Best Zipper Pull Repair

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1. Replacement Universal Durable Backpacks Jackets

Replacement Universal Durable Backpacks Jackets

The rope zipper pulls are designed with beautiful looks and bright colors, exquisite craftsmanship, and can be used to improve the temperament of your clothes, bags and other objects. There are 4 types and 4 sizes of the nylon, black metal, silver metal, and other zip ties in the repair kit, which can help resolve multiple zip ties needs. The upgraded zipper pull kit contains 32 pulls, abundant in quantity and various in style, suitable for most head sizes, such as #3, #5, #8, and #10. You will love the possibility of repairing your own clothes with ease, and without an expensive trip to the tailor! The nylon pull is woven with heavy nylon cord, while the metal pull tab is made of high quality zinc alloy, solid and durable to use for a long time. They guarantee that you will be happy with the product. It's easy to install, no need to sew or visit tailors. It is an ideal substitute for damaged or broken zippers. It saves you time and money, and makes it work better.

Brand: Wavebeexs

👤I have some old jackets with missing pulls. This kit was ordered because of the different types of replacement pulls. My kit didn't have instructions on how to disassemble it. I used needle nose pliers to pull the end out of the metal sleeve that I had fit into. I had to use something else because some of the heavier pulls looked like miniature padlocks and were too thick to fit through the zipper. I saved both jackets and with matching pulls, they almost looked news.

👤An update to my review. I used the largest clip on the talon. The wire on the talon was bent so much that it could fall off. These are not as strong as the original ones. I needed a part for my jackets. This was a great option because the cost to replace the zip was over $50. The pockets that have small zipper talons are easier to use with the cord loops added to them.

👤The set came quickly and has a good variety of pulls for various uses. I used two of them immediately to fix broken pulls on a fleece vest, they looked great, and were functional, which I wanted, neither of them had an attached zip. So far, it's been a good purchase.

👤They are cheap and break.

👤I made some Christmas gifts last year. I knew the zippers I had purchased wouldn't last long. I bought these zip ties to attach and they work better now. Very happy with the product.

👤I had already done three pulls. The metal is very easy to snap. I found more heavy duty options for replacement zip ties.

👤Fix a broken tab.

2. BJA T Shaped Extension Backpacks Jackets

BJA T Shaped Extension Backpacks Jackets

It's easy to fix any zip ties in a flash. It works like a new thing. There are no tools required. It's not easy to break or deform a replaceable and reuseable item. The nylon cord and TPU handle are ECO friendly. It's easy to handle, it's T-shaped. The rough surface is what prevents skidding. The nylon cord is easy to install. It's used for backpacks, luggage, jackets, etc. The packing is 10 pieces. The total length is 2.4" and the cord length is 1.61".

Brand: Bja

👤I used the zip ties to improve the zip on my 150 quart truck. The bag of fish is cooler. The cooler is great, but it was difficult to open the zipper with fish on your hands. The fish bag cooler is always easy to operate with the new zipper pulls. The pulls would work well on jackets, backpacks, and suitcases.

👤It is easy to grasp and hold, and I am not going to misplace my coat in the dark. Since my daughter and I have the same rain jacket, I just look for the green pull tab. Customer was happy. Thanks!

👤I put these on my ski patrol vest to make it easier to get into my first aid gear pockets. Even with heavy mittens on, it was easy to grab the pulls and open the pockets. The construction appears to be solid and should hold up for a long time.

👤The quality of these is great and they have held up well.

👤These work well on the clam hub shelter to replace the cheap metal pulls.

👤I was looking for prompt delivery.

👤I thought they would be much smaller. Installation on a few of my jackets turned out to be a good thing. They are large enough to have a good grip, but not so large that they can't get in the way. The only thing to remember is that they only work on the end of your regular tab and only in the direction of the zipper. The zip will become stuck if you try to pull it to the side or not on the same plane. If you have a missing metal tab, you need a repair kit.

3. ZlideOn Zipper Pull Replacement Available

ZlideOn Zipper Pull Replacement Available

Money back or satisfaction guaranteed? You don't have to buy a new jacket or a complicated repair kit to replace the zip. It takes less than a minute to do. You don't need to throw away your favorite clothes because of a broken zip. You can repair your clothes in 30s with ZlideOn's replacement zipper. ZlideOn is the best way to fix a zipper. Their different sizes fit jackets, pockets, bags, boots, dresses, skirts, and even wet suits. You will save money and the environment by using ZlideOn's replacement. Be nice to both of them. Material and size are normal. Black. L is the size that fits jeans, hoodies, jacket, and much more. The width of the fit is 5.70-6.10mm. The height is 2.40-2.60mm.

Brand: Zlideon

👤They charged $10 for a large zip up. The product was too small. They wanted $6 for me to return it. Don't buy from them.

👤I like the look and feel of this product. The problem is that it has a few features that are not ideal. I bought this to fix my daughter's rain jacket. Installation was easy once I watched the instructions and it worked well. My nine year old daughter freaked out when she tried to use the zip up and threw the jacket across the room, which was in the middle of the room. I take responsibility for our treatment, but the events began with the design and ended with the build quality. It's better for mature grown ups. Trying something else.

👤I was going to return it because it didn't work. I never got around to it. It was a costly lesson for me. I replaced the entire zip in these jeans. Sometimes there is more than one short cut. It could have been a user error. I don't think so. The company did a good job with the return.

👤The SunBrella seat cushion was replaced with a cheap-ass one. There are plastic teeth tracks. When trying to open the channel via video, the original zipper split apart, which worked on the other cushion. There is a problem of too large a cushion. You can get the size from the stamped number on the back of the original zipper. The screw lets you open and close the channel in a custom way, unlike the Swedish one, which clicks into place.

👤These were expensive, but they work well. The motorcycle jacket had a heavy duty zipper that I had to replace. I tried other replacements and they broke. This one was easy to install.

👤I needed to repair a jacket that was broken off and could not be closed. The easiest fix for my problem was the ZlideOn Zipper Pull replacement. It took more than a month for it to arrive but it worked out well. The video instructions helped me put on the new slide. The jacket's zip can be closed again.

👤I have been looking for a way to fix the rain jacket. I was amazed at how easy and inexpensive it was to use. Excellent produce!

👤I bought it to fix my bag. The video shows it differently. It took a screw driver and some effort to open it. I don't think it's a good product.

👤The cost of the zipper was initially quite high, but compared to a replacement it was a bargain. There were no instructions given. The diagram on the Amazon page was ok, but the slider didn't open as I expected. I found a couple of videos online. I used a small flat head screwdriver and a little wedge type tool to open the slider after I was shown a little tool to open it. It snapped closed with a little pressure. My coat is back in use.

👤The head wasn't large enough to be returned. No one was responsible except perhaps the description was not very clear.

4. Improved Replacement Pullers Extenders Mocossmy

Improved Replacement Pullers Extenders Mocossmy

Please confirm your size and type before purchasing. The E-uli Zipper replacement kit is used for a lot of things. The auto lock slideer ismoth work. There are 6 pieces black and silver zipper pull replacements in their package, they are suitable for most bags and clothes. The clothes and bags are in size 5, so you can use them at ease. Please keep small items away from kids. The surface of the pull tab is made of high quality zinc alloy, it is not easy to break, and can provide you a longer service life. Simply push in one side and slip it through the opening and it will snap back. It is easy to remove. Even when you are travelling, it is easy to repair your clothes. The metal zipper heads are suitable for many occasions, they can be applied for suitcases, jackets, bags, sportswear, down coats, backpack, boots and more.

Brand: Mocossmy

👤I like purses with lots of space. Those are usually close up with zippers. I realized I needed a solution when I lost one of the pulls. I chose the zip ties after researching various options. They look good on my purse. I now have extras in case this happens again. Highly recommended!

👤Promises more than it can deliver. It will not replace the tongue if the holes are large. It was a deceptive description.

👤I needed a thin hook. The hook is 1.2mm according to the description. The ones I received were only 2.48mm. They are useless because either the description is wrong or the wrong ones were sent.

👤The web site said it would fit a 5.

👤The clip wasn't big enough to fit into the spot on the coat where the zip was. After working on it for a while, I finally got it in. You will need to think about how the pull will work for you. I didn't think it would be necessary.

👤The pins were large enough to fit through my bag. I will keep rather than try to return as the cost is small. I might use them in the future.

👤Replacing broken luggage zippers was a great experience. Did not fit on some of the zippers. It isn't a "universal" replacement as advertised. It will replace some, but not all.

👤It is easy to attach supper. My daughter broke the zip pulls on her backpack. These are great to have. She has not lost/broken these yet.

👤a pse sur le piton qui empche de descendre, donc je dirais that c'est fait pour un trou plus grand.

5. Pulls,Zipper Extension,Upgraded Extension Luggage,Backpacks Handbags

Pulls%EF%BC%8CZipper Extension%EF%BC%8CUpgraded Extension Luggage%EF%BC%8CBackpacks Handbags

It is easy to replace broken or missing Zipper Handles. Attach it instantly and securely with a clip on. The replacement for the Zipper Pull is very easy to use. Can be used as a replacement for the original. 15 pieces of black zip ties are enough for your spare or replacement. Good quality, made of nylon and plastic, the Zipper Extension can last for a long time. ipper pulls can fit for your bags, jackets, purses, backpacks and travel cases You can move up and down the chains with the help of the zip ties. Your satisfaction is their top priority. They will help you solve the problem if you contact them in time. Join the shopping immediately.

Brand: Shilang

👤It works well. I only needed one.

👤The cord works as advertised.

6. PGI Traders Replacement Long Lasting Extension

PGI Traders Replacement Long Lasting Extension

The easiest way to fix a zipper pull tab is to use a nose plier. The clasp was closed after the zip up pull was attached. You can easily fix broken or missing pulls with the Replacement Locking Zipper Pull. This is the best solution for extending the life of luggage, backpacks, jackets, boots, and more. These pulls are not large enough to fit small zippers found on children's clothing, purses, or delicate accessories. The zinc alloy is used for the long-lasting fix. The locking mechanism is secure once attached to the zip up. The quality of the snap into place system keeps it functioning. The sets of 3 replacement pulls are easy to use. The pull is a full replacement and also functions as an extension by locking onto an existing pull. If you want to use a needle nose pliers or long neck screwdriver, there are steps to follow. Simply place the tool into the pull's loop, spread the two sections apart, and pinch shut. They are so confident that you will love your purchase that they will stand by it. They offer a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Pgi Traders

👤One of the first shipments was cracked. The package was trashed by the time we got it. We sent them back and asked for a replacement. The new ones are already connected. It was almost impossible to undoing the already connected pull as these are advertised as a permanent fix. We used a paperclip after giving up.

👤This was to replace a piece of luggage. The attachment point is too tight. When you change direction, the pull jams up and pops open. If the attachment point was more of a ring, then these would be perfect, but as they are, I'm not sure I can use them. I will keep them for other applications.

👤Works as advertised. If you want to close a male by using needle nose pliers, use the handle to snap closed and insert the pliers into the loop.

👤This is not a good replacement for a Carhartt coat. I ordered it to have a zip for my Carhartt active jacket, which has been with me for more than 10 years. Carhartt makes the holes so small that they won't work with the pull. Come on Carhartt. You make stuff and then it breaks? It's stupid.

👤I was worried after reading the reviews. The package I received was locked, but the instructions show how to break it. I used a screwdriver that I found and popped it open to use on the luggage. It's very easy to install and take off and use again if needed.

👤My husband's Wellingtons work well with the replacement zipper pulls. He's had a few that were undone and one that broke, but he's very hard on them. I can forgive a few of the original pulls if he broke them. It was quite satisfied.

👤The pulls are in a closed position. It is difficult to open with instructions. The best way to use needle nose pliers is to put it in the opening and open it. Stay put once installed and work well.

👤It works, but it's too large so it's pressing the spring in the zipper that is supposed to lock when the pull is flat and unlocked when the pull is parallel. My fly is coming undone constantly. It would be great if there was a smaller version with a thinner clasp.

7. Replacement Install Jackets Luggage Sleeping

Replacement Install Jackets Luggage Sleeping

The instruction manual has information on repairs, useful tips, and contact info for customer service and hard-to- find parts. Made in the USA. Their kits are assembled in house in Portland Oregon, using parts from the USA and Japan. Durability and size: 52 pieces of nylon coil zippers, 5 pieces of metal zippers, 5 pieces of molded plastic zippers, 10 pieces of black pulls, and 70 pieces of stops. ZIPPER INSTALL It's a tier. The length is 4.5 inches, which is suitable for installing zip ties and sliders. There is a wide application. The kit is very suitable for both beginners and professionals. A great gift for a frequent traveler. The kit is great for both men and women, and people would love to use it. Remove the top zipper stop. The pliers tool can be used to do that. The old one should be removed. The new slider needs to be put on. The pliers tool can be used to press the stop back into place. Please confirm your size and type before purchasing. Please don't buy the kit if you don't know how to fix the pulls.

Brand: Yahoga

👤Everything included looks nice. I got a kit to fix a jacket, but it didn't fit.

👤I used one of the slides in the kit to make my first repair. The type was the same as the original. I eyeballed another slide that was close in size and got the result I wanted. Depending on the type of zippers you want to repair, there may or may not be a match included.

👤I travel with a roller board every week. I had a break off of a zipper due to normal wear and tear. The repair kit seemed to fit my needs and I purchased it based on the reviews. I began to repair my luggage after I watched a video on how to pick a size. It took a few minutes. It is working well so far.

👤This set is very cheap and I have used replacement zippers before. Supplies of a wire cutter didn't help. You need pliers to close so it doesn't weaken.

👤I used this product to repair a vest. The kit was paid for by that one repair. I have the parts to fix many of the zipper in the future because I am a zipper repair expert. Please consult the web for further clarification and examples of actual repairs. It took more time to watch a video repair than it did to complete the job.

👤I need the size between the smallest int and the next one. It seems like a big jump in size. The next size won't make the teeth meet because it's too small. The instructions are dark and leave a lot to be desired. I don't know what the x shaped stop does or how it's used.

👤The good news is that the kit looks like a good one. The good news is that it does not include the part I need to fix my zipper. I couldn't fix it. The mini wire cutter is included in the kit. I need to re-attach my old zip up part, so mini needle-nose pliers would have been more useful. The metal part at the bottom of my zip up was loose from the fabric. I had to remove it and re-lamp it. This is not included in the repair kit as a replacement part. I broke the metal part when I cut it with the pliers tool. The photos show the missing metal at the bottom of my bag, the pliers tool, and the full kit I received.

👤The kit is not for nylon. I don't know what a KYY zip is, but it didn't work on modern clothing. I can see this working on a camping bag, but not on jackets, pants or purses. It looks like it will work so use care. You can ruin your clothing item if it doesn't match the teeth. If you want to keep your item, you should take it to a professional to repair it. It looks easy if you have the right zip up, otherwise you lose. There are different pull sizes and meshing sizes for the zip ties. Who knew it was a thing?

8. ZipperMend 33194 Black

ZipperMend 33194 Black

It's important to make sure the size of the metal head matches the size of the zip up, it's suitable for many occasions. There is a brand new item.

Brand: Zippermend

👤It's a winner because it saved me $65 for a jacket. I was surprised that it came right off in the washing machine despite being put on exactly as directed. I found it in the bottom, and it was locked back on. I have to take care of the jacket when washing it. 4 stars. I have had to change my rating to one star. The item is made of two pieces and has a pivot in the center that is similar to a pair of scissors. It's locked more or less permanently when you click it. That is the theory. It opens all the time and then falls off. You can't get your jacket to zip up, or you have to take it off, whenever it happens. If I keep trying to use it, it will fall off and be lost. I can't think of a better way to permanently lock it on than snapping it on and then soaking it in Super Glue. I'm likely to try a competing product. Lowering my rating is sad, because it's a nicely-machined item that just looks like it should be perfect.

👤When you first apply this product to the broken zipper, it does work, until it falls off. They don't tell you that you have to get shrink wrap plastic to secure the ZipperMend. I secured it with a pair of pliers after it fell off six times, but it was lost after I was done with my winter coat. I wouldn't recommend this product. Too bad. It worked for a few minutes, and it stayed on the broken zipper. They need to fix the design so it stays in place or shrink wrap it. The product should be recalled until the design is fixed.

👤I thought of buying a multi pack, but I bought a single. This thing was a waste of time and money. It's difficult to get open and closed. It's never supposed to be unlocked once installed. It was used to fix my leather jacket. When I put the coat on again an hour later, the zip was gone. It fell off, which tells me that securing a lock was useless.

👤This kind of design would need very precise manufacturing tolerances. It might be a dud, but it won't stay latched closed as some have reported. It is assembled of two metal halves in a scissor configuration, and has a small catch in the end opposite of the zipperslider, that gives a satisfying 'click' when pushed closed with plyers. I put it together and thought it would work out well. Wrong. The thing came off the second test pull. ' Maybe I didn't fully grasp it? Nope, it was closed properly. I clicked it firmly into its closed position, but any force on the little jaws from normal use would open it back up. This one may work better if the slider has a large hole for the tab. The space for the jaws to pass through is very small. A reviewer put heat-shrink tubing on his review. That sounds like a viable solution, but then again, so would some heat shrink tubing and a big paper clip. I ordered a package of Zip Fixers to try out another solution. I'm hoping that the Zip Fixer's wire loop does a better job than the one I'm trying to fix.

9. Zpsolution Zipper Replacement Luggage Suitcases

Zpsolution Zipper Replacement Luggage Suitcases

There are different sizes of replacement sliders used for repairing clothing, bags, outdoor tents, coats, jackets, purses,luggages, purces, backpacks and so on. The solution to the problem of easy to fall off is the 1 1/2 long and 1/3 wide Zipper Extender. The repair kit is made of zinc and steel. Black color is great for luggage, backpacks, and more. It is possible to replace a missing zip on luggage. They have designed a better treatment after many experiments. It is easy to replace broken or missing Zipper Handles. Attach it instantly and securely with a clip on.

Brand: Zpsolution

👤I expect the metal to not bend but it does and it is $12 for four tags. I was able to fit my motorcycle jacket with these because I was able to use paper clips as tags. The problem with these tags is that the bottom of the jacket arms are stiff and the metal on the tag is opening because of the pressure of pulling. After a month of daily wear, the tags on the jacket side pockets are still ok. If you aren't using these for a product that requires more pulling, then they will be fine. I am happy they are small enough to fit in the hole.

👤My backpack has been without a gripper for a long time. I hated it but managed. My spouse suggested that we buy replacements for our damaged zippers. These are easy to install and sturdy. I will let you know if there are problems after our luggage goes through the baggage carousel.

👤These are well made and heavy duty. I wore one on a jacket and another on a makeup bag. The weight is too heavy on both of them. I notice the weight on the jacket when I try to get an arm in. I will probably look for something lighter now that I can zip my jacket. These would be great for luggage or a heavier jacket. I would still recommend.

👤The bean bags I purchased had missing zips. I ordered the pulls because the bags were too big to try and return, and I liked the bags so much that I kept them. I was able to zip the bag without a problem because of the clipped standard zip on the bag. My only criticism is that these pulls are heavy, so they wouldn't want something you'd want to use on jeans, blouse or any lightweight item. They're perfect for a heavier bag, like a canvas bag.

👤I replaced some luggage zip ties and they install easily. The surface is smooth and it is difficult to grip and pull since they are only half the size of the originals.

👤My husband's sweatshirt's pull tab broke. It would have been perfect if it wasn't so big. It would fit through the hole. Money wasted for me.

👤Product arrived quickly. I exceeded my expectations. It took a second to put this pull on my existing zip up.

👤I put it on a jacket. It was easy to install. You just clip it on. I pulled harder than usual to get the zip out of my shirt. The metal is bent. A normal pull has a higher strength than these replacements. It looks like the pull is made of metal.

10. Zpsolution Zipper Tab Replacement Suitcases

Zpsolution Zipper Tab Replacement Suitcases

You can send these handles as gifts for your family, friends or people who love sewing or crating, or use them as decorations. The problem of easy to fall off is solved by the new solution. The repair kit is made of zinc alloy and steel and can be used for different types of Zippers. 3packs of black color,durable,great for luggage,Jackets,back, and more. Zip is a perfect solution for missing zip on luggage. They have designed a better treatment after many experiments. It is easy to replace broken or missing Zipper Handles. Attach it instantly and securely with a clip on.

Brand: Zpsolution

👤The jacket my husband broke was one of his favorites. I had no idea what size I needed, but this came with three different sizes. It was easy to attach the jacket.

👤My husband's jacket had a broken zip. I didn't know there was an easy solution. This is perfect.

👤Instructions were not included. Several people tried to open it, but couldn't. I went on line to find some instructions.

👤It was not as small as I thought it would be.

👤We were going to junk, so we fixed the zippers on my roller bag.

11. EuTengHao Replacement Extension Clothing Backpacks

EuTengHao Replacement Extension Clothing Backpacks

The 19 pieces jewelry making supplies have everything you need. There are 15 x black and 15 x silver sliders in the packaging. Excellent quality: Made of high strength metal, not easy to fade. It provides frequently-used replacement sliders in many sizes for the repairing of bags, clothing, coats, outdoor tents, jackets, purses, jeans, backpacks, luggage, and some do-it-yourself projects. Remove the top zipper stop. The pliers tool can be used to do that. Remove the old one. The new slider needs to be put on. The pliers tool can be used to press the stop back into place. There are different sizes of replacement sliders used for repairing clothing, bags, outdoor tents, coats, jackets, purses,luggages, purces, backpacks and so on.

Brand: Eutenghao

👤The instructions only covered the closed bottom of the zippers. The front and bottom of the jacket are open. I could not get anyone to repair the jacket for less than $90. I was able to figure out how to fix my $150 jacket using this kit. I'm very happy! If you want to identify the right replacement, you need to examine your existing one and see if it has a number on it. Some zippers have numbers that don't follow the normal standard for numbering, so it might be. The number is the width of the closed zipper. A designation of 4 is for a 4mm zipper, a designation of 5 is for a 5mm one. If the slide will slip over and slide freely on the open side of the zipper, then you should try another slide. If you open up the zip up like the instructions show, you can get the right slide. Don't crimp the stop on the fabric until you're sure the zip ties are working. The slide is too small if the zipper won't slide at all. The slide is too wide if the teeth fail to engage. The kit has a wide variety of slides, which should cover most of the cases. Good luck!

👤Not what I was expecting. I wanted a simple and easy to use method to replace the broken zippers on clothing and other items that have loose zippers. This kit is not for a novice who wants a quick fix for a broken zipper. I had a back pack that broke and I wanted to replace it. The only way to attach the zippers is to attach them to the zip up before the rest of the zip up is done. Why attach the single pull mechanism if you have to sew the entire mechanism on? Maybe replace the entire item or take it to a tailor and have it done professionally. If you are mechanically inclined, this kit will work for you. This kit is useless if you want a quick, easy repair for a broken zipper.

👤The kit is a good value for people who want to fix broken pulls. You need to know what you're doing before you start. There are no instructions or identification of parts. It would be great if the kit had identified parts in the kit, but it would be difficult since some of the pulls are without marks. I needed a single pull for the zipper, but I was able to find the right one. I was able to replace the pull in 2 minutes, because I knew some of the tricks. I am a hero in my house.

👤I was trying to repair two zippers, but none fit. Some looked close to fitting. One would have fit, but it lacked the locking feature, so it kept sliding down and opening itself. The ones that had locking feature did not fit. You get a lot of pieces and some decent pliers. If you have any of the pieces that fit your needs, you can fix a lot of the zippers. What are the odds of repairing five of the same kind of zipper? If one of them fit my need, it would have been better to have a wider assortment. The fit problem is not unique to this product. I tried to order different repair kits and couldn't find a replacement for my two different zippers. It seems like there are too many different models of zipper.


What is the best product for zipper pull repair?

Zipper pull repair products from Wavebeexs. In this article about zipper pull repair you can see why people choose the product. Bja and Zlideon are also good brands to look for when you are finding zipper pull repair.

What are the best brands for zipper pull repair?

Wavebeexs, Bja and Zlideon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zipper pull repair. Find the detail in this article. Mocossmy, Shilang and Pgi Traders are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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