Best Usb C Cable Repair Kit

Cable 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Hilitchi Sockets USB Connectors Assortment Connector

Hilitchi Sockets USB Connectors Assortment Connector

Solid polyethylene. Plastic, Metal are environment-friendly materials. The mounting options are endless since you would probably have more connections to plug in theusb devices. There are 18 different kinds of sockets, each size has 10 pieces, and includes 180 degree PBC mounting and 90 degree PBC mounting. The main color is Sliver and Black. The type of the female connection is 5pin, B type. They are great for projects that need a solder in a damaged port or for making your own cables. It's widely used in security equipment, household appliances, smart home, measuring instruments, medical electronics, automotive electronics, network communications, and so on. If you do not like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. The service lasted 12 hours.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤The small maleusbmicro adapters require special soldering to get hooked up correctly, and theusb are great and get the job done. It's a good idea to use parchment paper to keep solder out of the connections.

👤The variety made it work for me. It saves you money and time. Everything is in one place. I can fix the brokenusb connection and adapt some non-usb ones.

👤I'd like to see this collection for a bit more money, including gaming consoles and charge ports. That collection would be a winner. I'm sure the enhancement would drive better sales, it's good but it can be more useful.

2. Charging Teeind Tpc001 Charger Compatible

Charging Teeind Tpc001 Charger Compatible

The perfect 3-Pack 10ft+6ft+3.3ft is a combination of different lengths that makes life more convenient. You will need a power block rated for fast charging and a phone capable of the same if you want to use a power cord alone. The quality of this cable is not a concern, it has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards. The strongest material, strong fiber, makes the force increase by 200%. Can do 8000+ bending tests. Premium aluminum housing makes the cable more durable. The latest smart phones include the S21+, S21 Ultra 5G, S20 Ultra 5G FE, S20+, S10 Plus, S10+, and S9. Their product comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty. The best customer service is always provided by them. They will try their best to help you.

Brand: Teeind

👤I had the cords for a while before I reviewed them. They are perfect, the length is good, and they charge fast. If you have kids with fire tablets, I recommend them 100%. My 3 year old has been using it for months now and there is no slowing down on the charge or damage to the cord. My colleagues want them. I'm ordering more.

👤These are great. It's nice that you get a few different colors, they are a great value. Each one seems well made and had no issues connecting my Wacom to my computer.

👤They're good charging cords, but when I got them, they forgot to put the green cord in. I contacted Amazon's customer service and they gave me a credit for $3, but I wanted the 5th cord. My family likes how long the cords are and how they are comfortable on their devices. Is that true?

👤The cables are very sturdy and flexible. The different colors make it easier to find the cables from the device to the computer. The port is anusb port.

👤The price is right and I love it. I like the fact that it is different colors so I can give them to my children without fighting over which one is theirs. It was very thick to prevent it from tearing apart. I could use this for a lot of different things, and it works on my products that required a c charge. I will buy again for my family.

👤I bought these, not expecting them to be great, but that they would last a while if I took good care of them. It's only been 2 months since I bought them. The cat doesn't mess with my fiancĂ©e and I are the only ones who use them. They stopped working. I now have to buy more charging cables.

👤I like the variety of colors and they seem to be very durable so far. I have only had 2 weeks to review this review.

👤I love the flexibility of the rope like cord, as I have kids that are not very careful with their charging cables. I wasn't very high on expectations when I bought these, they were so inexpensive. They were packaged individually and shipped quickly, and have worked well for us. I would buy again.

3. Combination Charging Transfer Connectors Credit Card

Combination Charging Transfer Connectors Credit Card

There is an important note. PurePort isn't recommended for devices that use theusb-c port. All you need to do is charge and transfer data for your devices with the one cable kit. The credit-card size cable kit in 3.39*2.24 inches is portable and easy to carry. All the adapters are made of scratch resistant aluminum alloy. A sim card removal pin and a sim card storage slot can be used to store your sim card. The cable box can be expanded to hold a phone. You'll get a carry case, two-way cable, female to male, and a pin.

Brand: Yinow

👤Small. The case has a nice texture. It is a cable. I have not yet been able to measure the power delivery capabilities. I may keep it in the car for passenger emergencies, but it won't become part of my kit.

👤The plastic feels brittle, the phone stand is a joke, and the cables are very stiff. I don't have to worry about breaking it because it's so small, it stays in my bag, and I use it frequently. I don't have to worry if I have the right cable or not because it has all the right ones in a small box.

👤After about a minute, stopped working. It never worked again. I think there are too many connecting pieces for my phone.

👤The amount of equipment for the small size is amazing, but the exterior case is a little flimsy. The travel charging device is perfect. Just need a hub charging device. Fantastic. It's great for work as well. Patients need to charge their phones in the hospital. It doesn't matter what phone I use, I have the hookup.

👤The item is okay. It would be better if there was built-in charging.

👤It is the same as pictured and described. The price is a mere pittance because it receives Amazon shipping. You could do worse if it fits your needs.

👤It was easy to transfer my info and pics from one phone to another.

4. USB Sweguard Charger Braided Samsung

USB Sweguard Charger Braided Samsung

Fast data transfer up to 480Mbps and safe high-speed charging up to 3.1A are supported. The safe charging is ensured by the version of the specification that is 56 kiloohm. The latest trend of theusb interface is kept up with the upgraded 3D aluminum connection. The design of the port allows you to plug into all your devices without having to worry about the port's orientation. The Last 10X Stronger and Perfect]:USB to C Cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards, built-in laser welding technology, which ensure the metal part won't break. The longer anti-break design makes the cable more durable. The double-braided nylon type C cable has a long service life and will never break. The PS5 wireless controller is compatible with the following: the S8 Note, the S22/S21/S20/S20+, the Ultra S10 S10E S9 S8 Note, and the G6/V20/V30 The perfect 3-Pack 10ft+6ft+3.3ft is a combination of different lengths that makes life more convenient.

Brand: Sweguard

👤I've had a hard time locating the cable that charges my phone. I was doomed to the wireless way for a long time. After logging on to Amazon, I decided to take a shot at it. These braided cables are wonderful. They also charge my phone. When I use my original fast charge block, it charges my phone quickly. When I found out, I was happy. The cables are perfect for what I need them for. The living room has the shortest cable plugged in. The longest cable is in the bedroom. I put the medium cable in my travel bag when I leave town. They are very nice quality and durable. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this brand.

👤I was about to return a perfectly functional cable from Best Buy when the phone ran out of power and I had to take it back. I tested it with my older S5 original, which ran great, and Best Buy declared it a complete bust. Most attached cable except for an original equipment manufacturer, is slowed down by the new phone charging device. My S9 software accepts the Direct cables as authentic. They work at full speed, they are sturdy and varied in length. They probably charge as fast as the original. There's not much more to say. Things are transparent and seamless. They work. I recommend them to everyone.

👤When I got these, I was confused. What are these? I thought they sent me the wrong product, but I have not heard why. They looked high quality. The charging cord for a $1000 phone is so cheap it's laughable, while the ones for less are just as good. You get 3 different lengths, and they look and feel quality. I thought I'd never use a long cord, but they feel durable. I have trouble sleeping so I listen to relaxing music when I go to bed, and I knocked my phone over because the cord was so short. I don't have that issue with the longest cord, which is 3 times the length of my original cord. There is a I have 3 different places in my home. I don't have to move one cord when I move my phone. I am very disappointed with this purchase.

👤These are not 3.1 cables. There is no attempt to be 3.1 with blue plastic in the connector. You won't see speeds greater than 10 Megabyte per second. They probably only claim the charging speed. The construction is fine, but it lacks critical components.

👤I've only used them for a few days, but they seem very durable. The phone says "fast charge" The price for three cables was great. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I bought despite seeing the negative reviews. I've been using all three of them regularly and have not had any issues so far. I recently purchased a new phone and need some cables. I have never had braided cords, but they are becoming a favorite. The different lengths work well in my house and car, and the snaps make it easy to fold and store a cable.



You'll get a carry case, two-way cable, female to male, and a pin. You can connect your Crucial X6 drive to a legacy device. When you need to add more storage to a device that only has ausb-a port, the Crucialusb-c tousb-a-adapter provides the connection you need. It's easy to connect to the X6 cable from the other way around. It was designed to complement and work with the X6 cable. It was built and tested to high quality standards.

Brand: Crucial

👤It doesn't clip as firmly to theusb-c. I think it's snug enough. Otherwise it is an accessory. Does what it should do is consistent without it. It came with a portable 1tb drive.

👤I've tried two different ones, and both slowed the speed by half. If you're going to use this for a PS5 you should use theusb-c port. Do not buy PS4 or any other product that does not have a port.

👤I only have one port on my PC, and it would decrease the speed of my other drive if I used that port. I was surprised that the x6 drive could operate at 800ish. There is a person named MB/s.

👤You'll be like why didn't I buy this sooner?

👤A knob or jag that makes the adapter not compatible with a standard cable is what makes it Crucial. The two photos attached are related to the issue.

👤In good condition, arrived earlier than anticipated. Works as advertised.

👤Didn't need it. It works if you do.

👤It does what it is supposed to do and is designed to fit in a certain way with theusb C cable that comes with the sdd, but it should have been in the box with the sdd. You should be able to redeem one from them for free if they are concerned about e-waste.

👤It was easy to install, but not long enough to comment on performance.

👤You can use an internal logic board or a notch to take into account the fact that the plugs are not symmetrical on the inside. This device is not the other. This is not a universal accessory.

👤Non comprendo perchĂ©, adattatore indispensabile. No venga dato in dotazione allo SSD.

6. JSAUX Charger Braided Compatible Samsung

JSAUX Charger Braided Compatible Samsung

The surface can be maintained for a minimum of 10 years after restoration. The 3A Fast Charge, Transfer speed can reach 4060MB/S (480Mbps), and the JSAUX USB C Cable can accelerate the charging speed by delivering 5V/3A safe charging power, which is 25% faster than other cables. This cable has high quality assurance, and it has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards, so you don't need to worry about it. The laser welding technology can ensure the metal part won't break. Enhanced Durability: Strong fiber is the most flexible, powerful and durable material. Can do 10000+ bending tests. Premium aluminum housing makes the cable more durable and tangle free. There are tips for fast charging. The S20 is a phone. Plus /S20. Ultra /Note 20. Fast charging, but requires a 18Wusb A port and a QC/AFC protocol charger. There is a 25 Wusb C Port in the original charger. Fast-charging is not supported by the "private charging protocol" used by Pixel. The 6.6ft 2-Pack nylon braidedusb type-c cable is available. This cable can be used with PS5 wireless controller and other devices.

Brand: Jsaux

👤I have used some of the best C cables. The tips are made well and they are very durable. A lot of cords have cheap tips that break off. The length is my favorite part. I have ordered other 6ft cords that don't work. I use them every time and they don't get tangled. They come with a strap to keep the cord untangled when in a bag or backpack. I will be ordering more. If this review helped, please hit yes below.

👤I have a lot of different charging cords. Cheap cords. I've never done this before. I'm lucky it didn't start my car on fire. It happened while the car was parked.

👤I didn't review this earlier because it was my first time buying this. This is the perfect cable for most uses. The cording is not liable to catch if rubbed against something. The charging speed is amazing, and the design fits my aesthetic as you can see by my mouse pad. A family member who is not tech savvy lost a cable to a friend and bought another set of cables, but kept the phone. There is a There are a few minor things and one big thing that has changed since the first purchase. The metal plug bit on the male side is no longer a piece that was bent into shape, but a single circle which is ideal for charging. Don't smash your bits against other things. The black plastic is a small part. The material changed a bit. Mark 1 had a more silicone feel, while mark 2 is more towards plastic, so it won't really affect you unless you have greasy hands on the plastic bits. Mark 2 feels a bit stiff, but it's because of the time. The design on the plug ends has changed. Mark 1 and 2 have the same type C on the side of the computer and the same symbol on the side of the computer. Many of you can see that the strap has changed. Mark 1 used a leather snap to hold extra cable. Mark 2 uses a strap. I understand the ease of use and cost saving of velcro over leather, but it also removed a bit of function. I would be more appreciative if there were choosable options for which to purchase.

👤The cables were very good to look at. The nylon braid and leather fastening make them feel very sturdy. It looks better than the bread ties I use. I plugged in my phone. I noticed something wasn't right. I did not get the "Fast Charging" message at the bottom of my screen when I plugged this cable and my phone into the official SAMSUNG CHARGER. I tried plugging them into my computer, but my phone didn't show up. When I held the cable tightly in place, my phone was able to connect. I tried sanding down the end of the cable to make it fit into my phone's port. Make sure to hold the cable level. This is not something that I should have to do in order to use a cable, but it is a relatively easy fix for a cable that may seem broken.

7. Glarks Sockets Connector Replacement Assortment

Glarks Sockets Connector Replacement Assortment

The female port can be plugged into both directions. There are enough type and quantity to meet your needs, the set includes 15 kind ofusb jack sockets. The product material is. The shell is made of plastic and the gold flashed brass contacts are for the plugs. It is durable for a long time. The only thing you need to do is to use theusb connectors, they are very easy to use, no other tool is needed. The main color is black and white. There is a main type. A female and male. They are lightweight and great for computers and phones. The standardusb plug is widely used in computers, mobile phones,usb-CD, mouse, keyboard, and so on.

Brand: Glarks

👤I got the large pack because I didn't know what size I would need to repair the cheapo back up battery that broke the 2nd time I tried to use it. The quality of the sockets was better than what I took out of the battery I repaired. The battery was repaired in an hour or so, I had to trace down a ripped trace on the board, but it worked great.

👤The fitting was high quality and tight.

👤I had no problem with describing the parts. I'm new to the technology.

👤All of it was in good condition and worked well for me.

👤It is well organized and I agree with other reviews. I don't feel confident in the buy because there are no labels, genetal instructions or websites for guidance. I searched the name of the items and found nothing on basic use just kit for sale. This is my first time in a buy like this and I will be repairing it.

👤J'avais besoin de quelques connecteursusb 2 et 3 pour limiter un tas de fils.

8. Anker Charging MacBook Galaxy Charger

Anker Charging MacBook Galaxy Charger

The 6.6ft 2-Pack nylon braidedusb type-c cable is available. This cable can be used with PS5 wireless controller and other devices. This cable is only compatible with the USB-C and not the other way around. It doesn't work with the popular type of charging device. You can get up to 60W high-speed charging for all of your devices when you have a USB-C charger. There is a It is compatible with virtually allusb-c devices. The cable does not support media display. A nylon exterior and a bulletproof fiber core combine to create a cable that can hold up to 12,000 bends. 2 New nylonusb-c tousb-c cable (6 ft), hook-and-loop cable tie, welcome guide, worry-free lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤The 3ft. cord that comes in the box is too short and I bought this 6ft. cord. The Note20 has a new "super fast charging" that is seriously fast and I'm always nervous about aftermarket cords supporting these charging technologies. I will buy charging cords from the only seller on Amazon that I trust, Anker. I am happy to report that the cords snap into the port and the fast charging works well. I just got these cords and they seem to be just as good as the others, even though I can't say anything about theDurability, but all my cords from the past have stood up against a lot of abuse, and these seem to be at least as good as the others. I don't have any other device to test it on, but I hope this helps other Note20 users out there.

👤I bought this for my daughter's chromebook and had to order a new one because the puppy got her cable. The minimum cable was 45W. After plugging into my chromebook, I got a trickle charge warning and was told that the cable wasn't powerful enough. The faulty cable was replaced without issue.

👤I tested the cables with a 65W power delivery charge. I got the full 65 watt (19.86V/3.25A) with all 4 cables, which is even better than the advertised 60 watt.

👤If you are still buying cheap garbage, please stop. Nothing is more cost effective than buying quality, and in my opinion nobody makes a better cable than the one made by Anker. These cables are better than any brand of cable I have ever used, and on the rare occasion when something goes wrong, Anker is there to make it right. Over the years, I have had a few cables fail, but it happens. It's easy to get them replaced within their warranty period. If you take a picture of the serial number, you'll get a replacement in a matter of days.

👤These are supposed to be able to support 25W charging. It doesn't! When I plug in my phone, it will say super fast charging with the super fast charging accessory from theSamsung. However, it does not. Even if it is plugged in all night, it won't fully charge the phone because it charges so slowly. A fast charging device with a cable from theSamsung will charge my phone faster than these. The cables we received were the same. These do not support charging up to 25W. I don't know. I've bought products from Amazon before, but these are the worst cables I've ever purchased.

👤I like the Anker brand. These are so bad that they are usually good. I spent more money on these than I usually do. I thought they would last longer. They did not. I bought 2 sets of the 3ft and 1 set of the 6ft. After 2 weeks, none of them worked well. They started malfunctioning. My family charges for different phones. When we use these, we plug it in, and they charge for a minute, then stop charging. Then stop and charge again. The phone sends notifications when it's plugged in, which is very annoying. It charges fast during the charging stage. The overall charge is slowed down when it stops for a while. I should have returned them after 2 weeks. I can't tolerate this anymore. I spent a lot of money on these cords.

9. 24pin USB C Connector Housing 5pcs

24pin USB C Connector Housing 5pcs

The standardusb plug is widely used in computers, mobile phones,usb-CD, mouse, keyboard, and so on. The female port can be plugged into both directions. The Type C male Connector is not compatible with OTG. You can solder the cable yourself. The housing cover has 3.0mm.

Brand: Chenyang

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying them. I always start with a good review. The cover doesn't "snap" on, the size of the solder pads, and how difficult it was to use were some of the complaints. I don't know who they are. I know what whiners are. I was able to solder the wires on the correct sized pads, and I am not as young as I used to be. The caps don't snap on. Where does it say that they do? You put them on. This is normal for grown ups. They worked well for me. If you have the maturity and lack of self entitlement that the whiners have, they should work great for you. Buy them. When I need more, I will do it again.

👤I bought these because the picture shows 4 big soldering pads with D-,D+, etc., but the actual connectors have 6 smaller pads on the opposite side. The other pins are unnecessary since I'm using these for keyboards. The picture is not showing the right product, so I'm taking 3 stars. I bought these in the first place because soldering in such a small area is hard. But meh. I wouldn't recommend these if you're not good at microsoldering. The soldering area is fragile, I tried to adjust the wires before putting them in the plastic case, a contact pad came off the PCB. What a waste of time. They do work. You have to be careful. They get 2 stars because of this.

👤The strain relief is useless. The housing is okay. I assume they are supposed to be glue together. Any part made with them will be permanent. The quality of the soldering is poor, as seen by the odd grain structure of the solder under a microscope, because the pins on the connector are not aligned well. I had to solder 30AWG wire to the pins I actually needed because most pins are not broken out as I had hoped. The bottom of it is likely an LDO and some bypassCapacitors. Why?

👤The pads for these are not as pictured. There are two large pads for power and ground on the other side. If you are trying to use a standard 4 wire usb cable, the 2 data pads needed are right next to each other in the middle making soldering even more difficult. It is difficult.

👤It would be nice to have a diagram for the 4 or 6 wire connection. No diagram of the Pin Out.

👤The littleusb-c is a great accessory. The PCB is designed well. Went over it with a multimeter. If you're good at soldering, it's easy to replace the 56 kOhm Resistor from R1 with a 5.1 kOhm Resistor on the R2 pads.

👤Poor QC between them. You have to push them in because they fall out. Work well for 4 and 5 wires. It works over the small wires. It won't fit the large wires. When putting the housing together, there is no snap or retention. I melted the edges together with my soldering iron and put heat-shrink over the back end to give more cord strain relief.

10. 24pin USB C Resistor Black Housing

24pin USB C Resistor Black Housing

It was built and tested to high quality standards. The male version of theusb 3.1 type C. The type-C OTG Host function does not support the data function. Attached with a PC board is a 3.0mm housing cover. You have to solder the cable yourself. The female port can be plugged into both directions.

Brand: Jser

👤It works with the electronics. I had to figure out the order of the wires. My kid broke her usbc gaming mouse and I had to replace it. The wires were all different colors. It was different than what I found online. I took apart the old one to get the correct order. The plastic housing is not good. The plug didn't go into the computer because it didn't stay in place because it didn't lock together. I tried super glue and it didn't stick to the plug. I used moldable plastic to make a housing. Works well.

👤This is one of the most miserable connections I've ever had to solder. Two of the contacts are through-hole and the other two are surface mount. Since the housing slides apart when you insert the plug, there's nothing holding the wires to the board.

👤If you don't need the plastic shell, the maleusb-c will work for you. The shell part is garbage but I am not using it in my application and they work great and easy to solder. Fitment is perfect.

👤If you only need the ports, these are fine, just look at their pics to see if they meet your needs. I suppose you can still use the plastic parts that came with them, but you will have to use some kind of epoxy to pot them. The glue I used didn't work and it leaked out through the inside of the port. YMMV

👤The housing does not hold the connector, so if you push it to connect, it will fall into the housing.

👤These are what we expected. I destroyed 2 of them with a lifting pad. I have not had this issue with other delicate electronics, I thought I was being gentle.

👤Couldn't get the connection to work. The plastic housing is not usable. If you want to use this for your own cables, buy another product.

👤Inanzi tutto il corpo in plastica del connettore. I connettore metallico libero di infilarsi nella carcassa in plastica. Passiamo al connettore in se, ne ho provati 2 su 5 e il dispositivo non viene riconosciuto in nessuno dei due casi. I collegamento. corretto (vedi Foto), pertanto il prodotto inutilizzabile.

👤Avevo necessit di uno spinotto. Un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un device, un L'ho potuto collegare al mio alimentatore. I punti da saldare sono piccolissimi, il lavoro deve essere fatto con una buona lente d'ingrandimento. Stesso dicasi per saldatore e stagno! Con poco ho riparato! I cappucci con incollare. Sono precisi ma se non incollati.

👤Non eccellente ma adeguata al prezzo. La descrizione coincide with the prodotto. No. Nelle foto infatti non sembra possibile la connessione dati. I pezzi di plastica sono lisci non presentano scansalature per incastri quindi risulta tutto libero di scorrere. I creare connettori ha permesso di essere prese su telefoni. Io ho risolto egregiamente, riempiendo il tutto con la colla a caldo, rimovibile con semplice alcol per pulire. Basta immergere il connettore per qualche secondo nell'alcol. It is Prodotto consigliato.

11. PurePort Multi Tool IPhone Cleaning AirSquares

PurePort Multi Tool IPhone Cleaning AirSquares

The PurePort multi-tool is the complete solution to keep your devices clean and connected. For a limited time only, AirSquares are the original earbud cleaning putty, and the ideal Apple Airpods accessory to keep your electronic buds looking shiny, new, and dirt, gunk and debris free. AirSquares are the easiest way to clean tech devices and improve their hygiene. Do you want to extend the life of your Apple devices? If you are having trouble getting your device to charge, the charging cable and port may need to be cleaned. PurePort restores and cleans damaged ports and charging cables. Clean and revive your Lightning port with the help of tools 1, 2, and 3. There are clear lint, hair, fluff, dust, oils, and other contaminants in the charging port. Don't use a needle or pushpin that could damage your devices, and extend and protect the life of your beloved Apple products. The PurePort Cleaning Solution can be used to restore cable connections and make them function like new. Clean speakers, absorbents and whisperers. Use tool 6 to clean your device's speakers, microphone, earpiece, and switches with a lint-free cloth. The PurePort Multi-Tool can help your device work like new if it isn't functioning properly. There is an important note. PurePort isn't recommended for devices that use theusb-c port.

Brand: Pureport

👤Over all good idea. The tip from step # is bending, about to break off, and it's the first time I've used this. I think that this needs to be addressed and would appreciate a replacement tip.

👤I am amazed. I was going to buy a new phone before I got this. I have been fussing about Witt the charging cord. I had to hold it in certain positions. I bought a new cord. I got an ad for this. Went through the process. All the issues are gone.

👤The Pureport iPhone cleaning tool was advertised on Facebook. It looked good, but I also thought it wasn't something you really need. Guess what? It's something you need. The shots of that lightning port were bad. My wife's phone was not charging. It charged after being cleaned. I'm going to try my cord out and see if it works after I clean it. Buying new cords is more expensive than getting this. I bought it on Amazon. Follow the instructions on the card or watch the video on how to do it. You have to do three steps to get a clean lightning port. The charge cable is cleaned as well.

👤I did not work on cleaning out iPad ports. The tooth pick and cotton worked better than this tool. The item was returned for a refund.

👤Just do it if you are on the fence. It is a premium price. You get what you paid for. I have a lot of cables and accessories and this is what got the job done. The headaches of inconsistent charging have gone away, and my HDMI adapter now works perfectly, I don't need to keep handling it like it's a live bomb, and I have the habit of being super careful with it. The speaker ports were cleaned with the brush. If you don't get tons of lint when you use the tools on your phone, don't worry. Dust starts to pour out when you use the lint on the second and third times. There is a note inside the box that tells you to store the box on its side to prevent the liquid bottle from leaking when left on its side. If they address this in a later version, it is not a deal breaker. I understand why most phones don't have a headphone port tool since I would like to. Really nice product. If you are worried about the price, the value is here because I have already been helping out friends and family fix their ports/adapters.

👤The iPhone 8. Plus is charging again. It's good! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon. I used it to clean my kids. I am very happy with the results. It was 100% charge and no need to wiggle the cord. The repair shop quoted me $130 to replace the port, so I actually saved over $100. I am glad I don't need to upgrade my phone. Hope it will keep going. I have the pureport in my drawer so I can easily fix it if it ever stops charging again.


What is the best product for usb c cable repair kit?

Usb c cable repair kit products from Hilitchi. In this article about usb c cable repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Teeind and Yinow are also good brands to look for when you are finding usb c cable repair kit.

What are the best brands for usb c cable repair kit?

Hilitchi, Teeind and Yinow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for usb c cable repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Sweguard, Crucial and Jsaux are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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