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1. PH PandaHall Retainer Insertion Replacement

PH PandaHall Retainer Insertion Replacement

It is easy to replace broken or missing Zipper Handles. The four sizes of the repair stopper are: #3, #5, #8 and #10. There are several ways to fix backpacks and other bags, like purses, handbags, etc. Size #8 is for coat, outdoor tents, boat canvas, jeep wrangler top. Antique bronze, Platinum, and gunmetal are the 3 colors that can fit your needs. There are 12 sets, totally 24 pieces, 3 sets each color for each size. It can be used for sewing tailors' crafts, bags, tents, repair, and other things. Quality Material: Made of high-strength metal, superb electroplating process, not easy to fade, and can last for a long time. There are different sizes of replacement sliders used for repairing clothing, bags, outdoor tents, coats, jackets, purses, luggage, purses, backpacks and so on. Size #8 is for coat, outdoor tents, boat canvas, jeep wrangler top.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤I bought this kit in hopes that one of the sizes would fit the base of my old Air Force bomber jacket, which had no number. It was warm and beautiful. I didn't want to throw it away because it was good. I don't know what the part is called. The tool from the zipper repair kit was used to fit it on the bottom of the zipper. I have to lubricate the zippers. It will slide up and down. I plan to use this on other jackets. I didn't have to have the jacket thrown out or have it replaced professionally.

👤The boat cover broke. I don't like the idea of replacing the whole thing. I was going to spend more on the replacement than I wanted. The pack was great because we weren't sure of the size. The end piece was easy to put on. We saved some money because the zipper works.

👤I was misled by the initial picture that appears with this product and the wording that first displays. You can repair 12 zippers. There are different sized sets with different colors. A total of 24 items. The initial picture is not what you will get. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤It got the job done, but they feel cheap. I don't know how long it will hold.

👤The product is overpriced and cheap. The metal material is very weak and brittle, and can crack easily if you try to crimp it into position.

👤There are lots left for broken zippers.

👤I can't figure out how to tighten them on the tape end. They are hard. I don't know how to do it.

👤The material is very brittle. The insert pin and the pin box are almost certainly going to split, so you would have to replace them.

👤There are not 12 sets included. I received 3 sets. There were black, gold and bronze. I am very disappointed in the price I paid for these and the false description.

👤Parfait pour reparation de fermeture.

2. Sliders Retainer Insertion Stopper Replacement

Sliders Retainer Insertion Stopper Replacement

Material and size are normal. Black. L is the size that fits jeans, hoodies, jacket, and much more. The width of the fit is 5.70-6.10mm. The height is 2.40-2.60mm. 13 pieces of zipper box repair kit, 13 pieces of zipper metal insert pin, 26 pieces of zipper stops, and 13 pieces of zip ties are included. The replacement kit is made of Zinc alloy. Almost all of your maintenance needs can be met with copper, gun black, nickel white, and common simple color. It fits for jeans, skirts and slacks, purses, sweatshirts and jackets.

Brand: Josdiox

👤I went to a local tailor and got a quote of $30 to fix a broken zip on my jacket, but I decided to fix it myself. After a few videos, five minutes of work, and a broken zipper, this has been fixed. It's not perfect. As long as this jacket zips up, I don't care. It wasn't in the plan to get rid of it because it was new. The cost of purchasing everything I needed was almost $30, but since I have everything I need to repair again, there won't be a cost. The question of " will it last?" comes into play due to one of the videos on YouTube that claim repairing the bottom box cannot be done and if it is, it won't last long. For now, the minimal amount of effort and time I put in to repair was well worth it. The pull tab/slider on the jacket was the part that fell off the bottom box. I was able to recover the pull tab/slider after it fell off in the dryer. I secured the new bottom stop on the jacket with Gorilla Glue and then crimped it with pliers after watching a video on the internet. Done! It took me more time to find the piece I needed than it did to repair it. I'm happy with the results and kit. I have more parts for the jacket than I will ever use, but they will be there if I ever need to repair it.

👤This is exactly what it was advertised to be. I ordered the multiple size set because I didn't know the exact size of the zipper. I would probably order a set of just the size I need next time. This set is something that can be used on hand. I ordered a tool to pinch the piece onto the cloth. It saved me from having to replace the soft top on my Jeep because the end of one zip had gone bad, but it cost me an extra 6 or 8 dollars.

👤My kids broke one of the inserts on the Ikea sofa cushion after pulling on it. One of the inserts was the same size as the factory product, so instead of buying a new cushion cover, you should just buy one of the inserts. I had to glue the insert in place and break one in the process of getting them fitted, but the zipper seems to be holding up for now. If you apply them carefully, the smaller inserts will not be a problem. It was definitely worth it to save the price of a new cushion.

👤Great product. Does the job and saves money.

👤My husband broke the zip off of my baby carrier and although it had some straps to keep it together, it bugged me to have it undone while walking around. Thankfully, this kit included them. I was able to fix it quickly.

👤The item is not described. The kit had only 3 pc. You could only fix the first part of the zippers. I should have returned it. I waited too long.

3. Replacement Installation Sleeping Luggage Backpacks

Replacement Installation Sleeping Luggage Backpacks

The metal zipper heads are suitable for many occasions, they can be applied for suitcases, jackets, bags, sportswear, down coats, backpack, boots and more. The package includes 27 x single black and single silver sliders. It is made of quality strength metal with a good electroplating process and is durable for years to use. It is possible to repair metal and plastic zippers with two types of installation pliers. The bag has room for storage and is portable. Senrob replacement sliders are used for repairing jackets, bags, outdoor tents, coats, clothing, purses, luggage, and backpacks. If you have a problem with a product, you can contact them by email for a solution.

Brand: Senrob

👤You don't get any instructions on how to do it with the nice kit. Don't buy this kit if you don't know how to replace the zippers.

👤The slide on the case was broken. I had to sew the slide back closed after removing the stitching at the closed end. The kit had the parts I needed. I watched a lot of videos on the internet before I started. The new slide works well and I added a handy pull to the kit.

👤The kit has everything you need for a repair. It depends on the condition of the original zipper. You can choose from many different sizes.

👤I was not able to repair my jacket, but I have a kit that will be used for other zippers.

👤The case has a lot of components. I wanted a size 10 plastic tooth, but the variety of slides fit most zippers. The quality of the slides is decent. I like that I have the ability to fix broken zippers.

👤They don't have a black one. I got it because it said so. I stole the fifth pull and bought a full one. The metal things that keep the zipper from pulling off are not worth $10.

👤It was useless for what I bought it for. The piece at the bottom of the zipper is missing.

👤There are two types of zippers. The package only has one of them. This package won't work for you if your slot is down the middle. They all go down the edge.

4. PH PandaHall Sliders Retainer Insertion

PH PandaHall Sliders Retainer Insertion

Every family should have a repair kit to help prevent waste and protect the environment. Small zipper replacement accessories like #3 and #5 are used for repair backpacks and other bags. A big size like #810 fit for a coat, outdoor tents, boat canvas, jeep wrangler top. Size 3/ 5/ 8/ 10 includes accessories, 12 sets of box and pins for open-end and close-end zippers, and 12 pairs of top and bottom stops. Antique bronze, Platinum, and gunmetal are normal colors with 4 sizes and close-end and open-end zipper replacement accessories can meet all your repair needs. Zinc alloy is a high quality material. Superb electroplating process is very durable and can last a long time. There are different sizes of replacement sliders used for repairing clothing, bags, outdoor tents, coats, jackets, purses, luggage, purses, backpacks, outdoor tents, boat canvas, jeep wrangler top.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤It's a little pricey but if it saves me from having to replace a zip on a vintage canvas car top, it's worth it. Needed one of the smaller pins. After a little effort,lid on the end of the old zipper. Next, pierce a few holes with a hammer and small pick tool. It seems to be a good replacement. If it ever falls off, I'll update.

👤The items were advertised to fit a size 5. None of the pieces were compatible with a 5vs zip. I wish this review was here before I ordered.

👤The parts that were missing would have worked as intended. Take the garment to the sewing shop and have the zip changed.

👤I needed it to fix one jacket and it was easy to replace the whole zipper. The price is good for what you get, and cheaper than a new coat.

👤Lacking pairs and not recommended.

👤Works well for coats and jackets.

👤The kit is helpful and as advertised.

👤Merveilleux ont été ont été cause d'une pice brisée. It's facile.

👤There is no instructions or tool to apply the pieces.

5. Pieces Sliders Replacement Plastic Zippers

Pieces Sliders Replacement Plastic Zippers

We believe their kit is the best in the marketplace and they are standing by that. If you think the repair kit is bad, they will give you a full refund. Click "add to cart" now and buy with confidence. The Zipper sliders come with 12 pieces of 5# quality replacement sliders used with clothing and accessories. There are 15 bottom stops and 30 top stops as a free gift for small items, workers may count more or less 1 to 2 pieces, is a normal phenomenon. Zipp repair repairs worn out or broken sliders on plastic tooth metal and nylon coil-type zippers. Most standard pliers can be used for repairs. Remove the top stop. The pliers tool can be used to do that. The old one should be removed. The new slider needs to be put on. Most zippers can be fixed in minutes with the correct replacement parts and simple repair techniques. There is a repair for clothing, coats, and jackets. Bulk zippers are widely used for making or fixing clothing, bags, pouches, dresses, skirts, pillow garments, storage protectors, and other items. It's easy to install, but for the new users, please be patient and make sure you cut the ends of the zip ties neat, then you will be able to install it very fast. Practice makes perfect.

Brand: Josdiox

👤I replaced two zip ties this week with the kit. One was wearing a jacket with a pull. The other was wearing a Russel Athletic hoodie. I found two replacements in the kit that worked, but there were no replacements for that name. I replaced the '5CNT' pull with a new one called 'S5'. The '5C' pull was replaced with the 'XD' pull. I wasn't looking at the Amazon page when I was making the repairs, but none of the suggestions in the product page helped me make the match. I did a little research to find out what kind of zippers were available. The pulls are pretty simple, but the differences in size and configuration make a big difference in which ones work with which zippers. I looked at the match between the old pulls and the new ones to see what looked most similar. I removed the stop on the two zippers to make way for the new pulls. The bottom stops were more substantial. The removal of the small top stops was more difficult than I anticipated. The other was just crimped. A combination of diagonal cutters, a small screwdriver, and an awl forced them open. I didn't slice or skewer my fingers. The pulls came off with a firm tug. That should have given me a clue as to how to get the new pull on over the little clump of fabric at the top of the zip up. It took a tug to get the old pull off. How do you get that bunch of fabric through the narrow slot in the side of the pull? I couldn't. I had to open the slot with a screwdriver blade to get the pull on the zipper. I used pliers to close the pull's slot. I'm talking about a small amount. Just enough. I wasted a long time trying to push the pull back onto the zip up before opening the slot. After I got the pull on the zipper, I slid it to the bottom, slid in the other side, and tested it. The first pull I replaced worked. The pull slid up and down smoothly when the sides connected. The second jacket was stuck after I tried too hard to make it zip up. It's almost impossible to zip a jacket if you're not wearing it. If you zip up too far on the first try, you'll get stuck in the jacket. Don't ask me how I know. I had to try again on the Russel hoodie. I used the trick to open the slot and the second pull worked well once it was on. So two successes! I replaced the '5CNT' pull with a new one called 'S5'. The '5C' pull was replaced with the 'XD' pull.

👤I don't write reviews but I want to warn others not to use these. I have a jacket that I use for hiking and mushrooming. My jacket is called "Captain Kangaroo jacket." My mom owned it. It's in great shape, but recently it broke. I was able to pull up and down the slider by it. I decided to use a new tool. I ordered the right one and sent the photos to be sure. I thought I could always use the others. After a few uses, I couldn't zip it. I discovered that the problem had torn the teeth on my zipper. It ruined my jacket. Don't want my jacket to destroy yours, it's too late to save it.

6. Replacement Installation Sleeping Suitcase Backpack

Replacement Installation Sleeping Suitcase Backpack

The ZIPPER is used for sewing tailors' crafts. There are 30 pieces for nylon coil zippers without lock, 12 pieces for nylon coil zippers without lock, and 7 pieces for metal zippers. The mini size of the pliers is suitable for fixing the top and bottom stops. The kit includes a tool and a zip extension handle for repairing clothing jackets. It's small enough that you can put it in your home, office or even very easy to carry, the out packaging is transparent plastic box, each a separate grid, so that you can easily find the size you want. Theplier helps you to remove or press the stops, just remove the old one and put the new one on. Attaches easily onto almost any regular zipper as a replacement or add on. Please confirm your size and type before purchasing. The E-uli Zipper replacement kit is used for a lot of things. The auto lock slideer ismoth work.

Brand: Josdiox

👤I learned that not all replacement zipper sliders are designed to go on just any single zip, even if they look the same on the outside, after trying to fix a jacket my mom bought decades ago. I was looking for a zipper that would fit nylon elements, but the Josdiox kit only had one zipper. The kit comes with everything you'd need to fix your broken zippers, including nylon coil zippers without lock, nylon coil zippers without lock, nylon coil zippers without lock, nylon coil zippers without lock, plastic zippers, black and white pulls, stops, pliers, and a lock for metal and If you need to fix clothing, luggage, purses, tents, this kit will probably have what you need. It comes with everything I need to fix everyone's broken zippers for only $18. It's a great value if you have a broken zipper.

👤How sad to lose a coat. I have a new one. My coat is back. I am warm. I like the idea of having a set that fits in a pinch. I've found jacket zippers that don't fit quite right more than need a bigger one. I have had to replace a piece of furniture. One pull wore out quickly.

👤There is not much variety in the sizes that I expected, and none of them are for a reverse zipper. Most are not large enough for a jacket. The zip out lining that doubles as a light weight jacket didn't work very well and I had to replace it. The double bottom pieces are not included in the pieces that are used for the top of the zipper.

👤I had to research on the internet how to replace the pull. There wasn't a match for two items I wanted to repair and I had to hunt through the box to find the right pull. One hoodie had a nylon zip, but it didn't work. I threw the hoodie out because it was so old. I had to use the zip from the pocket of another hoodie because the replacements wouldn't work.

👤It's not as expensive as paying a seamstress or tailor to replace parts. These seem to be high quality, but they are not all that hard.

👤Someone said you have a lifetime supply of parts. I replaced a pull on my favorite cooler. I'm happy. I will attempt to repair one of my son's light weights. It was worth it for the cooler repair. The jacket repair didn't go as planned. The stop at the bottom of the zipper should not be removed. To align it, you need to insert the opposite side of the zip up. I had it off once and tried to do it again, but it broke since it is aluminum and won't take a lot of pry open. Live and learn. Better direction would have helped.

👤The pillow I bought was missing the pull. I have never repaired a piece of furniture. I was a little worried about trying it, but it was very easy. I gave it a try and it worked.

7. Everything Zipper Replacement Instant Install

Everything Zipper Replacement Instant Install

The nylon case is tough enough to take to any job. You can fix zipper problems by yourself with the help of the pliers, if you have an Abundant zipper kit. Different size pulls. Attach a replacement or extension to almost any regular zipper. The grip is comfortable to hold. The pliers are small and easy to use to replace zippers. It's suitable for projects and repairs. The kit includes 3 metal tooth sliders for jeans. There are 3 metal tooth sliders, 15 bottom stops, 27 retainer inserts and 30 top stops. The most common size zippers and accessories for jeans, jackets, coats,skirts, and slacks can be found in the repair kit.

Brand: Dmhirmg

👤The bottom stop of a medium weight spring type jacket needed to be replaced after the slider broke. The description on the website stated that the kit included everything needed to repair a zipper, and that repairs could be made to many items. The openings on the sides were too narrow to fit over the cloth of the zip up, so the sliders wouldn't fit. The top and bottom stops wouldn't fit over the cloth. It's not clear what the repair kit is intended to do. The kit should be returned for a refund.

👤The Menards jacket I had was missing the tab that you insert to start the zip, but it was much warmer than the Carhart jackets I have. I went without my jacket for 2 seasons and never found it. Found a matching end, used the end cutter to set it into place, and have worn the jacket for more than 30 times without any issues. It was warm without having to wear a coat. They had these over stuffed work jackets on sale and I had about 6 seasons of use when the zip failed.

👤My $250 was broken on. The box that holds the slider on broke when the other side broke off. I was told I would be without a jacket for a week or more if I replaced the zipper. I pinched the box on the coat and it worked like new. There is a It looks like I will be able to repair any other broken zippers with the assortment of parts and sizes.

👤I needed to repair 5 zippers, but not a single piece of the zipper worked. I ordered this package because I needed to repair various parts. After spending 30 minutes to separate and organize these pieces into different sizes and piles, it was clear that there were no parts in this kit that would match up with a standard men's, women's, or kids clothing item. Don't waste money or time.

👤I was going to use this to repair my jacket, but it turns out that the zip is too thick. I'm not sure if there is a designation for different thickness. The thicker types are not included in the kit. I don't return them since they are probably useful someday. If you need to replace a thick zipper, watch out.

👤Comes packaged well. I needed this for the box piece that holds the zip on the sweatshirt. These are not a good match since most of the clothing you buy has YKK zippers. The fit of the box is barely off, so that the male pieces that are supposed to fit into the female part of the box ends don't match. The pieces included in the kit were not only against a YKK zip up, but against it as well. The box had to be widened by jamming a nose plier into it. You can get the same type of dikes from Harbor Freight. It is probably not the right tool for the job since it has a cutting edge and not a crimping edge, but it works. I think you get what you pay for. You can save time and frustration by buying a kit that supplies YKK hardware.

8. Maosifang Zipper Replacement Pieces Install

Maosifang Zipper Replacement Pieces Install

If you have a problem with a product, you can contact them by email for a solution. The package has 10 x black and 10 x silver sliders. The size of the plier is approx. A 7 cm x 7 cm x 4.1 inch is the measurement. It's great for installing different sizes of zipper stoppers. The repair kit is useful. It is possible to fix most of the zipper repair problems by yourself. The metal used in the Zipper Top and bottom stoppers is very strong and durable. It's suitable for coat, bags, clothing, boxes, tents, purses, jeans and other items. There are a variety of slides available.

Brand: Maosifang

👤Good product and direction. ME! I should have read it better. It doesn't work on plastic zippers, and I have only broken plastic zippers so it didn't work for me. You have to read the directions before you order.

👤I bought these to replace the "3 on it" YKK zip lock. The kit was supposed to have #3, #5 and #8, but #3 is small and #5 is a bit bigger, so it doesn't zip properly. The handle broke while I was zipping it. I used my bare hands. Either I'm the strongest man alive or they're junk.

👤The description says I could use the correct zip on my jacket, but I had the wrong one. It's not ment for aggressive tooth zippers. I took both off and put the broken one on first. I can use the one with the pull. Waste of my money. How often do you replace a pull? It looks like a good product.

👤Cheap quality tool and supplies were the waste of money. The pliers are not even usable so far. I should have returned the item I ordered during Christmas. There is no instructions or waste of time.

👤This came with a lot of Zippers. That is a good thing! The quality of the zippers was fair, they are not the best made, but they are useful and the price alone will save multiple pieces of clothing economically. I fixed a jacket that I had for many years and it was worth it. It came with a tool that I have used many times before. This is for people who don't need the best just a zip up.

👤The backpack had a zip lock. The pocket zips are closed. It is not as smooth or quiet as the original, but it is better. I used a video for how to get there. The package was missing 5 bottom stoppers, so hopefully I won't need to replace more than 4 of this size.

👤This is a nice kit. Does the job well. I was able to fix a bag. You need to get some online instruction. It's straightforward if you understand the basics. It is easy and painless. The tool is useful. I would recommend the kit.

👤These are cheap zip pulls, not codes for accuracy. It was a guessing game when I tried to replace the slide on my leather riding jacket with two different sizes. Neither worked and they both looked terrible. I'm returning something.

👤It would be great to share a close up view of the zipper. Pay attention to the design. The design of these replacement zips are not compatible with the one I bought to replace a YKK 5CS. I threw out the broken YKK because I wanted to compare it. I can't get these zips to work because the alignment forces them to the bottom of the picture instead of being more centered. It's hard to describe. I am referring to where the zip coil goes through the zippers. If you see that picture, pay attention to the type of zipper you have. Don't bother if not. Like me, you will not align to connect and you will spend 20 bucks.

9. YaHoGa Replacement Sliders Jackets Clothing

YaHoGa Replacement Sliders Jackets Clothing

The kit comes with 15 pieces of replacement sliders for nylon coil, metal, plastic, and molded plastic. The sliders are made of metal. Remove the top zipper stop. The pliers tool can be used to do that. The old one should be removed. The new slider needs to be put on. The pliers tool can be used to press the stop back into place. Widely Applications used 5 replacement sliders for repairing jackets, coats, clothing, bags, etc. Please confirm your size and type before purchasing. Please keep small parts away from children.

Brand: Yahoga

👤I fixed my vest. I had to watch a few videos on the internet to figure it out, but it was an easy fix. It's a great option to take it to a taylor to have a new zip up.

10. YKK Vintage Zipper Repair Solution

YKK Vintage Zipper Repair Solution

It is possible that the color on your monitor is different. YKK is an authorized distributor of the ZipperStop. Fit with the fifth zip and repair the zippers. The broken or worn zippers should be replaced.

Brand: Zipperstop Distributor Ykk

👤The carhartt is a regular size. The smaller pull tab is nicer and less likely to get ripped off in the wash like mine did. Remove the little clip at the top of the zipper, install a new one, and put a squeeze clip on it.

👤When I was asked to repair a Carhartt jacket that had a broken zip, I was worried about replacing the entire zip. When I found this kit, I was able to replace the zip up.

👤The install is easy but it doesn't match the finish of the old one.

👤Absolutely ok product. The original Carhart zipper takes about two minutes to install, but the body of the new one is not as thick. Will update the review if necessary. They should have them in antique brass. The Carhart website has install instructions.

👤I used this kit to fix two zippers. One upholstery and one jeans. I did the upholstery by pulling at the bottom of the zipper and the jeans by pulling at the top. It is easier to start from the bottom.

👤I used it as soon as I got it, and it works great to replace broken zippers.

👤The items were delivered on time. The seller had a personal touch and packaged the items well. The items seem to be of good quality. I was able to repair my jacket in two minutes with a new one.

11. Install Cutting Jewelers Beading FengWangLi

Install Cutting Jewelers Beading FengWangLi

The most common size zippers and accessories for jeans, jackets, coats,skirts, and slacks can be found in the repair kit. Nail pullers can be used for pulling up nails and brads, as well as cutting and bending soft wires such as steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, cable tie and string guitar. The cutting pliers are made from high quality forged steel and have a vinyl coated handle. With well shaped handles for maximum leverage and hardened cutting jaws, you'll do the repair with minimal effort. SIZE: The length of the end cutting pliers is 4.5 inches. It is a good idea to design to install any kind of top and bottom stops on the chain. It is a good idea to design to install any kind of top and bottom stops on the chain.

Brand: Fengwangli

👤These pliers are great for small repairs. The handles are comfortable. The smooth jaws do not mar soft metals. I would recommend them to people who make jewelry.

👤The tool was used to remove the old stop and then to crimp the new one into place. The new stop is still in place after being washed. It's built precisely.

👤I am very upset with them so far. The tools are very well made and feel solid. I have not had any complaints about them being comfortable in my hand. The pliers and cutter work well together. The cutting part of the pliers isn't very sharp, but I haven't really needed them. I am very pleased with my purchase and the shipping was quick.

👤I like this size of these, however, they require a lot of hand grip to bend wire, and most of the time, the wire slips and scratches. The wire is not helped by the black coating on the tip. I would recommend paying more for this tool.

👤I'm not sure why some people would complain about these being dirty, greasy, broken, or malformed, because I immediately made 6 pieces of jewelry with them. I didn't bother wiping them down. They do what they are supposed to. They are strong and durable. The grip is secure and comfortable. They are able to manipulate the jump rings. These little workhorses are perfect for curved pliers. The haters can kick rocks.

👤I had a mail stuck through my shoes. I used a bit of elbow grease to get the tip of the nail out of the tool. It is a small tool. It's in my hand. Is the size of my hand. It is not like the kind of thing you see in shoe repair instructions. The tools did what they were supposed to do.

👤Disappointed in this item. The jaws of the pliers are made of metal. This thing will scratch anything I bend.

👤If you want to cut 1 thing once, you'll be fine. If you want your clippers to last multiple uses, look elsewhere.


What is the best product for zipper repair tool?

Zipper repair tool products from Ph Pandahall. In this article about zipper repair tool you can see why people choose the product. Josdiox and Senrob are also good brands to look for when you are finding zipper repair tool.

What are the best brands for zipper repair tool?

Ph Pandahall, Josdiox and Senrob are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zipper repair tool. Find the detail in this article. Ph Pandahall, Josdiox and Josdiox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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