Best Vhs Tape Repair Kit

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1. Arsvita Video Head Cleaner Players

Arsvita Video Head Cleaner Players

Arsvita Video Head Cleaner is dry solution. Dry cleaning tape for VHS video players. Simply insert it into the VHS device, press "PLAY" and it will run until it stops and pops out. Up to 30 times can be put in reverse. VHS video playback can be affected by dirty heads. The player can be cleaned regularly. Dust, dirt, andContamination can build up on your VHS player heads. It's not suitable for fixing mechanical problems. Customer service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The professional after-sales team is available to help. Please contact them if you need to.

Brand: Arsvita

👤Don't buy it, it doesn't work at all. If you want to get the instructions to clean the vcr from the inside, you need to watch a video on YouTube. You only need rubbing alcohol and a piece of paper. It was pretty easy. I wanted to make sure everything was clean so I could get the best recording.

👤We are looking at transferring old VCR home movies to another type of media. The VCR machine suddenly started acting up and the picture was static. I ordered this cleaner tape and it worked for us. We are continuing our project as the tapes are now playing. I recommend trying this before you get rid of your VCR. New ones are expensive to buy. Pop it in and let it run. We don't know why they include a cloth with the tape.

👤We all remember from the 80's. Excellent VCR head cleaner. The ribbon used now seems a little less abrasive than the original ones. It works like a champ, be kind and always go back.

👤Beware! I had a VCR that had a line through it. I thought it would fix the line. My VCR no longer has a picture after I tried this tape. Before I put the tape in my VCR, it worked. I used a tape cleaner. The seller's response was 1 after I email them. You can play the cleaner multiple times. 2. If it still doesn't work, I suggest you ask the video recorder manufacturer if it's the video recorder's problem. I am looking for a new VCR. I am angry.

👤Unless the product is garbage, I don't usually review it. This worked well. I will say that my Sayo vcr wouldn't accept the tape. No, go on that one. The Sansui vcr worked perfectly. When it was new with only one run through, it went from barely being able to see the video from all the static, to as clear as when it was new. Customer happy here.

👤This VHS Head Cleaner was what I was looking for. VHS players are hard to find because of the decline. Major stores no longer carry them. I was happy to find one still on line from Amazon. The product did a great job cleaning the VCR I own. The sound quality of the video was very good. I'm a proud and satisfied owner of this product. I plan to use it to clean my VHS Player. I just received this cleaner and I'm wondering if it will be available again in the future. I suppose only time will tell. I highly recommend this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a VHS Head Cleaner. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who made this product possible. I will never be able to say thank you enough.

👤The VHS cassette is in excellent condition, but it didn't work. Not at all. I put it into the VCR because it came with no directions. I hit the ball and nothing happens. I try to get it to move, but it doesn't. I tried it a number of times, but nothing. It seems to be a cassette with a line of white tape stretching from one cassette to the other. They don't move.

2. Recorder Rubber Cassette Maintenance 40 135MM

Recorder Rubber Cassette Maintenance 40 135MM

The Generic Tape Drives belt is square. The wear resistance and traction are superior. Premium for duration and ability to absorb vibrations. If you have a problem, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. Most devices fit the Cassette Tape Machine Belt.

Brand: Teantech

👤Look at the photo. All square belts are over 1mm thick. Many were 1.1mm thick, 2 were damaged, and one was likely unusable.

👤I used these on my Sony cassette deck from the 1990's. This set of belts had plenty of sizes for this deck, which required 2 different size belts for the transports and one belt for the analog counter. I was able to pick out a belt from this assortment that was the right size for my car, because one of the transport belts is 155mm and the other is 132mm. Those who are replacing the belts should note this. The belts may be degraded to black gunk. Rub alcohol and q-tips on the black gunk from the plastic wheels before installing new belts. A small blob of black gunk will cause problems.

👤I ordered different types of belts from this seller. Both orders were prompt and correct. Thank you! There were belts that fit in both sets. They work well so far. If you enjoy picking up old cassette decks at thrift stores for $10 to try and get them working again, these are ideal.

👤It was improvised! When my son's automatic rocker gave out, I did that. The motor that rocks the thing is powered by some gears and a rubber belt. The belt was broken. I searched for the replacement band on Amazon and found these. I thought I would give them a chance. And guess what. It worked. The baby is happy, the wife is happy, and I didn't have to buy a new rock n play.

👤I have an old radio shack and it doesn't play the tapes. I could hear the motors spinning and see that something was missing. The problem was fixed by these. If you're trying to fix a similar problem, make sure you remove as much of the belt from the motor as possible. It will take a long time to figure out which belt goes where. Belts have stood the test of time for a year now.

👤The selection is extensive. Just as described, small to large. They worked great for me, but they are a bit thinner than some belts, so be aware. Great price and selection.

👤One worked for me. The length is folded, so more info in the description would help. I would prefer more length selection. There were three of the length I needed. Considering the cost of new cassette decks today, it was well spent.

👤The selection is good, but the thin ones are different to any I've used before. The have seemed to work well so far.

👤I finally found replacement parts for the Akai. The belt on the cassette deck is stretched. I can fix it. Antiques are live.

👤I permet de faire des réparations sur de l'électronique.

3. ClearClick Converter 2 0 Second Generation

ClearClick Converter 2 0 Second Generation

The battery is required to operate. This includes opening and closing the door. The touch of a button can convert old video tapes to digital format. Not intended for modern video sources. VCRs, DVD Players, DVR's, Camcorders, Hi8 and Retro gaming systems are required to record and digitalize video. Does not play VHS tapes. Before purchasing, check the condition of your VCR. No computer or software is required to start recording. The Video2Digital(R) Version 2.0 (Second Generation): Extra- Large Preview Screen, Better Recording Quality, Improved Audio/Video Sync Protection, Auto Stop feature (60, 90, 120, 150 Minutes), Mobile-Friendly mp4 Recording format, and Pause/ While recording. ClearClick is a USA-based small business.

Brand: Clearclick

👤It is easy to setup this version of the unit. The ScanDisk 128G Class 10 card was purchased by me. The issue is that auto stop cannot be disabled. When the unit sees that there is no longer video, it will stop recording. The issue is that it is not accurate, will stop recording, and will not close the file correctly, which will make it corrupt and unusable. You have a VHS tape that you can transfer or record multiple segments from. On the same tape. The brief space between the recordings can be seen by the unit as a stop, but since it is not long enough the unit does not close the file correctly, it's like a bumpy road. You transfer a one hour video to digital and then load it onto your laptop, but the file is unreadable. Tech support states that a fix will not be available until spring, so you should sit in front of the video and watch it every second, when you see the pauses hit stop record, which is not really an option. I had tapes with no other recordings on it and when it reached the end of the tape, it would have about 15-20 minutes left with nothing recorded. When I tried to view the file on the unit or on my laptop, it wouldn't work because the Clear unit wouldn't close the file correctly. I don't think anyone should buy this unit until this company can stop the automatic stop. This is not the stop where you set the timer to stop after a number of minutes, this is the automatic stop when the unit decides there is nothing left to record.

👤I thought I would have to write a negative review, but now I have to write a glowing one. When I received the product, everything seemed to work, but the voice wouldn'tsync with other devices, and I was using a brand newusb3 drive with it. I thought I had been taken in by a product that could not do what it promised. Even though I had a new thumb drive that had a high read speed, it had terrible write speeds and I was told by customer service that it was because the device couldn't keep up. I had a decent write speed and problem solved, so I swapped that for an SD card. They helped with other questions. They seem to be a good and honest company. The product description of this device is candid. The description is a good place to start. So many people ask questions like where does the tape go, it doesn't! No film, no tape, no card. You can save good Mpeg4 files to the card or theusb that you can play on most modern devices if you follow the simple instructions. Two thumbs up for customer service and product that does what it says it will.

👤I don't know where to start. My son, who has cancer, told me that he didn't want a new shirt or anything for Christmas except to watch his videos when he was a kid. I have tapes. A lot of them. He told me 2 weeks before Christmas that I didn't know where to start. I started by playing them on the tv and using my phone to make a video. The quality was terrible and it was tiring. My other son gave me a copy of the software. I don't have time to learn how to use software. I don't have time to take them to a professional. I did not care. There is no time. I don't know what is on the tapes and videos. I saw this while I was looking at the software. The reviews were good and easy to read. I was hoping that the item would work out. I had no idea what I was doing. This item was awesome after some practice. I sat on the couch and watched the videos as the copy button was pushed. After about 30 minutes of video onto my laptop, I emptied my card. I worked on a small portable vhs. I took every second of my free time to pull what I wanted. It was very easy. I uploaded all the videos to my account. I added more content to them all. The family has been watching. He was very happy. This item is worth every single penny. A good investment. I've shared this information with many people. We did not know this existed. I didn't need to change anything. I rewound and did it again if I didn't pull the copy right. So easy! Thank you so much for the product. The project gave us smiles and tears, but only if the seller could see them. Happy New Year!

4. Wolverine Converter Scanner Convert Scanning

Wolverine Converter Scanner Convert Scanning

You can watch your videos on your mobile devices, including iPod, and Sony PSP. A fully automated apparatus to convert 8 and Super 8 movie reels. 8mm or super 8 media must be mounted with a proper reel up to 5 in diameter. 8 and Super 8 movies can be converted into high quality digital movie files. Digital movies can be directly saved into SDSDHC cards. Do not handle it too aggressively as it may cause damage to the device. Also, note: Before using, check the instruction video.

Brand: Wolverine

👤This is a nice product. I have hundreds of old 8 and super 8mm films that I haven't been able to view in a long time. Sending them out for conversion is expensive. I've been very pleased with the results I've been able to get with the movie maker. The first unit only lasted a day before the light went out. The manufacturer told me that the replacement bulb should last for years. The new unit worked well for several days and they had 20 film transfers of 50 to 200' each. When the slack is taken up, the film supply reel often spins forward on a frame advance and then snaps forward again. A jumpy video is the result of this transfer. The film will register in a different position when the slack goes away and the reel pulls again. I came up with an easy fix. I folded a piece of card stock and put it between the supply reel and the device. The film can't be sped up because of the little tension. If you're reading this, I think tension on the supply spindle would be a better fix than my solution.

👤If you have old 8mm home movies that are gathering dust, you should purchase this item. It's a good deal. I had a few issues with it, but they were not deal breakers. My old home movies are joined together with tape. The film gate and the take-up reel are in the S-curve. You can't leave the unit unattended if you want to have long passages of one frame. The film captures smoothly if you can ignore the S-curve. This unit captures at least two frames per second, so be prepared to babysit with it for extended periods of time. I imported the video to iMovie and it was stretched to 16:9, with no way to adjust it. I had to make sure the aspect ratio was preserved. There is a The unit wants to play back video at 30 frames per second, which is way too fast. I was able to change the speed in iMovie to 60%.

👤The unit has worked well for me so far. I was asked by my father-in-law to get a bunch of his old films. I decided to do it myself after I realized how much it would cost. I tried to use his old projector to play the film while having a digital camera pointed at the screen to record it. I realized it wasn't worth the frustration when it wasn't working well. I was scared off by this product because it only holds reels that are less than 5 years old. I had to convert half of the reels. I thought I'd give it a try, because reviewers commented that they figured out ways to make it work with larger reels. Since other reviewers have covered some of the things you have to deal with, like the fast recorded frame rate, I think I'll share how I've been using it to digitize the 6. The photo I'm posting will show it better than I can describe, but I just put the old projector to the right of the unit. The film will be recorded on the upper arm of the projector, while the empty take-up reel will be on the lower arm. I put the empty reel on the left side of the unit and left the right empty. I put the film over the top of the digitizer and into the reel. The take-up reel on the projector picks up the film as it leaves the digitizer. The projector and the digitizer are running at the same time. It takes a good 4 hours to get through one reel, but it works like a charm. Hopefully this helps someone else figure out what they can do, it requires the right equipment. A recent update added the ability to adjust the frame that you record, which is pretty nice. You can zoom in or out as well as move it left or right. The initial settings worked well for me, but at some point, I started playing around with it without first writing down the initial settings in case I needed to go back to them. I assumed that the menu option to reset the unit to default settings was available. The default reset only works for exposure, not the frame adjustments. I called technical assistance to ask what the initial settings were, but the guy laughed at me and said they didn't know. I assumed the default settings option would include frame adjustment settings. I didn't mind that they didn't have default settings, but the laughter was just an odd response to a customer. The adjustments are easy to figure out and are useful, but just know that there aren't any defaults. This thing has been great. It was never going to get done without it because of the number of films I needed to convert. There is a I have that to look forward to as well, because my FIL recently told me that he is going to bring over some Super8 reels that he took when my wife was a child. I will add this review if I am not satisfied with how this machine handles those films.

5. TME AC1S89B2C Splicing Quantegy Maxell

TME AC1S89B2C Splicing Quantegy Maxell

Slit in Europe to the International Audio Cassette Width Standard. Special non-oozing glue is great for back coated tapes. Slit and ISO 9001 compliant. Slit to TME standards for high strength. Blue Ships are double sealed in a zip bag. US Recording Media has exclusive rights to sell genuine TME products.

Brand: Tme

👤I used it on VHS tapes and it worked well.

👤The VHS tape was cut with the tape.

👤I don't have a photo. I used my reel to reel in broken tape. There are cassettes tape.

6. XOOL Precision Magnetic Professional Electronics

XOOL Precision Magnetic Professional Electronics

The installation tip is to drag your hacksaw across the old bar of soap to make it easier to cut the aluminum to-size. XOOL 80 in 1 is a professional set designed to service all popular electronics. The kit can be used to repair computers, laptops, and other IT equipment. The kit is a good gift to give to your friends, families and other people in mas or other important festivals. There are multi-functions. The Versatile Magnetic Driver Kit has 56 different kinds of bits that can fit many shaped small parts. The flexible shaft extensions are great for large electronics where the small parts are not on the surface. This set is complete and compact, so you can easily carry everything you will need with you to either the bench or a work site. You can repair quickly with these tools. CR-V steel is a high quality steel and is used in 56 different bits. All of it is done through strict quality testing. Every bit is the same size. The flexible extension is made of high plastic material, which is easy to break. The metal pincettes are resistant to most acids and corrosive agents. The handle of the holder is non-slip. Magnetic and anti-static. The magnetic tip on the tool is very convenient when pulling small parts out or lining up small parts with a hole. The pincettes are plated with a protective coating that prevents static damage to electronic components. The anti-static wrist strap is included in the kit. The crowbars make it easy to open a door. XOOL 80 in 1 is a professional set pack that is portable and has a storage bag from Oxford that makes it easier to carry and store. The kit is light and portable. SpecialPhillips and Y-tip tools can be used to remove the small parts of the phone. Both of the tools can be used to repair the iPhone SE / 7 / 7. Plus /6s and 6s. Plus, 6 Plus, 5 Plus, 5S, 4S, 4G, and iPod. XOOL 80 in 1 is a professional set pack that is portable and has a storage bag from Oxford that makes it easier to carry and store. The kit is light and portable. SpecialPhillips and Y-tip tools can be used to remove the small parts of the phone. Both of the tools can be used to repair the iPhone SE / 7 / 7. Plus /6s and 6s. Plus, 6 Plus, 5 Plus, 5S, 4S, 4G, and iPod.

Brand: Xool

👤Buy this. If you are going to replace an iPad screen or put together a tiny electronic device, you must buy this kit. It was a life saver for me and I am thankful I didn't trust the tools that came with my replacement parts. The tools are high quality. The kit has a lot of different shapes and sizes of tools to help you get out of a bind. If you are doing an iPad screen replacement, buy this. Just do it.

👤I used a screwdriver and blue pry tools to get into my laptop. I assume that this kit will work for any laptop that comes with a number of heads, since it has the appropriate type and size of driver head. I was able to remove all the screws without damaging them, so I'm not worried about stripping them with this tool over time. The magnetic tip helped me get the screws in and out. The driver feels light, but the quality of the extension rod and coupler is very solid. The tray holding the screwdriver and heads is made of very flimsy plastic, but the case is well made, which is more important to me. I think this set is a good value and as long as it holds up, I would consider it to be.

👤The set of tools is really good and essential for working on laptops and phones. A wide variety of bit types can be used to handle screws. The screwdriver bits are made of high quality metal. There are a lot of other tools that make opening laptops and phones easy. The handle and bit fit in the hand.

👤I had to do a complete tear down of a WII, but I didn't have the tools to do it. The kit has high quality tips for a wide range of small to very small screws and nuts, as well as plastic tools for removing phone screens. The price is great. Highly recommended.

👤The Iphone 6 and other models use a tool to remove the case screws. The correct bit isn't provided in the images for this kit. The other tools are needed, but this is the most important. I would rate it higher, however, I consider it a major violation to provide the image of working specifically on an Iphone and then not providing the correct screw head bit. I had to order a different tool. I changed the review and gave them a star for following up with me.

👤I needed to fix the MacBook Pro's trackpad. I found a video of how to do this online, but didn't have some specialty screwdrivers. I have a good set of small task screwdrivers, but this was a three point head, not sure of the right name, but a phillips screwdriver has 4 wings/points. The set has a size name for each bit and an image which helps in finding what you need. I had to remove the smallest screws I have ever seen, so having a magnetized sockets around the bit helped. I'll be using this set of tools again after my repair was successful. The repair would have cost around $150. It took me 30 minutes to fix it and the kit cost less than $25

7. Splicing Audio Cassettes Digital Tapes

Splicing Audio Cassettes Digital Tapes

The unit is 14-3/16" x 8-9/16" Brand new fresh stock will be manufactured in 2021. Not old stock. Audio Cassettes, Micro-cassettes, and Digital Audio Tapes are available. White color is used to match the normal original color. During repairs, for manual application. Slit in Europe to the International Audio Cassette Width Standard.

Brand: Tme

👤The tape works well, but be careful as the tape is just a bit wider than the cassette tape. If you make loops like I do, take your time and be accurate with this tape. Sometimes you have to cut the teeniest part when you're trying to make a cut.

👤The full width of the magnetic tape is 0.148", as stated on the package. The splice tape should be 0.125" wide for use with my block. I had to lay a strip on a cutting board and use a single edge razor blade to trim off the extra 0.023" that was left after I watched through a 2.5x magnification. Once that is done, the magnetic tape can be dropped through the slot that the splice tape was blocked in.

👤Product worked well. I have hundreds of audio cassettes that I am copying to digital formats, and several of them have broken leader tapes. I was able to repair them and transfer them with the help of this product.

👤This is my first time using tape and it is a bit crooked, but it works well for me. It is flexible and winds well.

👤Didn't hold, use it to cut the cassette tape. When I play the tape, pull loose.

8. Roxio Easy Burning Video Capture

Roxio Easy Burning Video Capture

Capture video from analog sources and burn it to a disc. You can transfer your footage from your VCR to DVD in a few clicks. To create your own movies, import iMovie to create your video and add effects, titles, and transitions. Share your video with friends, family, and others by uploading it to social networking sites. You can watch your videos on your mobile devices, including iPod, and Sony PSP.

Brand: Roxio

👤I have VHS tapes that I want to convert to a digital format. I have a Mac with about a Terabyte of free space and a 2.8 GHz processor. There is a lot of power and resources to capture old video. I would have thought so. I noticed immediately after setup that my first capture had signs of compression, which is when a low-quality video is watched online. There are three options for quality. That's it! There is no ability to adjust compression or audio quality, just three settings, and the highest one still shows compression. The software can't keep up with the video and it drops frames constantly. I tried lowering the quality setting to medium as a user on the forum said the high setting is useless and should be considered a product defect. I downloaded an update for the capture software and tried to get the problem solved. I did a test recording of 38 seconds and my Mac is still idling. It's still idling, as I write this. My company's name is attached to this product.

👤I had a Sony VHS to DVD player that could play either VHS or DVD. I copied hundreds of VHS tapes from television to DVD. It was a bit difficult to follow the process at first but once you had it, it was easy and the quality was great. I wanted another one after 12 years. Random models were sold for a lot of money. The salesperson at the big box store recommended the Roxio product and showed me home video she had saved on her phone. I bought it because it looked like decent quality. Had to return it because I said multiple times that I am a Mac user. It was for Windows. I found the Mac version on Amazon for less than $50. The instructions to begin taping are very easy to follow. I had a VCR in the closet, so you will need it. So far, so good. The VCR and video camera are connected to the computer and you can use them. I hit the VCR and Record on the computer screen to view the window. So far, so good. I wanted to watch the tape to see if it worked after I burned another company's similar device to turn cassette tapes into computer files. It's difficult to find where the file is stored on the computer. I tried to drag and drop to iMovies, but it didn't work, and I didn't move the Roxio icon to the dock. I couldn't find it because I didn't know where the file was on the hard drive. The picture quality is faded and the sound doesn't sync to the picture, so the bad news is... It's like the scene in "Singing in the Rain" where the picture is ahead of the soundtrack. The speaking and singing are off-kilter because I was copying old episodes of TV variety shows. I will call tech support if it is even responsive. This will be returned if not. I don't know if there are any other equivalents, but this brand is not recommended. I will keep my VCR and find a place to keep the old tapes.

9. KODAK SCANZA Digital Slide Scanner

KODAK SCANZA Digital Slide Scanner

XOOL 80 in 1 is a professional set pack that is portable and has a storage bag from Oxford that makes it easier to carry and store. The kit is light and portable. SpecialPhillips and Y-tip tools can be used to remove the small parts of the phone. Both of the tools can be used to repair the iPhone SE / 7 / 7. Plus /6s and 6s. Plus, 6 Plus, 5 Plus, 5S, 4S, 4G, and iPod. The Kodak film scanner can convert old 35mm, 126, Super 8 and 8mm negatives to digital files in seconds. The 3.5” high definition built-in color display has a convenient tilt for easy operation and image viewing. An Adapter for everything arrives with multiple Film Inserts and Adapters for fast, flexible operation and big one-touch buttons. The intuitive user interface includes a helpful tray and directory. The card does not support up to 128GB. The Mac & PC compatible conversion comes with a free film cleaning brush. To clean the light box of dust and speckles, use the included brush.

Brand: Kodak

👤I bought the Scanza from Kodak because I wanted to get better quality images from my Slides and Negatives. The unit is not actually made by Kodak. It is branded as Kodak, but it is not a product of Kodak or a warranty or support. C&A Marketing, Inc. is an authorized KODAK Brand Licensee. This product was branded as Kodak and not designed by Kodak. There are two more It is advertised as a machine with 22 cameras. It has a 14 Megapixels sensor and is software enlarged to 22MP. The manual states that the Sensor 14MP CMOS, resolution 14MP/22MP interpolated. The screen is small compared to the Wolverine. The Kodak screen is 3.5” larger than the Wolverine's. Check the side-by-side image. The Screen Menu is not user friendly. There are buttons on the screen. The machine will tilt when you press a button. You need to hold the machine and push the buttons with two hands. 6) The output files are here. The Kodak produces bluish tint and faded images. Check out the images of the two characters. I thought I was getting a better machine than the one in the movie. I will stick to my unit. I have seen the machines on the market for more than a decade and they have a better design.

👤I am a pro photographer and also own a small business that does photo scanning and restoration. I've been unable to find a 35mm slide/negative scanner that was affordable and did high-quality scans. The ones that do high-quality scans are expensive, have sucky software, and take a long time to complete. It's nearly impossible to feed hundreds of slides by hand. Since I already have a high-speed Kodak/Alaris print scanner, I thought I'd try the Kodak Scanza. It's a cheap digital camera that is configured for scanning, but it's the concept I've been waiting for. If they made a unit like this at a reasonable price, I would be all for it. I'd love to see a better one with a sharper lens and a higher resolution, for now, but this one may suffice for producing mediocre consumer-grade images. One with an automatic feed would be even better. The SlideSnap can do that, but it uses vintage, used Kodak projectors and can cost over $4,000 for a complete setup. The negatives are scanned but is far from pro-quality. In 1-2 seconds, quick scans. Inexpensive. The cheap plastic construction is a cons. I don't know how long the adapters will last because some feel like they will break when you try to open them. - Since you have to feed the slides manually, you may not want to do hundreds or thousands of scans. It should work to print up to 8x10 size from a sharp original slide or negative. They don't say how many dpi/ppi this is, but I think it's about 3000. These are not very sharp, so just keep that in mind. The quality and sharpness degrades quite a bit, so I wouldn't use the built-in interpolation. If necessary, I recommend doing your own up-sizing.

10. VIDBOX VCS2M Video Conversion Suite

VIDBOX VCS2M Video Conversion Suite

Also, note: The VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite includes two software download cards that include the Product Key license and download links for each software, one for Windows and one for Mac. Both Windows PC and Mac are supported. There is a video capture device, a cable, two guides, and two cards in the box. Capture VHS, 8mm or camcorder tapes and convert them to DVD or other digital formats. It's great for beginners, because step-by-step instructions guide you through the process. Capture VHS, 8mm or camcorder tapes and convert them to DVD or other digital formats. Mac system requirements include compatible video players, such as VCR, S-VHS, camcorder, mini DV, HDV, and TV, DVD player, game console and more. Other VCR or camcorder for video conversion, DVD Writer for DVD burning, and player specific cables are required for the PC system.

Brand: Vidbox

👤I followed all the instructions and it worked out well. I downloaded the software from the website since many people recommended that in the reviews. It is easy to transfer your tapes. Like the title says. It is great when it works. I think it doesn't work 30 percent of the time. The video will freeze on the frame before the end. The audio is still being recorded to your computer. I don't want to watch it transfer a 2 hour tape, so I go in occasionally to see if it's still going. It can make it all the way to the end. Sometimes it doesn't. You just do it all over again. I have tried starting with a fresh restart of the Mac and make sure everything is up and running. It might freeze on the first tape. I bought this one because of good reviews. It is not cheap. It is worth it if you transfer your tapes over. I will keep trudging through it and eventually get all my tapes done. It would be great if I only had to transfer each tape once.

👤It was perfect. This was what I needed and it was very easy to use. I have a background in computers that goes back to around 1980. I guarantee that you will have no issues. So. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you know what I mean, poop in. You won't see a 4K picture on your TV from a 30 year old VHS tape. You will not be able to transfer VHS or Laserdisc movies and end up with an acceptable end product. We just bought DVD's for every VHS and Laserdisc movie we wanted to keep, but maybe a videophile with additional processing software and plenty of free time can make it. The only movie I could not find on DVD was an episode of Game of Throne. If you babied your home video tapes like we did, you will be able to transfer them to DVD or other storage media through your computer. There is a My VCR's and Pioneer Laserdisc players didn't have an S-Video output. Everything was done via jacks. There is a red, white, and yellow symbol from the player to the VidBox unit, as well as ausb, and it is included. Burn to DVD. It was a waste of time trying to transfer regular movies. My Sony mini DV had a slightly better picture than most of the home movies I had left over, but most of them were VHS. It is what it is. The DVD looked good on TV. I bet that changing my TV screen to a 4:3 ratio would improve the picture. I don't need a lot of things, I just don't need them all. I needed to keep this stuff for my daughter. The tapes are done, the cassettes and Laserdiscs are gone, the Sony Mini DV is on the internet, and the other players that have no value are waiting for the next hazardous waste pick-up in my town. All is good! There is a Maybe the video transfer companies do a better job. I had more tapes than money. Your call!

11. Roxio Easy VHS DVD Plus

Roxio Easy VHS DVD Plus

VHS tapes can be converted to DVD or digital to preserve your home movies. Capture video from your VCR or camcorder and burn it to DVD or convert it to popular digital formats. Make quick edits, add transitions, reduce noise, and stabilize old footage to breathe new life into your old videos. Pick from a variety of DVD menu templates or create your own disc labels to complete your video experience. You can get 2 DVDs for your first projects.

Brand: Roxio

👤A friend recommended the Macintosh version because of the positive results. I purchased this product. Please pass it by. The package contains a hardware interface and blank disks. You are directed to a website to download the software. After 2 days of trying to install the software, all I have done is waste time. No software should take this much time to install. The installation progresses a little bit after the download, but an error occurs and the installation ends. Don't count on tech support. I've been told to shut down the firewall and anti-viruses protection, and to create a new user account with admin privileges. The support rep insisted that I give him a license key, which was frustrating. The package has no license key info. To prove I was an actual purchaser, I had to take photos of the box and email them to the support desk. The software doesn't begin the install process without the hardware on the computer. I got a return authorization and it's going back to Amazon. The final recommendation was to return what I bought and purchase another package with a software CD enclosed. It's not worth the time to get the software installed. It is possible to run Windows 10 (64-bit) on a new Dell with an Intel dual core processor and 8 gigabytes of Ram.

👤I couldn't get the software to send it to the local drive. Tech support was useless. I was told to uninstall it and then uninstall again. The software to create a movie didn't work. They didn't try to burn it to DVD. Couldn't send it to DVD. Software doesn't work. This POS software product is being returned.

👤I tried it on two machines, but it couldn't work. Contacted support and have a reference number. I don't have time to think about it.

👤I bought this last October but didn't use it until today, so I'm outside of the return limits. The instructions say to download the software. I tried and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried After trying to explain the problem to a representative, she decided to use her native tongue. I was told that I would get a tech email about the problem. I would not recommend this product. I was able to return the product for a partial refund after I contacted Amazon. Since the product is clearly not good, I suggested that Amazon not offer it anymore, and that the product was only rated one star in the comments.

👤This product was terrible. The instructions don't make sense. You can't do what it says. The numbers found don't work because the serial number is not where to be found. You can't understand them when I called for help, and you hung up on me twice. I'll never buy a product from Roxio again.


What is the best product for vhs tape repair kit?

Vhs tape repair kit products from Arsvita. In this article about vhs tape repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Teantech and Clearclick are also good brands to look for when you are finding vhs tape repair kit.

What are the best brands for vhs tape repair kit?

Arsvita, Teantech and Clearclick are some of the best brands that chosen by people for vhs tape repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Wolverine, Tme and Xool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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