Best Watch Repair Kit Tools

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1. Timegrapher Tester Watchmaker Multifunction Machine

Timegrapher Tester Watchmaker Multifunction Machine

The Weishi No. 1000 timegrapher is a mechanical watches tester. The live digits of rate, amplitude, beat error and Parameters are displayed on the screen. A timegrapher is a useful tool to determine how well your watches are running. It is a very useful tool for amateur watch makers and watch technicians. They offer a one year warranty and cutomer service. They offer a one year warranty and cutomer service.

Brand: Swansoft

👤I have 3 automatic watches, one from the mid 60's, that work well, although adjustments and cleanings are required when you own a real movement rather than an electronic one. The timing machine gives me the ability to change the beat rate of a self-winding watch. It tells me when I need to send it to a pro. I replaced a damaged watch and found the replacement lost time right out of the box. I connected it to the Timegrapher 1000 and found it to be poorly adjusted and that moving the internal setting to make it faster wouldn't have solved the issue. One of the things that YouTube won't tell you is that the "beat rate" is off by a bit, and that you can really screw up your time piece if you don't have the ability to adjust it. The tool to measure it is here. I got a better timepiece after returning the faulty one. I've changed my watches and been impressed with their new found accuracy. This is the tool that you need to add to your tinkering skills.

👤My watch was about 20 seconds slow every day. The average of the measurements was 20 seconds slow, and I slapped it on the timegrapher. I am very happy after making the adjustments. Don't scratch the crystal on the holder.

👤I bought this to check out one of my watches, and it seems to show the correct information. The microphone holder I received is branded by weishi, but you should be careful with it. The metal piece where the crown is placed is the only problem I saw. You could scratch the watch with the bare metal piece. My suggestion is to use electrical tape on that metal piece.

👤A device called Weishi No. 1000 is commonly available from a number of suppliers. The user manual is short. The sound from the watch can be picked up by the piezoelectric pickup/stand. I was expecting all of the features from reading reviews on the internet. I don't have a way to measure the accuracy of the timing source. The price was good and it was delivered a few days later.

👤It does work, but I thought the film on the display was cracked. The box was fine, no damage was done during shipping, just something cracked during assembly or packing and made it through quality control. I can't bring myself to give it fewer stars because it makes tuning your watches easy. It came damaged.

👤I was able to use the device with a quick glance at the manual. It is possible to check the timing of several watches in a few minutes. I was able to adjust to much better timing accuracy because the timing machine gave me easy to understand info about the watches I checked. It's worth it for an amateur or budget minded watch.

👤100% satisfied with the timegrapher. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Weishi branding on the unit. I was helped to remove the 1ms beat error on my favorite watch, but the tool slipped and bent the hairspring. The timegrapher is an essential tool in my education. The only complaint I have is with the driver of the delivery vehicle.

2. Watch Battery Replacement Remover Opener

Watch Battery Replacement Remover Opener

The Apple Watch Series 4 is compatible with standard glass. The case holder tool can be watched. The holder has a base and plastic pins. The bolts on the base can be adjusted according to the size of the watch. It is advisable to fit different size watches to minimize the risk of slipping and scratching. The back opener is a good one. The back case wrench has different tips that can be adjusted from 2 inches to 0.5 inches. The opener can be used to open and close the watch case. It is the best solution for watch case opening. If you want to avoid manual opening and protecting your hands, place the blade under the case back and pry it off. The knife and Pry meet the requirements. A screwdriver. The battery fixing screw is easy to remove. Different sizes of screwdrivers can be used to avoid damage to the watch. Tweezers recommend taking out the battery and fixing the troubles that are difficult to remove. Tweezers recommend taking out the battery and fixing the troubles that are difficult to remove.

Brand: Tofree

👤We fixed six watches with $10 and I had to give this a five. It's funny. My husband didn't believe it. The battery package was bought by us. The 6 watches were put back to work. When you go to the mall, they want you to pay between 15 and $19 for a battery in your watch. Spending money in the malls to buy batteries for our watches is over. We are telling our family and friends.

👤Ok, then. The watch repair kit has 8 tools that cost under $10 A little more than a tool. Do I think that the professional watch repair people would use this? No! If you want to replace a battery that costs less than $2, or you want to change out your band, then this kit is for you. I don't understand why people would buy such things for under $10 and then complain that they are not high quality. Absolutely they're not. I replaced the battery in 3 watches. It works well for that. 3 battery replacements would have cost $50. The batteries were cheap. Do the math. It's worth it.

👤Despite being rated "marine", I have a watch that gets a lot of water in it. I have a friend who is a jeweler who I usually end up giving my watch to a few times a year, because it fogs up so bad inside that I can't read it anymore. I knew it was a simple matter of opening the back up and letting the air out. I didn't have the tools. I got this in the mail and tested it out, and now I can get my watch back off. It's not necessary for me to bother my friend to dry it out. The tools are functional so they get at least four stars. If you were a jeweler, there are certainly better tools out there, and this is a good enough set for non- professional use occasionally.

👤I bought this setup to replace two bracelets. The screwdriver tip was not attached. The tip fell out when it was removed from the box. The other two couldn't remove the single screw from the bracelet. It's ridiculous. Don't waste your money. It was only 10 bucks. Lesson learned. Why does Amazon not allow this type of quality to be listed?

👤I had eight watches that were in a drawer. I now have one. I replaced the batteries for 7 watches in an hour. Why not 8? The last watch has a small metal belt that holds the battery in. The screwdrivers in this set were not thin enough to turn that small screw. I had a lot of trouble getting some of the backs on, and I think I may invest in another tool for that. The product works well for non- professionals. I'm not sure if this set would hold up if it had to be used daily, but for once or twice a year it should be good. The instructions are vague and not helpful, but videos can be found online to help you use the tools. The kit paid for itself in an hour. I had my watch batteries replaced a few years ago. The price was 14 per watch. I can't find anyone to change watch batteries unless I go to a jeweler. 5 stars for that reason alone.

3. Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional

Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional

There is a picture operation manual. A set of professional watch repair tools comes with a user manual. The detailed pictures help you understand the correct use method, help you solve the watch problem at home, and help you avoid the wrong operation to damage your watch. The watch repair tools in the kit are made of high quality materials and will last a long time. Every tool you will ever need for watch repairs is included. The watch press machine has 12 dies that can be used for 50/ 48mm, 46/ 44mm, 42/40mm, 38/36mm, 34/33mm, 32/31mm, 30/28mm, 26/24mm, 23/21mm, 20/18mm. Good for closing your watch case after a repair. The 406pcs kit comes with a box of steel spring bars that can be easily fit and removed. TheMuliti-Functional watch tools are perfect for very frequent tasks such as opening and closing watch, chging batteriesan, watch strap adjustment, changing watchbands, strap link pin removal and much more. If you are dissatisfied with an item or purchase, they will give you 30 days money-back or a new one. The package includes: a watch repair kit, a watch case closer, nylon dies, a strap link pin and a hammer. If you are dissatisfied with an item or purchase, they will give you 30 days money-back or a new one. The package includes: a watch repair kit, a watch case closer, nylon dies, a strap link pin and a hammer.

Brand: Stago

👤Product arrived quickly and appears to have been made well. Everything I needed for my watches.

👤My husband tried a new hobby and loved it. It was a good value and arrived on time.

👤I needed to change watch bands and replace watch batteries. Everything you will ever need is included in this kit. The tools are made of good quality materials and should last a long time if you are careful. If you like doing things on your own, I would highly recommend this kit. Not pay for someone else to do the same job. The kit will pay for itself over time.

👤I didn't receive any instruction papers with my kit. I have used the watch press and it works. I don't have any instructions on how to use the other tools. It would be great if you would send instructions to me. Thank you. The person is Hans Koenigsmark.

👤This tool kit is great for replacing batteries.

👤Most of the parts you will need are in this kit. I will not show you all the pieces in the description. The parts are made from high quality materials. There is no description of the tools. I like fixing things myself and saving the repair money to myself because I am familiar with them. If you enjoy fixing your watch yourself, this tool set is great. It will pay you back in the long run.

👤The kit was disorganized when it arrived. One of the flat heads was missing. The flat heads screw drivers have a pin on the side which holds the piece to keep it attached. The piece for the two flat heads does not tighten, so it falls off freely, making it difficult to remove the backs of the watches. The bag used to hold the pieces is not large enough to hold the items. I expect to deal with more issues just because of the presentation of the product.

👤I bought this thinking it was an upgrade from the standard kits here. It is not. Two boxes of cheap tools in one container with a few extra pins. The back removal tool is one of the important pieces. Cheap, flimsy and poorly constructed. The pins are not hardened so they round off easily. The tool was useless. The cheap multi-purpose back removal tool is included in the set and works very well. I was able to replace the batteries of 4 different watches and was very happy that I had both the tools and the press. The best way to describe this set is to say it would be right at Harbor Freight. Not a long term high quality purchase, but fine for limited use.

4. Repairing Watches Including Carrying Stalwart

Repairing Watches Including Carrying Stalwart

This high quality repair set has everything you need for watchband adjustments, changing watch batteries, gasket, opening watch backs and more. It's great for people who are interested in watches, collectors, or professionals. The black nylon carry case helps keep the tools and parts organized. This set is small enough to take with you for mobile jobs and helps you complete all your watch repair needs at home. You can trust the quality of the tools and parts in this set. You can rest assured that you have the tools to get the job done if you use the screw back case opener, tweezers, anti-magnetic screwdrivers, link remover tool or spring bar tool. The kit includes a case opener, carrying case, spring bar tool, link removal, watch case holder, watch mini container, and watch back pry opener. There are two spring bar tool spare tips and three link removal spare pins. The pin was punched in at.09mm and 1.0mm. The anti-magnetic screwdrivers are 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 18- case opener pins and108 watch strap spring pins. The kit includes a case opener, carrying case, spring bar tool, link removal, watch case holder, watch mini container, and watch back pry opener. There are two spring bar tool spare tips and three link removal spare pins. The pin was punched in at.09mm and 1.0mm. The anti-magnetic screwdrivers are 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 18- case opener pins and108 watch strap spring pins.

Brand: Stalwart

👤This is a poor set. I know you pay for what you get. I had a similar set before. The tools were damaged when they were delivered. The tip of the band/link removal device broke off when I used it. The edge of the tweezers is not sharp. The lever went under when I tried to change it to pop a battery out. The lever pops back to its bent position when I put the new battery in. I scratched a brand new luxury watch back because the back opener was too thick. I filed it to make it work better. The blue link remover has jagged plastic edges. I taped the surface so that my watches don't get scratched when I take out the link. I had an older link removal that I got from eBay, but it did not have the same edges as the newer one. I am embarrassed that anyone in my company overlooked the shoddy quality of this set.

👤I received a watch for Christmas and ordered this to change the band. The Link was missing a screw that held the tip onto the device. I applied pressure to get the Band off the tip. There's about 120 links included in the number that's described, but it's only about 144 pieces. I wouldn't trust them to hold my band to my watch, so that decreases the usable parts. If you're going to buy this product, I would recommend going with something a little more expensive.

👤Some of the tools can be used for money. The screwdrivers are cheap. The tool tips are held tight by screws that are hard to loosen. The little screwdrivers are spinning.

👤I have all the equipment I need. A few pieces are poorly made. All and all good.

👤It does the trick. The wrench for the back of my watches is too small.

👤Really nice size.

👤El plazo de Entrega se cumpli dentro de lo previsto.

👤Amigos, para reparaciones bsicas en casa, el maletn evita, se pierdan piezas del propio set.

👤Son funcionales, aunque la calidad no es tan.

👤excelente servicio, lo ofrecido corresponde.

5. Battery Replacement Remover Adjustable Opener

Battery Replacement Remover Adjustable Opener

The tool includes a watch case holder with plastic pins, a watch back opener, a knife, a screwdriver, a tweezers, glasses cloth, and a storage bag. The four pins attached to the watch case holder are made of plastic and can reduce the risk of slipping and scratching the watch case. The watch back opener is adjusted. The watch battery replacement tool kit can be used to tighten the rotating waterproof watch back cover. The range is from 15 to 56mm. The professional back cover removal tool has two different shapes of knives, which are suitable for removing the back cover. Remove the blade from the case and open it. It's easier to open the case. The battery fixing screws can be easily removed with six different screwdriver ports. It's easy to find the screwdriver you need. They offer service support for a year. If you have any questions, please contact them. Your questions will be answered quickly.

Brand: Efixtk

👤The tool used to take the back off of watches is flimsy and broke when used.

👤I tried to work on three watches after receiving the tool kit. I failed to open the two watches with small flat head screwdrivers because of the snap-on backs. The 377 battery was removed and replaced with the help of the included tweezers. The screw on the back of the 200M diver watch was not removed. The tool adjusts to fit the grooves. The tool was not rigid enough to break the seal on the back plate. The mountings buckled and allowed the standoffs to tilt. The metal pin pushing tool was strong enough to remove cuff links. The wrench tool failed before the mounting strength became an issue. The carrying pouch has all the tools in it. I was able to do a few things, including two snap-on back removals, two battery changes, and one watch face glass removal. I failed to open the screw on the back of the diver watch. The blade tool was the most useful of the tools.

👤Within 15 minutes, I had 4 watches open and the batteries out, after I received the kit. The bands were easy to take apart with the miniature screwdriver. The back removal tool worked well and the vice did the same. I used to own two Fossil watches. The bag is small and convenient to carry everything. Solid construction for a good price. You can't go wrong.

👤The thin wedge tipped tool is the most useful part of the kit. The tweezers help. The parts that hold the watch in place do what they are supposed to. The tool to close the snap backs is not included. I had to buy a different tool to do that. One can't use the side of a wrench and press down with delicate watches. If this kit had a screw based hand held compress with flat surfaced prongs facing each other, it would be a kit that would help to service all kinds of watches.

👤The batteries in most watches need to be replaced. The battery can be replaced with the back bezel press. Average 2.50? There were no trips to expensive replacements. There are 3 types of watch backs. It's easy to remove the tiny screws. Attach the notch to the bezel. Pursuant to the included tool, the prongs are spreadable for the notch. pry off is the most popular. The blade tool is usually in the 1 o'clock position. The press must be pressed back on with care. Make sure the stem is protected from crushing by using the small notch over it. The die in the press will make sure there is no broken crystal. 7 watches ran in under 30 minutes.

👤It's not the best watch repair tool kit you can buy, but it's one of the best value for money. I use it to replace 7 watch batteries, which are charged by our local jewelers at $15 per battery. There are many videos on the internet showing you how to do it.

6. Watch Band Tool Kit Replacement

Watch Band Tool Kit Replacement

The package contains: a band link removal, a head hammer, a glasses cloth, and 20 pins. What will you get? There are 3 extra pins and 18 sizes of watch band pins in the kit. The kit is perfect for removing and repairing watch band links. The watch link removal,spring bar,hammer,watch pins are made of rust- resistant steel,strong and durable for a long use to repair watches, and are widely used in all kinds of watch band replace, watch bracelet repair and other watch repair project. The watch repair kit comes with a printed user manual that can help beginners to use it. The Pin Remover Repair tool is a simple tool that can be used to replace a 30mm wide watch band. Help you solve your watch problem at home and you will save time and money. Replacement for a faulty item service. Replacement for a faulty item service.

Brand: Byniiur

👤The kit is a great value. It has the necessary tools to remove the link pins. The watch band block, holder, hammer, and spring pin tool are useful. Slow and steady is what gets it done when using the pin vise or punches to remove bracelet push pins. The business end of the tool will bend if too much force is applied to the push pin. After a few cycles, the tips will break. The kit comes with punches and vise tips, so you should be good for resizings. I haven't tried it yet, but a shot of WD-40 to the spring pins and allowing some soak time may alleviate the bend / break problem. I paid $10 for the set. I looked at other kits and could've spent a lot more to get the same quality. A solid value.

👤I am surprised at how nice the case is. The instructions have illustrations that show how to use the tools. I was only looking for a tiny screwdriver, but this set had good reviews and was hardly any more than a screwdriver. The jig to remove pins from watchbands is well designed. I recommend this kit to anyone who needs tools for watches, watchbands, or any other tiny applications.

👤I lost my watch and wanted to replace it as soon as possible. I ordered one from a local merchant, but it was only available online. I could get the band sized at my local store once I received it. The Covid-19 issue came along. My local store is closed and the nearby mall has a watch repair kiosk. I looked online for a way to re-size a watch band, but I couldn't use the cheapo method of using a paper clip. They showed how to use the tools that were specific to this purpose. 30 minutes after I received the kit on Amazon, I had a perfectly fitted new watch, less time than I would have spent at the store. It only took as long as it took because I had some trouble lining the band up in the little device that pushes the pin out. If you are working with a smaller watch, it's not right to push the "pusher" through. If you raise the platform too much, it blocks the movement of the pushing piece. I was able to get around the problem by standing the gizmo on the end so that the side of the band could rest on the back of the tool. Without something to rest it on, I couldn't hold it steady. This problem wouldn't be presented by a larger mens watch. I'm very pleased with the product and everything went well once I got the hang of it. The process can be completed without any damage to the watch, which was very important to me. It's really nifty how it does the job, just like shown in the UTube videos. You don't need anything more than this kit, which is more expensive. It is worth having because of the price, fast delivery, and easy result. It will save me time and money in the future. Definitely recommend.

7. Professional Removal Battery Replacement Carrying

Professional Removal Battery Replacement Carrying

The EFIXTK watch repair tool kit has everything you need for most watch repair jobs. The new EFIXTK metal watch band link removal tool kit comes with 6 extra replacement pins, perfect for resizing your watch band. The watch battery replacement tool kit includes a watch back opener, screwdriver, knife, and band pins. The operation manual has step by step photos to guide you through watch battery changes, watch band resizing, caseback opening, strap sizing, bracelet adjustments, gasket replacement and all other common watches tasks. A big black nylon carrying case is needed for convenient storage.

Brand: Efixtk

👤I joined watch gang and liked most of my watches, but the metal band ones were too big. I decided to take them in over the holidays. I ordered this because the watch shops were closed. I don't know how it works or what all the tools do. The mallet, watch holder and chisel piece are all I need. I adjusted the watch bands in 5 minutes.

👤I have experience with high quality machines and tools, but am not an expert on watch bands. The tools in it are good enough for you to get the job done, even though Swiss watchmakers would probably not like them. The quality of the tweezers was very good, they come to a very fine point. Unless you use the 8x5x 1.5 inch box that the kit comes in, you will need to find a container to hold all the tools. The hammer is 7 1/2 Inches long and fits in the box. I need a small tool box to hold my tools and bits.

👤The kit had everything I needed, but I found it difficult to remove pins with a pair of pliers, since the pin was mostly out of the band. There are no instructions. It would have been nice to know that the spring bar tool can be changed. The hole in the band needs to be aligned with the tool. I shortened three watch bands. It's very easy, just push out the pin slowly. The arrow that you will see inside the band will tell you which direction to push the pin out. The rubber tipped mallet can be used to get the pin back in. There are many good videos on the internet to help you with this. This kit is very good.

👤When I called for a watch band adjustment, there were links on each side of the clasp. I was surprised that $20 was the lowest I could find. I ordered the tool and my husband used it. He found it easy and fast, and we will have the tool and extra parts included for future adjustments.

👤Local jewelers couldn't or wouldn't do simple watchband adjustment. I invested in this kit after trying to remove pins from several watches. The job was done in minutes. I have invested in specialized tools for a while. The kit is very nice.

👤There is a great set of tools. It's amazing that you can get something for under 15 bucks. If you're trying to size watches with little screw drivers and paper clips... Stop! It is easy if you use the proper tools. It's a lot safer for your watch. The seller was very responsive and fixed my kit problem immediately. A+.

👤Excellent watch repair kit. This was a lot cheaper than going to the mall to change the bands. The pins are taken out by a small hammer. The back of the tweezers can be used to pull them out.

👤The watch band strap tool kit will save you time and money. This kit is for watch bands with pins and links.

8. Eland Adjustable Rectangle Opener Remover

Eland Adjustable Rectangle Opener Remover

The watch battery replacement tool kit comes with a color-coded instruction manual to show you the repair process visually. The brown nylon organizing system makes it easy to carry and store your watch repair tools. A good tool is a great gift. They provide free returns and replies to emails. If you have any questions, please contact them. Join the hands-on ranks now and experience your better experience. The watch case opener is made of plastic and is Brand New. It is the best solution for watch case opening. It is easy to adjust the jaw distance for different size watches. The tool is easy to use, just roll the adjustment wheel to set the bit spacing. The opener has a long-last working time. It is water resistant and will not get damaged. 70mm*28mm * 11mm (L * W * H) is the compact size. It's easy to take. The set is perfect for watch repairs. It's ideal for opening waterproof watch cases, batteries and watch repairs. Great idea. The set is perfect for watch repairs. It's ideal for opening waterproof watch cases, batteries and watch repairs. Great idea.

Brand: Eland

👤The product was not what was pictured. The flat surface shown in the listing pictures is not nice for the black tools to grasp the watch back. The cylinders are thin. The flat tool head does not hold the watch back as well as the round little tips do. There is an update. The product listing pictures seem to match what I received. The product pictures are at least accurate now that my 1 star review stands because what I ordered did not match what I received.

👤I thought the round pins of the tool inserted into the watch back plate's rectangular slots would work as the back plate is light and not Torqued on. I adjusted the tool and tried again and again, but the pins always jumped out of the slots. I am returning the tool because it is poorly designed and more of a piece of garbage.

👤This tool is perfect for an average Joe who just wants to change a watch battery. I had the back off my watch in ten seconds. It could not be simpler to use. The tool only works on water-resistant watches that have small grab cutouts around the perimeter of the case back. If that is what you have, don't worry about "analysis paralysis". Just buy it. You will make money back in one use.

👤The pins that come in contact with the watch can damage it. It was a dice roll to see if an amateur would succeed. It was a small price to pay. A really fine watch should be done by a pro.

👤It is easy to use and adjust. A practical item for anyone with a screw-backed watch case. Fast shipping and a reasonable price.

👤I was able to replace the battery in my watch after a bit of time.

👤The adjustment wheel does not have a lock and it requires a lot of readjusting. The product was good for the price.

👤It's easy to use. Had a watch batt. In 5 minutes, out and back in.

9. Watch Repair Professional Spring Carrying

Watch Repair Professional Spring Carrying

Sturdy and durable are qualities of high quality material. This tool kit can be used for both professional and general use. It's perfect for watches and collectors. It's easy to use and durable. Small, clean, and functional is what portable is. It's easy to take care of them and get the job done if you have a black nylon carrying zip up case. The 147PCS Watch Tools are ideal for opening watch backs, watchband adjustment, changing watch batteries, gasket, adjusting bands, and more. Quality assurance, best customer after-sale service, and full support are available within 24 hours.

Brand: Bobo Bird

👤It's hard to beat this kit because it's based on how much you spend on it. The majority of the items you get are spring bar replacements, but you still get decent little tools that are needed for average watch needs. There are many spring bar removal tools used for removing watch bands, small screwdrivers for some style bracelets, plastic tiled hammer, and many others. Some of the parts are plastic, but they were functional and got the job done. If you are looking for a kit that has everything you need for minor adjustments at an affordable price, this is it. When I bought it, it was about $13.

👤My kids were given a set of Invicta watches as a gift, and I got this kit to change the bands on them. The kit has a nice nylon case, and you can't beat the amount of tools in it. Most of the pins are replacements for the band to the watch case. It would say it's a 14 tool kit. It had everything I needed to complete the job. I don't think I'll need another tool for watch repair for the rest of my life.

👤The screw drivers have a tendency to misplace their screwdriver bits. They failed to hold bits securely despite having tightened the set screw. I replaced the watch battery with the use of the kit. There are lots of tools for different applications. I'm sure to use the tools. The price was good for the tools.

👤No me sirvio para mis relojes de mas de 47mm pues la herramienta, pero la verdad tengo problems. De resto, para los to mas pequeos. I falto con su pin de abrirlo.

👤The value for the money should be like 6 star, especially for the price point, because of the battery replacement freedom.

👤It took a minute with my Dremel tool to open it, but it was worth the money.

👤This was used to remove a screw from a wristwatch. It worked out fine. The same kit is offered elsewhere.

👤The kit has everything you need to open the back of the watch. It has a wrench that can be used to remove the one's with that type of back.

10. Honbay Double Spring Removal Product

Honbay Double Spring Removal Product

The portable Oxford bag has all the repair tools built into it, making it easy to carry or store at home. You can use various tools to repair clock, jeweler, pocket watch, automatic watch or mechanical watch. This is the best watch repair kit for your friends, lover, and also the best Christmas day gift for your watch lover dad. The size is about 8 cm. High precision alloy steel is the material. 3PCS spring bar tools are included in the package. It's perfect for removing and attaching spring bars. Could be used for jewelry making. Could be used for jewelry making.

Brand: Honbay

👤I've used this tool four times, removing bands from watches. I've used the same tool of the three that I received, and it has not bent or broken. I wondered if they were different sizes when ordering. They all look the same, just a three-pack. They are great for the price. I'm careful with my tools and watches. I'm not using Greyskull to change bands. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The tools are not of good quality. One of them broke. The other two were too large to fit into the hole and the other one bent. These are only used for one purpose.

👤The Spring Bar side is fine but the straight part is terrible. I tried to fix a metal strap. If you only want to use the spring bar side to replace a leather strap, you should be fine.

👤The quality is good. The tool doesn't work on my watches. The forks are too small.

👤I tried to change the wristband on my Timex Ironman watch. Timex was no help at all. Finally took it to a jewelry store who was able to exchange it for a new wristband.

👤The amount of money put into this junk is meaningless. They are a one time use kind of thing and they broke first try on all of them. They are too big to be removed.

👤It's difficult to use and requires two people to work. It is better to recommend a tool that is more expensive. At a low cost, it works as advertised.

👤Solid construction. It is a three pack. It was used multiple times and held up well.

11. Replacement Professional Adjustable Screwdrivers UUBAAR

Replacement Professional Adjustable Screwdrivers UUBAAR

Their watch battery replacement tool kit has a watch back opener, watch holder, pry, flat screwdriver, precision tweezer, and cleaning cloth. Their watch back removal tool are made of steel and hard plastic and are perfect for watch repair and watch battery replacement. The watch case repair holder has 4 plastic pins and one rotating screw that can fit different size watch cases, it has a watch back opener that is great for opening waterproof cases, and it has an easy to use tool. 2 styles watch case pry knife make opening cases easier by simply placing the blade under the case back and pry it off, 3 flat screwdriver can be used for removing small screws, and 1 precision tweezer is useful to remove small, intricate pieces. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Their team is dedicated to providing good products and excellent service. If you have a problem with their products, contact them and they will be happy to solve it. You must add to the cart.

Brand: Uubaar

👤There were no complaints. The kit had no instructions. If you don't have an intuitive sense of tools, you can search for a watch battery changing video. The quality of the tools is excellent and the price is excellent. I will be changing my watch batteries for less than what a jewelry store charges and it will take less than a day.

👤I had a few watches that I wanted to open to change the batteries, but one of the tools broke when I tried to open the second one. The set is not good.

👤I bought a watch repair kit from a well-known company because I didn't want to pay for batteries to be changed out or bracelets to be sized and I had a large collection of watches. I found out it didn't have everything I needed to do all the jobs. I found a lot of kits on Amazon that had more tools but also had big price differences and pieces included. The back cases on watches are screwed on using small screws. The kit shows a press to replace cases, but it is not part of the kit. It has a good assortment of back case pliers to remove that kind, it has a wrench to remove screwed down back cases and a block to hold the watch in place while working on it. There are mini screw drivers that can be used to remove screws on back cases. It has pluses and minus. The back case press should be taken out of the picture.

👤I tried a lot of different ways to change the battery in the pocket watch. I scratched the back using precision screw drivers. The set made it easy to open the watch. The battery was replaced in ten minutes. The back was snapped on using pliers and a heavy cloth. The set is worth it.

👤I knew it was cheap, but I was going to get the old watches back in my junk drawer. Not. The first screw had a red screwdriver on it. First! There is a A screw on a watch. Teeny. The prob was measured in 1/32in lbs. It's just ridiculous. I replaced the battery using my tools and put the others in the junk drawer. It was a good idea.

👤These tools can be assembled into a kit for this price. These are not high quality watchmaker tools, but they are useful and functional, and are perfect for the occasional hobbiest who just wants to screw up a few cheap watches to learn why you should always take watches to a competent watchmater. It is difficult to call these tools professional tools.

👤The plate needed for pop in watch backs is included in this kit. This piece is the only one they cover for other mainstream watch backs. Most affordable watches have pop-in pop-out watch backs. It's a simple part, but you can't use any flat surfaced item to help. You need a watch that is designed for the average person.


What is the best product for watch repair kit tools?

Watch repair kit tools products from Swansoft. In this article about watch repair kit tools you can see why people choose the product. Tofree and Stago are also good brands to look for when you are finding watch repair kit tools.

What are the best brands for watch repair kit tools?

Swansoft, Tofree and Stago are some of the best brands that chosen by people for watch repair kit tools. Find the detail in this article. Stalwart, Efixtk and Byniiur are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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