Best Watch Repair Kit Pins

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1. Professional Removal Battery Replacement Carrying

Professional Removal Battery Replacement Carrying

The EFIXTK watch repair tool kit has everything you need for most watch repair jobs. The new EFIXTK metal watch band link removal tool kit comes with 6 extra replacement pins, perfect for resizing your watch band. The watch battery replacement tool kit includes a watch back opener, screwdriver, knife, and band pins. The operation manual has step by step photos to guide you through watch battery changes, watch band resizing, caseback opening, strap sizing, bracelet adjustments, gasket replacement and all other common watches tasks. A big black nylon carrying case is needed for convenient storage.

Brand: Efixtk

👤I joined watch gang and liked most of my watches, but the metal band ones were too big. I decided to take them in over the holidays. I ordered this because the watch shops were closed. I don't know how it works or what all the tools do. The mallet, watch holder and chisel piece are all I need. I adjusted the watch bands in 5 minutes.

👤I have experience with high quality machines and tools, but am not an expert on watch bands. The tools in it are good enough for you to get the job done, even though Swiss watchmakers would probably not like them. The quality of the tweezers was very good, they come to a very fine point. Unless you use the 8x5x 1.5 inch box that the kit comes in, you will need to find a container to hold all the tools. The hammer is 7 1/2 Inches long and fits in the box. I need a small tool box to hold my tools and bits.

👤The kit had everything I needed, but I found it difficult to remove pins with a pair of pliers, since the pin was mostly out of the band. There are no instructions. It would have been nice to know that the spring bar tool can be changed. The hole in the band needs to be aligned with the tool. I shortened three watch bands. It's very easy, just push out the pin slowly. The arrow that you will see inside the band will tell you which direction to push the pin out. The rubber tipped mallet can be used to get the pin back in. There are many good videos on the internet to help you with this. This kit is very good.

👤When I called for a watch band adjustment, there were links on each side of the clasp. I was surprised that $20 was the lowest I could find. I ordered the tool and my husband used it. He found it easy and fast, and we will have the tool and extra parts included for future adjustments.

👤Local jewelers couldn't or wouldn't do simple watchband adjustment. I invested in this kit after trying to remove pins from several watches. The job was done in minutes. I have invested in specialized tools for a while. The kit is very nice.

👤There is a great set of tools. It's amazing that you can get something for under 15 bucks. If you're trying to size watches with little screw drivers and paper clips... Stop! It is easy if you use the proper tools. It's a lot safer for your watch. The seller was very responsive and fixed my kit problem immediately. A+.

👤Excellent watch repair kit. This was a lot cheaper than going to the mall to change the bands. The pins are taken out by a small hammer. The back of the tweezers can be used to pull them out.

👤The watch band strap tool kit will save you time and money. This kit is for watch bands with pins and links.

2. Vastar Repair Opener Spring Carrying

Vastar Repair Opener Spring Carrying

A big black nylon carrying case is needed for convenient storage. The watch repair tool kit is high quality and professional. The kit includes a suit for opening watch backs, watchband adjustment, changing watch batteries, gasket, adjusting bands, and more. The Vastar multi-functional watch repair tool kit has all the tools you need. There are other top tools, such as a watch spring bar tool, anti-magnetic screwdrivers, and watch oil pen. The assembly tools are easy to use. A small, clean and functional watch repair tool kit can help you repair your watch yourself. It is easy to take care of the case, it improves your work efficiency. It is easy to take care of the case, it improves your work efficiency.

Brand: Vastar

👤The tool kit is small. I had a hard time opening the case, and the case back tool broke. I had to use a watch press to close the back. The metal it is made from is brittle. Adding an additional knife and plastic tweezers to the kit would be ideal. The rest of the tools work as advertised, but the spring bars are of poor quality. The supplied screwdriver is magnetic. Do not use it on an automatic watch movement.

👤I've never taken a watch apart or replaced my batteries. The first time I used it, it worked perfectly. The battery in my Invicta watch was replaced. The black block that holds the watch is not big enough for 52mm Invicta watches, but should service most watch sizes just fine. I was able to replace two batteries in my wife's watches as well. The price is reasonable because of the generous amount of items and supplies included. I am glad I bought it.

👤It is a must have. Its not the best quality. You aren't buying this to service a $50k watch. For us regular folk, a nice watch kit is a must. If needed, it's good for replacing bands, batteries, and quick cleaning. This kit can do a lot. I need to be done. Its small and easy to carry. I used to have bands on my Tudor and Panerai. An issue with my brothers watch was fixed. Just buy it. You will need it for the price. Glass removal tool is not included.

👤There was an update on February 24/2022. I have edited my review and removed a star because the company is offering me a gift card to change my rating to 5 stars. They admit that the kits sold by Amazon aren't good. I'm not supporting this behavior. It's costing me $40 to do it. Thank you for your reply. I cannot guarantee that our products have passed strict quality inspections when they were shipped to Amazon, but we still received feedback of poor quality, so we plan to recall this batches of goods, or I can send you a $40 Amazon gift card, which applies to this. What do you think? I will change it, and you will promise that the product won't break so easily. Several watches needed new batteries. The batteries were scattered all over the shipping envelope. This package was opened up. Everything is in a nice package. Remember how it looked when you opened it. To get one thing out you have to remove other things, then you have to leave them out, so you can put them back the way they came, or you can toss the whole thing into a box. I had to remove the band from the watch so I could get to the back. The little band removal tool is what I got out of. Put the watch in it, leveled the watch out, and began cranking the punch to get the pin out. The pin on the tool broke as it began to bend. The half pin was still in the band after I backed the screw out. I banged out the pin tool with the little hammer, which didn't break, after I got another pin tool out. The pin removal tool is only made to have a replacement pin, but there aren't any replacements in the kit. I have the band split and the back available to use with the over large humungo size thing that is supposed to line up with the little notch on the watch back. There's a box with different sized things in it. It was difficult to get all three pieces lined up because they wiggle when screwed in. The screwdriver is the best piece so far. The screws were removed from the back of one of the watches. The driver stuck to the bit after I touched the screw. Magnetic tools on watches is not a good thing, but just using it on the back isn't bad. I bought a screwdriver that came with a bunch of stuff.

3. 376pcs Watch Link Remover Kit

376pcs Watch Link Remover Kit

The strap pins with diameters of 1.5mm and 1.8mm are packed in a box, and the length is 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm each size 4 pieces, a total of 32, suitable for repairing various watches. The watch tool kit comes with 18 different sizes of watch pins, each of which is 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465 for all kinds of watches. The watch link removal,spring bar,hammer,watch pins are made of strong and rust-proof steel and are ideal for repairing watches. Function. This watch band removal tools are widely used in all kinds of watch band replace, watch bracelet repair and other watch repair project. The complete set comes with a metal watch bank link removal with 3 extra pins, a plastic watch holder, a spring bar tools with 4 extra tips, and a box with hundreds of watch pins. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or new exchage for free. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund or new exchage for free.

Brand: Eqfeast

👤After unwrapping the case, it worked well. They should make condoms because they got plastic that tight around the thing. There would be no accidental child. If you don't open the case carefully, you will have over 300 pins on the table and floor. They sweep up after you find a pin.

👤I bought this to save time and money on simple watch band adjustments. The kit is adequate for band repairs. I wouldn't classify the tool quality as professional. It's like a Harbor Freight tool set. The parts seem to be of good quality. The tools seem to work with any type of watch band. I'm happy with it for a few times a year.

👤I dropped my band pin down the drain and had to purchase these. There are a lot of pins in this set, so you can find one to fit your watch. You can fix everyone's watch in your neighborhood. It comes with a pry tool to help with the installation of the pins. If you need to hold the watch, there is a tiny hammer and other accessories. Good buy and good value.

👤I haven't used the pins yet. I will review the tools I have used. The case opener works well. I like it more than the 3 pin case opener. The link removal tool is not very good. It's a bit on the cheesy side and doesn't fit all watch links. The tips of the band removal tool fall out of the top. There is an update. I took a pair of pliers and fixed it. It does the job for what I paid for it. I used the pins again. It was a lifesaver. The pins that came with the watch were the same thickness. This product is recommended by me.

👤There was no decision to be made when faced with spending $5 on just four pins or $12 on the whole kit and caboodle. This will last me a long time. I have one concern, but not enough to lower the rating to four stars. There is no positive locking system in the case that holds the pins. I wouldn't trust them to hold the lid on even if it were empty, even if there was a feeble attempt at one on the sides. Getting the doggone tape off is the biggest challenge you will face. The manufacturer should tell them that there are little pieces of vertical tape on all four sides. I have to take the time to get it all off because it has the sticky stuff from the tape all the way around. Can you say goodbye? The tools in this kit are in the professional category. This kit is worth it all.

👤I was able to replace a pin on an Invicta watch in less than an hour, thanks to the fact that I had an ample supply of different size pins for future use. I would have had to pay a jeweler to fix the one watch band. I'm happy with my purchase.

4. Ritche Professional Stainless Spring Remover

Ritche Professional Stainless Spring Remover

You will get 4 spring bars per package. The spring bars here can only be used for watch bands that have the same width as the spring bars. The spring bars are slightly longer than the size given. The spring bars need to have a firm hold in the watch after the fitting of the watch bands. The material is STAINLESS STEEL. approx. 1.5mm The item is called the Spring Bar. Approx. There are pieces. Approx. There are pieces.

Brand: Ritche

👤The box says "Stainless Steel Spring Bar" but it has pictures of cotter pins. There were no spring bars that could be used for a wrist watch in my order. The tool was not included. I might have bought the wrong thing, but if you need to replace the spring bars in your watch, this isn't it.

👤I have to down grade my initial review. After replacing pins in various watch bands, I found that the band would break again after a few months and the pins were not holding up. At least 1/3 of the pin sizes have slightly bent inner pins, a defect that leads to breakage over time. The 21mm pin on most of my watches is bent, every single pin in the 21mm size is bent. All of them are bent just slightly. It could be the machine specifications which make the kit, or it could be the manufacturing batches which make it. I don't know. The notes in the original review still stand, and they show that doing simple things yourself is often better than paying someone else to do it. This is one of those excellent value packed purchases, for anyone who is a frugal or do-it-yourselfer. I can replace my own watch band springs in 5 minutes, instead of having to drive down to a jeweler and pay each time the price of a box of hundreds of springs. A very good purchase.

👤We have more bands than pins. I have plenty of any size needed and the little tool makes removal and installation much easier, I am old and shaky. I wasn't able to use it perfectly, but it was better than using my pocket knife. It will help my family for a long time.

👤For the price of a few link pens. Link pins can be used for every watch in your jewelry box. They are thin and not heavy duty. They gave me enough room for the strap to slide thrown. And held them well. When you open the box, put the box on the table. The link pens will fall out and go everywhere. What a mess!

👤I have replaced these pins several times in the last year. It might be okay for a while. The watch falls off when the pin is bent. Don't get these. Find something better.

👤I fixed the strap on two watches and paid for it, but I still have a lot of pins left. Great job with sizes, from women's to oversized. I have had a couple of pins slip out on larger watches. I was using a NATO style strap and the other pin was held. If I wore a regular bracelet/strap, my watch would be at the bottom of the lake. Be careful with these on your watches.

👤If you have a bunch of watches like I do, you should buy these. I bought them already and they saved me 50 bucks. I have not made a trip to a jewelry store since I bought these for spring pins.

5. EFIXTK Spring Removal Repair Stainless

EFIXTK Spring Removal Repair Stainless

The Watch Strap Replacement tool kit comes with a Spring Bar tool, 3 extra tips, 32 watch band pins, and an instruction manual. Warm tips don't include women's watch pin bars. High-quality materials include spring bars, watch hands, and other watch repair items, which are durable, can repair watches for a long time, and are widely used in various watch band replacement, watch bracelet repair and other watch repair items. The kit comes with a guide for beginners. Don't worry about how to use the tools. The spring bar removal tool is easy to remove or install. The end pins are replaceable. The needle tip has a cap on it. The strap pins with diameters of 1.5mm and 1.8mm are packed in a box, and the length is 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm each size 4 pieces, a total of 32, suitable for repairing various watches.

Brand: Efixtk

👤The two tools are worth more than the price. This is awesome because of the spring bars. I've always used an X-Acto knife to pry out the spring bars, but the forked tools included here are highly superior. Why did I wait until I was older to buy this product?

👤This is a good kit to replace watch spring bars. There are two different wedge tools, one with fixed ends and one with replaceable ends. It comes with different sizes of spring bars. I usually just buy a new watchband when I break spring bars, but having this will save me some money. The spring bars are in two little bags, 1.5mm and 1.8mm dia, but within each bag they're all mixed up with nothing to tell you the length of each one. It was difficult to find the two 22mm spring bars that I needed and I had to dump them all on my desk. I would have appreciated it if I'd just taped them to a piece of paper with some indication of the size on it.

👤This is one of the things we take for granted. Silicone causes bad skin irritation, which is why we use a service for "I've fallen and can't get up" We wanted to switch out the arm bands but the company could not tell us the size. I was able to determine the pin size with this kit. We have a lot of pins to make sure they fit. The pins that are sent with watch bands are poor quality and the ones in this kit are much better. The tools in the kit are especially helpful because you don't need a magnifying glass to see. Even if you can't see the pin under the band, the process is easy.

👤I bought the Spring Bar tool,Watch Band tool set, watch wrist bands strap removal repair kit and heavy duty 316stainless steel pins from nan Baiwan to replace the band on my old automatic analog watch. The tool head snapped off while I was replacing the first pin, the pin flew off and I had to take my parts to a local jeweler who did the job for free. I didn't expect much from this kit and I didn't get it.

👤This is an ideal choice if you are looking to replace a broken watchband pin, as opposed to just getting a new watchband. I think it's obvious since either way you have to attach the watchband to the watch and work with the pins. The kit includes 2 of every standard size pin, so no fiddling around trying to figure out which size you need, and the tools are easy to use. It's inexpensive and no instructions are necessary. There is a I now have 30 extra watchband pins, which should be enough for the rest of my life.

👤I haven't had the chance to see them yet, but I'm giving them five stars for the quality and the tools that came with them.

6. Mudder Pieces 6 23mm Cotter Assortment

Mudder Pieces 6 23mm Cotter Assortment

The band link cotter pins have cleaning cloth on them. There are 18 different sizes: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm. The pins are applied to the metal watch strap links.

Brand: Mudder

👤The product worked perfectly in my car. The cotter pins were pretty worn down. The size was perfect. I was disappointed with the packaging. The plastic box with the dividers are shown in the photo. The box does not fit in any shape or form. The tape lifted slightly as I was taking it from the edges, and most of the cotter pins got mixed up. I was able to get the size I needed after a lot of searching. This fails because packaging is part of the overall product. When taking off the structural tape from the box, no one should turn the box over unless they apply pressure to the top. To re-secure the lid, you need tape.

👤There is no warning as to which side is the top. I was wrong. Pick up. I ordered the glasses hinge screws from Amazon. The package is very similar, but the manufacturer sent a note and put a sticker on the bottom to warn against lifting the top. Advice made my day easier. I wouldn't have a mixed pack with many sizes of pins in each compartment if these watch pins had a sticker like that.

👤The product is labeled as spring bars, but it is actually cotter pins. I didn't open the plastic box but everything was in the shipping. I have read other complaints about this. I am not going to spend a lot of time sorting them. They go back. I thought they had corrected the errors. I guess not. You buy a Ford and it says Chevrolet. That's right. Don't waste your time on this product.

👤I do watch repair so I ordered these pins. I thought I would try them. The pins are not the correct diameter and slide out of the band. If the thickness is not right, they won't function correctly. Save money. Not worth it.

👤Not what we were expecting. Most of the content is for tiny watch bands. The diameter of those pins has left me scratching my head. They are too small for my watches.

👤Everything I needed was found in these band links. I don't write many reviews, but I was so happy these pins got my watch back together after the repair shop told me I needed proprietary pins. The 1.5mm pin diameter might not be wide enough for your watch. 1.5mm should fit most watches.

👤I don't need a size that is not here or that they rust badly. If you size a lot of watch bands, you need this. If you need one, these are easy to bend or break. If you make one customer happy by doing their watch band over lunch, it has more than paid for itself. I will update the review if they oxidize easily.

👤My dog pulled it off of the coffee table after I used the 2 pins I needed to use. Yes, onto the carpet. I still find a pin when I walk barefoot.

👤There is a good selection of pins. I would have liked a different color but nail varnish should cover the end. I have had to use an elastic band because I would not trust it to keep closed, it's not that great and you need to be careful to open the right way up. No personal user would ever need the number of pins here, it would be better to have fewer at a lower price.

7. MMOBIEL Remover Adjust Repair Watchmakers

MMOBIEL Remover Adjust Repair Watchmakers

There is a repair kit for watchmakers with 3 x extra pins, 1 x spring pusher and 1 x steel punch. The All-in-One Kit is high quality. The Pin Adjusting Repair Tool Kit is specially made to help you adjust your watch band. It's easy to add or remove links to your watch band. You don't need a technician to do it. It's compatible with almost all different sizes. The band can be used with different band thicknesses with the four replacement pins and the base. The Long Lasting Strong Watch Link Remover is high quality. There is a item in stock.

Brand: Mmobiel

👤I took a risk with this purchase and I visited a veteran in the watch repair business who could not remove the bands on an Invicta watch without fear of damaging them. I used it and both bands came off without difficulty. I figured out the basics with this tool, even though it did not come with an instruction manual. When using the blue screw mechanism to push out a pin, make sure you align the instrument to the band and then turn the blue handle in the direction of the watch band arrow - you should hear. Hopefully this will help.

👤My new watch needed to be adjusted. I was going to go to the jewelry store to get them fit for the band, but then I decided to look at the videos on the internet to see if there are any tried and true methods for doing it myself. If you screw up a pin, you'll have to buy a replacement part, and there are delays, replacement parts that are not quite right, etc. I just wanted to finish it. I found a video that looked like this one on the internet. I thought I would try it. I'm happy that I did. I used a hammer to gently tap the pins back in place after the unneeded links were out. It took me five minutes, but it saved me a trip. My watch is what I want. I can do it easily if I want to.

👤I was not sure about the price. I needed links removed to fit a new watch. I thought it would be a challenge, but it was very easy and quick. Since it didn't come with directions, a quick internet search brought up videos to fit my brand of watch. The pins were out with no force. Pay attention to the pins and put them in the correct position. Highly recommend this product.

👤I took off two more links on my teen's watch after getting this for him. It took him a while. It was easy and saved a trip to the repair shop. He had everything he needed, even though he used a tiny flat head screwdriver to loosen something on his watch. I don't know how long it will last because it is plastic. I was hesitant after reading some of the other reviews, but I decided to give it a try. It would cost less to get it repaired and paid for by a professional if it worked just once. It worked and I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The band on my watch was too small to fit on my wrist, and I was surprised. I looked at the band to figure out how to adjust it. Adding a link to the band was the only other alternative. I searched for a link, found one, and purchased it, so I was going to have a jeweler install it. I called several jewelers but they all declined to do the work. My only other option was to do it myself. I found this tool online and ordered it. I used it immediately and it did the job for me. It is not the best tool, but it is reasonably priced and does the job it is intended to do. I would recommend it to a friend. TY.

8. Vastar Repair Professional Spring Carrying

Vastar Repair Professional Spring Carrying

High quality compression spring, longer service life, ideal watch press for closing snap back type watch-cases. This high quality watch repair tool kit is suited for both professional and general use. It's perfect for opening watch backs, watchband adjustment, changing watch batteries, gasket, adjusting bands and more. The small, clean and functional watch repair tool kit helps you get your watch problem done at home instead of going to watch repair shops. It's perfect for watches, collectors, portable, convenient and very easy to use. It's a good idea to come with a black nylon carrying zip up case for the sake of convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere. It's a good idea to come with a black nylon carrying zip up case for the sake of convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere.

Brand: Vastar

👤The tools included in this item allowed me to do the job quickly and professionally. I will use this kit over and over again because I own a number of watches. I would buy again. The watch-back removal tool was not very well-made, so I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. It does work. The quality of this kit would not be adequate for a professional repairman. It was perfect for occasional use.

👤As described. Did the job. Well made and sturdy, but not super precise. The largest span for this tool was used to remove the screw back on my Seiko Titanium watch, which is 34mm apart. If the back is tightly screwed down, the holder for the watch helps. Getting the case back to thread properly is the hardest part of replacing the battery. It would ruin the case if you were to be patient. There is a sticker on the back of the watch that says to short the battery and the "AC" terminal after the battery is replaced. You may need a loupe to see the "AC" stamped near the terminal, it may also have an arrow pointing to it. The shorting can be done with a bent paperclip or the conductive tweezers. The watch's electronics need to be reset after the battery is removed. All clear? The watch should operate normally. Without the reset, the watch would stop after a few minutes.

👤I have worked in a high production factory as a robot technician. The little kit has everything. At least as far as I can tell. I worked on machines. It helped us replace the battery without going to the jewelers. The customer service is excellent. I have increased my rating from 3 to 4 stars. They will take good care of you.

👤I had a fossil watch that needed a battery change. The first two stores I went to wouldn't work on fossil watches, and the third was quite a drive. With the kit and some help, I could do it myself. The kit had everything I needed and will be useful in the future. It saves a lot of time by not having to drive around and wait for it to get done.

👤I was skeptical about the tools at first. They are made of plastic. The bag had a lot of extras. To have them. I bought this kit because the watch was not seal properly, and I took it to a shop. The movement of the watch was not bad but the crystal was foggy and I was lucky that my transpiration got inside of the watch. A short and sweet story. I didn't know anything about movements until I messed up my watch. My watch is not fancy or expensive and it is built to last. I was aware that I should have looked at videos on how to remove the crown, but I decided to open it. The bag has all the tools to open any watch, mini screw drivers to push or detach anything on the watch, and so on. I took it upon myself to fix or destroy the watch after I decided to take it to a real watch repair shop and get robbed. I was able to remove the movement, clean the inside of the crystal, change the battery, put the links back together, and run again before dinner. This kit saved me money, I was happy with the results, and I learned a lot. Next time, I'll do watch maintenance. The end.

9. Vastar Repair Watch Professional Carrying

Vastar Repair Watch Professional Carrying

Both tips can be replaced and thread smoothly into the handle. The complete 151pcs watch repair tool kit can be used for both professional and general use. The Vastar new case opener is very easy to use and is perfect for watches of all sizes. The watch repair tools help you get your watch problem done at home instead of going to watch repair shops. The high quality watch repair set is perfect for professional and beginner to do common tasks like opening watch backs, watchband adjustment, changing watch batteries, and more. It's a good idea to come with a black nylon carrying zip up case for the sake of convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere. It's a good idea to come with a black nylon carrying zip up case for the sake of convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere.

Brand: Vastar

👤Great value! I decided to buy the kit since the jewelers are charging more to change batteries for watches. The jig and back pry-off tool are the most useful pieces. I probably won't use everything. The work of the tools is good. This product is recommended by me. There is anHINT: Before opening the watch case, I'd look for a model specific battery replacement video. The battery holding mechanisms vary from brand to brand and their workings are not always obvious. I replaced watch batteries with no injuries.

👤I received my kit in record time. It was very easy to use. I was able to remove links from my watch easily, and make other adjustments, as you can see from the above photo. This worked well. This was a must have for someone who buys and collects. I am very happy.

👤What a great value. The kit comes with everything you need to change the batteries on your watches. Between the kit and the batteries, I spent less than $25. The cost of having 2 batteries replaced at my local jeweler is less. Great product and fast shipping. 5 stars for shure!

👤You can imagine how frustrating it can be when you want to replace a battery, but can't afford it. You can do it yourself with this product. If you buy the right type of battery, you can be a watch repair expert. It saves you a lot of money. It looks like everything will last a lifetime. If I had it done at the mall, I would have spent hundreds of dollars, but I was able to replace the batteries for a few watches and it was a fraction of that. It was worth every penny.

👤Everything you need to fix your watch. I'm happy with the quality and price of the kit. I used to sell/repair jewelry in the stores, but I have used lesser quality in the stores compared to this kit. The 3-prong watch care removal seems a little rough on the edges. I might have to use some sewing machine oil to loosen it. The wheels are made pretty well and do their job. It is made for small to large cases. I need something that is versatile because I have both small and large. The case was taken off of my Movado with ease. There are two tools for watches with popoff backs. There will be lots of extra springs for a long time. You may never use some of the tools because they will come in handy with me. It depends on your experience and what you need. The tool to take the screws off is great for using the watch band block. Adding both was a great job. The spring-assisted block to steady the watch is a great item to have. Comes with everything you need. Very happy with the money spent. The case is small and portable and can fit in your purse or glove compartment if you're on the go. Instructions are not a course for learning watch repair. If you are new to this area, please read the instructions and watch the videos before making your own repairs. I've seen many watches come in bad shape from do it yourself stores. If you have to return your watch, you will lose your warranty, so let the jeweler replace the battery. Each time a company works on a project, they will send in paperwork. I'm happy with this kit and don't see why I should buy anything else. I understand that they didn't waste money on including them and that each watch is different. The 3-prong tool should work with a little oil. I'm not worried about it. Hope this helps other people on a fence.

10. Repair Eventronic Professional Spring Carrying

Repair Eventronic Professional Spring Carrying

A screwdriver. The battery fixing screw is easy to remove. Different sizes of screwdrivers can be used to avoid damage to the watch. Most of the tools you need to repair your watch can be found at Eventronic. A watch case opener, watch band link removal tool, pin punch, hammer, pliers, spring bar removal tool, band holder, watch case holder, screwdriver, tweezers, and a watch case holder are all included. Eventronic watch tools are complete and easy to use, can meet the needs of adjusting the length of the strap, replacing the strap, opening the cover, replacing the watch battery, and gasket, and bringing you the fun of maintenance and saving your money. Eventronic watch tools are made of high quality STAINLESS steel which is not easy to break, hard and durable, but also rust-proof. Eventronic watch tools are a perfect gift for a friend with a watch, and the carrying case makes it more convenient for you to take without worrying about the loss of parts, and ensure that all the kits in are intact. Guidance has an excellent after-sales service team and product quality warranty. Eventronic watch tools comes with a tool instruction manual and a video about how to use it. If you still have trouble with watch maintenance, please contact them, they can give you professional guidance, so you don't have to worry about using your tools. Guidance has an excellent after-sales service team and product quality warranty. Eventronic watch tools comes with a tool instruction manual and a video about how to use it. If you still have trouble with watch maintenance, please contact them, they can give you professional guidance, so you don't have to worry about using your tools.

Brand: Eventronic

👤I used the kit to change out the batteries in 3 of my watches, and to add links and remove pins from the band. It was easy to do everything I needed. There are a lot of tools for watch maintenance. The watch back removal fit without issue. I put the appropriate tips on it. I was given plenty of leverage to loosen and tighten the watch backings. Tweezers are needed to remove the batteries. They helped take them out quickly. The kit and batteries are the same price as a visit to a jeweler. I no longer have to do that anymore and I can keep my own watches. I would recommend anyone looking to maintain their collection of time pieces to do so.

👤I wanted to stop having to pay to get my watch batteries replaced. The kit paid for itself within the first few days of owning it, so I wish I had purchased it sooner. Over the course of a year or so, 4 of my watches went down and needed new batteries. I used this kit to replace the batteries after I ordered this kit. There were four watches with screw-off backs and one with pry/pop-off back. The tools in this kit made it easy to complete those jobs. I would have had to pay between $8 and $12 per watch battery. I got this kit for just under $20 and got 5-packs of different sized batteries. This kit will save me money immediately, but it will also save me money in the future. I can't speak for all of the other tools in the kit, but I will use the back popper-offer tool, tweezers, and the back unscrewer tool a lot, and they work well. I like the watch-back-unscrewer wrench. I had used a 2-prong wrench, but it wasn't as easy to use as this 3-pronger. The wrench is easy to adjust and comes with sets of different types, which makes it great for my different watches. If you have more than one watch, I recommend buying this kit and saving yourself some money. You feel good about yourself and your watches when you do this basic maintenance yourself.

👤The good thing about this kit is that it has the right tools for the job, but they are useless. Even though you can get the bits on the watch back removal to grab well enough to turn the watch back, it slips off even though the size wheel goes all over the place. The tool used to pop the back of a watch was so thick that it was useless. It was too short to push the pin out far enough, so you had to use pliers to get it out. I only used it on two pins because it was bent. The thing that holds the watch in worked, but you have to have it screwed down to a work bench to get any Torque on it, so it became a two man job, one person to hold it and then I had to push down on the back opener to keep it from falling. The extra pins are nice, but I wouldn't use them for a decent watch if they were as bad as the rest of the kit. The quality of this kit is not as good as it could be. A real drag. I have a bunch of watches that need batteries and a friend, we were going to knock them all out and save some money, but this was an exercise in frustration and the bits were garbage. I only got two watches open that needed the back opened and zero that were pop off kind. The case was sturdy and nice, just the stuff you need isn't. Had to return it. Found a watch supply place online. I ordered the case from Esslinger. You get what you pay for with the one tool. My watches are running again and I feel like I accomplished something, even though it cost more than I originally planned. The silicone O-ring lubricant and the O rings are replaced as well. When you change the battery or clean the watch, you should do something.

11. Eventronic Repair Professional Spring Carrying

Eventronic Repair Professional Spring Carrying

Quality assurance, best customer after-sale service, and full support are available within 24 hours. Wide Applicability. The professional watch repair kit can be used for repairing and adjusting the watch, such as opening the back cover of the watch, replacing the clock battery, adjusting the strap, cleaning the inside of the watch, and maintaining the inside of the watch. High-quality professional tool kits-watch chain link disassembly kits are made of steel, sturdy and durable, and can be used for various functions such as disassembly and installation when repairing various watches, such as watch presses, which are specially designed. It's easy to store and carry. The watch repair kit has a small size, is easy to store and clean, and can be carried out anywhere. It is an ideal choice for professionals or families, as the brown cover at one end of the screwdriver can be opened and the inside is hollow to store the screwdriver bit. Two different repair methods can be used, and you can choose the one you like to use. Quality after-sales service. You can read the manual carefully. Purchase Eventronic products to get friendly customer service. They have detailed instructions. If you have a question, please email support@mokwheel. Net. Quality after-sales service. You can read the manual carefully. Purchase Eventronic products to get friendly customer service. They have detailed instructions. If you have a question, please email support@mokwheel. Net.

Brand: Eventronic

👤I think this product requires some training. I didn't know watch pins have screws in them. It is easy to use on a simple watch, but not as easy to use on a more complex watch. I give it five stars, but I have to give four because the product doesn't do the work for you. It's a good thing.

👤A good selection of tool. A good storage case. The price. A 1.5 inch pamphlet with small text is needed to read.

👤This is a basic kit that can be used to change a battery. The precision screwdriver only came with star and phillips bits. I use the slot the most when working with watches and it may be a mistake. The bits are in the handle.

👤I have not used the project yet, so I can't comment on it. On the manufacturer site, the merchandise is described. The material looks decent.

👤The quality of the metal spring bar pin was bent and broken, and it can't be replaced with a spare bit. The quality should have been better.

👤It's easy to close my wife's watches.

👤I loved the kit. He takes watches to a Jewler to have the batteries replaced and they are very expensive. He was able to replace the batteries in his watches. The kit paid for itself.

👤Some of them are a little rough.


What is the best product for watch repair kit pins?

Watch repair kit pins products from Efixtk. In this article about watch repair kit pins you can see why people choose the product. Vastar and Eqfeast are also good brands to look for when you are finding watch repair kit pins.

What are the best brands for watch repair kit pins?

Efixtk, Vastar and Eqfeast are some of the best brands that chosen by people for watch repair kit pins. Find the detail in this article. Ritche, Efixtk and Mudder are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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