Best Usb Port Repair Kit

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1. Glarks Sockets Connector Replacement Assortment

Glarks Sockets Connector Replacement Assortment

The female port can be plugged into both directions. There are enough type and quantity to meet your needs, the set includes 15 kind ofusb jack sockets. The product material is. The shell is made of plastic and the gold flashed brass contacts are for the plugs. It is durable for a long time. The only thing you need to do is to use theusb connectors, they are very easy to use, no other tool is needed. The main color is black and white. There is a main type. A female and male. They are lightweight and great for computers and phones. The standardusb plug is widely used in computers, mobile phones,usb-CD, mouse, keyboard, and so on.

Brand: Glarks

👤I got the large pack because I didn't know what size I would need to repair the cheapo back up battery that broke the 2nd time I tried to use it. The quality of the sockets was better than what I took out of the battery I repaired. The battery was repaired in an hour or so, I had to trace down a ripped trace on the board, but it worked great.

👤The fitting was high quality and tight.

👤I had no problem with describing the parts. I'm new to the technology.

👤All of it was in good condition and worked well for me.

👤It is well organized and I agree with other reviews. I don't feel confident in the buy because there are no labels, genetal instructions or websites for guidance. I searched the name of the items and found nothing on basic use just kit for sale. This is my first time in a buy like this and I will be repairing it.

👤J'avais besoin de quelques connecteursusb 2 et 3 pour limiter un tas de fils.

2. Outlet Charge Waterproof Charger Motorcycle

Outlet Charge Waterproof Charger Motorcycle

The cable is easy to install and male to female. The 2-pack provides a portable outlet to keep in your travel bag or a second vehicle. Spend less money for a better shopping experience. High-Speed Charging dual power two devices at full speed with the latest charging technology, up to 4x faster than conventional charging, and deliver the fastest possible charge to all devices. Stable Current without Fluctuation is possible with a built-in smart IC. The Touch power switch is designed to save energy and protect devices. The switch doesn't need to worry about draining battery power. This is compatible with car boat marine motorcycle golf cart ATV RV. It works with all of theusb powered devices Buy it now and get two excellent 2-Port Fast Chargingusb Outlet, a 60-DayRefund Guarantee, 5-yearReplacement and Lifetime Support. They will give you a full refund or a new one at first time if you don'tSatisfy with thisusb outlet.

Brand: Qidoe

👤I wanted to add charging sockets to my RV. I don't know why it has an on/off switch. There is no drain when it is off. The touch switch is on. Maybe it's so you can see it better? It doesn't need to be on for use. When you plug a cord, it lights up and starts charging. If you remove the cord, it stops, goes black, and there is no drain that I can detect. It works brilliantly and powerfully.

👤I bought one to use in my radio go box. The touch switch only works when it wants, I have had problems with it. I don't need to turn it off. When I turn off the box, it shuts off the power supply. The other one works just fine. I have not been able to get my fast charge devices to kick into fast charge. My devices charge at 1.5 Amps. Even with the led light on, the device's draw is very low, not even a ma 21 ma to be exact. This is very good. Even when not in use, they have a drain and the trick is to find the ones with the least draw. I was surprised to see the draw so low. The power efficiency is close to 62%. This is right in the middle of most consumer electronics, and it has a 7.4 power conversion efficiency formula. I would buy these again for projects in the future if the conversion efficiency is the same as it is for this application, because most of these will be installed in a vehicle. They are sturdy and well built. I will update this review after I use this device in the field.

👤I bought these to add more power points to my 17 CrewCab SuperDuty. I had to modify them slightly for a more flush mounting. Everything is powered off of some sort of device. I am not the one sitting back there and they seem to charge faster than advertised. The cover would swing down instead of up if I mounted them upside down. The whole unit must be turned because the covers only fit into their respective ports one way. The lighting is not too bright. The power button is sensitive and must be powered on. Plugging in a phone does not turn it on. If off, it must be turned on manually. They will retain their last memory if the vehicle is turned on and off. I put them up to be powered by a relay setup that turns them on when the 12V port between them is turned on. They are getting their power from the truck's battery. So far, so good. Will keep you updated with any issues.

👤This is a small unit. I chose this as a dedicatedusb charging device because it has an integrated switch. The soft touch switch is cool. I made a power station with ports for heated gloves, a cigarette port, and a laptop port. The quality was good. I ran the leads directly to the fuse block so that I could see if a fuse was blown.

3. Charging Replacement Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

Charging Replacement Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

The charging port on the a50 headset needs to be replaced. It can be said to be perfect. There are holes on the board. The hole on the Type-c is large enough to fit the association standard. The Studio 2.0 Charging Port Charger is a perfect quality. The microusb jack replacement is small. Beats Studio 2.0 is comparable. The studio 2 b051 and studio 2 b105 are part of the studio studio 2.0 Repair the damaged Beat's. The studio 2 b051 and studio 2 microusb jack are used. The tools for removing the screws and headphones are free. The package includes a Microusb Jack, Crowbar, and aPhillips screwdriver.

Brand: Funayama

👤This repair took 10 minutes and I am not an electronics guy. Don't be afraid. You just need a screwdriver and some light. I used a microusb cable to hold the new port board. If you are going to throw away your broken Beats, it is worth a shot. The headphones are called the Beats Studio Wireless 2. They work like new, hold full charge and charge fast. If you want to make a repair, you have to tear off the old ear pads. Good luck!

👤I was questioning my skills. Despite still working, my headphones weren't charging anymore. I didn't think I was going to solder this charging port into my headphones. Have faith in ya'll.

👤My Over Ear Wireless Studios were fixed. They took 10 minutes to change, but now they are perfect again.

👤If best buy told him to buy a new pair, he fixed the port. We are located in Miami.

👤I like that it came with screws and a screwdriver.

👤I thought I would have to buy a new headphones. I found this miracle. The Beat Headset is a genius product. Wow, a savings of over $250.

4. HIGHFINE Playstation Screwdriver Consoles PSP Etc

HIGHFINE Playstation Screwdriver Consoles PSP Etc

Work with a hard drive that can hold up to 16 terabytes of data. The tool set is new and high quality. The screwdrivers are: T8H, T9H, T10H, PH000, PH0, and PH1. The item also has a black nylon pick. Some screwdrivers have magnets on their tips. All kinds of PS series consoles are compatible. All kinds of PS series consoles are compatible.

Brand: Highfine

👤I bought this tool set to replace my PS4 internal fan and blow all the dust out to prevent overheating and the loud noise from the original fan. If you're thinking about fixing or upgrading your PS4 you need these tools. The tools feel very sturdy and don't feel cheap or light. The price is perfect for the number of tools you get and they can be used for many other jobs that involve tiny screws or other electronics. There is a set of tools in a pouch.

👤Works well. One night, my PS4 went dead after a loud pop. I used the tools to install the power supply. Knocking people out on PS4.

👤I don't own a Sony playstation yet, but it's a perfect tool for working on it. When doing a repair inside, you need all the tools you can get.

👤The ps4 needed to be opened to clean the fan. There are screws that require a tool. The tool you need to open that sucker is in this kit. Very affordable and fast delivery.

👤I cleaned my PS4 and broke it down. I only needed the "t" screw drivers, not sure what the tweezers were for.

👤The smaller ones were needed for my PS3. No issues. I used a few more to try and get a new HD in my laptop. Eight screws are ruined. I guess I'm a minority since this set is rated pretty high, but for me, a little resistance from the screws will tear these apart. The screws are still working. ha It's soooooooo... I think they won't strip your screws, that's a positive note. Something... If you read this and look at the picture, you can see what I'm talking about. Sorry, best I could do.

👤The work is perfect for repairing a ps4. They are in a nice package. The screwdrivers arrived at my house. The packageing was nice. It didn't look damaged. If you are looking for a screw driver to fit the security screws on the ps4 look no further. This is the right product for you.

👤I realized that it would not have been as easy as I had thought when I tried to open my PS4 with the tools I had around the house. Everything in the package made the process simpler. They can be used for things around the house that require a small screwdriver. After using the tools to clean the inside of my PS1, it now runs a lot quieter and smoother. Everyone who has a PS4 should own this product at some point.

5. XOOL Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

XOOL Electronics Professional Precision Screwdriver

There is a mini electric screwdriver, 55 precision bits, 1 extension rod, 1 Magnetizer, 1 magnetic pad, and a storage case. If you have an issue, please contact them. They will solve this problem for you. It is a perfect birthday gift for family and friends. The XOOL 140 in 1 electronics repair tool kit professional includes 120 screwdriver bits, a screwdriver handle, a flexible shaft extension rod, fiber nylon and plastic open tool. Completely re-designed. XOOL 140 in 1 precision screwdriver set is a professional repair tools kit for all electronics. You can use this electronics tool kit to repair computers and phones, even if you're not a professional. 120 bits are made of CR-V steel and are high quality. All of it is done through strict quality testing. Every bit is the same size. The flexible extension is made of high plastic material, which is easy to break. The pincettes are made of high-quality and durable STAINLESS STEEL. The handle of the holder is non-slip. It is comfortable to hold even for a long time. If you want to avoid the need to buy a new replacement for the bits that are often used in repairing electronic products, have 2 or 3 or 4 pieces in this set. The magnetism of the screwdriver tip can be adjusted. The XOOL 140 in 1 screwdriver set pack with a storage bag made from Oxford is portable and offers a whole protection and easier storage and carrying. The kit is light and portable.

Brand: Xool

👤It is the right tools, but the tips are easy togrind down. The phone screws are not very tight, but the tools end up looking worn out after use. I only fixed one phone with these tools. You have a backup after the first head grinds down, which is only okay because they have double of the important pieces.

👤I love this tool set and I was looking to get the ifix it kits, until I found this kit online. This tool kit is great for working on computers. Fit and feel are very important. The telescopic handle is easy to reach deep done screws with. 140 bits will be helpful for all types of electronic repairs. I built my first gaming pc with these tools and it was easy to put everything in it. The magnetic tips are easy to use so you won't have to worry about accidentally dropping screws into hard to reach places. I am very happy with the product and it will save me time and money in the long run.

👤There are lots of tools. There are a lot of locking type bits. A nice carrying case. Nice handles. Tools to open older phones. Cheap metal bits are bad. Slot bits are so thin that even the phillips bits are super thin. If you have an old phone that needs a new screen or battery and you want to do it yourself, this might work one time, maybe 2 times, but if you want just a small screwdriver set with some other bits, go to your local.

👤I am an IT Networking student and know tools very well, so I was going to get the ifix it kits, but I found this kit for less than 80 dollars. Review it. I noticed that the felxable extension has trouble being removed from its pouch, the easy fix was to swap it with the pliers pouch, this will become easier as material should break in. The flexable extension was tested and I didn't have any problems with it. The bits will wear and tear, but what tool doesn't? If the screw is tight or you are going to fast, it is time to strip your tool bit. I took apart a laptop and only used a few tools to remove it. I am very happy with the product and if taken care of properly will save me time and money, the magnet mat holds small screws, but it struggles on regular fan screws best for tiny screws, and the tweezers started to bed just slightly at the tip, but that's expected, the

👤The kit has everything you need to repair your phone. I can't speak to that because I haven't tried to fix an Android. I have replaced over 8 screens on different phones, a ear speaker, charging ports, and everything on one phone. There is a The pieces are of good quality. It is easy to remove the screwdrivers that come with the items due to the small heads on the screws. There is no sign of wear on any of the tips after all those replacements. If you repair small electronics on a regular basis, I highly recommend this kit.

6. BATIGE Square Extension Motorcycle Dashboard

BATIGE Square Extension Motorcycle Dashboard

The 12Vusb car outlet is certified by the EU and the ROHS to ensure charging safety, with over-load, over-current and short circuit protection. Premium material is used for the single portusb 3.0 panel cable. You can use the dash mount cable to add an extension to your studio set up. In normal cases, you can use an existing hole on your dashboard or clip in the sockets to flush mount the cable on your vehicle. It's ideal for transferring data in your car, boat, motorcycle and it's easy to access your accessory inputs. There is a compatible version of the USB 3.0. The cable is easy to install and male to female.

Brand: Batige

👤The mounting dimensions are 18.68mm x 11.08mm. Look at photos. The material they are made from is of a good quality. The hole needs to be bigger than above. I think I settled on a measurement of 20.2mm x 12.5mm.

👤This comes with no instructions. The hole you need to cut is 23 cm wide. First trace and cut out a piece of cardboard, then tape the back of the cardboard and trace it over the spot you want to cut. Use a drill to cut the sides of the project, then use a dremel to cut the top and bottom. The margin of error is small so be careful. You may have to cut off the holding prongs if the plastic is too thin.

👤I own a 1991 Toyota MR2 that has a cassette/CD/AM-FM unit. I wanted to give my car more modern features while keeping it stock. I tried different options for my car. The second picture is of the LECMARK Universal 1.5M Flush Mount Cable Autos 3.5mmusb AUX Headphone Male Jack mounting modified sockets for Volkswagen Toyota car. I had to modify one of my blank punchouts. Although it looked good, it was not compatible with the operating system. I put in a BATIGE car mount cable with 3.5mm andusb 3.0 and a dash panel with a waterproof mount. I was not satisfied with the look of this. I could not use the surround back light that was there for the lighter assembly because it fit in where the cigarette lighter assembly was. It worked, but it didn't like how it looked. I was discouraged at this point. I ordered a dualusb port cable for my car because it worked great and I found the same type but in a singleusb port configuration. I tested it and it worked with the auto. I cut out the center to fit the port and installed it. I tested it after it was installed and it worked great. It is one of the few products that is compatible with Android Auto, and I am very happy with it. I could have just used the head unit's cable to my glove box, but who wants to use the glove box constantly? No this guy. I'm happy now, and that's all that matters.

👤If you have a tight fitting hole for this plug, the plastic clips will not fit. The plastic bends inward to pull the clips in, which then "spring" back out to hold it in place, but since they don't, you can see the plastic turning white at the clip base. This type of clip design would be ideal with a thin metal clip, or have a hinge with springs at the base of the plastic clips, but for the cost and value, you can't complain. The main problem to be aware of is that this won't be reuse after a few times if the hole is tight, so measure the distance between the clips' bases and cut the hole at that width for better. I would buy this again if I knew I wouldn't remove the plug from the dash.

7. Cleaning Screwdriver Accessories Playstation Controller

Cleaning Screwdriver Accessories Playstation Controller

The 2* Micro-USB charging port sockets are in the packaging. Instructions are not included in the pin flex ribbon cable. The cleaning kit includes a security screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver to remove the tiny screws on the PS4 controller. Advanced engineering. Their TR8 TR9 torx security screwdriver and phillips screwdrivers are made out of premium S2 steel and are specially hardened with heat treatment to be more precise and durable than silver-colored CRV bits, and will be superior in strength and abrasion resistance to other screwdrivers. IDEAL ERGONOMICS. The PS4 PS5 fixed blade screwdrivers have a rubber handle for a comfortable grip and a rotating cap at the bottom of the handle for better force transfer. Every repair cleaning kit has all the parts and tools you need to get the job done. The PS4 PS5 screwdriver tool kit includes one curved steel tweezer, two plastic opening pry tools, and one nylon spudger, which are helpful for your do-it-yourself, cleaning or repairs, complete and professional PS4 PS5 console and dualsense controller.

Brand: Rzkipdy

👤The PS4 was malfunctioning and loud from the dust inside. The tools we used helped us take it apart and clean it out.

👤Great for price. I was able to disassemble my ps4 to switch the storage and clean the fan because it was reliable. It is an absolute product that you need to have if you have a ps4.

👤The PS4 Pro I bought had a bit of a roach problem. I was able to do what I needed to when I used these tools. If you're going to stick with the PS4 for a few years, you need to know that Sony discontinued them as a result of chip shortages and that they really want people buying PS5s.

👤The spare analog grips bring a nice touch of consideration for being used for more than fixing console components.

👤I need to clean my ps4.

👤The quality is so bad that it's not recommended.

8. Replacement DualShock PlayStation Controller Screwdriver

Replacement DualShock PlayStation Controller Screwdriver

All kinds of PS series consoles are compatible. The model of the 2 pieces of the PS4 charging port sockets board is JDS-055 with 12 pin flex ribbon cable. The replacement part for the PS4 wireless controller is called DS4 V5. The JDS-055 is compatible with all of the other ones. Sony has launched 5 editions of the controller. They have different built-in modules. Before placing an order, it is important to check which one is yours. If you want to replace your controller, choose the right one, compare it with their pictures, and choose the latest edition of 050 or 055. The 2* Micro-USB charging port sockets are in the packaging. Instructions are not included in the pin flex ribbon cable.

Brand: Elecgear

👤The first time I tried it, I gave this 4 stars. It works. You have no idea how excited I was as I was able to save myself from buying a new PS4 remote. The ribbon that connects to the actual board is a B*tch and a half. If you compare the Sony one that's already on there to the one that's already on the regular Sony board, it's easier to slide that ribbon into. I found that the black piece on the white one flips up, so you have to ram it in, but still gently slap it. I hope the metaphor makes sense. You're able to get it in like.0005. In inches. It should stay in there if you push down the black piece and you feel like you got it in enough. It's over. You didn't think you'd get through this without throwing it across the room. I used the guide to get it back to Elecgear. It isn't the best instructions, but it's enough for you to get the order. I hope this will help someone so they don't lose any more hair than they already have.

👤I was hesitant to buy it at first, but it worked out. My controller was not turning on. I bought a new battery because I didn't see anything wrong with the port. The battery was replaced and it turned on. I thought it would be the charging port. I was unsure if I should buy it or not after reading some negative comments. I bought it at the end. Buying a new controller is more expensive. I am glad I did it. I haven't connected to my ps4 since I'm not at home, but I think it will work. One advice is to fold the flex like the original one. I tested it before closing it. I damage one of the flexes because it wasn't in the right position when I closed it. I replaced the flex for a new one after I closed it and tried to charge it. Good thing they sent two. I folded the same way as the original. You can see it in the pictures.

👤This is the first review of the day. I don't know how these little boards will hold up, but they are a great deal out of the box. I was happy to find the second board in the pack because I had not realized it was a two pack. This pack is complete. There are two boards, two ribbon cables, and a screw driver. There is a slip of paper that says iFixit instructional videos for the repair guide. Five stars on that. The boards are tight and the ports are tight, which makes the screw driver junk. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this as it was the same one I needed for my controller that was dead. My controller stopped charging after I used my phone to fast charge it, but I didn't realize what was causing it. The controllers wouldn't charge if the battery had power. This is what you need if your controller doesn't charge or your cord becomes loose while plugged in. After my controller was replaced, it charges normally. The PS4 controller can be difficult to disassemble, but it is doable if you take your time. Replacing this part is easy. I wish I had 2 of these, but I'm really happy my $60 controller is working again. If the part number doesn't match the one you purchase, it won't fit. There is a The controller's lights are not as bright as the original, but I like this one.

9. Bestdealing Replacement Charging Connector Screwdrivers

Bestdealing Replacement Charging Connector Screwdrivers

The Ni0ntendo switch is compatible with the type-c charging port replacement. Double make sure your port version is correct before buying the switch 100% tested before shipping out, for the Nintend switch console replacement type C port power charging and jack sockets. It is safe to use, it is a perfect fit for the Nintendo switch. The 1 Piece Type-C Port is for the Nintend switch. 2 piece screwdrivers. 1 Piece Tweezers. You just need to use the new switch port to replace the broken type C port. Please make sure that you have enough patient to fix the port jack You need professional people to fix it. Customer service is provided. If you have any questions or doubts about the switch port replacement, please contact them. The best service will be offered by them.

Brand: Bestdealing

👤It is supposed to be used to replace parts of the switch. It was not worth anything. We couldn't use it. We needed to get other tools. These are flimsy and look like toys.

👤The item did not fit and was not able to return. It was difficult.

👤If you are a professional, this part can be changed. It's not good for Nintendo switch.

👤The drivers were striped on the first use. It's not good for a long term, but for a quick repair.

👤I didn't end up working for what I needed.

👤I only received the two screwdrivers with the type C replacement. I am unable to use the product.

👤The tools broke. I had to buy another kit.

10. Sabrent 4 Port Individual Switches HB UMLS

Sabrent 4 Port Individual Switches HB UMLS

Hypoallergenic; suitable for all skin types. You can add fourusb 2.0 ports to any compatible device. Plug-n-play, hot swappable, hot pluggable, easy setup. Downstream ports offer high-speed and full-speed. And low-speed. It is designed to be as thin as possible, allowing you to maximize work space or travel. It is compatible with 1.1 devices and hosts.

Brand: Sabrent

👤So far, so good. I read that they do not get hot. The plug ins work. I have an interface, two hard drives, and my phone. I use them all day long since I got it. The buttons are easy to press. The thing is. The port is small. You have to push your device in and pull it out. It's noticable tighter. If what I wrote was helpful, please click below so I know this helps others. Thanks.

👤When I ran out of ports on my work computer, I picked this one because it said it was compatible. The package was plugged in. Nothing worked, even items that were plugged into my computer. No drivers were needed, so called support. They said that the device doesn't work with accessories. The mice are only for data transfer. They wouldn't support accessories and why you would need to transfer data from 4 sources at once is beyond me. SMH. Returning.

👤I was very excited to get theusb expander. My plan was to use this to charge multiple devices. I was very disappointed when I plugged in my phone and tablets. There is a red "X" over the battery icon on the tablet that shows that it isn't actually charging. I plugged that cord directly into the originalusb and it worked fine. I was told by my phone that I should check to see if it was plugged in properly. I went to take a shower after checking to make sure the connections were good. My battery went down by 2% when I came back. I checked that cord the same way I checked the other one, and it worked just fine. I'm not sure it will be worth the time and effort of a return, because I already threw away the packaging. The device will not work for me. It's a pity.

👤I was impressed with the hub when I got it. It was just the right size, had 4 hubs and individual on/off switches. I use hubs a lot since my laptop only has 2 ports and I need a fan, so I was happy to get this hub. The romance ended as the hub got hotter, heating myusbs. I'm trying to complete each document that I find corrupted. I can't find the one I was looking for when a document opens to another one. A document with the first four chapters of my book was eaten or misfiled. I can't find them, but something strange happened to them. The heat from the hub is corrupting my documents. The heat today made me fear as I found 3 lost documents. I was afraid of an explosion. I would suggest you check your documents and the heat generation B 4.

👤After 16 months of normal use, it died. The device won't communicate with the PC when I turn on the button, because all the ports are dead. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. It was tested on a different PC and the same issue. I contacted the company via email, but they are not willing to make it right. I guess they know that they are selling junk and that's why they won't help you out. They could make it right, but they don't want to grow their repeat customer base so they just ignore that and send me a new device. I have only a useless paperweight on my desk, so I need to buy something else to replace it. If I were you, I would get something else, the device will fail to work, and the company will refuse to stand behind their product.

11. Maxmoral 10PCS Connector 4 Pin Plastic

Maxmoral 10PCS Connector 4 Pin Plastic

The 10 ft printer cable is what you get. CableCreation has a worry-free 2-years warranty, lifetime technical support, and friendly easy-to-reach customer service. High quality and durable. The male plug is black and has a 4 pin solder type. The head size is not included in the plastic cover. 28 x 13 x 5mm. The package includes 10usb type a male connection

Brand: Maxmoral

👤The housing is designed for a different type of connection. It looks like a goober made it, instead of my project looking professional. I take pride in my work, and this makes me angry, how difficult would it have been for China Ink to include the correct housing? We can't make anything in this country. I'll pay more for items made in the USA. I'm not a foreigner.

👤The reviews complain that the quality is poor and that pieces do not fit together well. The plastic covers fit together perfectly, and the connectors are very well made. The result is professional and looks like a commercial type A cable-end. I use a few drops of glue when snapping the plastic halves together. You must be able to solder small connections if you pair the right pins with the right wires.

👤Five of the metal pieces didn't fit in the enclosure. The holes punched in the metal are supposed to align with posts in the plastic, but on half the units, the holes overlap with the electronic component, causing it to not fit in the enclosure. The first two times I ordered this product, the package was female. If you order this product, you should allow yourself time to get the correct parts.

👤A great deal for a product. I was able to solder 18g wire to the inner part and assemble the housings with ease because the pieces fit together like a dream. Would buy again.

👤I had to cut the nubs off of one side and glue them together because I received twenty male sides.

👤I added a lot of glue to keep it closed. It's fine. It's marginal.

👤When you connect the lights with these, pay attention.

👤There are very loose fitting connections. The ends barely hold in place when inserted into a femaleusb hub or PC.


What is the best product for usb port repair kit?

Usb port repair kit products from Glarks. In this article about usb port repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Qidoe and Funayama are also good brands to look for when you are finding usb port repair kit.

What are the best brands for usb port repair kit?

Glarks, Qidoe and Funayama are some of the best brands that chosen by people for usb port repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Highfine, Xool and Batige are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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