording looks and feels similar to the original. It worked well in the umbrella. Good value.

👤It was exactly as advertised. It fixed an older patio umbrella that had rotted as it was quick to deliver.

👤It seems like it will be a good replacement for the old rope.

👤Time will tell if this rope will hold up.

👤I haven't used yet, but I look sturdy.

10. Fabric Boat Waterproof Pontoons Sailboat

Fabric Boat Waterproof Pontoons Sailboat

You can use transparent plastic patch repair kit to repair your inflatable watering products, such as inflatable boat, raft, kayak, canoe, toys, inflatable sofa and more, bringing much convenience to you. There are repairs in AWNINGS, SAILS, TENTs and more. Their clear repair tape is thick, durable and creates a watertight seal making it a highly effective pop up camper repair tape, bimini repair tape, pontoon boat seat repair tape, awning repair tape, sail repair tape and camper awning repair tape. It works well to reinforce the seams of a canvas tent, canvas sail and for boat tarp repair. Their marine upholstery tape is long lasting. Don't replace! tarp and tent repair tape is waterproof and can stand up to the heat and sun. The canvas tarp and boat repair tape creates a water-tight patch that resists the elements and can be used to fix a variety of items that have torn or need reinforcement. The clear repair tape is ideal for sail repair tape, pop up camper canvas repair, RV awning repair tape, leather repair tape, patio umbrella repair and more. Ultra-durable and flexible are the words that come to mind. Their tarp and RV canvas repair tape is easy to use. It's great to have an emergency kit with you so you can get to work quickly. This tape can be used as tent seam seal tape, tent repair tape, awning tape, tarp repair tape waterproof, kite repair tape, for sunbrella repair, inflatable rafts bounce houses and more. Crystal clear and repairs are used. The waterproof tape can be used on a variety of materials. Their tarp and awning repair tape is crystal clear so it blends into the material it is being used to repair. This rip and seam tape is great for fabric awning repair tape, hot tub cover repair tape, kite tape, canvas awning repair tape, trailer awning repair tape, sail repair tape and more. Crystal clear and repairs are used. The waterproof tape can be used on a variety of materials. Their tarp and awning repair tape is crystal clear so it blends into the material it is being used to repair. This rip and seam tape is great for fabric awning repair tape, hot tub cover repair tape, kite tape, canvas awning repair tape, trailer awning repair tape, sail repair tape and more.

Brand: Better Boat

👤The fabric on our awning was not affected by the rotted thread. I applied Tear Mender to the seams after removing the fabric. This tape was used to back up the Tear Mender repair. It seemed like it should work. The tape fell off after I reinstalled the cover. I'm sure it works on certain things, but it didn't work on our awning material.

👤The tape was terrible. The product was advertised as a repair product. I am very disappointed that it doesn't work. I have tried other tapes at the stores, but they didn't work. I decided to try it. I put tape on the hole in the canvas. It rained and the tape fell. I had tape on the roll. I tried to fix it again. I put the same hole in the cover. After it rained, it fell off. The tape did not live up to my expectations. I don't know what they mean by warmth when it comes to boat covers, so I gave it one star.

👤This was bought for a convertible top and it doesn't stick to the canvas or the glass. I thought it might work because the description mentioned boats. It doesn't work on small above ground pools. Put the tape in the inside and outside of the small hole. It still leaks. What a waste.

👤This product is not useful. It doesn't stick to anything. It does not stick when you try to put it on. Immediately, it come off. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. A waste of time and money.

👤It was bought to fix a boat cover. The edges left it up. The thickness was not bad. If it doesn't stick very well, I would use gorilla tape.

👤I bought this to fix my tent. I cleaned the area before applying tape. I sewed the tape onto the fabric so that it wouldn't stick to the hole, after I put tape on the inside and the outside, and left it for 24 hours, so I could check if it was sticking or not. I wouldn't recommend tent patching. It was thick tape and it would be very durable. I don't think tent material is what this can be used for.

👤The seats on my boat are old. The tape worked well to cover them. The surface does not seem to be uncomfortable to sit on.

👤This product is terrible. It is not waterproof. How do it get 4 stars? Water can only touch this tape until it is waterproof. The second day tape was on the pool cover. We cleaned and dried the area before applying the tape. Before putting the cover back on the pool surface, apply applied pressure. The previously clear tape is turning white and detaching from the pool cover. Within 24 hours, this happened. Not waterproof.

👤tre plus large, se faire on y arrive.

👤I should get a few more years use of my bimini boat top.

👤It's used on mooring to cover snap holes.

11. Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

Gear Aid Tenacious Patches Outdoor

A peel-and-stick repair that requires no sewing or ironing can be used to patch a hole or fix tears quickly. 2 black nylon and 2 clear patches per pack are included in the pre-cut 3” round patches for a barely noticeable repairs that stays on even after a wash. This patch is also available in 2, 3 and 4 packs and can be used to repair camping gear. Don't use cotton, denim or natural fabrics on almost any surface, including nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric, vinyl, and rubber.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I had a trail scout mattress that had holes in it from a cat. I used the clear patches only, and they completely sealed the holes to the point that I could sleep on the mattress. I think they would work well on a worn pair of frogg toggs, even though they don't work as well on nylon or sil fabrics. If you want to patch fabric, use alcohol to clean the dwr off of it. The black ones worked well on my parka. I have washed it many times and they haven't budged. I could have thrown it out. I keep the black and clear in my pack repair kit when I purchase them again. Highly recommend using over duct tape.

👤I ripped a hole in my jacket when I fell. The black patches were used to mend a hole in the arm. Looks great! I was able to cut another patch to cover the whole thing because my hole was bigger than just one patch. Can't tell, looks great. I wish I'd gotten all the back patches and not tried the clear patches, but overall it works great. The paper backing was hard to remove in one piece. I was trying to get a nice even flat patch job.

👤I tore the sleeve of a new, lightweight nylon running jacket when I fell while running. I figured I could patch it. The Tenacious Tape has worked well so far, holding up to one wash of the jacket. I was worried that the patch on the inside of the sleeve wouldn't catch on my watch, because it's thin enough that it doesn't. It's perfect for what I needed.

👤Don't buy this for shoes because it's not intended to be used on shoes. It's not strong enough to run in.

👤This product deserves some serious credit. I ripped a hole in the pop up tent last winter. The walls are made of insulation fabric and not a simple sew or patch job. I used a different patch kit than the one I found at the camping store and it lasted for a couple outings. I found these online and I am very happy about it. It has been crumpled multiple times when the tent is folded back up. It looks like we just put it on. It's one thing if a patch works in normal temperatures, but not when it's -10F. It doesn't show any signs of wear, that's impressive.

👤I needed a solution for a tear in my suitcase. I mention the name because they are very tough and wear like iron until the baggage handler gets their hands on them. I searched for an alternative because Tumi had no suggestions. These fit the bill. It isn't a perfect repair. I don't care about that. Even after additional travel, the patch stayed on. I put black on the outside and a patch on the inside. It is very durable. A bargain repair.

👤I love it! Someone recommended this. My son poked a hole in his jacket with a stick and feathers started to poke out. He would remove the feathers. He would create a bigger hole by sticking his fingers in. The rep suggested this tape and it works great, we were half a month out of a guarantee to fix it. I haven't tried to wash it yet, but it looks like it will hold up. He will grow out of it next year, so he will need to make it through this winter.


What is the best product for umbrella repair kit?

Umbrella repair kit products from Magicfour. In this article about umbrella repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Gear Aid and Coghlan's are also good brands to look for when you are finding umbrella repair kit.

What are the best brands for umbrella repair kit?

Magicfour, Gear Aid and Coghlan's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for umbrella repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Willbond, Kjml Diy and Zonon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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