Best Vinyl Siding Repair

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1. RH Adhesives Industrial Strength Cement

RH Adhesives Industrial Strength Cement

For decades, they are the leaders in specialized construction, renovation, and remodeling designs. Their cutting-edge product line makes it possible for people to work smarter, measure better, and repair more efficiently. It is possible to apply their clear vinyl adhesive in temperatures from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as underwater, and it will stay malleable. It is possible to apply their clear vinyl adhesive in temperatures from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as underwater, and it will stay malleable. Their highly regarded HH-66 Vinyl Cement sets the industry standard for vinyl material repair, maintenance, and manufacture. It works well with aluminum, copper, fabric, fiberglass composite, nitrile foam, nitrile rubber, PVC vinyl, steel, urethane, vinyl film, vinyl. It will go on smoothly if you use the included brush or roller to apply the glue to the vinyl fabric or hard plastic. Since 1949, they have been making their adhesives in the United States.

Brand: Rh Products

👤I need to use this on an above ground pool for both dry and wet applications. It was easy to dry apply. I applied glue to the surface before applying the patch and waited a few minutes to smooth it out as I went so the air would not get trapped. I rolled it with a lacrosse ball to press the edges down. I applied a thick coat to the patch and submerged it so that the glue wouldn't dry. First smoothening out with my fingers, then using a lacrosse ball to roll out any water that may have been trapped. Round the edges of your patches for good adherence, and wear nitrile gloves. The product worked well for both applications. I used the dry and wet applications to patch the hole. All four patches were sealed around the edges. No more leaks!

👤I was doing a skimmer repair when our cat ended up in the pool. There is a nearly empty pool. Not good. There were huge slices in our liner below the water line and a cat that wouldn't dare go near a pool again. Cut out the patches for the liner. Each had two patches. Don't use in the sun. The glue will cure very fast. I waited for no more than 20 seconds. Didn't think the rips were repairable, but gave it a try. They're still holding, not peeling up. Happy! I might buy another can to stick our cat to the deck. I think that's correct.

👤I did some research on a good repair for something out in the weather. The little gem popped up. I used it on a hot tub cover that had been damaged by hail. The cover was heavy and had water in it. That was my first clue. I waited until cover was dry for a few days. The HH66 was easy to apply and worked well. I bought a cover for the hot tub from Amazon. Not replacing a 500.00 cover was worth it. This can be used in bad weather. April 2019. I think it's important to know this information. I only used this once in the past year, but I used it again today. The glue was completely dried out. I don't know if I stored it correctly or not because the cap was twisted on tight. I kept it in the garage. There was no extreme temperature there. I like it. I will be ordering it again.

👤If used correctly, it works well. I used this to patch a pool. I purchased this product because it's supposed to work under water, but I was able to work dry. I used clear vinyl to make my patches. It was very affordable. I was able to see that the clear vinyl was bonding well. The patch was sealed after 24 hours. It is important to apply the glue to the two surfaces before joining them. Don't wait to apply the patch underwater. If the leak is under water, fold the patch in half and apply glue to it right away. It's the best solution for pools that are leaking.

2. Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

Coconix Floor Furniture Repair Kit

It's perfect for residential and commercial use. It's easy to fill a chip, crack, hole fill, screw or knot cover. Excellent fix for the best finish in any colored desk. There is a repair compound, no glue, pen, markers, wax, paint, crayon set needed. The results on any material include painted or natural, dark, light, and maple. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee. 30-day money back and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the manufacturer guarantee.

Brand: Coconix

👤The marker and crayon wood repair set I bought before buying this set. I didn't think those were ideal for deeper repairs. The markers worked well for small scratches, but not for large scratches, and the crayons weren't good for dents, chips, or big scratches. I tried it because of the high reviews, but wasn't sure what it was. It is a set of several tubes of paint and a tube of wood putty. The wood putty is used for deep repairs and the paints are used for shallow repairs. The wood putty was too dry and it wouldn't trowel on very well. The instructions said to mix it well. I didn't think the wood putty was any better or easier to use than the putty, which you can buy at a big box store. The paints were great. They are thick enough to deal with scratches, dents, and chips. The crayons in the other wood repair set were not as good. There is plenty of paint in each tube to last a long time. I'm happy with the paints. I prefer the markers over the paints for very thin, shallow scratches. The paints are too thick for scratches where you don't really need to fill in, but just even out the color. I'm still happy with the kit, but it seems odd to market it as a full wood repair kit, but not include markers.

👤I bought this product to repair the damage caused by my puppy on my floor. The kit includes tubes of different colors that will be used to create a custom color for the repair. The color chart included shows the many shades of color that can be mixed. It is difficult to pick the right color from the chart. I started to use a tiny bit of the colorant to make some combinations on a scrap of paper. I was shown in the bottom of the picture. I decided to email Coconix customer assistance to ask for their expert assistance. Maria was the Customer Success Manager at Coconix. Maria gave detailed instructions on how to recreate the grain of the wood using the colors that I had chosen. The pictures are only shown with the colorant applied. I ran out of the color. Maria at Coconix volunteered to send more colorant so that I could finish the repair for free, after she followed up to check how the repair was going. Coconix does a great job at customer service. I haven't applied the grain or top coat yet because the colorant needs to be completed first. Maria made suggestions about what could be done to restore the top coat. You must be patient and take your time, this product is excellent for a indistinguishable repair. You will get used to using this product after you make some test colors. If you want to get the color correct before you do the actual repair, mix the color, then test it on a piece of scrap or in a remote area. The artist's pallette knife is shown in the picture. The blade is flexible and can be used to level off the filler and create clean lines between the wood floor planks. If you would like a professional grade repair, give this product a try. Take a picture of the damage so that it reflects the actual color. Don't use flash. A cell phone picture with a distant room light is good. Purchase the kit and send the picture to Coconix with the damage description. Take your time to get the best results. Coconix will help you get a great repair.

3. Gorilla Heavy Construction Adhesive Cartridge

Gorilla Heavy Construction Adhesive Cartridge

The most affordable solution for leather restoration. Every time, the Pelle Patch covers up cracked or damaged leather without having to change the entire item. The heavy duty bond of ToUGH, VERSATILE, and WATER-RESISTANT is provided. Fast grab, holds in 30 seconds. BONDS include wood, ceramic, tile, and more. BONDS include wood, ceramic, tile, and more.

Brand: Gorilla

👤The same way that silicone is used, goes on and dries. I used it to seal the gaps on my stoop. It is pure white. Use. This is not a glue. This is a completely different product than the one we have here. When using Gorilla Glue, you must spray the area where it will be used with water. For it to cure. Do not do that with this product. It is the same consistency as silicone. You need a caulking gun.

👤Excellent construction glue. It was used to adhere wine panels to the wall. Another brand did not work as well as the first one. Put the glue on one piece and sit it for 5 minutes before attaching it to the other surface. The pieces stayed put and were solid within a couple hours. There were many complaints that the glue was dried up. I think people were trying to use the puncture tool on their caulk gun. That is not how you open this one. You need to cut off the tip with a knife. We used 5 tubes of this and it worked perfectly.

👤It is important. I thought the tube was bad. I'm used to these tubes where you cut the tip at an angle and stick a wire into the tip to break the seal and the product is pushed out. I thought the tube had become a hard lump because no amount of pressure would penetrate the seal. The hard seal must be cut off with a knife. You can apply the glue to the tip after you screw it back on. I mounted a plastic panel to the door. I put the panel on the door and set it up within a minute after coating it.

👤I used a construction glue to install peel and stick luxury vinyl tiles on my kitchen floor. I don't worry about walking over it right after the installation because the tiles don't move. There is time to correct the position of tiles. I ordered 2 more tubes for my hallway and will install the same tiles. I want to make sure my tiles stay in my apartment for a long time. A little glue goes a long way. I used half tube for the 50 sq f. Don't buy this Gorilla glue tube if you need a good quality of glue. You will be impressed by what I have to say. Really heavy duty glue! The first day holds up great. No issues at all! I also did hallway and closets. I used the Heavy Duty Construction Gorilla glue and their clear one glue. Really works well.

👤The Home Owner's Association decided to add reflectors to the curb on our roads to improve street safety. Some of the reflectors were installed using a variety of adhesives that did not perform well. When a vehicle runs over them, many reflectors fall off or are knocked loose. I decided to use Gorilla Construction Adhesive because of my good experience with other Gorilla products. Over the past year, I have installed over 250 reflectors and to date, not one has come loose, although the majority of tire marks are a result of being run over. We expect that the gorilla will prove that it was the best choice.

4. Patch Shield Power Tape White

Patch Shield Power Tape White

Fix any problem. Gaffer Power's Power Patch Tape is a flexible butyl tape that creates professional-grade seal results in a pinch and in the long term. Use 4” wide tape for the perfect roof patch, nail hole patch, pipe & gutter leaks, and it will be a breeze to repair. 100% waterproof keeps you dry. Their patch tape is designed to keep water out wherever you need it. A tight, even seal is created when 100% waterproof tape is used to fix above ground pools, water tanks, drums, and storage containers. The tape should be in the back pockets of every American homeowner. Don't get stuck out on vacation with a leaking RV or tent, or at home worried about catching drips from the ceiling, if you use heavy duty all-weather use. Gaffer Power's waterproof tape has an ultra-strong backing that sticks to any surface and holds up under extreme cold, heat, and humidity. From 70 to 200 degrees F! It is made in the USA. Gaffer Power is committed to the Made in USA process. The sealant tape is manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines. The Power Patch is American made. They know you'll love the endless uses you'll find for their waterproof -roof patch tape. If there is a problem with the patch tape on Amazon, they will give you a replacement roll or your money back. They know you'll love the endless uses you'll find for their waterproof -roof patch tape. If there is a problem with the patch tape on Amazon, they will give you a replacement roll or your money back.

Brand: Gaffer Power

👤All summer, I knocked wasp nest from the soffits. They were leaving holes in the soffit. I caulked and patched because I didn't want to spend money on new soffits. That did not hold up. I covered it with white Gaffer tape and caulked and patched it. The surface is too slippery. The tape was very thick. It has been held through two weeks of rain and wind. The glue is strong and only cautions. It is necessary to cut the exact size and peel the backing paper to install. The contact paper can be pulled apart. Forget if the Gaffer tape clumps together. It's not a bad feature that strong adhesion is a good thing for endurance. It's a bit difficult to install. Knowing this ahead of time should help.

👤I bought this to use to repair a section of a tarp that had come loose. I was impressed with how easy it was to apply and how firm it was. I was going to tape the other seams on the tarp after I ordered four more rolls. I looked at the tarp and the taped seam had completely come apart. Attached is a picture. I contacted Amazon to get a refund for the failed roll and I am returning the other four. Don't buy this product.

👤I didn't use it for what I wanted, but I was glad I had it around. The storm brought with it strong winds. Two large limbs from one of my trees fell on the roof of my car. The back windshield was my immediate concern. It broke and left a gaping hole down one side, and the rest was held together by the window tint. I didn't know what to expect when I applied the tape in the pouring rain. It stuck hard. In the rain! I couldn't believe it. I will be buying more of this in case something unforeseen happens.

👤My goal was to use it to repair some cuts in a heavy duty vinyl liner that I use in a creek-like water feature in my yard. I cleaned and dried the area. I smoothed the tape over the cuts and let it cure for 48 hours before refilling the water feature. The repair did not hold and the water was leaking through the cuts. I had positive expectations that it would work after applying it. Very disappointed that it didn't. I replaced the entire liner with rubber roofing. I contacted Gaffer for a refund and they responded quickly. Great service and a return for their product.

👤I used this tape to patch a pool. I put one patch on the inside of the pool and another on the outside. It has been 2 days and no leaks. It's much cheaper than flex tape and works great when used in a pool.

👤I used this tape to stop a small leak where 2 gutter are joined. I tried this tape because the area was hard to caulk. The tape is hard to see because the gutter was dark brown. It's been about a month since I used it and so far it's been great. It's easy to cut-to-size and it's very sticky.

5. Mendyl Siding Repair Cracks Blemishes

Mendyl Siding Repair Cracks Blemishes

Their leather repair patch kit is waterproof, strong and durable, and can help you to create a comfortable life. Enjoy yourself, don't worry about little things. Either 100% customer satisfaction or a full refund is guaranteed. It is easy to install. This repair kit is not needed by a contractor. It's easy to install and make repairs. It's durable. Mendyl Vinyl repair patches can survive in extreme weather. Mendyl works in temperatures from -40 degrees to 130 degrees. It is possible to make it custom. This patch is thin enough to be shaped with scissors and white enough to be painted. There is a large face area. The repair patch is 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches. It was large enough for larger repairs. It's too early to play the Colorado match. Even the most faded vinyl or stucco siding can be matched with paint and color. It's too early to play the Colorado match. Even the most faded vinyl or stucco siding can be matched with paint and color.

Brand: Mendyl

👤We found this product on a video someone had shared and had to figure out two things before buying: 1) is the price where I'm able to take a shot at this fix without making it irreversibly worse and without costing so much that I could potentially deeply regret it? I found the alternative costs to be way more than what it was. Hundreds for replacement or self-loathing. There are two more How close do I need this to look good, and will this get me there? I read that my number was 8 feet, and I decided it would. There were several small holes in the siding along the side of the house and one large hole near the gutter. It would have taken at least 4 separate panels to be replaced, which is the worst option other than leaving it un-repaired. I can't imagine not understanding how to use the application. The color was so close that we almost didn't bother painting it, but after watching the video, I went for it. The first fix we did was to the largest hole we had near the gutter. The results were better on the later applications because I remembered to feather the paint properly. I attached photos of my first attempt because it's the best representation of an average Joe doing this with no experience. Don't expect a heavy, thick application. I think the lines would be too prominent if it were not thick. I would sand the hole, then apply the Mendyl and there would be no depressions. It's certainly not necessary, you can see in the photo it's barely visible, and that was our largest hole, so maybe the seller can say if this would be ok to do with the product. We did not experience any edge curl-up, insufficient adhesion, or poorly made pieces with bad edges. All applications have had no adverse reaction to cold or warm weather, nor the rain, nor the hose, and it's obvious that it's just part of the house now and isn't going anywhere. If this changes, I will update the review. There is a If you're considering replacing your vinyl because of small to medium sized holes, think again. I'm not sure why someone would give you money to replace siding when you can just paint it so it looks nice to visitors, yourself and your neighbors, and spend your money on something else more exciting than siding. You have to make your own decision, but for me... I would recommend it to a friend, I like it, but I wish I'd thought of it. Most of them. The rest of them are not deserving of my recommendations.

👤I'm shocked that this product got good reviews. I wanted to fix the holes on the shed. This item is not better than average tape. Not sure where the wood grain comes from, it was completely smooth and didn't allow the grain from the siding to show through at all. I finally got smart and used regular duct tape to do the job. It was cheaper, stuck better, and painted the same as the sub-standard product. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...saved some money.

6. Pelle Patch Adhesive Available Original

Pelle Patch Adhesive Available Original

White color with UV resistance. Camouflages don't yellow outdoors. Repairs damaged leather or vinyl with the help of the Pelle Patch. Cut, peel and stick. It is possible to restore your damaged leather in minutes. There are 25 colour options available. They put a lot of time and research into their colors so you will be able to find the perfect patch for your item, giving your restoration job a nice, clean look. You can cut the patch into any shape you want, so you will always have perfect coverage over the damaged area. Strong and slim! The synthetic leather used in the Pelle Patch is thin enough to blend perfectly into the existing leather and is extremely durable. The most affordable solution for leather restoration. Every time, the Pelle Patch covers up cracked or damaged leather without having to change the entire item.

Brand: Pelle Patch

👤I have a leather recliner that is very comfortable but has a hole in the top where my head rests. There is nothing on the seat, back, arms, or foot rest. I was looking for a new one and not finding anything that was as comfortable as I wanted it to be, so I decided to look for leather patches. I got the 8 x 11 Pelle Patch in dark brown from a number of patches that were made exactly for what I needed. The dark brown was a perfect match for the recliner color. I used the entire 8 x 11 patch since it blended in so well. The leather was soft and not tightly drawn on the back of the chair and head area, which made me wonder if I would have problems with the patch lifting or curling up like I read about in the review section from those with negative experiences. It started curling at the corners after one day. It was disappointing because I didn't want to buy a new chair that was more expensive than I already had, because I knew they weren't as comfortable. The second hit was the second one. I bought Shoe-Fix Glue a number of months ago to fix a pair of shoes that had their soles come loose. I thought if I tried it on the leather patch with the chair it would work. It's Bingo! I squeezed a small amount on a plastic knife and pressed it down for about 15-20 seconds to bond and dry. It beats a $2,300 expenditure for a new chair. If you go this route with the brands, I would recommend you purchase Shoe-Fix Glue at the same time, just in case.

👤Lowered to 3 stars. The patches on the sidearm are curling up after 1.5 months of use, suggesting not very goodadhesive andDurability. The patch locations are in awkward places on the side arm, which may have contributed to it. At some point, I may try the MastaPlasta instead, which is holding great on the back. The original review was very easy to use. It is not as thick as the MastaPlasta patches, but its lower profile makes it blend in more easily and not seem as awkward. I ordered both the MastaPlasta and the patch because I didn't know which one would be best for my chair. I decided to use them both. The large holes on the back were patched with the MastaPlasta and the side arm holes were patched with the Pelle Patch. Both came out okay. The Pelle Patch ones have a better fit. I'm not sure I would have wanted to use the Pelle Patch on the large holes on the back since it is not as durable as the MastaPlasta, and since that is a spot that is likely to have a lot of wear, I think they should use the Masta I really don't know, but I know the MastaPlasta won't hold up long term. The MastaPlasta already has rounded corners so you don't have to cut as much. Since I used the entire MastaPlasta sheet for the chair back, I didn't need to cut any corners for it, and I could just apply it, which is much easier to do than with the Pelle Patch. I believe that both patch brands have their place, and that one is probably the best, depending on the specific application. Don't be afraid to try this patch.

7. 3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

3M FPP 32 BB Repair Reinforced Compound

It takes 5X more time to make repairs than traditional vinyl spackling. The repair pantyhose are 5” in diameter. For exterior repairs when sealed with exterior paint. There are damaged areas on walls and ceilings. It is possible to repair large holes, cracks and damaged surfaces in plaster, stucco, concrete and wood. No cracking, sagging or shimmying. It is easy to sand after application.

Brand: 3m

👤The 12 oz was only 6.4 ounces. Stuff works, but we should get what we paid for.

👤I bought this because my cute and non disposable living floor cleaner kept chewing holes in the crown molding of my house and after patching it with 2 other brands and having her just chew it out again, I needed something stronger. It has fibers in it to increase strength. I believe that. After opening it and almost being stunned, I thought that she might not eat it and that I would feel bad for her. If you have any experience with patching or plastering walls, like many people with rage issues do, then you shouldn't have any problems making this acceptable looking. It will go on rough and need to be sanded down like a furniture restorer, so make sure that you add a little more than you think you need. I think that's a win. This bonds well with wood and particle board. I broke the lid on it because I was bored and it was going to go bad.

👤It's not better than the cheap compound from a dollar store, but I bought it for the fiber component. It may dry a little faster, which is not the best thing, especially if you are working with tough surfaces like window and door opening corners. I only give it 2 stars because it did the job. It's overpriced for that kind of job. Next time, we'll go with a regular compound.

👤It took a bit of patience to get that stuff to stick and fill the hole. I didn't take a picture of the hole because I didn't think it would work, but I spread it with a butter knife and it attached to itself and stopped falling off. My hole was about 2 1/2 inches long. I didn't attempt the gash above it because I was more interested in the hole. I was going to paint it. Since the siding is sky blue, it was hard to match the paint I bought, and it was hard to find anything at your local stores during the Pandemic. I mixed in some white. At least it's not a glaring hole, I'm still slightly off on the color. I tried to sand it after smoothing it with a wet knife. I stopped because the dried putty was coming off.

👤It worked well. It will smooth better if you are generous with it. Don't fool around, it's important that you're quick. It vaccums up nicely. Don't let the little pieces fall dry before you clean them up. The metal spatula I bought worked better than the plastic ones. It got the job done quickly. It smoothed out a rough wall surface after filling it with a patch. There was a lot of product left over after I did a 10x4 wall area.

👤This stuff has become a miracle fix for me. I will show one such case. I was replacing a bathroom light fitting and found a huge fist size hold in the wall behind the old light. I had to cover the hole because the light fitting is narrower. I tried to fill as much of the hole as I could, because I didn't have a backing to use. They filled the rest of the hole after I let this dry. The material was solidly in place, like it was part of the wall. I painted it and you wouldn't know there was a big hole there.

8. Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

Repair Cracked Bathtub Skylight Skirting

It works well from 5 degrees to 140 degrees. The repair patch has a color called TAN. Use on: Roofs, Pool Liners, Skylights, Cracked Bathtub/Shower/Sink, Vinyl Skirting/Siding, etc. UV protected, won't degrade. In the outdoors. Works above or below water lines.

Brand: A.a

👤The Jacuzzi tub is cracking on the bottom because it has no support. I would save two to four thousand dollars if I just patch it and not replace it. It is silly to spend money on a new tub when the tub was always working well. This product works perfectly and you can't get a better deal.

👤I used this to repair some siding and it worked well. The patch is a little bit thick, but it looks better than it did before it was repaired. The most economical solution is not a perfect one.

👤The item seems to be doing a good job. I knew this wouldn't be a permanent fix, but it has already begun to lift at a few corners. Some of the sticky gets on your feet when you pressure it.

👤It worked well to patch a small hole in the skirting.

👤This stuff worked well for a small crack in my shower. I think it would work well on a leaking pipe.

👤I have time to fix the leaking base before I use my shower. There was a long crack that needed 2 sets of 6x12 to fix. If you expect an ugly patch, you will be happy that you stopped the leak.

👤Not good. I had holes on the outside of the shower wall, but they didn't stick to the sides.

👤The product is not up to the description. Within a month, it didn't blend with my siding. Don't buy this patch.

9. Siding Repair Self Adhesive Covering Blemishes

Siding Repair Self Adhesive Covering Blemishes

The self-adhesive pvc tape is a good repair tool for vinyl fence, it can be used to cover most cracks, holes or blemishes, and it can also be applied to other holes and scratches to make it look better. The vinyl repair patches are made of a smooth and durable material that can serve for a long time and is not easy to break. The vinyl siding repair kit size is correct. You can cut it into various shapes and sizes to meet the holes on the fence, please measure the hole to check the size and shape before cutting. It's easy to fall off of the vinyl siding repair tapes, just cut it into the correct size and clean the broken vinyl fence area, peel off the back film and past it onto the broken are, it's finished and not easy to fall off. You will get different quantity sets of vinyl repair patches, as well as more choices, enough quantity for meeting your vinyl fence repair demands and decorate update requirements. You will get different quantity sets of vinyl repair patches, as well as more choices, enough quantity for meeting your vinyl fence repair demands and decorate update requirements.

Brand: Mudder

👤The holes in the siding were covered with these. I took a piece of the siding to Home Depot so they could match it. They mixed the paint in a sample for $4. I painted the house and put the sheets on it to match the siding. The patch job is hard to see.

👤It is a thin and flimsy sticker. It came with no instructions. I guess that is not necessary. I couldn't get the "bubbles" out of it. Didn't use. You get what you pay for.

👤Cut to whatever size you want, peel the backing and press onto a clean/dry vinyl surface. It protects the hole and makes it easier to see the repair.

👤The pictures in the product posting are not what this looks like. This is a sticker. Use white tape to save money. It is the same.

👤It's easy to get rid of whoops. So far, there are three damaged things: garage door, wood door and drywall. It's pretty impressive. I think I should have them laying around if I need them.

👤Works well. It's easy to apply. It's easy to shape proper sizes. It blends well with the existing siding.

👤Does a good job patching the fence.

10. GEAR AID Tenacious Ripstop Off White

GEAR AID Tenacious Ripstop Off White

The metal housing protects from drops and bumps. The smart cooling fan system makes the car power Inverter very silent when it's not being used, and the fan runs faster when the device gets warmer. It's easy to fix holes with an ultra-strong, peel-and-stick repair tape that requires no heat or sewing, ideal for use in tents, tarps, jackets, vinyl furniture, and other synthetic materials. It is not recommended to apply Tenacious Tape to denim, cotton, or natural fabrics because of the aggressive adhesive that bonds nylon, mesh, vinyl, rubber and plastic permanently. This repair tape is waterproof and will not peel off over time, it is available in a 3”x20” strip. Use nylon fabric, ripstop fabric, and clear vinyl for a nearly invisible repair.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤The "off-white" tape is about 20 x 3. It is not clear. The fabric tape is very strong. I used this tape to repair a small hole that our cat made on the wall of our new tent, the first time we set it up to inspect it. It did a good job, and looks good. The packaging for this product doesn't say "Ripstop nylon", which is puzzling to me. The front of the package has a discreet label that says "nylon", but it's not the same thing as "ripstop nylon". The product description on Amazon is very vague. There are three different types of tape being sold as "7 different colors", and it is not clear what type of tape each "color" actually is. The nylon tape was black, red, orange, and yellow. Ripstop nylon tape is green and off-white.

👤I have used several rolls of Gear Aid Tenacious Tape to repair a variety of things, including dog toys, winter coats, snow pants, and an umbrella. I wish I knew that this tape is not the same as the others. The fabric and flexible tape allowed it to move with the repaired items. The clear tape is shiny andrinkly and looks like a swatch of Scotch tape. I used it for an accidental dog rip on a jean jacket, but it's not something I would choose again. It makes plastic noises when you move. I'll either use an ugly piece of the black gear tape or sew on an unwieldy denim patch when it falls off. The rip is in an awkward spot between the seams, so it is not a good candidate for an iron-on patch. I was going to use it on a small mattress tear, but I can't imagine hearing that loud every night.

👤My dog ripped some holes in my sleeping bag. I was looking for reviews on how to repair it. I wasn't sure what to buy. I got the clear and the green. Glad I did. I needed 2 rolls to fix the holes. There are only 20 inches in each roll. I had a way to compare. If you want to repair nylon sleeping bags/jackets, you should get the colored fabric tape even if it's not a great color match. The clear looks worse in the end. I ordered another roll of the green but the clear will do. This stuff is very serious. Sticks are amazingly well. The FABRIC tape is amazing. When you slide your hand over it, it's barely noticeable. It's worth it even though I wish the rolls were bigger. The clear is hard to use on a sleeping bag. It feels very heavy and plastic. It could be good for something plastic. It's worth using fabric tapes even if you don't have a good color match.

👤My new jacket was saved by this tape. This tape is awesome, so don't hesitate to purchase it. I got a brand new Marmot jacket a week after I bought it. I was able to get two cuts on the elbow of the jacket. I had feathers flying out of the hole when I moved my arm. I swore to myself that I would never buy another jacket with such thin material after I ruined my jacket after a week of use. The picture doesn't do it justice, the tape makes my jacket look brand new again, after doing research, I purchased this product. I am confident that it will stay on my jacket. The clear is easy to apply, barely noticeable, and stands out because of the glare. I will use it on all my gear. I would have fixed my backpacking tent if I had known about it sooner. The best solution available. Very happy!

11. 3M Patch Primer Self Adhesive Sanding

3M Patch Primer Self Adhesive Sanding

100 percent machine clean. A professional repair kit. The kit includes 8 fluid ounce tub of primer enhanced spackling compound. Hole repairs up to 3 inches in diameter. 3M small hole repairs are 3 times faster than traditional spackling. No sagging, cracking, or shrinking. The smooth with included 3M sanding pad. It is easy to sand spackling compound. Not recommended for stress cracks. Not recommended for stress cracks.

Brand: 3m

👤When I moved out, I used this product to fill some small holes. I filled the hole with the spatula after reading the instructions. Thick and easy to spread, no strong smells. I was enjoying myself and I felt accomplished. This project was on my To-Do List for a while. The first hole was filled and I moved on to the other holes. I used my finger to make the little holes disappear, until I read the package. I was horrified when I read the back and saw the cancer warning. Don't use your fingers to pick up the dirt. I washed my hands and tried not to think about the feelings in my left hand. I let my putty dry. I didn't want to inhale the stuff so I didn't sand. Maybe a bigger cancer warning for consumers who don't know better. 3 stars

👤The spackle is good. The mesh is strong. If you're covering up screw holes, you won't need it. The knife is working. Problems are 1. There is no way that spackle can be painted in 30 minutes. It takes at least 3 hours. 2. The sponge they give is worthless. You should get a real rubber or wooden sanding block and some real sandpaper. You won't be sanding anything down with what they provided.

👤I've never done dry-wall spackling before. The kit had everything I needed and the product looks great. I can't tell the difference between what I did and what a professional would do. It comes with enough Spackle for more than what anyone would need, which is good if you have areas that mesh is not necessary, applying second or third coats of spackle to get the right layers, or just other areas that need touching up. I would recommend this to anyone looking to do a small repair. If you're one of the lucky customers that gets an opened box with missing items, you're guaranteed to have the spatula included.

👤This is a great kit for beginners. My husband and I bought our first home in April and had to paint over the sellers' paint choices of mustard yellow, ketchup red, and "downtown" brown. The previous owners of the home had 3.5 million things nailed/screwed into the walls, so we needed to fix them up prior to painting. We went to town after I decided to go for this kit, as we are both in IT and absolute beginners. It was great! The spackle/primer reminded me of whipped frosting and was soft despite the fact that we had the kit open and closed for a week. We found a gaping hole near the floor, hidden behind an unused switch plate, that made us hover around it making "???" We were able to patch the noises with the mesh. You can't tell that there is a hole. I'm removing one star for one reason, but it's a big reason. The knife is included. The tub of primer is larger. This would not be a big deal except for the fact that you can't easily remove product from the knife when you're done with work since it's too large and it doesn't fit into the tub. The knife is too large to fit into the tub or the corners to get the product out. We had to dig it out with our fingers.


What is the best product for vinyl siding repair?

Vinyl siding repair products from Rh Products. In this article about vinyl siding repair you can see why people choose the product. Coconix and Gorilla are also good brands to look for when you are finding vinyl siding repair.

What are the best brands for vinyl siding repair?

Rh Products, Coconix and Gorilla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for vinyl siding repair. Find the detail in this article. Gaffer Power, Mendyl and Pelle Patch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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