Best Xbox 360 Repair Kit

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1. Gazechimp Security Screwdriver Repair Xbox One

Gazechimp Security Screwdriver Repair Xbox One

100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the xbox 360 controller screwdriver. T6 and T8 screwdrivers are used for many devices. Pry opening tool protects your controller and fingernails. This set is used to install buttons and caseing. The Carbon Steel Shaft will last for many years. There is a package with 1x T6 Screwdriver, 1x T8 Screwdriver, and 1x Triangle Prying tool. There is a package with 1x T6 Screwdriver, 1x T8 Screwdriver, and 1x Triangle Prying tool.

Brand: Gazechimp

2. Screwdriver Cleaning Microsoft PlayStation Controller

Screwdriver Cleaning Microsoft PlayStation Controller

If you have a game console, this is a great gift for your friends and family. The tool kit is new and high quality. T9H T10H is a screwdriver. "Hole in screwdriver tip center" is what it means. The item has a Strip Prying tool and a Triangle Prying tool. The tips of the screwdrivers are magnetized. It's compatible with: Microsoft XBOX One, Xbox 360, and Sony PS3

Brand: Highfine

👤The PS4 controller screws are not compatible with the screwdrivers in the kit, despite the description. It was a shame and a waste of time. I'm returning it.

👤My daughter spilled something on the controller. The crazy security screws Microsoft used to try to keep you from fixing your own stuff were removed by this kit. I didn't have to buy a new controller. Bite it Microsoft!

👤This is a notice. This isn't for a ps4 controller, but a ps4. I did not get any stars for false advertisement and T9 tool did not come with it. I had to give a star rating.

👤The description said it would open the PS4 controller, but not match.

👤The old PS4 was overheating and I needed to take it apart. It just needed a cleaning from all the dust. Everything I needed was in this pack.

👤The kit is very nice. It does not have a regular screw driver. Allot would be helped by those two. I was able to use the screwdrivers from the other set. I would give this product a 5 star rating. It was finally recommended!

👤I wanted to get rid of the dust in the fan so I bought these. The items worked well, but the quality is cheap. As long as they do the job correctly?

👤I bought these because I wanted to take apart my ps4 and do a deep clean of the power supply and fan. The T8 screw driver is what I need to remove all of the screws. The plastic pieces helped open the ps4 case. You don't need high end tools to get the job done. Most big box retailers have a cellphone repair kit that is the same price and has more tools. P.S. The power supply will need to be removed with a 3mm or 5/64 Phillip's screw driver.

3. Screwdriver Security Phillips Tweezers Screwdrivers

Screwdriver Security Phillips Tweezers Screwdrivers

100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. There is a paintbrush scraper that can be used for microsoft xbox consoles controllers repair. Sony game console controllers repair with screwdrivers from PhilLIPS. They have updated the tiny T6 into durable S2 steel for permanent use. A multi star cross driver repair tool kit. TR6 TR8 TR9 TR10 torx security screwdiver, phillips PH00 PH2 frequently-used screwdrivers bits for tiny screws, cellphone, laptop, computer,tablet,HDD replacement, etc. Safe Pry opening tool kits are made of PREMIUM QUALITY Flexible head,non-skid Magnetic Screwdrivers precision head driver. Safe Pry opening tool kits are made of PREMIUM QUALITY Flexible head,non-skid Magnetic Screwdrivers precision head driver.

Brand: Xbrdepot

👤I bought this so I could open my PS4 and hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I was able to clean the fan on the console which made it cooler and less loud. You will need a screwdriver to open the consoles. I highly recommend you buy this product since it is a great price at the time of purchase.

👤This was needed for the tacking apart of a controller. Even though I purchased it as a one time use, I believe it will hold up for a while. The quality of the build was better than I expected. I will be buying from the seller again.

👤I bought 4 of them because they usually don't last and all of them wouldn't turn a screw. The metal part of the screwdriver was not turning the screws. Returned.

👤Youtuber recommended this for cleaning the ps4 console. It works well to open the console and clean the dust inside.

👤The one I got was not usable. The hole in the end was drilled too shallow and had an off center. The orange color is nice.

👤Did the job it was designed for. A+.

👤It works as it should.

👤I used it to disassemble my old console.

👤Does it fit the controller to be mod, repaired or something like that?

👤Le levette gommate del controller XBOX 360. Non metto 5 stelle solo per il tempo di spedizione lungo.

👤Come sempre consegna veloce negli standard. Risparmio economico rispetto. Alle corrispondente alle indicate sul sito. Non do il massimo solo perché non ho potuto ancora. There is a I riproporre comunque, trascorsi alcuni mesi. La mia valutazione is a word. Comunque per ora.

👤Va y encaja en los tornillos de seguridad del mando de la xbox 360, permite reparar el mando con facilidad. Tarda algunas semanas. The pena was vale la precio. Los botones son tambiens, atmoshpere,

👤Un po' lenta (30 36gg) ma a questo prezzaccio la volete! Ci ho smontato 2000 joypad! Non dimenticare, non vano batteria sotto l'etichetta! coperta ai validit della garanzia! Altamente Consigliato.

4. Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA-based customer service. Compared to other products, they have added a high-grade metal double-headed crowbar, which can be used in conjunction with a nylon double-headed crowbar, which greatly meets your various needs. It's compatible with PS4 They have added a 3.0mm screwdriver to be compatible with PS4. The PS3 and PS4 controllers use T8 and PH0 screwdrivers. The XBOX controller and console use screwdrivers. It can be used in household appliances, furniture and toys. All their screwdrivers are made of high-quality S2 steel, which is more accurate and durable than silver CRV bits, and they are magnetically designed, which can fix small screws to avoid falling. The screwdriver handle is made of TPR and PP materials, with a special non-slip design, easy to grasp and very comfortable; the flexible cover at the bottom of the screwdriver handle can rotate smoothly. Press down and rotate the screwdriver when using it vertically. The screwdriver handle makes it easier to repair the instrument. The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws

Brand: Jorest

👤I needed a smaller star shaped head for the part of my controller that was broken. This set came with 4 sizes and was able to use parts from an old controller to fix my more expensive one.

👤The tools were used to disassemble the controller. You would be surprised at the amount of dead skin. 5 controllers were cleaned to stop the drift. Work like new.

👤The tools will work for both XBOX and PS. The plastic tools are the only tools that are iffy. I had a pry tool chip on the pry edge because it was made from brittle plastic. The metal tools worked well.

👤This set of tools was very useful for me. I will not look for another kit. I was surprised that the tools were magnetic.

👤I used this kit to disassemble my xbox and clean it of roaches. The screw drivers and the tweezers were what I needed. It is easy to disassemble an xbox with this kit, it also worked on my xbox series one s.

👤A good kit for X Box One repair. Not a professional grade. They will get the job done. Good value for money. I would recommend them to others.

👤The tools are perfect for taking my controller apart and fixing it. This tool kit is recommended by me.

👤It doesn't work for Xbox one.

👤The kit contains a T10 security screwdriver, which I needed to remove the PS3 from my possession. The tools were packaged nicely and arrived quickly. The heat sink paste I ordered from Amazon is working. One of my better purchases.

👤The best cleaning kit for PS4 is the PROS. Conclusions. If you own a PS4 or similar, you need a cleaning kit.

👤I only needed the T8 driver as I had the other components, but the metal pry device wasn't in the same orange colour scheme, that's being picky.

👤The PS4 Pro needed to be disassembled to apply the thermal paste and change the thermal pads. I'm not a fan of putting together furniture and hanging a roller blind, but after doing some research this kit had everything I needed. If you're looking to do the same, would definitely recommend.

👤It was complete waste of money for me. I brought it to take apart my ps4 controller because the description says it can be used for ps4s, but it seems to only be compatible with xbox. Doesn't have a screwdriver in it. Product quality is good but beware when buying for a ps4

5. Silverhill Tools ATK3602 2Piece Unlock

Silverhill Tools ATK3602 2Piece Unlock

A nylon tool for locking andunlocking ribbon cable gates. The two tools are needed to get into the XBox. The T10 screwdriver has a security style with a hole in the tip. The XBOX 360 unlock key is powder-coated black. The chrome vanadium steel is less likely to be torn or warped. The spin cap on the handle helps manage small screws. The spin cap on the handle helps manage small screws.

Brand: Silverhill Tools

👤I'll get the screw driver out of the way first so I can focus on the latch tool. It is cheap, the mold isn't great, it can be hard to get a lot of leverage on it, and the end is plastic on plastic, so what do you expect? I used other drivers. The opening tool is a bit flimsy and compared to another one I have that I got for a few cents more, this one seems a bit worse. It did get the job done, but I had to bend one or two of the prongs back into position. One of these isn't always required to open your 360, but it can be helpful. I can't open a phat without it, but I have opened several slims with a long metal pry bar and a thin metal jimmy tool. If you just want to open your old phat to clean it and help prevent red ring, this will work. I don't think it will hold up if you use it many times.

👤The opening tool for the Xbox is very easy to use. I can get them apart in a couple minutes with the opening tool. I have been inside a dozen or more units and the opening tool is still good, even if you bend it. The driver is inexpensive but has held up well. You can use these tools to dismantle the original fat / phat Xbox 360 and get access to the disc drive, cooling fans, fan shroud, and top of the board. It does not include a driver to remove the ring of light or the screws on the bottom of the unit, so if you need to remove the board from the unit, you'll need a set of Torx bits.

👤If metal is punched out to fit the case, it's a flimsy piece. It works, but I bent it using gentle pressure. It seems to be made for a single use rather than a tool. If you can find a professional version of this tool, it will be worth the extra cost.

👤This is what you need if you need to take apart an Xbox. This screwdriver has a nice handle, which is something I've never seen before with other screwdrivers I've bought. I like that! The little tool that you get with it is the black thing in the product picture. It's not required to open the device. The metal edges on this "Unlock Key" feel like they could be easily bent, but I'm sure it will hold up for a while and you will be able to open your Xbox after that. So. Yes. I will vouch for it. A nice product.

👤Good product. The job was done. Good value and quality.

👤The tool kit for the Xbox was fast shipping and it was on point. This is a great seller.

👤If you buy a piece of junk, you expect it to be brand new, but it's not. You need to use it carefully because it is flimsy and bends easily. I would suggest getting a name brand over this junk.

6. Xbox 360 Controller Screwdriver Screwdrivers

Xbox 360 Controller Screwdriver Screwdrivers

The professional application design. This screwdriver repair set is specially designed for the XBOX one controller, PS3 controller, PS4 controller, and more. The quality material is made from non-marring plastic and will prevent damage with your controller screwdriver. The set repairs and cleans your controller quickly and conveniently. There are many applications for T6, T8, T10 screwdrivers for xbox one controller, PS3 PS4, various kinds of smart phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, and Nintendo remote controller. A great gift for him/her. It's very easy to fix the shaft with the bottom fixed. 2 pieces double-ended pry tools are good for opening most phone's back cover. 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the xbox 360 controller screwdriver. 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the xbox 360 controller screwdriver.

Brand: Lebeila

👤I wish the price was cheaper for these types of low quality work, but they did a great job.

👤These are the things you need to fix internal and external issues on your controller. The cover was changed because of a drift issue.

👤I used it to take apart my PS4 after opening my package. I am grateful that it worked well for the screws that were needed to disassemble my PS4 Pro. I would recommend it to someone.

👤Works. The t6 is not a security tip. I needed the standard t6 not a security one.

7. Kaisi Security Screwdriver Controller Spudgers

Kaisi Security Screwdriver Controller Spudgers

The spin cap on the handle helps manage small screws. The best combination is best. The Kaisi professional 17 in 1 Xbox repair tool kit includes 5 screwdrivers, steel spudger, fiber nylon and plastic spudgers, and triangle plastic picks. All the repair tools that you need are provided. Streamlined non-sLIP hands. The handle is made of ABC plastic, sprayed with rubber oil on the surface, and has a comfortable hand feeling, anti-static stream line design, and is long and wide enough to give you most comfort and maximum Torque. S2 alloy steel has a high precision magnetic head, quenched steel forging, hardened heat treatment and sulfurized ash. Hardness up to 62 HRC after heat treatment, wear-resistant rust, and easy to hold tiny screws. Avoid screw spinning and damage if you have a higher fit. The package includes a magnetizer so that you can increase the magnetism of the tip at any time. The screw is protected from damage by the precision bits, which are strictly made. The professional application design. This screwdriver repair set is specially designed for the XBOX one controller, PS3 controller, PS4 controller, and more.

Brand: Kaisi

👤The quality is good for the price, but mostly bought this for the color. I had everything I needed to work on my Xbox elite v2 and switch pro controllers and now offer to my friends to work on their controllers.

👤It's perfect for the repair of the controller. I used this to fix drift on 3 controllers. Excellent quality product. The leather carrying case is very nice. Can not beat this set.

👤I had to return the item. I have one of those and I wasn't worried about missing it. The issue is that when I used 2 of the tools on my xbox, it couldn't handle the Torque and caused the handle to spin around the tool itself. I couldn't remove the screws.

👤The value is great, I think they will be very durable, but only time will tell, and they worked well for me.

👤The kit is great for repairing cell phones game controllers.

👤A description says come with everything.

👤The majority of the pieces were needed to disassemble the console.

👤I was surprised at how many tools this kit came with, and the case is nice. It was a good purchase.

8. EXtremeRate Screwdrivers Install Microsoft Controller

EXtremeRate Screwdrivers Install Microsoft Controller

30 days free return and replacement is provided for the risk-free shopping experience. If there is a problem with quality, the ideal solution will be given to bring your smile back. The T8H TORX Screwdriver has a hole in it. If you want to install or disassemble your controller, you need a set of "MUST HAVE" repair tools. This set of professional opening tools can be used to install shell and buttons. There are 1 T6 screwdriver, 1 T8H screwdriver, and 1 open shell tools.

Brand: Extremerate

👤I used the T8 Torx screwdriver to open the controller and remove the screws. Thepotentiometer was drifting on its own. The drifting stopped after it was cleaned with rubbing alcohol. The problem is the potentiometer. These are strong tools that you can use to open the controller and clean it when your warranty is up.

👤I bought these tools to pry open an xbox one controller and then remove the security screws that were inside it. The bits fit the security screw heads well.

👤If you are new to controller modification and don't want to spend a lot on a set, there is a solid beginner screwdriver set. One of my screwdrivers has a rust spot but still works. I have bought a better set of screwdrivers, but keep them on a stand by.

👤The screwdrivers are magnetic, which is always helpful. The plastic wedge lost it's usefulness very quickly. It was worth it for the screwdrivers.

👤Plastic piece is very hard to clean after being used twice.

👤I can't say what it does.

👤I bought a tiny joke that was impossible to hold.

👤It works as expected. Thank you.

👤It is easy to use, sturdy and reasonable. I was able to fix my controller easily.

👤It was perfect and would highly recommend.

👤I enjoy this. I would buy it again.

9. TECKMAN Screwdriver Controller Disassembly Anti Static

TECKMAN Screwdriver Controller Disassembly Anti Static

What is it called? Curl Butter Masque is a creamy, hydrating masque that revives limp curls and leaves them soft, shiny, and springy. The oil- infused HydraSculpt Blend is used with Bumble's curl-optimizing. You need to know for lush, hydrated, perky Curls. The oils work together to help dry the hair. Oil infused Nourishes Softens Detangles Masque is 5 Oz. The Xbox controller repair kit with T6H T8H T9H is excellent. T10H torx security screwdrivers are magnetic and can be used to remove safety screws. This kit includes torx t6 t8 t9 t10 and ph00 phillips screwdrivers, anti-static brush,tweezer and pry tool, double-end tool, and a 16 in 1 repair kit. The repair kit for the xbox one and playstaion 4 can be used with the specialty torx screwdrivers. The torx security screwdriver bits are made of good S2 steel, specially hardened with heat treatment which is more precise and durable, the handle is made of TPR and PP material, which is non-skid with a flexible cap. If you have a game console, this is a great gift for your friends and family. If you have a game console, this is a great gift for your friends and family.

Brand: Teckman

👤I bought this set of screwdrivers to clean my ps4. They have a small amount of magnetic force on them which is good for when the screw needs to be lifted up. It comes with other screw drivers, but I am not sure what they use and some plastic bits for other things. The screw drivers are good for opening up your console if you want to clean your ps4 or ps3. I didn't get paid to say good things about screw drivers.

👤It comes with everything you need to do the repair, but it doesn't come with a case to keep them nice, it's in a bag. It is worth buying if only for that. I'm going to buy more even though it doesn't come in a case.

👤I got into my elite controller to fix the stick drift because of this kit. One of the "openers" is more or less a cheap guitar pick and comes with all the tools you'll need. The tools work well and it comes with 6 replacement screws for your controller if you lose one or break it. The screws were already in the controller. The magnets on the screwdrivers helped pull up a screw so it wouldn't fall into a controller. The seller was "Tekman" and he was shipped fast. Couldn't ask for more at this price point. The product worked well for my controller, it also works with PS4 and I would bet it does.

👤The toolkit was bought to replace the headphones on the controller. It included all the tools I needed, plus each tool was labeled so I could find the right one. The tools were well made and will be good for many more uses. Highly recommended.

👤I bought these because I wanted to clean it. It worked well. I recommend you take your ps4 apart to clean it regularly because it was dirty. If the fan is loud.

👤The only thing I could do to fix my PS4 was use these tools. They're affordable and give more than just screwdrivers. This pack is definitely recommended by me. I had PS4 problems that included: - PS4 wouldn't work normally - PS4 would be loud.

👤I bought this to fix the intermittent A button on my controller and it did the job. I used two of the Torx drivers, two pry tools, and the tweezers, and I feel like I got my money's worth. I still needed to be careful despite the magnetic tips being helpful.

👤I needed to take out the fan cover and fan for cleaning. The other tools were helpful in removing the vents to clean separately, I like the brush that comes with it. I would recommend a mini vac.

👤I bought this set to change my thermal paste. It works well. I wish I had done more research and bought a better kit. There are better kits with more tools and more bits for less money. This is an overpriced set.

👤The item arrived very late but that's expected due to covid impacting delivery, but what's not expected are tools missing from this overpriced tool pack. The tools were missing. The double ended plastic opening tool and the anti static nylon spudger are included. When I try to find the customer support email, I get directed to an American version of the site, which doesn't show my past purchases, and I can't get any help with this.

10. EXtremeRate Screwdriver Controller Tweezers Cleaning

EXtremeRate Screwdriver Controller Tweezers Cleaning

There are 12 replacement "T6" screws, 7 replacement "T8" screws, 2 x pry tools, 1 x pry bar, and 1 x brush. Professional opening repairing case modding tunning tools kit for the XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE ELITE, XBOX ONE S/X, and XBOX 360 controller. The T6 and T8H screwdrivers are Magnetized and have a rotating handle cap. The XBOX One controller has full set of T6 and T8H screws. Tweezer is a resistive coating that protects the controller from static damage. The controller shell can be opened with a standard and triangle prying stick. Clean controller with a high-quality cleaning brush.

Brand: Extremerate

👤The tools are large enough to disassemble an controller. The screws that they use to assemble the controllers are a little soft, which is why the extra screws are a nice addition. I disassembled an original controller, an elite controller, and a new controller with this set, and the tools are sufficient for all of them. The plastic removal tools are not included in the kit. They were not effective in removing the grip covers. I was better off using my nails.

👤I easily stripped my case screws. There was a screw inside the unit. It was cheap made. It worked for 12/15 screws, but it was difficult to remove the stripped screws.

👤The other options are terrible. It was cheap and tiny. The quality and size of the yellow/black gripped ones are good. Replacement screws are perfect. The tweezers are very sharp.

👤The screwdrivers are regular old T6 and T8 torx drivers, not the security torx drivers you need to open the controller. These are useless and being returned.

👤It's horrible. Don't buy tools that can't hold a screw.

👤The screws were a direct replacement for the ones I lost, and they were very useful when servicing your X-box controller.

👤A great bit of kit. The person who made it was using a kit that was very similar to the one I was using. The replacement bumper was better than the one that came with this, so I was very happy to buy this.

👤The outer case screws are not compatible with the incorrect tool sizes.

👤The kit I used to replace broken bumpers on my controllers was a greatesteironts tank

11. Silverhill Tool Xbox Kinect Piece

Silverhill Tool Xbox Kinect Piece

There are 1 T6 screwdriver, 1 T8H screwdriver, and 1 open shell tools. There are tools needed to open Microsoft Xbox Slim and Kinect products. T6, T8 and T10 are resistant to tampering. There is a black coated unlock key for non-Slim Xbox models. L Keys are made from high quality steel. A nylon tool for locking andunlocking ribbon cable gates. A nylon tool for locking andunlocking ribbon cable gates.

Brand: Silverhill Tools

👤This is a good kit for its intended purpose. For the price, maybe not "Snap-On" quality. Second, for the previous poster, don't be upset and don't dismiss something you really can fix. That's correct! Stick it to the man! I'm two for two. Here's why. The heat sink and the processor are where Microsoft puts substandard paste. Use the kit and replace the paste with a real processor paste. It's worth the money because of its high performance non-conductive thermal compound. Before applying real thermal compound, use a lapping kit on the heat sink. If you look at the surface close, it appears to have ridges like this, so smooth it with a lapping kit or 400+grit sandpaper and Braso like I did, and the finish will be substantially different. This increases the surface area and makes for more efficient cooling. Don't use a heat gun or hairdryer to reset the solder on the PC board - it's not a purpose. I think I lost some IQ points just typing that, but that has to be one of the most idiotic things I've read recently.

👤This is what you get. The black "pin" tool broke it's tip very easily. I can still use it, but it was a lot sharper than it is now. The plastic is cheap. The rest of the tools work as expected. It was much easier to open my xbox with the tool kit than it was with anything else. It's worth the buy if you want to replace parts on your xbox or clean it out. It's easy to store in the pouch.

👤This is what I needed to disassemble an XBOX. The tool kit was kept together with the included bag and fast shipping.

👤This product is great. This kit can be used to repair an XBOX.

👤It is nice to know I have this item when I need it.

👤A lot of the needed tools are in the kit. I can't give it 5 starts because the kit has a plastic tool. The tip broke off because it was brittle. This would be a 5star kit if that tool was made of metal.

👤It works but bent in the wrong direction and makes it more fragile. The piece snapped. There was no documentation.

👤Works well. The tool quality is not good. I didn't plan on using them often.


What is the best product for xbox 360 repair kit?

Xbox 360 repair kit products from Gazechimp. In this article about xbox 360 repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Highfine and Xbrdepot are also good brands to look for when you are finding xbox 360 repair kit.

What are the best brands for xbox 360 repair kit?

Gazechimp, Highfine and Xbrdepot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xbox 360 repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Jorest, Silverhill Tools and Lebeila are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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