Best Usb C Port Repair

Port 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SDSSDE61 1T00 G25

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SDSSDE61 1T00 G25

One year warranty is provided for this item. They can either send a new one or a full refund. A portable, high-capacity drive with up to 1000MB/s write speeds is perfect for creating amazing content or capturing incredible footage. Requires compatible devices. Performance may be lower depending on host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB is 1 million bits. This tough drive has up to 2 meter drop protection and is resistant to water and dust. It's a good idea to use the carabiner loop to secure it to your belt loop or backpack. Private content can be kept private with the included password protection. It's easy to back up mobile content with compatibility with a range of smart phones. Professional photographers around the world trust the brand professional photographers to handle their best shots and footage.

Brand: Sandisk

👤This product is very frustrating. It wouldn't work on a MacBook Pro M1 Max or iMac. There is no product support on the Sandisk site. No instructions. There is no need to support the product. Don't buy this for your imac or MacBook Pro. It doesn't mount at all. I tried everything possible to no avail. Had to return it.

👤I had expectations before buying this item. I got a 1 terabytes version. I expected to plug it in and get 1000mbps write speed. Wrong. There are certain factors that have to happen in order for this to happen. There is a If you are copying from hard disk drives, you are wasting time. The drive will create a problem. They aren't fast enough to keep up. If your operating system is on an M.2 you can copy files from it. I had a lot of trouble setting up this drive as I expected the cable to work in any direction as it's ausb-c type Nope. If your speed is slow, try changing it around. I taped the correct end of the cable to the drive so I wouldn't forget. Slow speeds can be obtained if you use the wrong end. You need the fastest ports on your pc to get good speeds, which should be a red, blue, or a usb c port. If you don't have these ports on your computer, you are wasting money. When I first used the drive, I was getting data at different rates. I'm very cautious as to whether or not this drive is working. I thought about sending it back. I decided to hold on to it because I got a write speed of over 700mbps using my fastest ports. I got 400mbps from my blue computer. I'm thinking of getting a 10Gbps cable to test out and see if I can get the listed speed for this device. I need to get a new storage device because I'm still using the old one. Hope it works out. It should be as close to the rated speed on the box as possible, so it's still giving 3 stars. The box should have the average max speed on it.

👤I had a brand new 1 terabytes drive. I could not access the drive for two weeks. The drive is toast and I have to return it. I have more than one of these drives. I am worried about them. I am no longer a Sandisk customer. I will give advice to my students as well.

👤I have been using this for less than a week and I tried to use it for a DJ set but it overheated in less than an hour and was useless. Don't buy this unless you plan on using it for storage and not working from the files on the hard drive. I am surprised that a company like sandisk is still selling a product that is not good. Even if it is plugged in to the laptop, it gets really hot. I figured this out quickly. I can return it.

2. Treedix Type C Breakout Connector Converter

Treedix Type C Breakout Connector Converter

To replace the cracked charging port. With this breakthrough, you will be able to integrate theusb-c into your project without soldering. The new breakthrough board has three times the power of the previous one. The breakthrough board adds resistance. This breakthrough board is able to be reversed so it can be used again and again. The VBUS, GND, CC1, CC2, D+ and D- pins of the USB-C connector are put into a 0.1" pitch connector, which provides up to 1.5A nominal power and up to 3A power, depending on the upstream equipment. The charging port on the a50 headset needs to be replaced. It can be said to be perfect. There are holes on the board. The hole on the Type-c is large enough to fit the association standard.

Brand: Treedix

👤I bought these on a whim. I was working on a keyboard for my wife when I finished. I only had one foot long cables for the Teensy 2.0 I used. I soldered the wires to the board and ran the mini plug to the Teensy after cutting the mini-usb end off. The keyboard is instant. This is a great way to convert your gear to use the many cables you have.

👤I am using a type-c board to convert an arduino pro micro I couldn't tell you why this isn't on their documentation, but I will tell you that it is a step.

👤After converting my wired mechanical keybaord to type c, it works as expected. One was ruined and one was a success. Luckily, the product comes with 4 and that was my fault. If you're attempting the same mod, I would recommend adding solder to the ground, D- and D+ holes first, then soldering each wire on top of the holes as opposed to through them.

👤The seller got in touch with me, I already sent these back, and I got a refund for them. The engineer of the store was able to work on it. I never could. I will probably try them again in the future since they are better looking than the others I've tried.

👤I was surprised when I received these, as my first impression was "uh oh!" You have to solder your own when you ship theusb connectors. It's not a big deal. Why aren't these pre-soldered? I'm pretty sure they're trying to sell them cheaper.

👤I have converted over a dozen wired keyboards. It was easy to work with. It seems to work with both USB-C and USB-C cables.

👤I am using this to enable a device to be powered up by the internet. Sturdy PCB. I haven't tested the data lines.

👤Does the job well. If you're careless with a soldering iron, it can take a bit of heat.

3. Original Replacement Charging Charger Nintendo

Original Replacement Charging Charger Nintendo

The power output of each port can be adjusted by the NEO P1 66W Turbo charger. No matter what device is plugged into the end of your cable, it will be charged quickly and safely. Only compatible with the Nintendo Switch console. There is a replacement 12-pinusb C charging sockets for the Nintendo Switch. It's ideal for replacing a damaged charging sockets. This genuine microusb C port is a great way to fix charging issues on the switch console. This is the same brand and specification port used by Nintendo.

Brand: Partegg

👤There was a fault in the charging circuit on my switch. If there is no physical damage to the USN-c Jack, then that is likely. If you are past warranty, send it to Nintendo for repair.

👤The heat gun replaced mine on the nintendo switch.

👤The product works and fits perfectly.

👤I replaced the old one with my own and it works just fine now for several weeks.

👤Fast shipping. Part works.

4. Display Docking Baseus Universal Ethernet

Display Docking Baseus Universal Ethernet

There are two types of cables to connect to PCs, Macs, and other devices. The Docking Station has up to 16 ports that allow you to connect almost all devices through a single gear. The docking station requires a second power source to charge your laptop through. When using 2 or 3 in a Windows system, you can boost productivity by casting up to 3 different contents on displays. Fast charging and efficient data transfer can be enjoyed. All 3 display peripherals will mirror the desktop interface. The Fast Transmission and Stable Network has 3USB 3.0 ports that can transfer data up to 5Gbps for phones, tablets, flash drives, hard drives, and any compatible external storage, and 2USB 2.0 ports for keyboard and mouse. Broad Compatibility includes laptops with a port that supports Power Delivery+DisplayPort+Date Transfer. The S8/S8 Plus and the flagship series of Huawei. All 17 ports are protected against overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating by the Baseus VL 817 master chip. It comes with a 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support. Product Description has more detailed specifications.

Brand: Baseus

👤It was unfortunate that this didn't work as advertised. This was the only option that I was able to use for my laptop. A screen on a laptop and external monitors as B's. I have been an IT professional for 20 years. I am sure it works with some computers. But my name was not one of them. They have issues with these hubs, but most vendors have listed them as not compatible. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing There is an update. Customer service reached out to me to iron out my issues. I received a new unit and power cable. It was determined that the unit can't do what I need it to after taking the time to use it again. I noticed that the product listing had been updated to only support A:B:B and not A:B:C, and that I was raising my review because of that. The great customer service that was given in trying to make things right was one of the reasons why they have now appropriately notated that they do not support the monitor distribution that I and many others wanted. The best way to drive a business forward is to work with a company that will work with you to determine if a flaw in their product is a flaw in their product or not. I was shown that customer satisfaction was in my case.

👤I like this place. It looks good and is built well. I don't like the lack of information about what power it needs to operate. It does not come with a 12v power brick or a 12v power accessory. Without 12v power and both theusb-C power and the 12v power plugged into this, my devices would constantly lose connection and wouldn't restart. I got this on a lightning deal and it almost wasn't worth it as a decent 12v adapter is $10 I bought a new one that seems to work well with it.

👤More than 20 years of power supply design experience helped here. The product is not boring. The new standards for theusb are confusing and two of my laptop's power supplies failed. Couldn't get the unit to work with a single connection to my laptop. The solution was a 60WPD 3.0 with Dynamic Detect. The GaN Power Tech dual port added about $50. Any type-C 60Watt or better is good. The 60W output is perfect, but the 18W ports will not support it. You will need a type-C to type-C cable for $8. The interface is fantastic and small. Good luck to everyone! It wasn't easy. It's a good thing.

👤Love the fit and finish of this product, as well as the possibilities. I didn't like the fact that the power supply wasn't packaged with the product. I'm not sure how to use this in my home office setup. The unit came with a cable, but not sure if it's up to the standards of the Apple cables. I tried to power off my computer using the supplied cable, but it gave me an error message saying that too much power was being drawn, and I had to use one of the other cables to charge my phone. I have to work it out. I tried to find a power supply for this unit online, but it was empty handed. Words to the manufacturer. If you're selling electrical equipment, make sure it has an included power supply. I was contacted by "C.S.", a Customer Support Specialist, and she turned my frown upside down. The support team sent me a 12v DC power adapter that was fast and good. The product is no longer a paper weight. The use of this Uint has solved two hardware issues that I had been dealing with for a year now, the latency issues with my wireless headset and the microphone input issue. I will use this product to its full potential and see what I can do to fix other issues. C.S. and Support Team, you get 5 stars in my book. There is a person named Gerry.

5. Replacement 12 Pin Charge Charging Nintendo

Replacement 12 Pin Charge Charging Nintendo

This is the same brand and specification port used by Nintendo. To replace the cracked charging port.

Brand: Rojuna

👤One of the charging ports has a few bent prongs which makes it useless. The other one seems to be fine. When I replace the port in my son's Nintendo switch, I will find out.

6. PurePort Multi Tool IPhone Cleaning AirSquares

PurePort Multi Tool IPhone Cleaning AirSquares

The PurePort multi-tool is the complete solution to keep your devices clean and connected. For a limited time only, AirSquares are the original earbud cleaning putty, and the ideal Apple Airpods accessory to keep your electronic buds looking shiny, new, and dirt, gunk and debris free. AirSquares are the easiest way to clean tech devices and improve their hygiene. Do you want to extend the life of your Apple devices? If you are having trouble getting your device to charge, the charging cable and port may need to be cleaned. PurePort restores and cleans damaged ports and charging cables. Clean and revive your Lightning port with the help of tools 1, 2, and 3. There are clear lint, hair, fluff, dust, oils, and other contaminants in the charging port. Don't use a needle or pushpin that could damage your devices, and extend and protect the life of your beloved Apple products. The PurePort Cleaning Solution can be used to restore cable connections and make them function like new. Clean speakers, absorbents and whisperers. Use tool 6 to clean your device's speakers, microphone, earpiece, and switches with a lint-free cloth. The PurePort Multi-Tool can help your device work like new if it isn't functioning properly. There is an important note. PurePort isn't recommended for devices that use theusb-c port.

Brand: Pureport

👤Over all good idea. The tip from step # is bending, about to break off, and it's the first time I've used this. I think that this needs to be addressed and would appreciate a replacement tip.

👤I am amazed. I was going to buy a new phone before I got this. I have been fussing about Witt the charging cord. I had to hold it in certain positions. I bought a new cord. I got an ad for this. Went through the process. All the issues are gone.

👤The Pureport iPhone cleaning tool was advertised on Facebook. It looked good, but I also thought it wasn't something you really need. Guess what? It's something you need. The shots of that lightning port were bad. My wife's phone was not charging. It charged after being cleaned. I'm going to try my cord out and see if it works after I clean it. Buying new cords is more expensive than getting this. I bought it on Amazon. Follow the instructions on the card or watch the video on how to do it. You have to do three steps to get a clean lightning port. The charge cable is cleaned as well.

👤I did not work on cleaning out iPad ports. The tooth pick and cotton worked better than this tool. The item was returned for a refund.

👤Just do it if you are on the fence. It is a premium price. You get what you paid for. I have a lot of cables and accessories and this is what got the job done. The headaches of inconsistent charging have gone away, and my HDMI adapter now works perfectly, I don't need to keep handling it like it's a live bomb, and I have the habit of being super careful with it. The speaker ports were cleaned with the brush. If you don't get tons of lint when you use the tools on your phone, don't worry. Dust starts to pour out when you use the lint on the second and third times. There is a note inside the box that tells you to store the box on its side to prevent the liquid bottle from leaking when left on its side. If they address this in a later version, it is not a deal breaker. I understand why most phones don't have a headphone port tool since I would like to. Really nice product. If you are worried about the price, the value is here because I have already been helping out friends and family fix their ports/adapters.

👤The iPhone 8. Plus is charging again. It's good! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon. I used it to clean my kids. I am very happy with the results. It was 100% charge and no need to wiggle the cord. The repair shop quoted me $130 to replace the port, so I actually saved over $100. I am glad I don't need to upgrade my phone. Hope it will keep going. I have the pureport in my drawer so I can easily fix it if it ever stops charging again.

7. Charging Replacement Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

Charging Replacement Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

The charging port on the a50 headset needs to be replaced. It can be said to be perfect. There are holes on the board. The hole on the Type-c is large enough to fit the association standard. The Studio 2.0 Charging Port Charger is a perfect quality. The microusb jack replacement is small. Beats Studio 2.0 is comparable. The studio 2 b051 and studio 2 b105 are part of the studio studio 2.0 Repair the damaged Beat's. The studio 2 b051 and studio 2 microusb jack are used. The tools for removing the screws and headphones are free. The package includes a Microusb Jack, Crowbar, and aPhillips screwdriver.

Brand: Funayama

👤This repair took 10 minutes and I am not an electronics guy. Don't be afraid. You just need a screwdriver and some light. I used a microusb cable to hold the new port board. If you are going to throw away your broken Beats, it is worth a shot. The headphones are called the Beats Studio Wireless 2. They work like new, hold full charge and charge fast. If you want to make a repair, you have to tear off the old ear pads. Good luck!

👤I was questioning my skills. Despite still working, my headphones weren't charging anymore. I didn't think I was going to solder this charging port into my headphones. Have faith in ya'll.

👤My Over Ear Wireless Studios were fixed. They took 10 minutes to change, but now they are perfect again.

👤If best buy told him to buy a new pair, he fixed the port. We are located in Miami.

👤I like that it came with screws and a screwdriver.

👤I thought I would have to buy a new headphones. I found this miracle. The Beat Headset is a genius product. Wow, a savings of over $250.

8. MINIX Charging Compatible NEO P1

MINIX Charging Compatible NEO P1

The 66WTurbo 3-Port GaN Charger is powered by the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, and it has a smaller form factor. It's perfect to work with both PD and QC charging protocols for seamless use with your laptop, phone, and all other devices at the same time. The built-in foldable wall plugs are travel-friendly and can be used in virtually any country. Short-circuit Protection is over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature. The power output of each port can be adjusted by the NEO P1 66W Turbo charger. No matter what device is plugged into the end of your cable, it will be charged quickly and safely.

Brand: Minix

👤My new phone didn't have a power source. I was looking for better features, performance and price compared to the Apple charger since I have to buy a new one. This is what I bought. It does what it is stated. The blue light is my only improvement suggestion. It's a big help for other equipment that doesn't have an indicator if the light change color or flash during charge. I don't have to check with a multimeter every time. People saw my setup and were interested in the multimeter I got from Amazon. Same thing with theusb The C Voltmeter Ammeter Load Tester can be purchased at the store.

👤This is a brick. It can charge my MacBook Pro 13" M1 as well as my Intel MacBook Pro 16" while at the same time having a USB-C port and a port for charging other devices. This product is small enough to do the job if you need extreme portableness. It also includes an international adapter. The balance on the prongs is one of the aspects of this. It's balanced, which is good. The device is less likely to fall out if you have loose slots in the sockets. I just tested it with the MagSafe Duo. It works. I can use this with the MagSafe Duo to charge my devices at the same time. It's fine for overnight charging since it's 66 watt, but it's going to be slower.

👤I use this to charge my MacBook Pro through a port on my phone. The use case was a single compact charger for all my devices. The charger seems to work well at first, but it's not long before I'm in an unstable state where my devices are constantly disconnected and reconnected. I really liked this charger, but I can't recommend it in this state as it doesn't inspire confidence in reliability.

👤It rendered 2 of my 12.9 iPad Pro's unreadable. There is no way to back up the iPad directly to a MacOS machine. It ruined the battery on one iPad. The tablets must have something in them. It gets very hot. The iPad makes it hot. It is not a replacement for stock APPLE charger. Use what they give you. Wait a bit longer for a full refill.

👤I travel a lot for work and like to have a good, small, multiple port travel charger with me all the time. I have been using a 4 portusb A charger for many years and it has served me well. I upgraded to a device that requires theusb C, so I have been looking for a new accessory. The Minix 3 port charger seems to work well for me. I use it to charge my IPad Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone at the same time, and it works. I have not had a problem with the charger falling out of an outlet, and I have used it in a loose outlet at the base of a lamp in a hotel. It is easy to carry with you the small and light charger. When charging, it doesn't get super got. I can recommend the purchase to road warriors. The only downside is that it has 3 ports instead of 4.

9. Hilitchi Sockets USB Connectors Assortment Connector

Hilitchi Sockets USB Connectors Assortment Connector

Solid polyethylene. Plastic, Metal are environment-friendly materials. The mounting options are endless since you would probably have more connections to plug in theusb devices. There are 18 different kinds of sockets, each size has 10 pieces, and includes 180 degree PBC mounting and 90 degree PBC mounting. The main color is Sliver and Black. The type of the female connection is 5pin, B type. They are great for projects that need a solder in a damaged port or for making your own cables. It's widely used in security equipment, household appliances, smart home, measuring instruments, medical electronics, automotive electronics, network communications, and so on. If you do not like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. The service lasted 12 hours.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤The small maleusbmicro adapters require special soldering to get hooked up correctly, and theusb are great and get the job done. It's a good idea to use parchment paper to keep solder out of the connections.

👤The variety made it work for me. It saves you money and time. Everything is in one place. I can fix the brokenusb connection and adapt some non-usb ones.

👤I'd like to see this collection for a bit more money, including gaming consoles and charge ports. That collection would be a winner. I'm sure the enhancement would drive better sales, it's good but it can be more useful.

10. Samsung T5 Portable SSD MU PA1T0B

Samsung T5 Portable SSD MU PA1T0B

Professional photographers around the world trust the brand professional photographers to handle their best shots and footage. It's ideal for transferring large-sized data including 4K videos, high-resolution photos, games and more, with read speeds of up to 540MB s. The metal design is shock resistant and portable, it slides into your pocket or purse to take work and entertainment on the go. Private and personal data are more secure with optional password protection. There are two types of cables to connect to PCs, Macs, and other devices.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤I ordered this in June of 2019. I wanted to use this with my navigation software on my model SM-T580, and I was planning a trip. I saw a note on Amazon that said, "3 year warranty; User can set password when it's necessary; Requires Windows 7, Mac OS X, or higher; Older versions of the Windows, Mac and Android operating systems." I thought I was good to go. I was surprised that my Tab A didn't work with the one or two cables that came with the SSD. I downloaded the app from the store after receiving the SSD. The tablets wouldn't recognize the SSD. My computer would recognize the SSD. From June to November 1, I called customer support at least 6 times. They told me that the app I had downloaded was not good and that they had no app for the device because it was not compatible with Android. I waited until after I returned from my trip and tried again with support, but still no luck. After 45 minutes on the phone, they told me that my tabled is not compatible with this device. I stated that I purchased it from Amazon, and the time to return it is long past, so I believe that they should give me my money back, so I called them to discuss this. When I told them I was calling to return the item, they told me it couldn't be done. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this, so I am posting this here.

👤The device works great, but it's better to use OS native encryption and password protection instead of the software that stopped working after the MacOS update.

👤The developer ID application certificate expired on 9/27. The box that it came in states the production date as 2020. If I acquired the package recently, it may not be authentic because it was signed with an expired certificate. I don't trust this product. I'm returning the item.

👤I put this on my PS4 and left it there. Load times have vastly improved. I was really bothered by the screens. No more! I am the first one in the game. I need to get a drink from the kitchen. I am amazed with the load times. I regret debating for years whether or not to get one. There is a 6 month update. I appreciated it. Good purchase. Downloads are quicker. The screens are being loaded quicker. The game runs smoothly. The year has been updated. My cousin doesn't have the capacity to comprehend the benefits. He has to make everyone proud. He must buy a 51” television for a cheaper price the next day after I buy a 50” television. I told him about the SSD. He buys a 4 tb hard drive for 50 bucks. He has been having a lot of problems. The games are malfunctioning. The load times are crazy. The data was corrupted. The ”mines bigger and way better than yours” is still valid to him. Pffft! You keep believing that. I have read that World War Z and NBA2K have bad load times. I don't see it. What are they talking about?

11. Multiport Adapter Dockteck Ethernet Delivery

Multiport Adapter Dockteck Ethernet Delivery

All 17 ports are protected against overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating by the Baseus VL 817 master chip. It comes with a 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support. Product Description has more detailed specifications. You can add 1 4K@60Hz HDMI output port, 1 100WPD Charging port, 1 1GbpsRJ45 Ethernet port, and 2USB-A to your devices with the newusb hub 7 in 1- massive expansion. First, connect the hub to the main device, and then the accessories to the ports. You can easily connect the 4K@60Hz Media Display to any HDMI television or monitor and experience exceptional picture sharpness and sound reproduction with 4K at 60Hz. The internet is fast and stable. The 100WPD port has a continuous charging speed for your device with up to 92W. Fast connection speeds of up to 1 Gbps are available. If there is a valid internet connection, you should see the lights. 2 data ports are ready to transfer large files up to 5Gbps, and the slots on the cards are compatible with many memory card formats. It's a great fit for daily work-from- home situations. The sleek and tinyusb-c hub is compatible with almost all type-c devices, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, as well as operating systems including Windows and macOS. You will get a 24 months warranty for the product quality.

Brand: Dockteck

👤I am not happy that these companies are asking for reviews. Here you go. The product works. I have only had it for a few weeks. The email from the company has a misleading subject line and I should not click it. I want to never order from this company again. The product is okay. The company will annoy you for reviews because the price was right at the time. Very rude.

👤The 4k60 isn't going to work if your laptop is more than a year old. The dp1.2 alt mode only supports 4k60 on single function or hdmi/usb2 data. None of the laptops I tested have dp1.4. They only support 4k30 with this accessory. Even though they all list that they support 4k60, they will push it through a single function club3d c-to-hdmi dongle.

👤The problem is the same for both the MacBook and the monitor. It doesn't work 80% of the time. I thought it might be malfunctioning. The phone was returned to Amazon. 70% of the time, the monitor shows no signal. I replaced the Apple connector with the Appleusb-c to digital audio, it works 100% of the time. The answer is no return, no help, I asked for technical support from DockTeck. I only use a computer once a while. Sometimes, when the DockTeck doesn't work, I plug back the power to the monitor and wait for a minute, but other times, it worked this way. My advice is to spend more money.

👤I bought this hub to work with my iPad Pro and it works. It works with my MacBook Air as well. The speed advertised is backed up by the device because the network tests reached speeds just above 1GB. The network traffic light is so bright that I thought I was at a disco. A small piece of tape fixed this and it still shines through. The device is made of aluminum. The hubs I tested and reviewed were made of plastic. I use my iPad in multiple places and being able to put it in the protective sleeve it comes with and dropping it in my backpack without worry is a definite plus. The vendor is very responsive and helpful and said the bright light is noted and will be reviewed for future product updates. When the wall charger from a different vendor caused the hub to fail, they replaced it with a better one from a vendor called PowerLot. The iPad has a wall charging port, but it isn't enough to charge the iPad through the hub. It is important to buy a wall charger that is over 45 watt and supports the function. The hub can deliver up to 100 watt of power. Highly recommend this hub and will purchase from them again.

👤The port has stopped working after 4 months. Taking off 2 stars for that. This is an ambitious product, with 60Hz 4k display output, but priced like otherusb docks that only have 30 hertz 4k display output It seems to work well on the Linux operating system.


What is the best product for usb c port repair?

Usb c port repair products from Sandisk. In this article about usb c port repair you can see why people choose the product. Treedix and Partegg are also good brands to look for when you are finding usb c port repair.

What are the best brands for usb c port repair?

Sandisk, Treedix and Partegg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for usb c port repair. Find the detail in this article. Baseus, Rojuna and Pureport are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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