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1. Rain X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Rain X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Don't take their word for it, if you are not 100% satisfied, they will give you a full refund. They are professionals. They're enthusiasts! They have spent years developing their professional automotive detailing products. They use them. Their friends use them. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their products. Send them a message. It takes only minutes to use. Repairs all laminated windshields. Decreases the appearance of chips and cracks. When a crack is looked at 45 degree angle, it is difficult to get a good look at it. The formula is advanced. Good for multiple repairs. The flash point was 93.0 degrees. The flash point was 93.0 degrees.

Brand: Rain-x

👤Product worked well. It is important that you set reasonable expectations. You may be disappointed if you think that it's going to look like nothing happened to your car. The goal is to prevent the damage from spreading and to touch up the appearance of the glass. You can't see the impact of the rock from the outside of my car. You can only see a crack if you're looking for it. This product is similar to touch up paint. It looks like repair is clear. If you follow the instructions, have patience, and don't get cockeyed, it works just fine. If you're like me, you've never done this repair before. You'll come out of the whole process satisfied with the results if you're realistic in your approach.

👤My parents' minivan had a crack on it that grew longer and longer until it covered the whole window. I jumped into action when a pebble slammed into my car. I decided on this product because it seemed to have the best balance of price and efficacy. It is at least 1/3 the price of getting it down at an autoshop, and works perfectly. I did 75% of the instructions wrong. This product is 10/10 recommended by me. There is a warning You may have made the same errors as me. The curing strips will be covered in lint if you put them in your pocket. Before you start the treatment process, you need to remove the pressure driver from the chamber. The final steps of the procedure need sunlight to solidify the resin, so do not do it at night. If you leave the curing strip on overnight, you will wake up to a piece of plastic on your car. There is a rectangular area on my windshield that is impervious to cracks.

👤I live in Montana where you get various chips on your car as a way of life. I can get up to 8 or 9 chips on my car in 2 years. I have a rock in my car. This fills them in and makes them so they are not noticed. The first part of the repair should be done in the shade and then move to the sunlight. The kit doesn't have a pushpin to remove some of the crushed glass. It has extra resin to do more than one chip.

👤I used this to repair my van. I have used Permatex before and thought it would be the same. The repair only filled the pit and not the cracks, so the pit is still visible even though I used a heat gun. If you buy the kit from a manufacturer that uses a vacuum to create negative air pressure in the area of the pit and then a plunger to force the resin into the cracks, you will be better off.

👤The kit is easy to use. I'm really impressed with the results and ease of use for the first time. I was not sure how this would go down. The kit supplied with the package makes the process of working with ypresin easy. The instructions are difficult to understand but you can break them down to the following steps. The cure strip is a fresnel lens that maximizes UV light exposure. Remove the curing sheet and use the blade to remove the glass.

2. Rain X 5071268 Glass Cleaner Repellant

Rain X 5071268 Glass Cleaner Repellant

It's quick and easy to use, just spray on and wipe away. Cleans automotive glass. Repels rain by causing water to roll away. It helps remove sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray from glass. It helps remove sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray from glass.

Brand: Gumout

👤It's horrible. Left spots all over my windows that wouldn't come off. I used it as directed, and it still left them everywhere. I went through a car wash and it didn't do anything. I researched how to remove them. There are two glass cleaners that didn't touch them. I read that a scrubber takes them off. For the most part, it did. I had to work for 45 minutes. Absolutely horrible. I went to get a refund and it said the items weren't eligible for one. I was given a refund and a complaint against this item.

👤I've used RainX for a long time. I bought this bottle to replace my old one. It doesn't work. I know how to clean the window. I've been doing it for 30 years. I washed the car and Windex'd the windows before using this product. There was no resemblance to the old formula. The rain fell on the glass for about 10 seconds before I needed to use the wipers. There was no way to tell if RainX was used. Many other former RainX users have switched to Aquapel.

👤I used RainX on my car a decade ago. You'd wash your car, spray on RainX and rub it on it. It worked out well. The rain would bead up and fall on the car. I didn't need to use my wipers for a light rain. This is not the same thing. I used two coats of this on my car. I am going to have to scrub the streaks off. The water is not getting wet and the rubbing noise is not bad. So disappointed. What happened to the old formula?

👤I've been using this product on windows for several weeks. It cleans very well and if it's buffed out, it's really good. It leaves a clean looking glass. It also seems to apply a very thin coating of something, which will fog-up, look streaked, etc... over time. We've never tried a glass-cleaning product that works as well as a mix of alcohol and vinegar.

👤The bottle leaks out more solution under the handle than it does on the window. I waited 1 hour or more before testing my window with clean water after I cleaned it and applied the solution as directed. There were a few beads of water, but they were mostly the same as before. I applied it again but it wasn't much better. Amazon refused to give me a refund or take the product back, just a few days after I received it. If I could, I would give Amazon customer service a 0 star rating.

👤I've used Rain-X for a long time. It works great even though it is not as easy to remove as a glass cleaner. Rain-X has always had some work to do. A lot of rubbing is needed to leave the glass streak-free. There's nothing better when done right. I don't have to worry about the weather since it lasts a long time regardless of how much rain. I used pressurized can spray before. This spray has a better value and is easier to use.

3. Rain X Windshield Repair Cracks Bullls Eyes

Rain X Windshield Repair Cracks Bullls Eyes

It fills the voids and irregularities. It is easy to use. Repairs all laminated windshields. Decreases the appearance of chips and cracks. The formula is advanced. The formula is advanced.

Brand: Rain-x

👤Totally impressed! I told my husband that he was wasting money. I thought there was no way I could fix the crack in my car. My husband decided to try it since we were going to have to replace the windshield. I can't believe the product worked. I could barely see the damage because it filled in the crack so well. There was a very long, very obvious crack and I now see a very thin line that looks like a scratch in the glass. I would definitely buy this product. Follow the directions to get the best results.

👤I bought a used van that was caught behind a gravel truck. The paint on the car shows small chips. I was worried about one of the chips, but it was small. I bought this kit to keep it from cracking. I noticed a dozen or so tiny little chips that were barely visible, but still present, as I prepared to make the repair. I was inspired by the videos on YouTube. I used a dry-erase marker to circle the marks from the outside and inside so I could clean the glass on the outside. The device was set over the largest chip. It does take some trial and error, so an extra help would be helpful. Taking instructions literally was my first mistake. Depending on the size of the chip, it says to use 3 to 6 drops. I should have put the tip deep into the center and squeezed it 4 times. I held it above the opening to see the drops. The liquid never reached the bottom. It was collected by the threads. I covered the tiny marks with the curing strips because I realized they could be treated as cracks, and I put a small amount of a liquid on each of them. When I removed the device, I realized I had made a mistake and decided to put a drop in the chip and cover it with a strip. After the full sun set, I began to remove the strips and remove the excess resin from each flaw. When the razor was held to the surface, the excess was easily shaved off. I checked from the inside, where they were marked. The largest one was gone from view. I can only find a few tiny spots after I cleaned both the inside and outside. I am not sure if this product would strengthen the glass enough to prevent further damage if I had a serious chip or crack. For my needs and budget, it worked, but for a serious chip or crack, I think I'd be better off having it repaired professionally. I only gave it 3 stars because it didn't feel like my experience was a valid test for most users and my application issue.

👤I had a chip and small crack. The line of sight is over the steering wheel. A dark blemish. I am happy with the results that I purchased. I think at least 90% improvement is possible. I read the instructions again and went to work. After applying it in the shade, added more resin, and reapplied pressure, you should be able to breathe. After waiting a few more minutes, I took the apparatus off, dropped some more resin on it, and applied the curing strip. The vehicle was moved into the sun. Waited til it was dry and then removed the strip. There is still a little bit of pit. The new strip was applied. Waited until it was dry. The razor bladed again. It filled the pit and small crack and it is barely noticeable. Being directly in my line of sight is something I can live with. A hundred dollars for a pro repair is better than a hundred dollars for a new windshield. I didn't think it would be a noticeable repair. I am happy with the result. A small crack is all. Maybe I didn't execute the procedure correctly. There has been a big improvement. I thought I would give it a try. The chips and cracks are different. I'm not sure how one could fix a long crack. It is worth a shot before you pay the big bucks.

4. Rain X 5080217 Windshield Treatment Fluid_Ounces

Rain X 5080217 Windshield Treatment Fluid_Ounces

Water beading technology is applied to enhance driving visibility. Removes haze and discoloration to restore headlights and plastic. Heavy-duty glass cleaner gently removes dirt, bugs, film and road grime from glass. Improves driving visibility. An ideal prep for the rainX original treatment.

Brand: Rain-x

👤There is an update. Fair is fair and stupid is stupid. I am stupid because my review was not fair. The previous review was based on my ignorant part. I assumed that the product would be easy to remove with a cloth or a paper towel, but I didn't pay attention to the word risotto. The hardened product comes off more easily after being wet. You will have to work it out, but it is acceptable. The result is a clean windshield. I apologized to Rain-X for not following the instructions and writing a review that was not fair. The product will get your glass or plastic clean and shiny, but it will come at a cost. If you are willing to invest the rest of your life in the task, then you shouldn't be removed with a soft cloth. The product is very hard to remove. I had to remove a couple of square inches from my car. It is a long weekend and today is Saturday. I recommend a power tool or a lot of time to complete the job.

👤I was initially confused by the product name, but with the help of some reviews, I was able to understand that it was the cleaner used before you apply the RainX treatment. The cleaning solution fills in the pits and scuffs that occur when debris/sand/etc hits the windshield as you drive your car. It makes the RainX treatment apply on a clean and smooth surface. I recommend you wash your car first, then apply a paper towel to it until it's two inches square. You should use a circular motion to get the entire windshield. The whole windshield will look cloudy if it is done correctly. Rub the windshield with a clean paper towel until it is crystal clear. Look at it under the sun to see if there are any missed sections, then spray water on and it should roll right off in a uniform manner. You will be ready to apply the treatment. My wife complained that she couldn't get her passenger window up because my windows were so clean. I told her to check the window, it was so clean she couldn't tell it was us.

👤Did you know RainX has different versions of the product to use before and after you use it? I am bad for not reading more. I only bought this and 3 other RainX products. Just get the one you want.

👤I used it to remove RainX from my shower doors. I had read that RainX would help keep the glass from getting wet. The doors looked terrible even though I squezied them after every shower. I tried everything I could think of to remove the RainX. I am making progress after using this. I have to scrub it with a magic eraser and apply it twice. I am making progress. If you have clear glass shower doors, don't use RainX on them. It ruined my shower doors.

👤This appears to be a fine polishing solution. I believe a car wash sprayed my vehicle. I tried to follow the directions by applying and polishing myself. Didn't work. I took another pass at the cheap buffer I purchased. I was able to remove most of the coating. In the spring, I will take another look at it. I wish my car wax held up.

5. Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit

Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit

Silicone and wax are free. The repair kit can repair small cracks in less than 30 minutes. Restores windshield can be damaged from spreading damage. The effect is long-term. The kit is easy to use, first you have to clean and dry the glass, then squeeze the resin into the cracks. Put the cured film on and quickly dry and solidify. It is to remove the residual resin with a spatula. PrefECT DESIGN is a professional quality do-it-yourself repair. The formula can produce a strong pressure. It has a vacuum function that can remove air from the crack. It can help you achieve better repair effects. Most types of outer glass small damaged by double layer laminated windshield glass can be repaired with the Windshield Repair Kit. It can repair small chips, bulls-eye, spider web, star-shaped, Half-moon crescents and round damage not more than one inch in diameter. Don't work for cellphone screen. Great service. All material in the kit is free of chemicals or toxic material. If there are quality issues with the item, please contact them and they can provide technical support. Great service. All material in the kit is free of chemicals or toxic material. If there are quality issues with the item, please contact them and they can provide technical support.

Brand: Yoohe

👤The kit comes with more than other kits. The Rain-X brand is the same as the one I have used for years, except that it has metal female threads on the base. I'm not sure if metal threads help with results or not, but it doesn't hurt either. I used it for the first time on a deep bullseye, and it was the worst one I've ever had. It turned out better than I had hoped, and my windshield will survive another day. The chunk that was taken out needed to be built up with 4 applications of the same substance. The last 3 applications were done with a couple drops and a plastic piece. I live in rural Tennessee and travel a lot, so I have had damage to my windshield many times. Over the past 10 years, I've repaired about 40 bullseyes and cracks on several vehicles, but I'm not a pro. Do not apply UV-cured resin in the sun. If nothing else, have someone hold an umbrella. Unless it stays very watery, the resin won't flow into the cracks. You should read the directions a few times if you haven't repaired your windshield. It takes a while to get good at it, but you can make your first experience a good one. Even the pros can't fix most damage without being noticeable. Some people have unrealistic expectations. There are a few tips that are not in the directions. If you want to clean the spills with a razor, wipe the excess resin off the windshield. Use disposable gloves to not expose yourself to the stuff. Cut the plastic sheets to the size you need. The plastic sheets in another Ziploc can be lost, so keep them in a separate Ziploc. Put everything in a gallon of water.

👤A place that repairs glass said they couldn't fix my cracked windshield, but this product worked perfectly.

👤We had two star burst type chips in our car and thought we would try this product before calling a professional. Before using this product, make sure you have sunlight or a UV light. It has been raining here for a long time. We didn't have a sun to "cure" the product. My daughter has a gel nail polish dryer that works well with a UV light. We were able to fill both of the large chips and found two small dents on the windshield. We have some product left over so we're going to check and fix our other vehicles. It has a strong odor but it's not bad. I used too much on one chip and got a bit of the glue on my fingers, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't stick to my skin like super glue. If we get another chip, we will definitely use this purchase again.

👤You should have a positive repair if you follow the easy to understand instructions. All damaged windows are not the same. I had a rock hit my wife. Santa Fe had a new windshield. Talk about some bad luck. Although the repair was not perfect, it did help reduce the damage and hopefully keep the window from cracking further. I would buy it again.

6. Rain X 620036 Plastic Treatment Fl

Rain X 620036 Plastic Treatment Fl

Rain-X Anti Fog is able to prevent fogging of interior glass and mirrors. It's ideal for motorcycle and marine windshields. Dramatically increases water repellency on plastic. There is a treatment for plastic.

Brand: Rain-x

👤It works just as well as normal rainX on glass, but is very sensitive to how it's applied. This is far more sensitive. It won't work if you do it wrong. Something that doesn't deposit anything on the plastic is a good way to clean it. Rub this on with a synthetic cloth and it will fog up. Take a dry spot of the cloth and rub it. I tried the paper towels and they didn't scratch anything, but the rainX didn't adhere to them. Maybe because paper is acidic? I tried it for my motorcycle helmet and it works well even when going slow. If you ride a naked bike in the rain, you'll be clear.

👤We have used Rain-X on our car windshields and have had great success, but you can't use it on plastic because it would be brittle and hazy. This version has been used on our airplane windows and motorcycle helmets. It works well at keeping the water off since there are no windshield wipers on those two things. It makes it easier to clean the bugs.

👤It's not an official motorcycle trip if you don't get rained on at least once during the trip, so I bought this for use on our motorcycle windshields and helmet face shields. I used to have a different product that worked well, but I hoped this would work better. It's Rain-X! You have to rub and rub for a while to get the plastic to clear up. The other product made the windshields and face shields clear, like new. I'm going back to the old product. Someone wants a free bottle of Rain-X Plastic Treatment. It's funny.

👤I've been riding professionally for over a decade. Helmet visors are still the best. I clean and polish the plastic first with a plastic cleaner and polish and then treat it with Rain-X, if you have a high enough windscreen. There is no rain. If you want to reduce fogging on the inside of your visor, you should use a no-fog cloth.

👤It works well for my husband's motorcycle. It's important that the plastic treatment is used on the motorcycle windshields because the glass treatment leaves a hazy mess. The Rain X leaves it clean and waterproof. He doesn't ride in the rain a lot here in Arizona, but on the rare occasions he does, he keeps his view clear and the rain beads up. Can't say enough good things about this product.

👤The effect seemed less dramatic than the glass version I use on my car. I didn't see a haze from buffing it on. The visor is hazy. I did not see a difference in visibility. I commute every day and it results in about 20 bugs dying on my visor. I have to clean the visor daily. The application of this stuff doesn't last long with my daily cleanings. There is a bottle that is good for 100's and 100's of applications. I will use it as a safety measure for rain. Central Florida is like that. It rains here almost every day. I no longer have to keep wiping the visor with my finger. It works.

7. Rain X Glass Treatment Anti Fog Combo

Rain X Glass Treatment Anti Fog Combo

Suggested applications include door frames, electrical connections, seams and roofs, vinyl tops, and weather stripping. The combo includes Rain-X Original Glass Treatment and Rain-X Anti Fog to protect the glass and mirrors. Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort for exterior and interior windows. Rain, sleet and snow are repelled by Rain-X Original Glass treatment. Rain-X Anti Fog is able to prevent fogging of interior glass and mirrors.

Brand: Rain-x

👤Keep in mind that you are going to get ripped off if you purchase this stuff. Does the anti fog work? This product is just regular alcohol, so if you want to save money, buy a gallon of alcohol for the same price as this stuff. Does the water repellant work? The ceap is over priced. If you buy the orange bottle of Nu Finish car polish, you will get twice the amount for the same price. Don't use the Rain X brand at all. You are throwing away your hard earned money because you can get better deals elsewhere. Less. Hope this helps the Rain X product.

👤The glass treatment made water bead up. It didn't do anything to make the water run off or clear the glass of water on its own. The money was wasted without any results. I don't care if the rain is a bead or a water drop, I just want it off my glass. I'll use the wipers only and not have a solution for the side windows. The anti-fog made it worse. In the worst conditions, my windshield barely fogged. I thought this would be a good solution to eliminate fog. The fogs on my windshield are bad. The streaking is visible during night time. It's not just the appearance of dirty glass that makes it streaks. Terrible purchase, waste of money. It took a while to remove.

👤The anti fog one hasn't been used yet. I lost some of the liquid from the rain. If you have a soft wash cloth, use it to wipe your winshield twice, the best time to do this is when it's not raining.

👤I love the RainX solution that goes on the outside of your car to help repel water. I would recommend it to anyone. It was the first time I used the solution inside the window for fog reduction and I am not very pleased with it since it left white streaks all over my car and it can be difficult to see at night. These are great products.

👤Is it easy to remove? You won't want to ask it and the only time you can tell is when it's asked. It works as advertised when you need it. I highly recommend both products. The rainx product for the outside of your car's window eliminates the need for a windshield scraper in most situations and provides a clearer view of the road in all situations. The defroster is needed as it keeps the inside windows from getting fogged up. You can get in the car and see out immediately, rather than having to wait for the defroster to clear your windows, or you can sit in the car and exhale moist air. Both products are excellent and highly recommended.

👤I bought this to use in my windows, where I have a security camera. So. Yes. This stuff works on my car. My camera feed was low due to fogged up windows. I wouldn't be able to see them if they stood in front of my camera. It is clear no matter what the weather is like. I am safe and protected. The images were taken at the same time. The outside meeting the inside temperature causes the fogginess. Rain X took care of that.

8. Windshield Yourself Repair Cracks Bullls Eyes

Windshield Yourself Repair Cracks Bullls Eyes

It is easy to use. Repairs all laminated windshields. Decreases the appearance of chips and cracks. The formula is advanced. Good for multiple repairs. Good for multiple repairs.

Brand: Rain-x

👤I noticed a small bull's eye on my car when I was in Texas. The temperature here is usually around 95 F and the instructions that come with all windshield repair kits don't mention hot weather. I spent a lot of time on the Amazon forums asking people about this, but it was ambiguous. I called a few of the companies, but they weren't very helpful. A handmade video was found on the internet. He said that the product worked for him. I applied it three times to fill in the center of the impact. So far, so good. If it helps, here are my tips. To mark the cracks and impact, use a Sharpie pen on the inside of the windshield. 2. Then tape a clean sheet of white paper over the marks. Both of these steps will improve visibility from the outside of the car.

👤There is a lot of potential for a $10 repair. If you want a 100% result, you should replace your windshield. I got a 50% reduction on the crack, but I still see it. Don't use the applicator when applying the resin. My window was cracked. You can start at the end of the crack and work your way to the starting point. If you rush it, you'll end up with tiny bubbles of air trapped underneath the resin, air that cannot be removed and will make the crack more noticeable. If you're careful, working in the shade, with a cool, dry and clean windshield, you'll probably get a 70 to 80% reduction on the damage, which is great for a $10 product. Don't know about long term durability, just applied it today.

👤At the same time, I am very happy. I used the product and watched a few videos, but I couldn't find the star burst after removing the product's remnants. It was gone. It was larger than a quarter and had three spider legs coming off the impact ding. I had to get windex to wash every speck of dirt off, but I can't find a pin size speck of dust that won't come off. I have to assume that is where the crack was. I was so angry that I would have to buy a new car because I was too lazy to fix the crack. I traded in my Lexus for a new one. I tried this stuff because I didn't want to have the car crack before I could get it fixed because I was going to the city on Saturday. I thought this would be a temp fix until I got to a professional. Like magic. I am a 52 year old woman who uses internet and internet search engines when attempting home repairs so I am not as experienced as you can get. I need a spare to be ready for the next flying object.

👤Had I known, I would have bought this for less than $10 at walmart. The stupid truck was right in my line of sight and it bugged me. I read that it would be better to go through insurance, but the state farm wanted $500 so I decided to give it a try. It did a better job than I expected, and it was easy to apply. I have to look for it before I drive since it was obvious. The main chip is almost completely destroyed, the cracks are smaller. I rushed the job, it said to let it absorb for a few minutes into the crack, but I didn't do that. It did a better job than expected.

9. Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

We stand by their products. All of their products have a 1-year warranty. They will do their best to solve the problem if you contact them via email. Repairs of bullseye damage can be made on most laminated windshield glass. Repairs with no mixing are professional quality. The complete kit has everything needed for the repair, including easy-to- follow instructions and photographs. The temperature of the windshield should be between 50F and 75F. Natural sunlight cures the resins. Repairs on most types of laminated glass. The delivery system has an advanced spring-lock feature.

Brand: Permatex

👤I thought I was going to fix the small rock chip in my car, however, I may have just made it so it's no longer repairable. I did a lot of research when I bought this product. I have a small chip in my car. It was in the driver's line of sight so I would fix it. The Kit is easy to use. Instructions are clean and clear. The window cleans the chip. Remove the air from the crack and push the air into the window to fill up the chip. Let the sun set and then sit in the shade with the provided glass and wait for it to dry. This is where it falls apart. Resin is a UV based product, it does not use air to dry or heat, it uses light from the sun or a UV flashlight. I left this on my car for over an hour in the sun, but when I took the last step, it was still wet. I applied the last step again. The sun was setting for 2 hours. It didn't dry. I left my car out in the sun all day and it still didn't dry. I'm assuming I got a bottle of old stuff in my kit. I'm not sure if the Resin inside the crack will ever dry. I can't take it out. The chip is still visible. If the chip is wet or dry, I can't apply another product to it because it's going to cover the bad stuff in the window. It was a really big upset. They should have dates on the packages. There is no way to repair the chip because of bad resin being injected into it.

👤I bought a used mustang with a rock chip in the driver's view. I don't know how long it's been there. I was quoted $65 for a basic chip repair and $150 for a professional repair. I did this repair on a cloudy rainy day and it worked out well. A UV light would be a great idea. There are many uses for UV lights. You can spot scorpions, stains, cure many resins, make glow in the dark stuff glow to its bright best, and so on and so forth. If you don't have a UV light, you should buy one. There is a I used a can of compressed air, a lighter, a massager, a wire brush, and a UV light. I used a push pin, wire brush and canned air to pick out the glass. I put the tab on the glass, put the resin in it, and then put the needle in the glass to start the process. This is where my method works better. The air is leaving the hole. One person should vibrate around the needle. The risin is on while you sit in the car. For 1-2 seconds, there is a flash heat. You want the glass to be cold. What you are doing is causing capillary action. The more air you get out, the more it will be possible to get where you need to go. The box tells you to do the process for 10 minutes. I did it for about 20 minutes until I couldn't see the air bubble anymore. For 20 minutes, flash heat the glass. Follow the rest of the directions after that. When you get to the end. You need either direct sunlight or a UV light here. The two will cure the resin in about 10 minutes. Hope this helps anyone who read it. Good luck! I promise it will be worth it if you take your time.

10. Rain X 800002242 RAIN X WINDSHIELD TREATMENT 3 5


The product is easy to use. The product is very durable. This product is made in the US. This product is made in the US.

Brand: Rain-x

👤I used to use this on my race cars. A replica of a car with no wipers was recently bought. 50 highway miles in hard rain worked perfectly. Before applying, it is important to clean the glass. I was considering adding $500 and a lot of work before this. No need for Rain-X and prefer the clean look of the cowling without them.

👤I have used rain-x for a long time. This stuff can't be beaten. While everyone else has their wipers on, you can use the road while the rain falls. You won't have to run your wipers if you go over 30 mph in the most massive downpours or the lightest of mist. The "wiper chatter" will be gone. The x-treme glass cleaner is the best way to clean the surface. When washing your car, use fresh, clean towels. If you keep a generous coat of wax on your vehicle, you will transfer the wax onto your windshield when you wipe it clean after getting wax on your cleaning rags/towels. The chatter is caused by the wax. The purpose of this product will be lost if you put wax on your car.

👤I was very skeptical about buying this type of product, but after using it, I have to admit that it works very well. There is a After a month and a half of a brutal Rhode Island winter, my car still works. Maybe it's just beginning to wear off now. I did not get any special treatments. After I let it sit for a couple of hours in the sun, it was crystal clear again, even though it seemed to 'frost-over'/glaze my windshield with a white film. It is difficult to apply if it is warm above 40F. One bottle is enough for a full-car treatment. It's a good deal for the price. My only recommendation is to use a tighter cap. I leaked a little at the seam during application, so keep an eye out for that.

👤The bottle will last a long time. My first in 15 years. It takes a little elbow grease and a dry day to get it done.

👤You can use this as directed and go fast. The water just runs off if you don't have a mist or heavy rain wipers. I own a car. I need to go at least 35 mph. I had a Rabbit that needed 30 mph for the water to run off. I think the more aerodynamic your car is, the faster you need to go to forget the wipers, but you can see from my 2 cars it is not a high speed that's needed.

👤I didn't get to test it until a week after it was applied. I think this is a very good rain deterrent. I use the highway most of the time, but driving about 30 doesn't really do much. I have to say that this is very nice. The rain starts to fall right up the window. It starts to show more and more. Everyone on the road had their wipers on full speed trying to keep the water out of their windows during a bad rain storm, and I could see them. I didn't need to use my wipers. The water beads up and is clear. It is advisable to use your wipers at night when the speed limit is less than 30 and the beaded up water illuminates the street lights. This is a very good product and I will use it whenever I need to. I think this is a great idea.

11. Rain X White RX11806D Washer Additive 16 9

Rain X White RX11806D Washer Additive 16 9

Refer to the instructions on the box for easy use. There are a lot of instruction videos on the internet. You will get a temporary tooth after a few practices. Don't be afraid to fail. Add the washer fluid to it. Water beading technology is applied. Driving visibility is improved. It helps remove sleet, snow, ice, bugs and road spray from glass.

Brand: Rain-x

👤RainX is a wipe on product that I love. It was used for a long time. When I ran out of the regular RainX, my lazy self wondered if adding this product would make my life more enjoyable, as applying the regular RainX is a bit of a chore. I think I added less than the required amount. When I use my washer fluid, it causes an oily film on my windshield which prevents me from seeing. If it's raining and the glare makes it difficult to see, it will be a big danger. This is made for the rain. I have a newer car and new blades. I threw away the rest of the bottle after I thought about crashing my car. I'll use the wipe on formula.

👤I like this stuff because it works well on our Rain-X job on our windshields, when added to cheap windshield washer fluid. Raindrops roll off cleaner. When we bought Rain-X brand washer fluid, I never noticed an improvement over that combination. We don't use any of the other Rain-X products and just stick with the Rain-X Additive in our fluid and occasional Rain-X treatment on the glass.

👤Rain X has been used by me since the 80s. I have always been happy with the results. When I saw this, I was overjoyed because after two back surgeries, it was impossible to apply the regular product across the windshield. I mixed it with washer fluid. I haven't seen the beading up of rain like I'm used to, but the only thing I have noticed is an oily sheen, which all rain users are used to seeing. I started using their product before it was the main stream, but I couldn't find it at any local stores, so I would always go by their tent at road course events like at Road Atlanta, at one time I had a closet full of black Rain X t-shirts. I would get tons of free samples. I would always buy bottles if they stopped coming to events. Love your flagship product but this one isn't very good.

👤I usually use original RainX, but wanted to try it out. There is a measure on the side of the bottle that shows how much you have put in. It's easy to not put in a lot. After just a few seconds of spray, the next rain will switch off the windshield just as if I applied the original RainX.

👤I don't think anyone can drive without rainx. I can be a bit lazy and don't always have time to wash my windshield thoroughly. I'm going to try. After waiting two weeks for a decent rain to come, I have noticed a difference in the fluid I use for my car. It does work. It is clear that it does not work as well as the traditional application. I did not apply a rainx in almost a year. If you have a good base down, add the traditional rainx to your fluid tank so it can continue to apply once you have a good one. It works. It is as easy as pouring fluid in a tank. The lines are hard to read. It is not as effective as normal rain, but if you want convenience and ease of reapplication I would go with this. If you want the full experience, use the traditional application and then this on top of it.


What is the best product for windshield repair resin rainx?

Windshield repair resin rainx products from Rain-x. In this article about windshield repair resin rainx you can see why people choose the product. Gumout and Rain-x are also good brands to look for when you are finding windshield repair resin rainx.

What are the best brands for windshield repair resin rainx?

Rain-x, Gumout and Rain-x are some of the best brands that chosen by people for windshield repair resin rainx. Find the detail in this article. Rain-x, Yoohe and Rain-x are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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