Best Vertical Blinds Repair Kit

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1. Vertical Repair Tabs 60 Replacement Carrier

Vertical Repair Tabs 60 Replacement Carrier

Universally compatible. The transparent blinds repair tabs are the same color as the vertical blinds. They can be repaired for most material of vertical blinds. There is a more functional repair kit. The repair kit includes stems replacement and vertical blind slat repair tabs. The broken vertical blinds usually have holes in them. The repair kit can easily solve these problems. It's very easy to apply, you just need to peel off the tabs from the backing paper and apply directly to the broken vertical blind slat. Remove the broken stem from the carrier in the head rail and replace it with a new one. Please check the stem size picture to match your parts. Universal size: The stems for vertical window blind come in universal sizes to fit most vertical blinds, but you should still check the size carefully before ordering to make sure it matches your blinds. There is an improved solution. Their repair tabs use exclusive super-sticky glue to make sure a strong hold on your vertical blinds that will last and last. Their repair tabs are lightweight, unlike other metal vane savers, which will increase the weight of the slats and cause damage to the blind components. Save money and time. This blind repair kit is easy to repair and is much cheaper than buying the replacement slats.

Brand: Blindspro

👤I've had hanging curtain slats for a long time. I've tried a lot of different things to fix the slot and they just didn't work so when I saw these, I gave it a chance and it works great. It was easy to install and the material is strong enough to hold the slats. I bought it with the stem in case I need it in the future.

👤To be on the safe side, you may need heavy glue to keep the tabs on the vertical blinds. I put them up and they give away.

👤I only used the blind repair tabs. It is holding up well. After I use the other part, I will update my review.

👤These are not for use in an apartment. They are great for patching up projects that went wrong.

👤The product is good to fix blinds. The instructions to replace hanging clips are very small.

👤It was very easy to use. It's a lot better than buying new shades. It worked well.

👤They are exactly what they say they are. Did the trick.

👤Everything needed for a simple repair.

2. YASY Vertical Repair Venetian Stick(50pcs)

YASY Vertical Repair Venetian Stick%EF%BC%8850pcs%EF%BC%89

The repair clip can help you fix your blinds if they are damaged. There is no worry about naughty child or pet because the repair tabs are made with strong glues that hold the blinds firmly. The binding tabs are made with advanced technology that has the capacity to hang on the blinder hook and not break. Their binding tabs are easy to install. The Venetian blind has a binding tab hole. It's easy to fix. The Venetian blind is easy to break after a long term hanging. The Patch can be used to fix this problem. You can save money, time and energy by re-purchasing and installing a new Venetian blind. The broken Venetian blind can be repaired with vertical blind tabs. You can place them on the other blinds as a precautionary measure.

Brand: Yasy

👤These are soft and stretchy. It should be difficult to click into the blind holder. Would not buy again.

👤This item works. You have to clean the area first and then apply it, wait a bit and then hang it. I had mine hanging for about a month and I would definitely buy it again.

👤These were very easy to use. I made the star a 3 because they really aren't stretchable. I would recommend these to others.

👤It was an excellent quick fix for blind repair. The blind slat doesn't fall again because of the gummy feel. I would use these as a reinforcement to prevent future breaks.

👤I put these on my blind because they were too tall. I don't know how good they will hold up, because I had to cut down so it broke.

👤These are a life saver when you have small children and they run through the blinds. We found a quick fix to fix the blinds.

👤This is a great idea, especially for people like me, who like to have my grandsons pull the blinds off the railing.

👤This is a high quality glue. It's clear and thick enough to fix the blinds slots. The strong winds from a storm were holding up.

👤It was finally installed on a couple of vanes. I didn't realize that each section is two units. I folded over and ended up with double thickness. Very sticky. I expect to be stuck on the vane. If there were 1/2 stars, it would have done 4 1/2. The patch has a slot hole that needs to be popped so when attached to a vane it matches the clip hole. It is difficult to get out of the hole. Did a second install and used one patch. Did it on the flat side of the vane. So far, it holds, but you should hold it long.

👤I expected a hard plastic, but they are more of a gel consistency. I only used one so far and it is holding up, but I wish they had used a hard plastic with some good quality glue. The tabs are flexible, so you have to adjust how you install them.

👤There are some flaws in the smart design. It only took me 30 seconds to put it on my blind, but it got harder when I tried to put it back on the track. The material of the product made it hard to clip on. If you want to fix the blind in a cheap way, this product is good.

👤These are not the ones I have used before. These are more like rubber than plastic. It still does a good job. It's easy to install and you can't beat the price. It worked well for my blinds.

👤We had pieces of our blind break at the door and it would not turn the same way. These are sturdy and have a Silicone type texture so they won't snap off, and now all our blinds are open and close the same way. Excellent value. If we need to replace others in the future, we have a lot left over.

3. SOGEWO Pieces Vertical Replacement Alcohol

SOGEWO Pieces Vertical Replacement Alcohol

The broken Venetian blind can be repaired with vertical blind tabs. You can place them on the other blinds as a precautionary measure. A plastic storage box contains vertical blind repair tabs and alcohol wipes. You can use an alcohol wipe to clean the blinds. It is universally compatible. The clear blinds repair tabs are the same color as the vertical blinds. They can be repaired for most material of vertical blinds. Their clear blinds repair tabs are made of a high-quality strong glue, which has super viscosity. You don't have to worry about the blinds peeling off. Their vertical blind repair tabs are made of 6mm advanced PVC, thick and strong, and they can keep your vertical blinds working for a long time. Remove ripped blind with an alcohol wipe. The backing of the tab needs to be removed. The tab should be stuck where it's broken.

Brand: Sogewo

👤These make owning blinds enjoyable. It is so frustrating to have gaps in your blinds while you try and fix them, so I recommend people buy these right after moving in. I haven't had a break on me or fall off the blinds, these hold up amazingly. Since they are clear, you can hardly see them since they are not yellow, but I have had them on for a few months now. Make sure to put them on both sides of the blind. I know some people don't understand that and that's why they complain. I did not clean my blinds with alcohol before I slapped them on, you won't have problems. If any of them do break, there are still plenty left over. I love them! It has been 8 months since blinds have fallen. Buy these!

👤I have been renting for a long time and anyone who has ever had these knows they are easy to break. I have a cat and a dog that like to look out the window. I have a steady supply of these in my house. I apologize for my cat yelling. She thought I was closing the blinds.

👤I don't like these blinds. I opened a small door at home and 3 of them broke off in the exact same spot. These reinforcements are very strong. I have at least 4 to fix. I used my own alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the slats before putting them on the other side. They were cheap and felt more solid on the hanger than the stock slats. Good purchase.

👤It was sold. I was going to throw out our blinds because I gave up. q ordered the inexpensive clear tabs. My husband put up all the broken blinds four months ago.

👤Life saver! My roomba would always knock down my blinds and this has saved many people. The blinds in my apartment are fragile, but this has fixed all of the broken ones. I would love to use this in my life. It needs to be fixed and reinforced.

👤It works! The blinds blades fell in the previous apartment. The complex never gave us our deposit back, and we didn't bother to put it back. I wonder if they knew about this product before we bought it.

👤It's easy to install. There are very sticky and solid extensions. Good product that saves me time and money. You can get this instead of getting new blinders. My issue needs to be resolved. Thanks.

4. Vertical Repair Savers Window Replacement

Vertical Repair Savers Window Replacement

30 pieces vertical blind vane saver, quick and easy repair of broken vertical blind vanes, and adequate to use in long term are included in the package. The repair tabs are stored in a plastic box, which is convenient to store and pick up. The blind repair clip is 1 9/10 inches and is suitable for most colors and textures of vertical blinds. These white repair clips are made of quality metal and can be used to repair broken vertical blind vanes. Simply press the vertical blinds repair clips over the broken vane and snap it back onto the head rail.

Brand: Blulu

👤The blinds were falling down. I reinforced them and they have not fallen since. It takes a little push to get them on. The wife decided to buy curtains after I did all this. She does this to me on purpose.

👤I will say it works. The 4 pieces that were manufactured incorrect had a big hole. The rest were good. I had to make a small adjustment to the clips at the bottom of the bent up leg to make the thinner slats fit. The clip will fall off if you squeeze the whole clip down with pliers after it is on the blind. The credit card trick can be used to remove the slats, slide it up on the side you push and the slats up. It drops out. When installing the repaired slat, slide it up with the opening not aligned with the clip, and then move it sideways. If it's in line, the bottom part of the slat clip will fall in to the hole and it's hard to get back out. They work well when you do a little work. I made it sound complicated, but it is not.

👤I was disappointed when I first tried it, as the blind slat fell down after a little tug. Since these are made from metal I wanted to reinforce the grip with pliers. It seems to work well. Make sure to move them around so that the hole in the slat snaps into place, otherwise it will fall down. Good idea. Good product. Use pliers to squeeze them. Compared to duct tape, these are more neat and better looking.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. I had to spend a lot of money to fix my blinds because many had broken, but I tried to fix it myself. I was impressed by how these looked and ordered a box for nothing. I am so glad I did. They blend in well with the blind and have not had a problem so far. I encourage anyone who needs their blinds fixed to try these. If you like them, they come with free returns. Thanks for a great product.

👤I used duct tape to fix my blinds. I tried to fix that way over and over. Never worked for more than a month. These seem to work and work well, it has been 3 months and still up. You get a lot of them for the money.

👤I attached the broken 4-blinds that I received today. I figured out that they should be attached to the blind. They stay attached and the blind falls. I believe the blinds are good, it took a few tries to turn them in the right direction. They will hold until I can have drapery installed. On the first day of installation, it was a good buy.

👤These are slightly curved to fit the curved vanes. It works just fine, even though it is fabric and flat. The fabric vanes made it difficult to slip on, so you might have to pry the clip open a bit to slip it on easier.

5. Pieces Vertical Repair Blinds Replacement

Pieces Vertical Repair Blinds Replacement

The kit contains 12 pieces of metal vertical blind inserts and 12 pieces of clear blind repair tabs. There are 25 sets of 50 pieces for vertical blind repair tabs in the package. You have enough verticle blinds snap-in replacement to fix all the vertical blinds in your home. Their clear blinds repair tabs are made of high-quality strong glue and can hold up to the weight of your blinds. Universally compatible, their blind tabs are clear in color and can be repaired. Their tabs are pre-cut and ready to use. No one wants to have to make the same repair twice because the tabs peel off the blinds. How to use. The broken place of the blinds needs to be cleaned. 2. Remove the backing paper film from the tab. 3. Place the broken tab where you want to press firmly. 4. For the other side, repeat step 3.

Brand: Lofrcin

👤I decided to give these repair tabs a try because I was going to buy new vertical blinds. No need to buy new blinds.

👤I use Sturdy material for repairing blinds. Highly recommended.

👤The slats had a connection hole broken out. The solution was perfect.

👤It was easy to put on and fix my blinds.

👤Does the job fit in with the original design.

6. Perfect Order Vertical Repair Savers

Perfect Order Vertical Repair Savers

Fix your broken vertical blind vanes. Quality metal. There are 6 vane savers. Measures 1 to 9 inches. Replacing blinds is more cost efficient.

Brand: Perfect Order

👤The patio door in my house is frequently opened and shut and I have vertical blinds on it. The first few slats of the blind broke. I hope to fix those slats. These came with no instructions on how to use them. I tried to crimp the tab on the top of the slat, but it didn't work. I tried to put it in place. Unless someone can tell me how to make the tabs work, they are useless to me.

👤I love them! They work perfectly and clip into the blinds. It's worth the money. You may need to open them up to get them to clip onto the blinds with a screw driver or finger, but they won't clip onto the blind. To make it stay, just slide it onto the blinds. They are great once you open the blind repair clip, but not much. They work great, I love them! It's nice to be able to use my blinds again. Don't force the clip onto the blind, you will crack and brake it more. squeeze the clip tight on the blind, open it a little bit. And it's perfect! If you do so, the clip will stay.

👤I wish I would have checked this off my to do list a while ago. I have had broken blinds in the garage for years and finally decided to buy them. I had read that you could open the clips with a screw driver before putting them on the blind. I just used a little force to tighten the clips on the blinds.

👤I have a dog that loves sending my blinds around when she runs in and out. I lost four in a week. I was going to buy a whole new set but decided to give them a try. Thank goodness I did. Wow. It was effortless and did the trick. It was worth every penny. I am ordering more to be ready for that inevitable moment when he breaks a few more. I think that's correct.

👤slats can easily be fixed, rather than being replaced, and the clips save a lot of money. The clips are on the blind. White is better than metal. All the slats will fail over several years if you don't order enough clips. One of these ideas is very useful. The clips arrived quickly.

👤This product is amazing. Why didn't I know about these earlier? We tried to get the same style of vertical blinds. We think it has been stopped. My husband was using packing tape to fix the blinds. I stumbled on these and ordered them. I'm very happy I did. This is a great product. The clips work well and we saved money by not replacing the blinds.

👤These were purchased for my plastic hanging vertical blinds. The blinds shades get a lot of use and there are a lot of ribs that connected to the headrail that would not stay attached to the rail. I tried a lot of self-remedies before these items, but they were not able to help. I needed something to hold the rib/slat in place. It was easy to slip on easily. A few of the metal clamps had to be hand-crimped using a small pair of strait-nosed pliers in order to make sure they were not stuck on the slat. It wasn't hard. So far, so good.

7. Vertical Blind Repair Saver Ivory

Vertical Blind Repair Saver Ivory

The carrier can hold the vane in place if the zinc metal clips are pressed over the broken carrier tabs. Replacing the tooth is much cheaper than replacing it with a replacement tooth. Replacing the tooth is much cheaper than replacing it with a replacement tooth.

Brand: Perfect Order

👤I originally gave this product a positive review because I couldn't replace the vertical vanes I have in length, color, or texture, so this seemed a way to resolve the issue. It was difficult to install the product at the top of the vane. The product is made well and should work. It doesn't! I have had to go back and fix the vanes about 20 times since I installed these. You have to go back and install the vanes again after they slip down in the clip. It might last 2 days before it happens again. I started to use a new clip each time because I didn't need as many. No difference! The product idea doesn't work and I can't return them. Unhappy customer!

👤This is the cheapest and easiest way to fix broken Vertical Blind Vanes. They are easy to install. You're done if you just clip it on. It's pretty white. It's a bit off white, but it would be difficult for the company to match everyone's blinds. You can see the difference in the clips white color between the typing paper background and the clips itself in my pictures. The clips are curved in my pictures. The metal it's made out of feels strong and sturdy. The product description says 1.9 inches in length. A good and cheap product that does what it says it does.

👤These are what I needed and they are strong. One reviewer had an issue that they almost needed to be pried open. I had to push them on against a solid surface to get them to go on, and I'm not weak. I was afraid of snapping the blind. boom, once they are one All set! I would buy them again.

👤If you get vertical blinds, buy these! You will need them. I would have known about it years ago. Over the years, I have done many repairs to our vertical blinds. Our blinds were broken often because they were covering our back door area. Over the years, I tried to repair and switch our blinds. Went through them all. I bought a completely new set of blinds 2 years ago, but they were even thinner and broke more easily. There are no comments These are great. They can slide over the top of the blind. They can be bent to match the blind's bend. The ivory color of my blinds match them. They hold the blinds well and since they are metal they will not break at the connection point where all the blinds break.

👤The product was sturdy and well made but there were a few that were hard to put in the blinds. I suggest using a pair of pliers. One fell off. It has been holding well after I reattached it. The item is great for the blinds.

👤I wish I'd known these existed a long time ago. I have spent years fixing broken vertical blinds. These are a huge help. When I saw this product, I had four vertical blinds that I had tried to repair. They work well. They snap into place with a firm grasp. I only had one problem and it was my fault. My blinds are a pure white. Since I have a curtain, you can't see them.

8. Vertical Repair Horizontal Replacement 24 Pack

Vertical Repair Horizontal Replacement 24 Pack

White blinds repair tabs can be used to repair sliding door blinds, patio blinds, door blinds or vertical blinds for windows. Clear blind repair tabs and metal vertical blind inserts clips meet various usage requirements. The specific size is shown in the image and is suitable for most of the window blinds. It's convenient to fix the window blinds with the fold design, no need to worry about the alignment of the hole. It's easy to install a quality material in a few steps. The kit contains 12 pieces of metal vertical blind inserts and 12 pieces of clear blind repair tabs.

Brand: Oltw

👤I live in an apartment and got tired of calling Maintenance every time my cheap vertical blind slats fell off, so they could put up a replacement slats. They fell off every few weeks. I was able to replace the blind slat myself in 2 seconds after I received these vertical blind repair tabs. I was happy to find these on Amazon.

👤I was able to fix two broken blinds, and am going to replace them all. It's easy to install. Look good. The blinds are in good shape, so we didn't have to buy new blinds. Good value. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this to fix my blinds. It was easy to install and seems to be holding up. I am happy to have an inexpensive fix. We are going to replace the blinds next year so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the old ones.

👤What was needed to replace the vanes?

👤It was easy to install.

9. Vertical Repair Replacement Missing Repairing

Vertical Repair Replacement Missing Repairing

Replacing blinds is more cost efficient. The repair kit includes 12 stem for vertical window blind and 12 sets of clear vertical blind repair tabs, no matter the broken vertical blind tabs or the stem is broken, you can fix it very quickly, simple repair alternative replacing the whole vertical blind. Their self-adhesive blind tabs come pre-coated with glue to create a strong hold on your blinds that will last and last, cleaning your blinds and allowing them to dry before application, increases sticking power for a permanent repair. The vertical repair tab is roughly the same size. The stem for vertical window blind is about 1.18 x 0.3 inch, so make sure to check the size information carefully before purchasing, so as to ensure it matches your part exactly to the base. It's very easy to use and very sturdy, just remove the broken stem from the blind slats and replace them with the new one. The stems for vertical window blind and tabs are easy to match, they are designed in a transparent color and are suitable for almost all colors of plastic blinds, and will bring you a lot of convenience, compatible with many models of vertical blinds.

Brand: Patelai

👤The cheap vertical apartment blinds break when you look at them. It's funny. You know if you know. It's easy to peel and stick on. As new, the blind hangs well.

👤Went easy and was secure. Saved buying new slats.

👤I couldn't use the wrong size.

👤Replacement tabs for vertical blinds. A value saver item.

👤Slats and tabs were replaced. Work well, very pleased with saving money on blinds.

👤These are the things I was looking for to fix the slats that were damaged.

10. Vertical Repair Verticle Blinds Replacement

Vertical Repair Verticle Blinds Replacement

Remove ripped blind with an alcohol wipe. The backing of the tab needs to be removed. The tab should be stuck where it's broken. There are 60 pieces in the package. You have enough Verticle Blinds to fix all the Vertical blinds in your home. The Blind Replacement Panels are made of high quality material. The Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats are not easily damaged and have been tested many times. The Clear Blind Fixer Tabs are made with strong glue so they don't come off. All colors of vertical blinds can be repaired with their Clear Vertical Blind Repair Kit. The original color of the blinds will not be covered by blind replacement parts. As a result, your blinds will look great. You just need to peel off the protective film from Vertical Blind Repair Tabs and apply Clear Blind Fixer Tabs to the blinds that need to be repaired. Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs can be stuck on both front and back.

Brand: Genrice

👤After searching Amazon for a fix, I saw this product and its ratings and ordered it. They came two days later. I was hoping to duplicate the excellent results. The alcohol pad was used to clean both sides of the slat and the tabs were put back up. The slat is back where it should be. Thanks to Amazon, this product was shown to be one of your choices. This tab is what you're looking for.

👤The person who invented vertical blinds is among the worst. I hate them with every fiber of my being, they are horrible, loud, ugly, and when they are 25 years old, they become brittle and snap like twigs. The tabs made a quick and easy fix to the panels that broke off when I opened and closed my blinds, which will hopefully save my security deposit from having to replace the blinds that were installed 15 years ago. I have plenty leftover to fix any more panels that will snap off.

👤I bought these to fix some slats on my patio door blinds. Very strong. I put them on the slats that weren't broken so they will stay in tact. They are priced right.

👤I've used these tabs on several blinds and they have held up. I had them on for less than a month but so far they've been great.

👤I used a thick and sturdy material on either side of the blind and it held up perfectly. I wish I'd known about them sooner. It was a cheap fix.

👤Is the apartment blinds falling off? These are permanent fixes.

👤It does what it says. They are sturdy and thick. The glue is very sticky. It stays on. It was very easy to use. The slat is in the hook when it is replaced. I've tried others that don't. I have placed them on slats that aren't broken. They can flop around in the breeze. I strongly recommend using 2 per slat. Unless you twist the slat to find it, they are invisible in the morning sun. It comes without instructions. It isn't necessary, but would be nice to have pictures and suggestions.

👤It's easy to apply the blinds. For the price. I didn't have to buy new blinds. I am very happy with the purchase and the ease of repairing the blind. It was perfect.

11. Sets Vertical Blind Repair Tabs

Sets Vertical Blind Repair Tabs

The vertical blinds repair kit is designed in white colors, plain but elegant, suitable for most colors and textures of shutters, and bring you a lot of convenience. The new design of the tabs is more convenient and thoughtful than the previous design. You don't need to peel the backing paper of each tab, you just need to peel the tabs from the whole sheet and apply it to the broken vertical blind slat, it's super easy to use! The broken stem should be replaced with the instructions in the package. There is an improved solution. Their repair tabs are pre-cut and ready to use. The tabs peeling off the blinds are a result of folded tabs. The new tabs have a beautiful design that makes the slats look great. Their self-adhesive blind tabs come pre-coated with super-sticky glue to create a strong hold on your blinds that will last and last. If the vertical blind slat is fractured, only one tab is needed. There is a value pack. Their kit includes 30 tabs and 5 carriers for a true value pack. You can fix the blind slats or the carrier stem very quickly. Save money and time. Replacing the whole vertical blind is much more cost-effective.

Brand: Blindspro

👤It only takes a millimeter of size difference for parts to be useless, as many have discovered. The carriers in the kit installed in my rail had fit problems in both loose and tight ways. I used two of the little gear-tracks to repair my existing carriers. I'm happy with the cost and result of that and a couple of repair tabs. I don't think I'll ever try to buy repair parts for a blind rail again.

👤Tabs were good but stems were not. The instructions were followed, but they didn't say anything about the plastic track. It broke when I removed the stem with pliers. I assumed the directions would be clear because I didn't know anything about curtains. Since the track is damaged, my curtains don't move together. This was supposed to be an affordable fix option, but it ended up costing me more to replace.

👤The kit was for my vertical blinds. I couldn't use them because they were the wrong kind. The package was not opened. I should have asked for the money back.

👤This is the only one that works and the blinds have not fallen back out. I will purchase more in the future.

👤It was a quick fix.

👤The tabs are made of plastic. You will need to apply one in the front and one in the back. The repair is going well. It was pleasantly surprised.

👤It was very easy to install. It took me two minutes to fix the blinds that my cats love to break.


What is the best product for vertical blinds repair kit?

Vertical blinds repair kit products from Blindspro. In this article about vertical blinds repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Yasy and Sogewo are also good brands to look for when you are finding vertical blinds repair kit.

What are the best brands for vertical blinds repair kit?

Blindspro, Yasy and Sogewo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for vertical blinds repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Blulu, Lofrcin and Perfect Order are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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