Best Xbox One Controller Parts Repair Kit

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1. SOSS GAMING Tactile Switch Controllers

SOSS GAMING Tactile Switch Controllers

100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products at SOSS gaming. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. High quality parts. These switches are of the highest quality. Have a non-properly working LB orRB button? Don't worry! The kit is the perfect solution to make your controller work again. A brand new controller is not necessary if you don't need to shell out much. You will need basic soldering skills along with other basic tools. The buttons need to be pressed hard or they will not work. The package includes 10X. Tactile Switches, 1X T8 Security Torx Screwdriver, 1X T6 Torx Screwdriver, and 1X Prying tool. The controller is compatible with any of the original controllers. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products at SOSS gaming. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns.

Brand: Soss Gaming

👤I learned how to solder from videos. Burned a lot of tips before that. The concept is easy for some. I am not one of those people. I am a person who is very strict with my soldering and makes it perfect if possible. My first challenge was to solder. The packs were loud. Four wires are in a pack. It's easy. They come off when you get tip hot and tap the wire. It's a little difficult to put them back. If you hold the wire to the solder point, try to tap it with the iron. The wire will move out of place when contact is made. Touch the iron to the spot on the board with solder on the tip of the iron. Lift the iron off of the board and hold your hand steady as you move the wire into place. Practice is over. To remove the switch, I made sure I put flux paste all over the solder points, grabbed the switch with a pair of pliers, and kept the iron moving back and forth, touching the iron to two points at the solder points. The hardest part was removing the solder from the holes. I was unable to get the solder sucker to suck the solder off. That sounded weird. I tried to keep the solder away with speaker wire. No luck. As soon as the air melted, I blasted it away. The method is not ideal. I also suck at solder. The solder still made it hard for me to seat the new switches. After the first try, the switch was too high off the board and made the button stick. I pressed down on the switch and moved the iron over the connections. It sat all the way in place. I reassembled it. It works well. The button doesn't register twice when you press it. I'm not shifting from 1st to 3rd. It was worth it. When you remove the left and right bumper pieces, be sure to unclip them. The piece of plastic that hooks it into place was snapped by me. It really didn't serve a purpose other than keeping the bumper strip in place while reassembling.

👤I have had an Elite Series 2 since release and have had to send it in twice to Microsoft to get the right bumper repaired after it stopped responding to clicks. I decided to try this kit after the right bumper switch failed again. The included switches fit perfectly on the Elite Series 2. Even if I had to replace the switches myself every 6 months, it would still be preferable to send the controller off to Microsoft for weeks at a time, since I haven't had them installed very long. I found it easy to remove the old switches and place new ones by using a hot air rework station at 480 C, if you haven't done lead-free/RoHS desoldering.

👤I got a warranty replacement from Microsoft after the bumpers on my controller failed. The bumper on the replacement failed this month. The replacement was not covered by Microsoft's warranty, which is an issue because I use Bumper Jumper on all the games. I didn't want to spend another $180 on a new controller, so I bought this and the soldering kit and helped out in the video for about 40 dollars. I was up and running after about 3 hours, and it was as if the controller was brand new. Couldn't be happier with this! I will be able to replace the bumpers without spending another dime once they fail, because the kit comes with 10 replacements. I can fix other electronics now that I own a soldering kit. If your controller is out of warranty, and your bumpers are broken, you should buy this kit.

2. RGEEK Screwdriver Repair Xbox Controller

RGEEK Screwdriver Repair Xbox Controller

There are professional repair tools kits for the XBOX. The T6 and T8 screwdrivers are compatible with the Xbox One controller. The high quantity is made of soft rubber and PP material. The screwdrivers have magnetic tips that can help you tighten the screws. A replacement for your damaged modle. The package includes a T6 Screwdriver, 1* T8 Screwdriver, 1* T10 Screwdriver, and a Triangle paddle. The Thumbstick Cap is made of Thumbstick. The package includes a T6 Screwdriver, 1* T8 Screwdriver, 1* T10 Screwdriver, and a Triangle paddle. The Thumbstick Cap is made of Thumbstick.

Brand: Rgeek

👤I now have 2 controllers that have been fixed because of drift. soldering is required

👤They are great for the money. They're 10% less accurate than oem. If you're a hardcore sniper, you probably won't be happy, but for normal game play, it's hardly noticeable. You get what you pay for, at least 50% less durable than oem. I'm happy with the purchase, it's a month later and I'm using it a lot. I chose this set because the screwdrivers looked good quality in picture compared to the ones they normally give and I hoped it wasn't a marketing ploy - they are very good quality compared to every other set I've ever seen so.

👤I was able to fix the stick drift on my controller in less than 10 minutes, after watching a 3 minute video and buying the kit. I took out a good sensor from one of the new units and replaced the bad in my controller, it works as new. The tolls are very good and work well. They are strong. The thumb sticks that come with the package appear to be made of a cheaper material, but I wouldn't do that. It is an excellent investment.

👤The included thumb controllers are not high quality and have large dead zones. The old one was de-soldered to find out the part didn't track correctly.

👤My sons sticks started to break after a few years of use, so I changed them out. If not, these are very close to the original. The tools to replace the thumbstick are included.

👤The tools are great and I only gave 2 stars. joysticks was a junk product. The joysticks are not worth much.

👤The tools were bent. The packing was good. Doesn't appear to have been damaged in shipping. A bad product. Don't buy.

👤Good quality parts and tools were present. 6 stars!

👤Allerdings aret die Stickss bereits in kurzer Nutzung.

👤This is a good product. Will update this later after a few months.

👤It works well. I am happy. The controllers of the Xbox can be repaired. Purchase and get the controllers fixed at home.

👤It was perfect to fit on the controler. It's really easy to use.

3. Xbox One Controller Joystick Replacement

Xbox One Controller Joystick Replacement

We stand by their products. All of their products have a 1-year warranty. They will do their best to solve the problem if you contact them via the email system. Don't play with the old XBOX One thumbsticks, they are the best XBOX THUMBSTICKS in the market. The game is more comfortable with the original Xbox thumbsticks. The One/One S/One X controller is the original one and their inexpensive analog sticks are designed to be a direct replacement. XBOX ONE CONTROLLER - Personalize and enhance your gaming experience with feedback based rubber design. You will no longer have to worry about slipping off the stick of your controllers, and you will get more accuracy and sensitivity, thanks to the rubberized top and side. Premium quality is created with the gamer in mind and perfect for your controller. All products from them will be inspected by a professional before they are shipped to make sure they are in good shape. Money saving and easy to invest. T8 T6 screwdrivers are included with the controller, they will help you open the shell and make it look better, if you need to replace the thumbsticks, you can just use their cheap ones.

Brand: Oritikur

👤The description says that the top and side of the car are made of rubber, but this is not the case. The sticks are made of plastic and textured, unlike the original sticks that come with the controller. I noticed it immediately and returned the product.

👤I've ordered these third-party sticks before, and if I want to replace worn out sticks on other controllers, I'll order them again. They are compatible with my XB1 controllers, as well as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. I replaced the stock sticks on the Pro Controller because they were similar to the XB1 sticks. Installation is easy with all three controller types. Pull the old stick up and push the new one down onto the peg. is a good place to look for a guide to disassemble your controller. There is one extra note. The review suggested that the sticks do not have rubber grips. This is incorrect. They are made of rubber. The rubber will wear more smoothly over time than the stock grips do. I cut off a chunk from one of my extras and included a photo on the review so you can see it.

👤There are a few things that people need to know. 1) The thumbsticks that come with your controller are not the same as the replacement joysticks. These are harder and more grooves? The originals were better. The replacements have more of the gripping that the original ones did. I suggest buying something else if the gripping is different. The bent tip broke when I tried to use the long spudger. I hadn't taken off the second side yet. The smaller triangular one worked better for me. I was disappointed that one of the tools had broken before I could use it.

👤Awesome product. The rubber on my thumb stick was coming off. I ordered them to replace the damaged one. The package comes with replacements. The tools are included. The 5 screws on the controller are easy to remove. The plastic used in the pry tool to remove the plastic cover on the controller is soft, but my only gripe is that. It got the job done but will probably need to be replaced. The price is very reasonable, so it's not that big of a deal. I replaced both of the joysticks. It took 10 minutes to do it.

👤You get what you pay for. This set is cheaper but it did the job. The fit is pretty good. The tools that come with the kit are useless, because they broke during the first replacement. If you just want to fix your remote to the point that it works again, this is a great purchase.

👤I would buy these again. The install was simple and the thumbstick pads were better than stock. It was cheaper and faster to modify the controller. Everyone was satisfied with the look of the color selection and the fact that they didn't have to buy stick on skins or kits. The materials have stood up to the most intense gaming. The quality material and low price for multiple pair of tools make them a good choice.

4. Thumbstick Compatible Screwdriver As Picture Shown

Thumbstick Compatible Screwdriver As Picture Shown

Enough quantity, you will get 8 pieces of joysticks, 8 pieces of thumbsticks caps, 8 pieces of thumb grip protect covers, 1 piece T8 security torx screwdriver, 1 piece T6 torx screwdriver, and 2 pieces prying tools. The 3D analog joysticks are a good replacement for your damaged or non-working 3D joystick, as they are able to deal with most problems, such as stick drift, stuttering, blind spots, dead zones, no click, non-centered, broken, and loose joysticks. The texture design of the thumbsticks cap protects your finger from the controller, it is compatible with most of the controllers, including the first version of the Elite controller. The joystick thumb grip protect covers are made of quality Silicon, which are comfortable and durable, giving you good use feeling, and 2 pair of white cap covers can light in the dark, another 2 pair of black cap covers cannot light, so you can choose them according to your preference. The cap and Joysticks are made from plastic, metal, and qualitySilicon to serve you for a long time.

Brand: Skylety

👤The rubber on the controller has some seams on it, and the caps slip off when you use it. I can live with it for the price, but I'm not going to use the caps anyways because of how bad the encoders are. It's not the best way to explain it, but you can only use half of the travel, so it's more sensitive. They do work. I will give a couple of stars, but they are not as good as the factory ones. I moved the factory to the right and installed these only on the right since I rarely use my right one.

👤The first time, all of the joysticks worked perfectly. The sizes of the screwdrivers were the exact ones needed. Comes with replacement thumbsticks. The plastic tools were useful. The instructions were brief and useful. The plastic pry tool is a little more flexible than one would like. The job was done. The rubber covers are a bit bigger than the thumbstick knob, and they feel a little loose. Before the install could fix it, there had to be a shot of CA glue and a wrap of tape. I'll probably buy this kit again.

👤I like the tools that come with it and the parts seem to be of good quality. Will definitely buy again.

👤It is amazing if you know what you are doing, even if you messed with my controller.

👤Those into video games will appreciate this Christmas gift. I am not sure what to look for in items like this that have multiple sets of parts.

👤You get both the analog sensors and the joysticks with these.

👤The stick de mis mandos de ps4 is a producto. ha ido a peor el click no va o es muy duro, puestos y malos, pero los componentes son malos y he probado con varios no reconocimiento.

👤fertig und weiter. berraschenderweise ist die gut. Lten sollte jedoch erfahrene Schrauber. Haltbarkeit ist von gut.

👤Muy rapido el envio, el empaquetado la verdad, perfecto doble paquete, unas almohadillas para ellas. No tienes menos, pero funcionan perfectamente para su funcion. sensibilidad y mas zona muerta en ese aspecto no tienes.

👤Con todos los accesorios, pedido recibido antes del tiempo estipulado. La pega ha sido al coger los joysticks, con los pines doblados. Aun no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes. Cuando los pruebe,volvere a calidad de los recambios.

👤Un prezzo ragionevole di cappucci. Compatibilit con PS3 and PS4 and the game controller appunto per.

5. RGEEK Replacement Thumbsticks Workmanship Screwdriver

RGEEK Replacement Thumbsticks Workmanship Screwdriver

We provide good after-sales service and treat every customer sincerely. They support a 30-day return. If you are not satisfied with their repair tools, please contact them immediately and they will give you the most satisfactory service. Moderate soldering is needed. It is highly recommended to have a professional install a replacement analog joystick for xbox one. Premium impact resistant ABS material is very durable and not easy to aging. They have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods they produced are always of the best quality, as well as a precision design, perfect for your controller. The controller is compatible with the xbox one There are 12 replacement "T6" screws, 7 replacement "T8" screws, 2 x pry tools, 1 x pry bar, and 1 x brush.

Brand: Rgeek

👤To all that is still not sure. These take. Intermediate skill is best to solder and desolder these axis modules. It's going to be a tough way to do it, using a solder sucker or a soldering copper braid. Over the past 10 years, I've done 100 of these. People agree with me that we like the OEM sticks more. You know that axis modules come apart if you know anything about them. If you destroy them, you can clean them. The sensor wheel plates come off. The rest is easy to clean with an alcohol soaked q tip. Clean and dry q tip. You wouldn't need to order them. It is a great replacement and of good quality. The springs can be replaced from the original stick into the new ones. The tension is not as stiff as these. These are absolutely accurate. The only reason I'm giving this a 3 is because of it. I'm still impressed, even though they got 2 things wrong. The Silicone button pads are not compatible with the Xbox One S controller. 2. The pry tool is cheap and hurts the hands. I have large hands so it probably doesn't help. The Thumbsticks are of good quality. Would buy again. It is definitely reccomend.

👤I bought this in combination with a soldering kit on Amazon that included a lot of tools needed to do soldering at home. I was having trouble with my left analog stick on my controller, it was drifting randomly up or down on the vertical axis. I tried opening the controller multiple times, cleaning the inner parts, and even replacing the vertical sensor with a fresh one, but I couldn't get it to open. It was acting up, sadly. I replaced the entire assembly. It took me close to 30 minutes to finish, despite the fact that I only had about 12 solder joints. The new joystick worked perfectly once it was attached. I spent 40 dollars on parts and a soldering kit set, which was a great investment since I couldn't find new ones in stick, and the used controllers were going for $80. It also means that if I ever have a problem with these controllers, I still have at least 3 more sticks to use. The screwdrivers, extra screws, plastic parts, and other items all work well for their purpose. They seem to be durable, and no parts were missing. I recommend this set to anyone who is having issues with their Xbox One sticks.

👤If you are going to solder these replacements to the circuit board, be careful. I had to solder to a jumper wire because of the damaged circuit board when I tried to remove the metal pads from it with a hot air gun. You tube has a few how-to videos that show how to swap the servos without having to be a wizard with solder. After almost completely destroying my project, I found this out for myself. Just do some quick research and you'll be happy with it.

6. EXtremeRate Rubberized Replacement Faceplates Xbox One

EXtremeRate Rubberized Replacement Faceplates Xbox One

Their exclusive dual replacement therapy consists of pure macadamia oil, rich in Omega-7 and the most soothing and effective moisturizers science has to offer. Give yourself self care by adding to your skin care routine. Check the second picture of the listing for compatibility models. Only compatible with the Xbox One Elite controller. Fit the best by far; Completely fits flush on all sides; sit properly on all the clips. The package includes one Left side rails have a blue tip tool. The controller and other parts are not included. Installation is easy with no opening shell or complicated action needed, you can find the installation video guide by searching 'Xbox One Elite Side Rails - Extremerate' or 'tW1MPee2rBA' on Youtube. Side rails that are rubberized can improve your gaming experience.

Brand: Extremerate

👤This product is the only solution for pealing grips on an elite controller that is exact to the manufacturers piece and it is easy to find. It is very easy to install, but it can be hard to understand. Remove the old panel with your fingernails or a butter knife if your nails are too short. Don't worry about breaking anything, it will take a little bit of force. It is similar to the rest of the controller sticks and parts. Don't use a knife if you want to avoid damaging the electronics inside. The new panel should be easy to install. Some of the earlier generation Elite Controllers may be in your possession. This is crazy. Take the old panel and the new panel. There will be two small clips on the new one that the old doesn't have. There will not be a spot for the clips to plug into the controller. The two clips are next to the two larger circles that fit into your controller. You can remove the two clips by pinching and twisting them. The panel can be snapped into place without much effort, even if you have a different style controller.

👤I was very worried about the quality when I ordered them. I'm nothing if not impressed immediately after installation, but I can't speak to the future. I can't tell if there is anything aftermarket on the controller. It came with no instructions. Just showed up in a plastic baggy that said "Made in china" The last photo I posted shows where I put the screwdriver in between the gaps of the cover. A previous reviewer said I would avoid the area when snapping it off. It wasn't very difficult, but it did take a little more force than I wanted to use. During the process, nothing cracked.

👤I bought this pair to replace the grips that were peeling off my controller. It looks and feels like a brand new controller. They will have an update later on how they are preforming.

👤I had the grip on my controller start to peel off. I didn't want to replace the controller because it was in perfect shape. I did some research for replacement grips and stumbled upon this. I'm fine with repairing electronics, but I didn't like the installation video and the side grips popped off. Once you see how the tool pops off, you can take it off with your hand. The fit on the replacement grip is perfect. The controller is exactly the same color as the plastic on the black one. The controller has two rubber parts, the grip part and the controller's rubber sole. I thought it was better than buying a controller, but it's perfect. You can't tell the difference. I was surprised that this was so easy and cheap, but it wasn't much to save an expensive controller. I'm very happy with this product.

👤I was a bit skeptical about this product. I was worried that it wouldn't match the non-replaced portion of the grips, but that wasn't the case. The replacement grips and the original grips are the same. The texture and color look good and sit flush with the rest of the controller. It was difficult to remove the grips, but it wasn't bad. The old ones were easy to remove and replace. They give you a small tool to help with the removal of the old ones, but it takes a bit of effort. I think I was being too cautious. If you are looking for replacement grips for the ELITE 1 controller, look no further. These will not fail you. I've been using them for 3.5 months now and they are still holding up.

7. Quartet Trade Controller Accessory Different

Quartet Trade Controller Accessory Different

Money saving and easy to invest. T8 T6 screwdrivers are included with the controller, they will help you open the shell and make it look better, if you need to replace the thumbsticks, you can just use their cheap ones. The dimensions of the Xbox One Elite Controller Parts are the same. Each set comes with 6 thumbsticks and 2 D-pads. Buy new wireless controllers instead of replacing damaged or lost ones. The case and screwdrivers for the Xbox One Elite Controller Button Set were made from aluminum. A full set of 15 xbox one elite wireless controller replacement parts and 4 maintenance tools. If there are quality problems, there will be a free replacement within six months.

Brand: Aqidap

👤One downside to the whole kit is the left analog replacement. I rebuilt my controller and went into an match, but my left Trigger did not work. The controller was disassembled and replaced with an older one that has lots of play. Trigger works well. I tried the new stick with my old thumb grip and it didn't work, but I did get some interesting results with the new stick. The old analog was used in order to use the controller. I don't know if this is related to the controller or the magnets, but buyer beware. The rebuild kit for everything was good, but I found a fault with the left analog stick replacement.

👤The D pad was not perfect. The magnets in the d pad were sticking out. I couldn't use it because I couldn't push one of the buttons, which is half the reason I bought it. The thumbsticks fit but the magnets are weak and make a rattle if you release your thumbs from them. The rattle is not bad but be careful. I don't recommend this product.

👤I originally gave this a rating of four stars. The controllers that came with the thumb sticks lasted about 2 years before they were bald, which is why I bought this kit. The original ones never popped off, they just wore down. Unless you like playing on metal nubs, you would be better served with a different product. The paddles are not as magnetic as the original. One of them is barely hanging on. So far, so good. It could be cheaper or different colors.

👤The product is very cheap and will not fit an elite controller. Very disappointed. I was excited to have an extended dome thumb stick. The sticks did not fit in my series 2. The dumb thumbstick was added to the package.

👤This was a great option for missing pieces to your controller. I have lost a few of the paddles and thumb sticks of my controller over the years and I was worried about having to buy a new controller which would cost me over $100, but this version works perfectly for my pc and I don't want to do that. The pieces are the same quality as the original controller. I was messing with the paddles and couldn't tell my original pieces from the new ones. 10/10

👤I ordered this kit for my elite series one. The two sticks I needed were not in the whole kit. There are two sticks for this series. Look at the pictures. The first and second series have three channels each. The medium and large sticks fit my controller, but the short sticks don't. How does that happen? After a week and a half of waiting for the item to arrive, I am not impressed that my controller is still useless and you can't just exchange it because it will probably be the same. I have to spend more money to wait.

👤Some parts of the product look used. I'm not sure if this was a return or if these are factory defects, but it's not worth the money.

8. Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Security Screwdriver Crowbars Tweezers Controller

Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA-based customer service. Compared to other products, they have added a high-grade metal double-headed crowbar, which can be used in conjunction with a nylon double-headed crowbar, which greatly meets your various needs. It's compatible with PS4 They have added a 3.0mm screwdriver to be compatible with PS4. The PS3 and PS4 controllers use T8 and PH0 screwdrivers. The XBOX controller and console use screwdrivers. It can be used in household appliances, furniture and toys. All their screwdrivers are made of high-quality S2 steel, which is more accurate and durable than silver CRV bits, and they are magnetically designed, which can fix small screws to avoid falling. The screwdriver handle is made of TPR and PP materials, with a special non-slip design, easy to grasp and very comfortable; the flexible cover at the bottom of the screwdriver handle can rotate smoothly. Press down and rotate the screwdriver when using it vertically. The screwdriver handle makes it easier to repair the instrument. The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws The kit includes the T6 and T10 screwdrivers, tweezers, brushes, 5 crowbars, 4 rocker caps, and 10 screws

Brand: Jorest

👤I needed a smaller star shaped head for the part of my controller that was broken. This set came with 4 sizes and was able to use parts from an old controller to fix my more expensive one.

👤The tools were used to disassemble the controller. You would be surprised at the amount of dead skin. 5 controllers were cleaned to stop the drift. Work like new.

👤The tools will work for both XBOX and PS. The plastic tools are the only tools that are iffy. I had a pry tool chip on the pry edge because it was made from brittle plastic. The metal tools worked well.

👤This set of tools was very useful for me. I will not look for another kit. I was surprised that the tools were magnetic.

👤I used this kit to disassemble my xbox and clean it of roaches. The screw drivers and the tweezers were what I needed. It is easy to disassemble an xbox with this kit, it also worked on my xbox series one s.

👤A good kit for X Box One repair. Not a professional grade. They will get the job done. Good value for money. I would recommend them to others.

👤The tools are perfect for taking my controller apart and fixing it. This tool kit is recommended by me.

👤It doesn't work for Xbox one.

👤The kit contains a T10 security screwdriver, which I needed to remove the PS3 from my possession. The tools were packaged nicely and arrived quickly. The heat sink paste I ordered from Amazon is working. One of my better purchases.

👤The best cleaning kit for PS4 is the PROS. Conclusions. If you own a PS4 or similar, you need a cleaning kit.

👤I only needed the T8 driver as I had the other components, but the metal pry device wasn't in the same orange colour scheme, that's being picky.

👤The PS4 Pro needed to be disassembled to apply the thermal paste and change the thermal pads. I'm not a fan of putting together furniture and hanging a roller blind, but after doing some research this kit had everything I needed. If you're looking to do the same, would definitely recommend.

👤It was complete waste of money for me. I brought it to take apart my ps4 controller because the description says it can be used for ps4s, but it seems to only be compatible with xbox. Doesn't have a screwdriver in it. Product quality is good but beware when buying for a ps4

9. Replacement Controller Thumbsticks Screwdriver Compatible

Replacement Controller Thumbsticks Screwdriver Compatible

If your game controller component is broken, don't worry, this combination can solve your problem, they can restore your controller to its original status without additional cost, and it is also equipped with installation tools and button caps. The replacement LBRB bumpers set is compatible with the Xbox one S controller with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is practical for repairing broken bumper buttons or malfunctioning wireless controller shell. Not easy aging and very durable, is made of impact resistant ABS material. If you have a model of controller that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can once again enjoy a working headphone jack. A replacement button for your damaged or non-working 3D joystick axis and thumb stick will allow you to play better. The package includes: 4 pieces 3D analog joysticks, 4 pieces thumbsticks caps, 2 pieces LBRB bumpers, 2 pieces middles, and 4 pieces red transparent replacement buttons.

Brand: Skylety

👤One of the four modules has a white hair and is bent pins. The plastic bag that was packaged in by the vendor will not protect the modules and then it is put in a plastic bubble bag. Feels cheap but won't mess with the bent pins to see if it works.

👤I didn't know it was suppose to break on the first use. I was using it on my controller. The tip broke last night. It had to be flipped over to use the other side.

👤It was great for all parts except the bumper repair, which is not repairable without extensive electronics replaced and soldering.

👤There is a very small package. The delivery guy threw it into my plants, I was told a picture didn't find it for a while. I would like a list of what goes where. Since I am blind, videos don't help. The seller wouldn't know. Please write something in writing.

👤If it had replacement buttons, it would have gotten 5 stars.

👤It had everything he needed.

👤Buen producto con varios repuestos.

👤I needed to fix some of my broken babies.

👤No son compatibles con mandos de Xbox series X, pero a pesar de lo diga.

👤Les tournevis ne sont pas adaptée, en effet pour le manettes xbox. -_-

👤Bonjours, le soucis s'est le revtement des joystick, qui s'est le bout de trois mois.

10. SOSS GAMING Genuine Analog Joysticks

SOSS GAMING Genuine Analog Joysticks

The cap and Joysticks are made from plastic, metal, and qualitySilicon to serve you for a long time. The original parts are still there. The products are original and of the highest quality. Money saver, if you have a non-properly working joystick. Don't worry! The kit is the perfect solution to make your controller work again. A brand new controller is not necessary if you don't need to shell out much. You will need basic soldering skills along with other basic tools. The complete list is in the description. This fixes something. Stick drift, creeping, stuttering, blind spots, dead zones, no click, non-centered, broken, and loose joysticks. There is a package included. 6X Joysticks, 1X T8 Security Torx Screwdriver, 1X T6 Torx Screwdriver, and 1X Prying tool. The original controller is compatible with the wireless models. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns.

Brand: Soss Gaming

👤Jasson Tripp said that Microsoft does not allow the public to calibrate the sticks, but SOSMING did a great job explaining in detail how to MANUAL calibrate your analog sticks. It is not easy for someone new to soldering to practice on junk first, then try this out. The controller is worth not buying a new controller, I have some pics of the packaging and a video after the 45 minutes of manual calibration.

👤I returned them before they arrived because I wanted to fix my controller. The public doesn't have the software to install and edit these. There is a way to modify the sticks but that is not what I wanted. Do your research before buying a product.

👤The controller was driving me crazy. To buy a new one? I chose the SOSS Analog Joystick Repair Kit because I was a cheapskate. Why are you three stars? I couldn't find a way to make sure that it would work as it should. I had a lot of time on my hands and I had the tools. I watched the videos. The potentiometer thinks the rod is off-center when in fact it is slightly off-center. After installation, my problem was still drift, not centering, even though the software showed inside deadzone. Their video did not say anything about how to correct for drift. The resistance between the left side and the right side of each potentiometer should be in balance, according to a video. I tested all of the potentiometers provided in the kit and only a few came close to being matched. I used those as a hopeful sort. It worked perfectly after installing trial and error. Until... After an hour of play, extreme drift again. I lubricated the stick because I thought it wasn't returning to true center, because the joystick felt a bit more resistant to movement than the stick. It still feels fragile even though that seemed to do the trick. I have to keep rotating it and uttering magic in order to keep it from drifting again. For simplicity's sake, I used Steam calibration. The deadzone is small when it works. Even a large deadzone over the 50% mark on the bar does not solve it when it does not work. The resistance balancing on each potentiometer did not seem to be as sensitive to the SOSS calibration as some have said. I can't give you a recipe for getting this thing to work except for patience and trial and error.

👤I replaced the sticks on the controller during the calibration and found they were way off the method in the video. I did this many times because it said if the calibration is off too far, I should change to a new one. I found the problem when I inspected the stick, there is a small grey tab on the side of the stick that leads to the controller. Several of the sticks were not straight. I used the old sticks with the new springs and potentiometer's.

11. SOSS GAMING Analog Thumbstick Replacement

SOSS GAMING Analog Thumbstick Replacement

If you have a question about their products, please contact them via Amazon. Money saver, broken thumbstick? Don't worry! The kit is the perfect solution to make your controller work again. No need to shell out $60 or more for a new controller. It's a no-brainer to do the repair yourself because it's so easy to install and you can save a lot of money. 100% High Quality Joysticks are what make your joysticks feel refreshed. If you're looking for a thumbstick that will last, look no further. 6X Thumbsticks, 1X T8 Torx Screwdriver, 1X PrecisionPhillips Screwdriver, and 1X Prying tool are included in the package. Easy installation. There are many videos on the internet to show you the way. Installation is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. Extra tools are not needed. Everything you need for the repair is in this kit. The first version Elite Controllers are compatible with all the original controllers. Also compatible with Nintendo Pro Controllers. You can now upgrade your controllers with the Xbox ones as well. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products at SOSS gaming. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They support their products at SOSS gaming. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, they will give you a replacement for free. They will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns.

Brand: Soss Gaming

👤The only ones that fit properly and feel the same as the original are the ones on Amazon. They fit well because they are cleaned and refurbished genuine parts. I recommend these over other parts since they feel the same as the original ones and the price is good.

👤Installation was easy after watching the video. The magnetic tip on the torx bit was nice. After doing my second controller, the plastic wedge seemed to get a little worn down. Not a dealbreaker. A happy customer would recommend anyone who needs to replace a thumbstick on a controller.

👤My thumbsticks are worn, so I bought these on a chance. I was looking for replacement ones. It was difficult to find actual rubber thumbsticks, most of the pages advertised were hard plastic. The thumbsticks are great. It's easy to put on a controller. These are the thumbsticks replacements you want.

👤It worked perfectly for my controller. I have a bigger issue with stick drift than just the sticks, but replacing them helped a little. They feel like the manufactured ones. It was very easy to take apart the controller and put them in. I just watched a couple videos on the internet and found one that was right for me.

👤I bought a product from SOSS because I thought my girlfriend's puppy had ruined my phantom black Xbox controller that you can't even buy anymore after he chewed the thumbsticks off. It feels good as new after it was taken apart and used the tools included. I am happy I bought it.

👤The original Xbox one controller thumb sticks are almost indistinguishable. You can't tell the difference unless you have them side by side under a microscope. They work well. Just like the originals. Installation was easy. If you want to figure it out, watch a quick video on YouTube. I changed out the thumb sticks on three controllers. Really can't recommend enough.

👤My dog chewed off the thumb pads on my XBOX One X remotes, so I bought this kit. These seem to be the same as the original pads. It was easy to install. The two side pieces had to be removed without breaking the little clips. The pry tool in this kit is not very good for disengaging clips. I didn't have to buy new remotes.

👤If you are looking for something similar to the factory set, you will not find better thumb-stick replacements. The kit comes with six in total and is the absolute best. This is the best choice.


What is the best product for xbox one controller parts repair kit?

Xbox one controller parts repair kit products from Soss Gaming. In this article about xbox one controller parts repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Rgeek and Oritikur are also good brands to look for when you are finding xbox one controller parts repair kit.

What are the best brands for xbox one controller parts repair kit?

Soss Gaming, Rgeek and Oritikur are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xbox one controller parts repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Skylety, Rgeek and Extremerate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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