Best Ykk 5 Zipper Slider Repair Kit

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1. ZipperStop Wholesale Solution Neutrals Neutrals

ZipperStop Wholesale Solution Neutrals Neutrals

The best way to replace the whole slide is with a new one. Not repairing missing teeth on a chain. Pefection for sewing or jewelry.

Brand: Zipperstop

👤I ordered these together with their 36" zippers so I could cut them in 3 parts to make 3 zippers. They work well. You can mix the colors of your zippers to make a punch. I ordered 2 more packages yesterday because I want to be able to cut those 36 zippers in 4 smaller projects. The colors are striking. If you choose the bright colors for the zippers, you will get the same colors as you have on, because you have a choice of neutral, bright and another choice that I cannot remember. I won't buy another one at a retail store.

👤Awesome pulls. They are being used for a sewing project. I bought them because I can use both sides of the zip up if I get more pulls. I like that I can change the color of the pull and zip up pouch to make it look different. The company was great in getting these to me. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend them to everyone.

👤I'm loving changing out my old, boring zipper sliders for bright colored ones. They make a big difference in the purses I make and give as gifts. Everyone loves seeing the little pops of color that make a gift so special. The sliders were in excellent condition when they arrived. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I used these to open the zippers. I can use both halves of the zip up when making small bags because of these pulls. I had to buy both YKK and the YKK pulls so that they fit together perfectly.

👤I only needed two black pulls. It appeared that was what was included. I knew I could use the colored ones in my upholstery. Only one black pull, that's much to my disappointment. It's not right.

👤I love the pulls. They are great for my projects because they allow me to use up the left over pieces. They are easy to put on and work with. The colors are great to go with. These are a good value.

👤If you also order their assortment package, you'll get a great deal on these slides/pulls. There weren't any matching colors of the pulls I ordered. I just mixed-and-matched colors, that's not a problem. The staff at ZipperStop Wholesale are very pleasant and they are a great business to buy from. They are where I go to get ribbons and other things.

👤These are a nice assortment of colors that work well to use some of the pieces of the long zippers that I have cut off. All the remains don't go to waste.

👤The first order didn't arrive. They shipped it again and I received it. The item was as expected and the service was good.

👤I couldn't make the head fit onto the teeth so these turned out to be useless to me.

👤These were exactly as they were shown and arrived in time to complete my project.

👤Very pleased with the purchase.

2. ZipperStop Authorized Distributor YKK® Assortment

ZipperStop Authorized Distributor YKK%C2%AE Assortment

The broken or worn zippers should be replaced. The YKK Zipper Repair Kit Vislon is a distributor of ZipperStop. The Vislon Slider will fit old and new. Not compatible with "2-Way"Molded Zippers.

Brand: Ykk

👤The Universal kit was sent after I ordered the Vislon repair kit. I was told by Jeff the Universal kit would work on both old and new Vislon zippers. That wasn't the case. After removing my old one, which was missing the pull, I put on the Universal Slider. I zip it as it separated. It took a bit of wiggling to get it back off. The old slide worked again after I put it back on. I haven't heard from Jeff since I contacted him four days ago and asked him to send the correct kit.

👤There is a good chance that you will find the correct pull for the traveler in this assortment. To install, you need to remove the stop, which looks like a fatter than normal tooth, thread on the new traveler, and then crimp on a new stop. If you need a new stop, you should order some stops at the same time as this kit.

👤This set had the color of the slider I needed. After watching a video on you-tube, I was able to remove the top stop and replace it with a new one. It would be great if the set included new stops. I was able to find a store that sells upholstery fabric for less than a quarter a piece.

👤If you have a lot of different colors in need of repair, these are the correct size and color. They are less expensive than replacing a whole garment. When I asked my preferred cleaners if they could repair a broken zipper, they offered to replace it with a new one instead of replacing the slider. If you have good manual dexterity, you can use a small file and a pair of needle nose pliers to fix the sliders. It works well for patients and adventurous people.

👤I used it to fix some of my broken zippers. They work well as replacements. I found the color selection helpful.

👤I was able to bring my coat back from the dead. It is difficult to force the new piece on without cutting, but it can be done.

👤I was hoping to fix the zippers that they don't fit, but they are exactly as described.

👤They fit and do the job. They don't seem to attach the same way as the original. At least not. The initial zip was a little difficult to get.

👤It was perfect! It took awhile to order, but now the beoken zipper task is complete.

👤C'est pas pour le fermeture.

👤Excellent -- The pull is easy to install and works perfectly.

3. Zipper Repair Solution YKK Vislon

Zipper Repair Solution YKK Vislon

The broken or worn zippers should be replaced. The solution for the YKK Zipper Repair Kit is made in the USA. The Vislon YKK #10 Molded Slider is a repair kit. "Old & New" is how the YKK #10 Vislon Slider is described. The best way to replace the whole slide is with a new one. Not repairing missing teeth on a chain.

Brand: Ykk

👤Our local chain sewing store didn't have a large enough hoodie for my father, so I bought this one. I was unable to return the item because it was fulfilled by Amazon and it was a Prime item. There was no mention of this product being ineligible for return. I can't fix my father's hoodie because I'm out my money.

👤Thank you to the reviewer who confirmed the fix. I thought I'd add a little more info to help the next person. My Jeep's Bestop TrekTop broke on the passenger side back panel. The panel has a big stop on it. There is a stop on the window panel. The stop is large enough to fit the zip. Pull it off with pliers or something small. The stop can be pushed back in place with that removed. It was easy. It was an easy fix.

👤I did not know until recently that when a zip up is pulled open, it is not the zip up at all. I thought I would have to throw away the repaired jackets because I didn't think I could put in a new one. Great to know. These pulls are easy to add to the zip up so it works again.

👤I do a lot of home repairs. Having a selection of pulls allows me to fix things. I got a set of pulls to make a new zip for the duffel bag tote. I replaced the crushed pull on the sweater with a new one. You can find instructions and videos on the internet to help you fix things. I fix purses and sew tote bags, so these are very useful.

👤I have to repeat the earlier comment. I have an expensive leather coat. I thought that the coat was going to cost a lot of money to repair, as did the previous person, because the slider broke last year. I found the store on the internet. When I saw that their shipping was more than $10, I was very disappointed. I decided to check it out at Amazon. It turns out that the same shipper is more reasonable on the shipping. I can live with $3. The Vislon #10 Slider was nicely packaged and arrived in about 3-4 days. I would not order from the website again. Unless they fix the shipping. I appreciate that it's a flat rate, but there needs to be a way to ship a small part for less, because I am one of the few small orders. There is a I guess there was an order from Amazon.

👤I don't think a jeep soft top is a good idea. Anyone with a Jeep knows how hard it is to get up the rear window. The first zip had a broken slider. You can feel the difference between the two.

👤This was a perfect replacement for the broken bestop soft top.

👤I had a broken ykk v 10 zip on my golf cart cover. It was easy to put on and worked well. Well worth the money. You get two for the price you pay.

4. ZipperStop Wholesale Solution Sliders Stoppers

ZipperStop Wholesale Solution Sliders Stoppers

The Donut Style Pulls are in a Clamshell Box. There are four types of brass: Brass (gold, silver, and nickel), Silver, and Antique Brass. The best way to replace the whole slide is with a new one. Not repairing missing teeth on a chain. It is possible that the color on your monitor is different.

Brand: Ykk

👤These are genuine YKK #5 sliders and have a nice oiled-bronze finish. These may not fit your 5mm zip up. My wife's jacket is made in China and has a logo from her last job. There is a number 5 on the old slider. The longer the teeth are, the harder it will be for them to pass through the slider. You would need to be very handy to do this for yourself. I wish the jacket had a zip.

👤This was not easy to fix, but we did it. The type of bottom stop that you receive with this kit works only for zippers that stay together on the bottom. We used it to repair a jacket zip up, but that type of stop wasn't included. I don't know how long this repair will last, because we damaged a part of the zipper when we took the bottom stop off, and I'm a little worried about the durability of that part of the zipper. It was easy to replace the whole zipper.

👤The zip on my jacket had to be replaced. I used wire cutter to remove the stay at the top. The zip was removed by me. The new design was hard to move. I used a Qtip to put the spray on the zip up. It worked. The replacement is a bit more snug than the broken one. It works now. I was surprised that I could fix the jacket.

👤Woohoooo! My favorite coat was saved by these heads. The size was ordered based on the number stamped on the broken head. It took 60 seconds to replace the old one. The metal is removed from the top of the zip up. After sliding on the new head, pliers were used to put a new stop on the top of the broken one. The heads of the zipper worked well.

👤A great replacement for a broken piece of furniture. It worked great on the metal teeth. Don't care if you don't match the black jacket. This simple fix is what makes the jacket work again.

👤The ykk is broken. The pull was broken apart. The replacement part did the trick in a few minutes. Be sure to order the correct size and material. My husband said his sweatshirt was not good even when it was new. It was his favorite sweatshirt.

👤I was able to use this successfully.

👤These are some of the best. There are helpful videos on the internet if you've never installed one before. The kit has no instructions. Look at your old sliders to confirm that you get only 5. This kit saved a nice leather jacket for me.

5. ZipperStop Distributor YKK Solution Reversible

ZipperStop Distributor YKK Solution Reversible

You can find more bag and leather craft accessories on Amazon. The YKK Zipper Repair Kit Solution is a wholesale distributor. The YKK 5 molded retractable Slider is used for repair or replace. 3 Pulls per Pack of YKK Reversible Pull Vislon Slider Zipper Pulls on your choice of fancy Slider that you need for your project. Fit with the zip up and repair the zippers. The broken or worn zippers should be replaced.

Brand: Zipperstop Distributor Ykk

👤It works with my fleece jacket. I wanted to replace the broken pull tab with a locking one because I thought it would be a good choice. The locking mechanism doesn't work at all, but it is a good zipper. I can see a spring inside, but it doesn't prevent the zipper from moving or putting it in a locked position. If I wanted a regular one without a lock, I would get a cheaper one. It works, but not well.

👤I didn't have to change my vest. I have a weird old North Face vest that is difficult to replace, and I shop at thrift stores. It's perfect for me and I love it. I thought the pull was a goner when it wore out. I was relieved when I found out that the pulls work, and even more so when I found out that they can be replaced. The procedure took about five minutes. I'm going to be able to use the spare on a few other random things I have around the house because they are so common.

👤I was able to put a 5.11 tactical fleece liner back in service for far less with the help of a bunch of things. Next fix will be an old WearGuard liner that has a Vislon zip. I regret sending an old Convert jacket back to Columbia for a replacement credit because I know how to fix the zippers. This is worth figuring out if you need to fix a zipper in the backcountry and add a couple of items to your repair kit.

👤A pair of needle nose pliers will suffice for applying the stop. The first stop flew off. There were no instructions or warnings. It works, but it is not smooth, I had a Talon pull in it before. The pull has broken off 4 months later. It was found in the washing machine. Decreased from 3 stars to 1.

👤It was perfect for my jacket. It was the same as the other one, but in a different color. I watched a video on how to do it. I just looked at where the letters were facing and installed it the same way. I used a screw driver to pry the one side of the case open. It works like an original. It can take 1-2 months for northface to get back to normal.

👤This almost saved my life. I was able to replace the broken zipper on the jacket without buying a new one. This is a good match for the original. It took a little work to remove the old zipper, but it was worth it. I put a new one at the top of the repair kit. No one else will ever know that my jacket is as good as new.

👤I'm happy to be able to repair my jacket's zipper for a few dollars, rather than having to replace it or throw it away. The process took less than 5 minutes to complete.

6. CRAFTMEmore D Rings Horseshoe Replacement Gunmetal

CRAFTMEmore D Rings Horseshoe Replacement Gunmetal

The most common size zippers and accessories for jackets, coats, skirts and slacks can be used to resolve most of the zipper replacement needs. The measurement is 22mm x 22mm. The interior length of the bar. The metal thickness is 4mm. You can find more bag and leather craft accessories on Amazon.

Brand: Craftmemore

👤I put these in my pouch to use it as a crossbody. The rods fit in between the tabs without me making any changes to the bag. The hardware on my bag is perfectly matched by these. Despite being exposed to the elements, I see no reason to tarnish them. Excellent quality! Would purchase again and again.

👤Individually packaged, total of 4 D rings. I was looking for a way to convert my pouch into a purse. The D rings are the way to get guys if you want to. Trust me. I tried different brands and sizes. Hope this helps.

👤I bought these because of other reviews that said to put the d-ring bars through the vachetta tab loops to add straps to Louis Vuitton cosmetic pouches. The d-rings I received did not work for my Louis Vuitton GM or regular pouch. The vachetta tab was too small to fit the threaded bars, and I was not going to damage it in order to make it fit. The threading on all four of the d rings worked well.

👤The D rings were of great quality. The color of the bags is great. They were too thick to fit behind a leather tab. I wish they came in different thicknesses. The thickness of this bar is 3mm. Press firmly to avoid stripping the screw. I wish these worked out for me. Maybe they can come out with smaller widths.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. I ordered the rings to make my pouch crossbody. The hardware matches the fabric.

👤We are no good and these look beautiful. I took multiple tools and tape to remove them after following directions. It almost ruined my bag. I bought a crossbody to convert my lv cosmetic bag, but it was too new for it to work. It was not good. I would love to come back.

👤I need the links to add it to my bag. I could change it to a crossbody.

👤Excellent quality and fast shipping. I bought the D rings to convert my bag into a cross body. It is a great match for the gold hardware.

👤The product is amazing and the delivery is fast.

👤I wanted to turn my pouch into a mini-crossover. The size of the pin/screw is small, but I was able to put them on with a little patience and skill. I think the smaller version matches better with the larger one. It would be great if the seller shared the dimensions of the pin/screw.

👤Excellent quality metal. It is shiny. It was smaller than I expected. It is difficult to open.

👤A youtuber linked this product and I like it.

👤These are what I was looking for. Good quality!

7. Zipper Repair Kit Stoppers Included

Zipper Repair Kit Stoppers Included

There are plastic teeth. It was black. A solution for repairing jackets, Outerwear, and coats. Do it yourself and remove the old top stop. There are pliers that can be used. The old Slider needs to be removed. Measure and compare the old and new one. Use pliers to stop the Zipper. There are plastic teeth. It was black.

Brand: Zipperstop

👤A video on how to repair zippers was followed by a video on how to do it. I used a jacket for work and saved it for later. The jacket is as good as it ever was.

👤These were too big for my jacket. I could put it on, but it wouldn't mesh the teeth, and it was so big it moved past the bottom stopper. I'm new to repairing jackets, but I'm not sure what jacket these would fit in. The answer is probably no if you are wondering if these are the correct zippers for your jacket.

👤The slide was easy to put on. The zip ties work well now.

👤J'avais besoin pour reparer ma fermeture. Produit tel, par le vendeur.

👤These were more expensive but they are much better.

8. Zipper Repair Kit Reversible Sliders

Zipper Repair Kit Reversible Sliders

This kit prefers use of sliders for nylon coil zippers, baggage and suitcase, home textiles, costume designing, pillow cases, boutique accessories, costume design, kids clothing, bags accessories, costume decorations or other handicraft. Do not use a heavy jacket. Before you buy it, please make sure it's the right size and type. All things should be kept away from children. A solution for repairing jackets and coats. Replacing broken or worn out Zipper Sliders is a good idea. Do it yourself and remove the old top stop. There are pliers that can be used. The old Slider needs to be removed. Measure and compare the old and new sliders to find the right one. Use pliers to stop the Zipper. There are plastic teeth. It was black.

Brand: Zipperstop

👤If you know the size and kind you need, these sliders are great for repairing zippers on expensive items. It went on without a hitch. The stops are not very good, but you can use anything as a stop, and even sew a fat loop to keep the slider from getting lost. I asked if they were metal or plastic, and they both gave the same answer. I have metal. It should hold up well. If the stops worked better, it would get 5 stars, but since you don't need those, I gave it 5 stars for value.

👤The Columbia fleece vest had a broken zipper pull. The size of the pull works well, but the stop is terrible. It takes a lot of force to close it with pliers and when I finally got enough pressure to put it on the end of the teeth, the stop snapped in two. I need to find a different type of stop because this one is not good. I will have to see if I can find some of the three-prong stops that came with the original garment.

👤It worked out great. The shells and liners were restored. Went to watch videos of instructions. I was skeptical about the small tabs stops, but they worked out just fine. I wondered why there were so many in the package, I only used one for each zip up. I finished the jacket in a few minutes. There are tips to make the install easier. To remove the plastic tab stop, you have to 888-666-1846 The rest of the portion can be easily pulled off. 2. I found the opening of the slider too tight. I used the screwdriver to pry them wider. 3. If I placed the small piece on my work surface, I could pick it up with the pliers. Push the edge against the tab stop in the plier and crimp it down.

👤My jacket is 20 years old and the replacement zip was tight and not usable out of the box. My old pull has an inner width of 0.125" and this replacement is about 15thou (.015") narrower. Poor replacements for older YKK Vislon zippers like mine are made worse by the difference. To make it work, I removed the paint from the interior of the pull and created more space. I used a flat head screwdriver to open it. It's still tight and barely usable. I'm pretty sure that YKK has changed the dimensions of the #5 zippers in the last few years, or maybe they're just fakes.

👤I bought this to replace the one on the Columbia jacket. It looks like the one that broke, but this one didn't fit at all. I couldn't get it to move along the teeth. Returned it. I took the old jacket out of the closet to fix my broken zipper. It worked out perfectly. I should have started that.

9. YKK Vintage Zipper Repair Solution

YKK Vintage Zipper Repair Solution

It is possible that the color on your monitor is different. YKK is an authorized distributor of the ZipperStop. Fit with the fifth zip and repair the zippers. The broken or worn zippers should be replaced.

Brand: Zipperstop Distributor Ykk

👤The carhartt is a regular size. The smaller pull tab is nicer and less likely to get ripped off in the wash like mine did. Remove the little clip at the top of the zipper, install a new one, and put a squeeze clip on it.

👤When I was asked to repair a Carhartt jacket that had a broken zip, I was worried about replacing the entire zip. When I found this kit, I was able to replace the zip up.

👤The install is easy but it doesn't match the finish of the old one.

👤Absolutely ok product. The original Carhart zipper takes about two minutes to install, but the body of the new one is not as thick. Will update the review if necessary. They should have them in antique brass. The Carhart website has install instructions.

👤I used this kit to fix two zippers. One upholstery and one jeans. I did the upholstery by pulling at the bottom of the zipper and the jeans by pulling at the top. It is easier to start from the bottom.

👤I used it as soon as I got it, and it works great to replace broken zippers.

👤The items were delivered on time. The seller had a personal touch and packaged the items well. The items seem to be of good quality. I was able to repair my jacket in two minutes with a new one.

10. Zipper Repair Kit Universal Included

Zipper Repair Kit Universal Included

The size of Juvale's zippers is based on the width of the teeth in millimeters when they are closed. A solution for repairing jackets and coats. Do it yourself and remove the old top stop. There are pliers that can be used. The old Slider needs to be removed. Measure and compare the old and new sliders to find the right one. Use pliers to stop the Zipper.

Brand: Zipperstop

👤My old coat was worn out. I crimped it for a closer fit on the teeth, but on the third re-crimping, part of it broke off, making it useless. I saw that the item was marked with a letter. I thought that the entire 26 in. was. The replacement sliders were available, but the zip top needed to be replaced. I decided that I was a #5 after I found a chart that listed the sizes of the teeth. I ordered a kit. I used a small Diagonal Cutting Pliers to clip off the top stop, slid on the new stop, and crimped on it with a pliers. The zipper is working again.

👤It's a good deal that this product was able to repair a leather riding jacket that would have cost me $400 to replace, so it's a good thing. Since my riding jacket is a piece of safety equipment when I ride, I don't like the fact that the sliders in this kit almost never lock. It would be terrible to have the jacket open as I fall. I am giving it 4 stars and not 5. I will use the kit to install the 10 YKK sliders that I have on order, for $8. I would have paid double for this kit. There is no instructions for this kit, but there are many videos on the internet to show you how to do it. It is very easy to do. I learned how to fix common failures with this kit.

👤The plastic zippers on the North Face jacket and heavy zip-up hoodie made this pull work great. I am very happy with the product I ordered. Installation took 2 minutes. Highly recommended.

👤I had to get a similar one after my jacket's zipper broke. This one worked well. I didn't have any issues with it and it works the same way as the manufacture's one did. I recommend this one to someone. I was expecting it to take a while, but it arrived quicker than I anticipated. Great deal. You get 3 of them.

👤It was easy to replace the slider. There are many videos out there. The two hard parts were figuring out which of the two options to use and putting the little stops on the zip up. Their website gives you a lot of choices and they are grouped by size and type.

👤I got it to work but it zips slow to tight. If I had verified size needed, it would have worked perfect.

👤The original YKK on the garment does not function like this. The zip up continues to work. The internal stop doesn't stop the garment from being opened. If you bought a branded YKK zip up, I would request a swap.

👤It was great to replace a North Face fleece slider. It took five minutes.

👤Fantastic! I fixed the broken auto locking zipper sliders on my husband's sweater today, and one of them worked perfectly. He is happy to be able to zip up his sweater again. My oldest daughter's sweater was also fixed with the help of another of the sliders. The first time jewelry pliers tried to apply the stops, they didn't have the strength to do it, because a pair of regular pliers made quick work of it.


What is the best product for ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit?

Ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit products from Zipperstop. In this article about ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit you can see why people choose the product. Ykk and Ykk are also good brands to look for when you are finding ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit.

What are the best brands for ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit?

Zipperstop, Ykk and Ykk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ykk 5 zipper slider repair kit. Find the detail in this article. Ykk, Zipperstop Distributor Ykk and Craftmemore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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